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  • The pirates may all be badasses with big guns, but they'd never disrespect their mother.
    Dola: We'll all find her! And call me Captain!
    Pirates: Yes, Mom!
  • The entire punch out scene between one of Dola's boys and Pazu's boss.
    • "Make your shirt explode!"
    • "Stand back! He'll pop your buttons!" (Cut from subsequent releases of Disney's dub)
    • "He said Mom was ugly, now go get him!"
    • "Ladies and gentlemen, keep your eyes on the buttons! A-one, a-two, and a-there we go!"
    • "Take that, you landlubber!" *punch* "Well, he took it." "He certainly did." (Cut from subsequent releases of Disney's dub)
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  • When Pazu gets to his boss and informs him that pirates are after them, his boss's daughter quickly exclaims, "Pirates? I wanna see!"
  • After Pazu and Sheeta are accepted onto the Tiger Moth crew, as a mechanic and a cook respectively, Dola's boys begin requesting the latter for food.
    Charles: Sheeta, can you make pudding?! I love pudding!
    Louie: I get to lick the spatula!
    Henri: And I like chocolate cake with that—oh, what's that frosting? It's kinda pink and swirly with...
    Dola: [to her boys] WILL YOU SHUT UP?! [grudgingly, to her new "recruits"] Ah, what can I tell ya? They just really like dessert.
    • And before that, just after Dola agrees to let Pazu and Sheeta aboard Tiger Moth:
    Louie: Yes! No more swabbin' the decks! Hooray!
    Henri: I won't have to wash the dishes!
    Charles: I've peeled my last potato! Yeehaw!
    Henri: Whoopee!
    Louie: WHEEEEE!!!!
  • "Well, ya can't be a sensitive woman like me without learnin' a few things; Sheeta and I are exactly alike, all warm and mushy and sensitive! [belch] Now, so when you boys get married, you go find a gal like her!" "Huh? She's gonna end up... like Mama?" Good question.
  • "Pazu loves Sheeta!" "Be quiet!" "Sorry, Mom."
  • In one scene of ad-libbed dialogue, Sheeta attempts to talk like a pirate — "Harr, matey! Shiver me timbers!" Dola deadpans in response: "Keep practicin'." (Cut from subsequent releases of Disney's dub)
    • And when she's rescuing the pirates from the town, Dola sarcastically remarks, "I don't think they like you boys much!" Keep in mind that this is while they have a mob chasing them, and people throwing things at them from windows.
      • Even funnier, this line is immediately followed by one of her sons getting hit on the head with a flower pot thrown at him by an angry townsperson.
      • The topper though comes when Dola hurls a grenade at the rampaging crowd. They immediately panic and run for the hills.
    Dola: Here's a little something to remember us by! HAHAHA!!
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  • "I need someone who's mechanically minded, not some half-baked swashbucklin' Casanova Wannabe!" (Cut from subsequent releases of Disney's dub)
  • "All good pirates listen to their Mom!" "That is so true, huh?" (The latter line is removed from subsequent releases of Disney's dub.)
  • "One for all and all for Mom!"
  • After Muska reminds him that he is in charge of him, the General growls a disgruntled "Blast! I really hate that man!"
    • By way of narm, the same exchange in the Streamline dub (in which him being a secret agent tells us nothing of what importance that means against a general) after which the General says "I really hate secret agents!"
  • Henri's cheering of Charles during the latter's fistfight with Pazu's boss is interrupted by a villager's "Hey, You!" Haymaker, triggering an all-out brawl.
    Villager: Hey, loudmouth!
    • "Leave it to my little idiots to start a riot!" (Cut from subsequent releases of Disney's dub)
  • Louie asks Sheeta if he can help her in the kitchen, trying to get into her good graces. But then he sees another crew member has beaten him to it. Then Charles comes in. And then we cut to all of them crowded into the kitchen, Henri horrified that he was the last to think of it.
    • The dialogue in that scene, especially this:
    Charles: [enters, holding a flower] I'm in love with you!
    Louie: You?!
    Charles: Oh. Hello.
  • "My poor little ship is gone forever! Boo hoo hoo!" "Stop with the cryin', ya big baby! I'll get ya another ship!" [stops crying] "Okay." (The "OK" line is cut from subsequent releases of Disney's dub.)
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  • In the Disney dub, Muska bitching about the plants and roots growing in the chamber where the main crystal is stored. ("Nothing but tree stumps and VINES! Stupid, ugly, dirty, disgusting things!") Seriously, Mark Hamill's delivery is just priceless. (Cut from subsequent releases of Disney's dub)
  • Dola takes Sheeta under her wing and snaps, "Now you have to start dressing like a pirate!" She casually tosses Sheeta a set of pink pantaloons that the petite girl could easily use as a tent.
    • The dialogue in that scene. (Cut from subsequent releases of Disney's dub)
    Sheeta: [staring at the clothes uneasily] These are very…
    Dola: What?!
    Sheeta: Nice!
  • Dola tries to convince Sheeta to not go up in the crow's nest kite, but Sheeta insists she can do it.


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