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  • This scene from RELOAD chapter 5 pretty much sums up the group's feelings about Sanzo.
    Goku: If these guys are after us, maybe Sanzo's also [got]...
    Hakkai: A FAKE Sanzo...?!
    All three: I WANNA BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF IT...!!
    Hakkai: I'm worried!
    (All three run off towards the inn.)
    • Even better, this revelation takes place in the middle of a fight with their own duplicates, who stand there totally bewildered when their enemies suddenly lose interest and run off.
    • In the same story arc, real!Sanzo saves fake!Sanzo from real!Gojyo...just because he's not letting ANYONE who looks like him get their ass kicked by the cockroach.
  • The Tokyopop translation of the tournament omake in Reload volume 9. Sanzo getting mistaken for a muscle-man fanboy! Everyone being quite rightly terrified of Hakkai! THE CHAMPION'S VICTORY COSTUME!
  • In the latest chapter of Blast, Sharak calls shotgun in Jeep as they head out to defend a village. Genjyo's face when he realizes that that leaves him sitting in back—quite possibly in the middle, is priceless.
    • Also priceless is the moment when Sharak and (Genjo) Sanzo come back from their meeting to find their subordinates speculating on whether or not they're losing their virginity to one another. One can't help but be happy for Sanzo about having a friend to beat the crap out of his personal idiots with.
  • The Party Drama CD has Hazel and Gato dressed in Maid outfits, disgusting literally everyone.
  • Yaone's debut, consisting of having no idea of what she's up against, being harrassed by bar customers and having her target, the Sanzou-ikkou, actually saving her and erupting into a bar fight for that. And just when she thought she had everything under control and facing Hakkai and almost succeeded by pulling a trigger that will blow up the bar with everyone asleep with her drug inside... the trigger did nothing. Turns out Hakkai has casually defused the bomb because he thought it's dangerous to have a bomb inside a bar way before the fight or noticing that it was Yaone's trap, complete with a 'whoopsie' head scratching.

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