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Given the nature of the series as a Work Com most of the content is pretty much one long moment of funny. However some instances stand out more than others.

Notable Running gags:

  • Lucy's complex over her Overly Long Name.
  • Breast gags (Lucy's being the receiving end as well)
  • Kenzou being tortured.

Episode 1:

  • Ichimaya saying he's barely more than a newcomer. Even though he's been working for eight years.

Episode 5:

  • Lucy blacks out from a small dose of wine at dinner with Yutaka and gets carried back home, only to wake up to the sight of who is eventually revealed to be Kaoru pretending to be Yutaka. Later on, she carries on making a fool out of Lucy... and Yutaka.

Episode 7:

  • Megumi tricks Touko into being her personal cosplay doll. By betting that whoever loses a game does what the winner wants.
  • Kenzou Momoi, just like Lucy, is unable to put two and two together and realize that Megumi and Taishi are dating each other.
  • Yutaka Hasebe gets annoyed when poor Lucy manages to push his berserk/irritation button. He responds by stretching out her face and chewing her out. Then leaves and says not to look for him.
  • The introduction of Mrs. Tanaka's grandson, Jouji Tanaka. Who is childhood friends with and unknown/annoying rival to Hasebe.
    • Most notably, the fact that his own grandmother is unable to find anything positive about him, outside of him being "responsible".
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  • Even the weekly Quiz is not immune anymore, as Jouji says the answer is Hasebe's height, shoe size and three sizes. Then Hasebe punches him. The image is also a parody of Free!.

Episode 8:

  • Yutaka's "smooth moves" during his date with Lucy.
    "If some suspicious, gaudy guy asks you to drink, decline... Other than me."
  • Closely followed by Jouji having dinner with Lucy, getting drunk, calling her plain several times, and then asking her to go out with him solely to spite Hasebe. This goes as about as well as one would expect, with Jouji getting punched in the head by Hasabe when he finally shows up. Of course, Lucy was still confused about the entire scenario.
  • Hasabe acts... well, stranger than usual the next day. Which turns out to be caused by sleep deprivation from when he spent all night getting home after "saving" Lucy—walking a whole 10 train stations' distance on foot. His dream that night takes a turn for the wacky.
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  • When Lucy tries to pay Hasabe back for all the favors she owes him. He asks her out on a date with the condition that she wears a skirt. He even manages to rope in Comically Serious Cosplay Otaku Girl Megumi into making Lucy's skirt.
  • The ending quiz is just two of Megumi's doujinshi, then she hits Momoi or at least his stuffed robotic toy.

Episode 9:

  • Miyoshi and Chihaya go into "black aura mode" to show their anger towards another person at separate times. Chihaya towards Ichimiya and it seems that Jyoji has even unintentionally found out a way to annoy Miyoshi.
  • Yutaka's reaction after thinking Lucy (etc.) is getting married.

Episode 11.

  • Miyoshi watching Lucy's Ahoge when she looks for a book. Watching it purvey her emotions from looking for it(Side to side bobbing) To finding it(It literally wags) to disappointment when it costs too much(It droops down).
  • Saya passes out from a little sip of wine. Then Jyoji carries her home... Deja vu.

Episode 12.

  • Chihaya's joyless "Ha" when Hasebe reveals his dad signed off on Lucy's name.


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