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  • In the English dub, Kuronosuke slips up a few times and calls himself a boy in front of the Amamizukon nuns. Tsukimi promptly handwaves the incident by shouting "OH BOY"... and continues to do so throughout a nonsensical song she makes up about how happy she is to be doing whatever they are doing at that moment.
    "OH BOY we're going to eat some delicious food..."
  • A comedy isn't complete without characters barging into a room or bumping into another character on the street at the absolute worst moment! This happens extremely frequently in this show.
    • To an extension, when the nuns find out that he has fake boobs, but still believe that he's a girl.
    • Upon realizing the revelation above in the dub: "THE RACK IS A LIE!!!!"
    • Related to the above, Inari listing every unfeminine physical characteristic of Kuranosuke (a body of a skinny boy, obviously fake big boobs on it, no hips, etc.), and also not realizing he isn't a woman.
  • The Eye Catches: "Clara! Tequila!"
  • In the English dub, Monica Rial's portrayal of Mayaya is just too hilarious, yet awesome at the same time. She really gives the character a lot of energy and emotion in the way she voices her.
  • All of the Clara Imagine Spots. All of them.
  • Hanamori's complete inability to draw anything except Benzes. Demonstrated perfectly when Sugimoto asks him to draw the outside of Inari's house. The result is a poorly drawn, nigh-incomprehensible mess... except for the perfectly illustrated Benz parked out front.
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  • Plus the fact of how easy it is to bribe Hanamori. He'll give away every single one of his best friend's secrets for cars.
  • Episode 7's very violent Moment Killer courtesy of Mayaya.
  • Mayaya and Nomu catch Chieko sitting and sleeping against the wall one day. The girls decide to pretend Chieko is pregnant and in labor, and they act as nurses to deliver the "baby." The baby turns out to be Banba, wrapped up in blankets, whom Mayaya holds up with tears of joy.
    Mayaya: Look, it's a healthy afro girl!
  • This page where the sweet shop owner summons his wife like a demon and she proceeds to assault Shuu with salt.
  • The omakes featured at the end of each volume, where the author tells her story about when she was in high school. What starts as an unhealthy obsession with jellyfish turns into an obsession for an Olympic athlete that was so strong, the girls in her class rallied around her and she even called his training center pretending to be a reporter looking for an interview!


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