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  • In Episode 3, Nasa warns Tsukasa about how Kaname likes dirty jokes. Kaname then objects, in a way that proves Nasa's point.
    Kaname: I'd rather the guy who doesn't have anything great beneath the waist stop acting like I'm the queen of pervy humor!
    Nasa: This is literally what I'm talking about!
  • In Episode 4, after Chitose edits a photo to make it look as though Nasa's having an intimate moment with Charlotte, Nasa's less concerned about what might happen if she shows the photo to Tsukasa and more about the fact that it's impossible to make the image with the photos Aurora took.
  • In Episode 6, Nasa convinces Tsukasa that they should move to a bigger house by pointing out that (a) they would be able to have a projector to watch movies (b) she could have multiple shelves for her DVDs and manga and (c) they could sleep together holding hands.
    • Nasa realizes he has yet to tell his parents that he got married, so he calls them and drops the bombshell.
      Nasa: I had never heard my mother shout at me like that.
    • The next day, Nasa's mother sends him a message because she has figured that he mentioned being married because he needs a guarantee to move. Then she proves why Nasa doesn't want to present Tsukasa to them.
      Nasa's Mother: Nasa-kun, you little pervert.
    • Tsukasa buys a camera - and Nasa begins to take photos of her as if he were possessed. Tsukasa then takes one of him as he tries to develop a photo so she can remember how he hyperventilated while taking photos of her.
  • In Episode 9, Aya finally notices that Nasa and Tsukasa have the same family name, that Nasa is wearing a ring on his finger, and he recently went to introduce Tsukasa to his parents... and she still doesn't grasp that he and Tsukasa are married until her mother points it out to her.
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  • When Nasa's cousin Ginga shows up, he's a foul-mouthed young man who vaguely resembles a Yakuza... and he wants Nasa's help in taking care of a kitten. Amusingly enough, Nasa and Tsukasa become uncharacteristically foul-mouthed during this scene, too.