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  • Episode one gives us quite a few. Kicking things off right away is Makoto's No Sense of Direction, when she tells Kei that she remembers the way to his house, then proceeds to head off in the opposite direction that Kei just came from. After a Beat, Kei calls to her and tells her she's going the wrong way.
    • Then there's Chinatsu's reaction when Kei tells her that Makoto is her real mother (Makoto is only 15, and Chinatsu is about 8.)
    • Then we're treated to the hilarity of Chinatsu seeing Makoto fly on a broom for the first time.
    • Nao's refusal of the mandrake that Makoto was offering her, just a flat, "I don't want it."
    • The mandrake is noticeably over-animated, just to make it creepier.
  • Episode two gives us a couple of gems. Continuing with Makoto's utter lack of direction, she proudly tells Chinatsu that she made it home without help, and decides to write it down in her journal before she forgets. She then gets lost on her way to her own room.
    • Chinatsu's reaction to seeing the harbinger of Spring, slamming the door in his face, sitting back down at the table and telling Makoto that she thought he was selling magazines, and then asking her frantically what the number for 110 was. The number for Japan's police.
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    • Kei spots and starts picking wild bakame, an herb native to the region. He cautions Makoto not to pick the ones growing by the telephone pole. Makoto wonders why not, admiring how big the ones in said location are. Kei informs her it's because dogs pee there when their owners walk them.
  • In Episode three, Makoto decides she wants to start growing a garden for her magic studies. She asks her uncle if he has any land she can use, and then has no idea what he's saying due to his unintelligible (to her) regional dialect.
    • While weeding the plot of land, she spots a pheasant, and enthusiastically tries to catch it, running back and forth after it. After a moment she tires out, and then her cat Chito/Shade goes after it. She then engages is a delightful bit of Hypocritical Humor.
    Makoto: Oh, Chito, you're just running back and forth.
    • After that, Makoto's uncle tries to catch the pheasant to show it to her but ends up failing, as well.
    • We get to meet Makoto's older sister, Akane. She offers to show a useful magic trick, and, using a bit of Chinatsu's hair, summons a crow. She encourages Makoto to try it herself. Makoto puts her hair in the fire, and we get a huge plume of black smoke, and enough crows that you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a recreation of a scene from The Birds. Akane thinks for a moment, then tells Makoto it's because she used a witch's hair, meaning the spell was too powerful. This after she told Makoto that using her own hair would be fine.
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  • In one episode, Nao is petting Chito, when she asks if the cat has put on weight. Cut to Chito sitting on Nao's shoulders, slapping her across the face with her tail, and Nao trying to apologise.
  • A scene from the manga has Kei and Makoto deciding on getting pork cutlets for lunch. Chito and Kenny decide they want some too, so they sneak into the school and use the VA system to contact Makoto.
  • A few chapters after Chinatsu met the shore rabbit, the tooth he gives her starts to grow and leaks mana all over the house.
  • The Mandrake that Makoto wanted to give to Nao later spawn three, seemingly sentiant, mandrakes who build a shrine to Makoto in her room.