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While Sho's world may be rife with tragedy, this doesn't mean that the silly or light-hearted moments are nonexistant. Flower Knight Dakini is no exception.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • The first two chapters are serious throughout, but there's one moment of levity in the author's notes, where right after Eiden and Dakini introduce themselves properly, his stomach reminds him that he neglected eating anything in the last two days.
  • In chapter 3, Dakini's curiosity shows she doesn't even know what a puddle is.
    • In the middle of an internal monologue about Dakini, Eiden proceeds to walk face-first into a branch and breaks his glasses. After bemoaning the fact that he just bought them a couple of days ago, he pulls out a case full of spare glasses.
    • A moment from the same chapter, while the two are foraging, Eiden plucks a few potatoes from the ground. Dakini mimics him, but rips a stalk out with at least a dozen on it. A side note on the next page says they found way too many and had to put some back.
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    • Dakini starts slapping one of the Ironball Bugs after learning they don't taste good at all.
  • When they're carrying Prakasha in the Silver Jaw's shell, Dakini puts a large amount of flowers in with her off-screen.
  • In the moment pictured above, Eiden explains to Dakini what fireworks are, likening them to big flowers made of sparks. Dakini draws her usual flower in the air much larger in response and he says they're even larger than that. She draws an even bigger one and he responds that they're still larger. Dakini then draws one around a bottom-heavy panda woman's rear and Eiden sheepishly tells her to knock it off.

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