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Heartwarming / Castle in the Sky

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  • As soon as Pazu tells the boss that Dosa's boys are pirates and that they're after Sheeta, the entire village is ready to defend them.
  • Everyone knows that "All GOOD pirates listen to their moms!"
    • Also counts as a Funny Moment.
    • Speaking of Dola's sons, their adorkable crushes on Sheeta are extremely cute. (Especially the way Louie shyly approaches Sheeta in the kitchen scene.)
  • Dola listening in on Pazu and Sheeta's conversation in the lookout post, where she starts off as suspicious of their intentions but overhears them speaking highly of her as well as Pazu and Sheeta's plans for their future in Gondoa, to the point that with a smile she reaches up to close the speaking tube to keep their conversation private.
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  • When Sheeta's crying after the broken robot dies, all of Dola's sons are worried about her.
    Charles: If I did something wrong, I'd really like to apologize for it, Sheeta.
  • The active robot in Laputa is a gardener, guardian of the wildlife, and armed with weapons of mass destruction. Awww, in't he sweet?
    • He gives the children flowers!
  • Pretty much any scene between Pazu and Sheeta gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
  • The look on Dola's face, when it's revealed (to her and her boys) that Pazu and Sheeta survived, turning from shock to unrestrained joy.
    • And The Glomp from Sheeta towards Dola right after.

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