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Funny / A Letter to Momo

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  • The dance ritual performed by Iwa and Mame.....and a reluctant Momo.
  • Momo freaking out when Mame licks her. When her mother comes to her daughter's aid, she wryly states that there's nothing by her leg.
  • Momo accidentally walking in on Iwa using the bathroom.
  • Kawa's amazing gift of...farting.
  • When Iwa orders Mame to write their report, we cut to the scene of him, surrounded by other spirits, and about to start. A few hours later, he comes to the realization that he can't read or write.
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  • Iwa pushing Momo into the water.
  • After Momo jumps in at the end, Yota jokingly tells her to never jump in headfirst so her swimsuit won't come off. In the dub, one of the boys laughs, but then adds, "No, seriously." just before the credits roll.

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