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Funny / Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

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  • Pikachu in a Jester's Outfit. He is just so cute.
    • How about Pikachu's reaction when Ash and the others are giving him "sinister looks" before dressing him up?
    • And when Pikachu fights his first battle, his Thunderbolt attack destroys the outfit — which, BTW, is a rental. Does the palace tailor stick Ash with the bill for that?
  • During the opening credits, Mew transforms into the queen's Mime Jr. and watches the tournament alongside them. The maid does a Wild Double Take when she realizes she's seeing two Mime Jr.
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  • Brock gushing over Kidd, with the queen's Mime Jr. imitating his every move.
  • There's something entertaining about watching Ash and Lucario wrestle in a river.
  • Max trying to get Lucario to enjoy chocolate. When Max turns his back (or pretends to), Lucario smiles only to frown again when Max looks back.
  • Team Rocket seeing the Tree of Beginning being restored.
    James: Seems everything's back to normal.
    Jessie: Which means we're back to being losers.
  • The "white blood cell" metaphor.
    Kidd: So it thinks we're some kind of disease?
    Max: Speak for yourself.


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