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"C'mere you bastard! Where do you think you're goin'? I'll smash your face in!"


  • Yoshihiko, Nanako's father has a tendency to over-react situations involving Nanako.
  • Any time Eiji is trying to be friendly, he ends up accidentally scaring people off with a Death Glare.
  • Amane spying on people by just wearing Cool Shades.
  • Any advances Koto makes around Eiji just to troll him is worth a few laughs.
  • People wondering where Nanako stashes her tanzaku boards (the board she writes her senryu on).
  • Eiji and his tendency to scare the crap out of people on accident because of his Face of a Thug features that gives off a Death Glare.

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    Anime and adapted portions 

Episode 1/Chapters 1 and 2

  • Nanako is called to answer some questions on the board by the teacher. She instead is permitted to write them on paper. She admits that she didn't know any of the questions.
  • Nanako measuring Amane.
  • Nanako gets asked how she would tell others whenever she had to go to the restroom due to being mute. She responds by pointing towards the entrance to the girls' restroom while conveying that her bladder was about to burst.
  • Eiji is apparently someone who recited poetry while picking fights with others.
  • When asked how he received a bandage on his cheek, Eiji explains that his younger sister stretched his cheek until it bruised.

Episode 2/Chapters 7 and 11

  • Koto visits Eiji in his classroom, with the boys in the room being in Stunned Silence and thinking the same thing in Senryu format. The anime makes this even funnier with the boys speaking in unison:
"Dude, the freaking thug
"Has a smoking-hot sister
"With crazy huge boobs!"
-Us poor saps
  • Eiji has the ability to roll his eyes at the back of his skull whenever he's deep in thought.
  • Eiji mistakes Nanako's stomach grumbling for her passing gas. She responds by hitting him repeatedly on the back.
  • Nanako, having taken Eiji's comments on her waist getting rounder to heart, asks her brother if she was gaining weight. Her father naturally dreads his son's noting that she ate a lot, so much so, she could be in the running for a sumo wrestler. Nanako then draws two angry eyes to reflect on his innocent inquiry.
  • Koto offers to help Nanako exercise, and tells her to do a sit up. She then hugs her when she failed to do just one.
  • Eiji misinterprets Koto training Nanako to mean that she wanted to snap his neck.
  • Eiji thought Nanako comes to the club room to fight him, only for her to grab his hand and has him feel her stomach and asks if her stomach is flatter. Eiji admits he never touched a girl's stomach before, which causes her to blush in embarrassment.

Episode 3/Chapters 8 and 9

  • Eiji requests Nanako to play some charades to which she imitates riding a roller coaster (with an unexplained wind). Amane even addresses the Elephant in the Room.
    Amane: Hold on! Are we gonna ignore that crazy wind just now!?
  • Apparently, Nanako used to write her tantrums as a child.
"I broke my shoelace!
"I can't walk all the way home!
"We have to stay here!"
  • Nanako's father is such a Butt-Monkey that in her childhood, her mother tells her that she'd get left behind like her own dad.
  • Amane can only draw nude males.
  • Nanako's father gets a comical Freak Out when she asks her brother what she should wear on her amusement part date. Her brother notices this and tells his mom "He's doing it again".
  • When the two go to Nacky Land, Nacky gives kisses to each visitor...but then gives one to Eiji. He swiftly licks his shoes to make up for the blunder.
  • Nanako convinces Eiji to wear some rabbit ears, and his face immediately transforms to that of All Might's.
  • Amane and Koto decide to spy on Eiji and Nanako's date. Everything was going well until Nanako tells Eiji she broke her shoelace. Eiji sees through her lie, but kills the mood by telling her she's don't have shoelaces. Cue Amane calling him out on his idiocy, to his genuine surprise.

Episode 4/Chapters 16 and 17

  • Eiji assumes that he was being stalked by a ghost. He then tries intimidating the ghost to show itself. Ironically, it ends up that there was an actual ghost after all.
  • When Eiji spots Kino for the first time, he gives chase until he gets frighten by her (highly detailed) Oni artwork.
  • Kino and Nanako's completely silent conversation with each other which is represented by senryuu writing and Kino's drawings.

Episode 5/Chapters 30 and 31

  • The episode begins with Amane wearing a ridiculous hairstyle. The reason why she does it is because Tao tells her fortune that she'll get good luck for an "ultra-flashy hairstyle". Eiji point-blank tells her she looks ridiculous.
  • Eiji and Nanako goes to see Tao when they see Koto in line. she states she has unique palm lines which is written with "5:00 Lotion Every hole".
  • Tao accidentally messes up Eiji's name.
  • After the remainder of the second half of the episode, Tao's prediction of Eiji getting struck by lightning technically comes true when he sees Nanako's chest.

Episode 6/Chapter 13 and 58note 

  • Due to a misunderstanding, Nanako's father feared that she would become a thug. Though he also admits that he felt it was Actually Pretty Funny.
    • And speaking of delinquent Nanako, she stays in-character throughout the whole thing. The best part is how Kana Hanazawa delivered that line.
"C'mere you bastard!
"Where do you think you're goin'?
"I'll smash your face in!
  • Eiji has a pet rabbit with a pig name. It immediately dips into Toilet Humor when his rabbit began to defecate...and then eat the feces.
    • Nanako's disgusted look of horror when Eiji mentions how pets often reflect their owners in some ways. He had to clarify that he didn't eat his own poop.

Episode 7/Chapter 25 and 37

  • When it is raining, Amane tells Nanako of the "Seven Wonders of the Rain" one in particular being carrying an umbrella with another person ensured that you would be with that person for life. Of course, it turns out to be a lie that Amane had concocted.
  • Nanako explains that she hated the rain because it made her hair frizzy. Her hair suddenly becomes so.
  • When the outdoor rabbit hutch is destroyed by a typhoon, Eiji offers to repair wearing the same rabbit ears he wore when he and Nanako visited an amusement park.
  • Eiji goes to pick up some wood...only to suddenly get splinters in his hands.
    • Koto works as an assistant nurse. The first thing she asks Eiji is if he needed help in sex education.
    • The nurse's office somehow has a BONDAGE WALL inside.
  • Tao is revealed to work on the school's newspaper committee. She does agree to write a newspaper article for the repaired rabbit hutch, but she chooses to incriminate Eiji for the main heading.
  • Kino also helps in the reparation...and transforms the hutch into an avant-garde monstrosity.
  • When it rains again, Eiji realizes that he had also unwittingly left his umbrella at home. Cue Amane giving the two her umbrella so that he and Nanako could walk home together in the rain.

Episode 8/Chapter 45

  • Amane complains about the summer heat whereas Nanako and Tao are just chilling with no discomfort (subtitles informs us they get cold easily).
  • When Amane assumes Nanako swims in the pool nude, her face is cross-eyed while Tao comments the heat getting to her.
  • Tao brings up a random woman is going around flashing people. Amane's replies with "Why are you bringing this up to ME?"
  • Who knew Kino is such a Motor Mouth?
Kino: I wouldn't say "uncomfortable" in the ordinary sense of the word, but the pool and the beach are the fundamental part of summer, and I think in order to get a true summer experience and take advantage of the season, you have to feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair. Not to mention swimwear fashion changes every year, and as an artist, I think it's important to observe and analyze those sorts of trends from an anesthetic standpoint. Don't you think?
  • Tao suggests that Amane buy a Stripperrific swimsuit to attract a man. She abjectly refuses. Nanako and Kino happens to walk by when this happens. Nanako is embarrassed, but Kino just draws. Keep in mind that those two are Shrinking Violets.
  • Eiji's father sends Koto into his bedroom, and is revealed to be wearing a two piece while doing a sexy pose.
    • Eiji's sister follows her brother into his room to see if he had anything "naughty" in there.
  • Tao gets one look at Nanako's chest, and walks off in jealousy.
  • Tao teases Amane by telling her that she managed to avoid attracting a guy ''and her untimely death by choosing a different swimsuit.
  • Nanako fidgeting around at the pool when she reveals her swimsuit. That, and everyone's staring at her. Amane had to tempt fate by telling her Eiji isn't around to see her, only for him to walk by and she takes a few seconds to register that Eiji is right in front of her. Cue running back into the bathroom in pure embarrassment.
    • Nanako swallows her pride and shoves her tanzaku board in Eiji's face telling him it was fine to look at her swimsuit a bit.
  • Tao asks what fans been asking: Where does Nanako keep her tanzaku boards?
  • Kino draws Tao eating.

Episode 9/Chapters 23 and 47

  • In the beginning, Nanako's father flings himself in the air when he notices an embarrassed look on her face.
  • Nanako sends text messages to Eiji, and before he could reply, he drops his cellphone into his ramen bowl.
  • When the cellphone receptionist asks if he's backed up his data Eiji tells her he's never needed backup in his life.
  • When Eiji goes to a ramen shop, he spots Tao, who's also eating there, and she becomes embarrassed.
  • When Eiji sees Amane again, she's on her phone, and accidentally drops her cup of coffee. She was loud enough to hear, while onlookers just look at him reacting to what just happened.
  • When Eiji finally sees Kino, she looks at the lead length of her pencil, and as he asks her what she drew, her arr is actually a Detective Gorilla.
  • Eiji finally meets Nanako's family, and introduces himself. The manga has an extended version where after meeting her mom, he forgot his "modest gift" to her, and tries to go home to get it while Nanako tells him it's fine. And after meeting her brother, he accidentally intimidates Hiro when he thinks of Amane's advice, he treats Hiro like he's Hanabi, who points out that he's not that young.
  • Yoshihiko finally gets to meet Eiji in this episode and it goes as good as you'd expect. When asking about his relationship with his daughter, Eiji assumed he meant what class they were attending, and states that it was "C." Yoshihiko immediately misconstrues what he meant and nearly attacks him in a rage.
    • The manga has him in an intimidating aura when Nanako kills the mood by telling Eiji she bought the clothes he wore the day before.
  • As Yoshihiko asks Eiji if they're just friends, Nanako has a longing look on her face, and he over-reacts and says he needs to lie down.
  • In the manga, Yoshihiko's face harden just for trying to keep an intense face for so long.

Episode 10/Chapter 38

  • Amane suggests going out at night to see fireflies, but warns there might be a ghost. Nanako misinterprets her pose, thinking it's a cat.
  • Nanako suggests using salt and charms, while Eiji thinks he should beat up the ghost. Amane even tels him physical attacks don't work on ghosts.
  • Eiji asks Nanako if she's afraid of ghosts, which she gives a frightening expression, but wants to see fireflies. He contiues to do this until Amane demands him to stop.
  • In the manga, Eiji face gets swollen by mosquito bites.
  • Nanako and Eiji hear something in the dark tunnel, with Amane being frighten, with Eiji telling her he hears a voice saying "Excuse me, can I get a refill?".
  • The anime and manga have different outcomes while the anime version adds in Kino and Tao (and Koto) with Amane's plot as a Test of courage:
    • In the manga, Amane invites Eiji and Nanako, and when she uses a flashlight to make a Nightmare Face, which promptly scares off Eiji and Nanako running together, leaving Amane behind.
    • The anime has Kino with red eyes while drawing a female ghost, then she asks what she was doing. They enter the tunnel with Tao scared out of her mind. When Amane goes missing, she starts flinging playing cards and Eiji notices Kino has gone missing. Kino (in shadow) then collapse on the ground and Eiji embraces Nanako, who blushes. Then Tao gets terrified out of her mind until she gets snatched, causing Eiji and Nanako to run. Amane then admits she set the whole thing up.
  • Because of the above, who knew Kino, of all people, is a Nightmare Fetishist?
  • The anime and manga have a near identical scene with the fireflies, but the manga has Amane getting lost in the woods.

Episode 11/Chapters 40 and 41

  • The main trio goes to a fireworks festival and Amane wonders how the hell did he have so much goldfishes. (Subtitles point out Eiji arrived early).
  • Nanako explains she couldn't sleep the previous night because she was excited while Eiji got a full night of sleep because he was catching bugs. Amane asks if he's still a child.
  • Eiji and Nanako decide to play festival games together. Aname then suddenly realizes she was being a third wheel.
  • Eiji and Amane decide to play raffles. Eiji wins a light up ring and Amane wins a game console Eiji actually wanted. Eiji decides to give Nanako the ring, unaware that he puts it on her ring finger to which she becomes purely embarrassed while Amane wishes to win a boyfriend.
  • Nanako explains how her father confessed to her mother with an Peony flower. The manga has an additional one about Eiji's parents, where his father did his confession with a rice ticket.
  • Aname then decides to explain that peony embodies Yamato Nadeshiko, in which Aname is aware Eiji thinks something different. And when she uses women as a metaphor for flowers, Eiji predictably misinterprets it as a three stages of a plant monster. Amane gets frustrated and tells him they're gonna have a serious literature lesson.
  • Eiji finds Amane who tells him Nanako's classmates found her and takes her to see the fireworks. Before he goes, he needs to finish using the restroom. Amane asks why he didn't just finish.
  • Nanako explains she was planning to see the fireworks with someone else, but her friends correctly guesses it was Eiji. Cue embarrassment mode and tanzaku boards flying out of her yukata.
  • When Eiji finally finds Nanako in a huge crowd thanks to her ring, her classmates react thinking Nanako is on a date with Eiji in which he denies.

Episode 12/Chapters 12 and 70.5

  • Eiji decides to go to a senryu meeting where it is full of grown adult men and Nanako. Predictably, he scares the crap out of everyone there except Nanako.
  • Nanako writes her senryu as part of its Christmas theme about her father dressing up as a reindeer for Christmas whhile Eiji writes his wanting Santa beat up his father for smoking on his bed. this predictably has taken the men aback while Nanako laughs.
  • In the next morning, Yoshihiko tries to feed Nanako an octopus hotdog, and being the man that he is, thinks Nanako is rebelling. Chifuyu however notices immediately that she's thinking about Eiji
  • Whereas in the anime, Nanako undergoes an Adaptational Angst Upgrade when the kindly old woman told Nanako Eiji stopped visiting the senryu centre, in the manga she comically outright panics asking some old men if they seen Eiji. Then she trips on a rock while maintaining its humor.
  • Eiji shomehow compares a cherry tree with a ''hippo'.


    Manga and unadapated portions 

Chapter 2

  • In Nanako's Morning, she needs to go to the bathroom, but her father is busy, and playing a puzzle game. And on her way, she makes a senryu about a dandelion and a dog's butthole.
  • In Eiji's Morning, a couple of delinquents challenges Eiji to a fight but pulls out a tanzaku board to right a senryu, only for them to run like hell when they thought he pulled out a knife. Then he sees a dandelion and writes a senryu about it, only for a child to pull it out of the ground and becomes depressed.
  • Eiji decides to eat lunch by himself, only for Nanako to ask if she can join him. Cue Eiji telling her they're in the boys' bathroom.
  • When Eiji and Nanako decide to have lunch out in the field, she says the octopus hotdog is the shape of a devil, and when Eiji gives her an animal cracker, she asks "What kind of devil are you?" Note that said animal cracker is in a shape of a giraffe.
  • One portion excised from the manga is an old man with a deep expression. Amane asks what expression he has, but Nanako and Eiji goes off-rails, with Nanako Comically Missing the Point.
  • The ending has Eiji write "Spring-> Get caught by the cops".

Chapter 5

  • Eiji, being the Innocently Insensitive idiot that he is, tells Nanako that she's gaining weight. Nanako gets crestfallen when he said that.
  • Nanako has hiccups, and so Eiji tries his best to get rid of them.
  • Eiji's friend Fujimaru Tora tells him in a flashback that girls find it embarrassing showing their feet as much as been seen their breasts. Eiji misses the point and improperly apologizes to Nanako for it.
Spmehow, Nanako wrote her senryu while still hiccuping.
  • Eiji attempts to scare her, but Nanako isn't intimidated meanwhile Amane tells them to stop flirting.
  • The next day, Eiji gets a hiccup, and Nanako manages to scare it off by using a delinquent app that says "DON'T LOOK DOWN ON ME, YOU F*CKING BRAT!".

Chapter 6

  • Nanako is Not a Morning Person. Enough said.
  • Hiro asks why Nanako doesn't wear makeup, who replies with that if she had time for makeup, she'd rather sleep instead. Hiro tells her she won't get a boyfriend if she continues, but finds out she likes someone. Their father goes dramatic about this.
  • When one of her friends asks her if she could borrow her eyelash curler, she replies that she doesn't own a makeup set. Cue the other girls poking her face and touching hair.
  • Nanako is terrible at making smiles while making selfies.
  • When Nanako surprisingly wakes up early, she starts applying makeup while Hiro reacts to her waking up early and their dad looking like he's having a stroke. Cue selfies, and he is seen ((Fainting}} in the background.
  • On her way to school, an old man rides by on a bike and and splashes a puddle on Nanako. She then goes to see Amane if she could use her makeup, who then wants to put her makeup on her herself while Eiji is standing behind the clubroom door.


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