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Funny / Pokémon: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice

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Don't worry, they both share a good laugh!

  • After Keldeo tastes the Darumaka lunch box he was given to eat, he and Ash both start cramming it in. Cue them both choking, and at the end of the scene Keldeo can be heard choking "Water! Water!"
    • In fact, any scene involving Darumaka lunches.
  • At one point, the team enter a subway to hide from Kyurem and to take Keldeo to the Full Court. They come across a gate and panic after seeing that it is locked. Keldeo, however, simply kicks it open. When they come to a second, he prepares to do it again, but Iris points out that this gate is unlocked and proceeds to simply push it open. Despite the pressure on him, Keldeo still takes a moment to frown.
  • When Cilan and his pokemon are finally caught by Kyurem and his Pokemon Mook Squad, he just shrugs inoccently like a man being pulled over by a cop for a ticket.
    • For his part, the moments when Kyruem caught up with Iris and Cilan. His reaction is a bit lowkey with Cilan, but he seems just a bit petty when he covers Iris' blimp with ice.
  • When Keldeo reminisces about training with Terrakion, he recalls an event where one of the Basculin Terrakion throws into the air uses Water Gun on his face. Terrakion is not amused at first, but then the two end up bursting out laughing over it.