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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Putting the "Comedy" into the Horror Comedy genre, Zombie Land Saga surely has its share of laughs in every episode.

In General

  • Kotaro's Large Ham nature and tendency to just brush over any questions as though the answer should be obvious means that almost any time he speaks there's a bundle of laughs to be had.
    • Kotaro in the dub can also be just as funny as the one in the Japanese version, as his voice sounds more like Large Ham of the English speaking kind, and his screams can even be considered better than the Japanese version.
  • Tae can be guaranteed to be doing something ridiculous in every shot she's in. Rising into the foreground from below, munching on equipment, pushing herself against the ground with her legs — she is the (un)living epitome of Funny Background Event.
  • The recap and teaser sections of each episode are usually already amusing with their rapid-fire dialogue, and what the actual dialogue actually consists of tends to be hilarious as well. Especially with Sakura's often wacky wording of her observations.

Season One

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    Episode 1 - Good Morning Saga 
  • The opening scene where Sakura unceremoniously gets hit by a truck is one of those rare moments that gets funnier each time you watch it.
  • When Kotaro introduces himself to Sakura, who's currently trying to figure out her situation, the zombie girl thinks that there's something wrong with him. Her internal thoughts later end with "Why does he have squid in his pocket?"
    • In the manga version, she specifically asks "Why does he have tentacles growing out of his pocket?".
  • As pictured here, Kotaro flips the chalkboard in the room to introduce his "Zombie Land Saga Project" to the idols (i.e., just Sakura), and the text turns out to be upside-down since he wrote it rightside-up on the back of the board. A few minutes later, he notices the mistake and does a very subtle Double Take, after which he flips the board back before anyone notices.
  • In the first basement scene, the preawakened zombie girls wander around aimlessly just as Kotaro walks in. The manga adaptation does the same thing, but with each girl having a squid in their mouths as they do so.
  • Kotaro rewards Romero with a squid. When he goes ravenous, a Fun with Subtitles text appears, saying don't feed dogs squid. In the manga, Sakura makes an internal comment about it.
  • Kotaro introduces Sakura to her would-be costars, giving each of them an appropriately dramatic snippet and dubbing each of them legendary. Then he gets to Tae... who's just THE LEGENDARY YAMADA T-T-T-T-TAE! No further explanation. Sakura asks what she's legendary for, and Kotaro asks her what Sakura is legendary for. He then dubs her the only Non-Legendary.
  • In the manga adaptation, Kotaro's wording of "You [Sakura] were fine after some stimulation" causes Sakura to freak out and demand proper context, until she realizes he mentions staging a concert and doing the same with the other girls.
  • Before the show, all of the unawakened girls are shambling around the room except for Junko who is repeatedly walking into a wall.
  • Kotaro gives Sakura an encouraging pre-show speech, telling her she absolutely can go out and wow the crowd. The music swells, we have a brief zoom in on her watery eyes, she says his name—
    Sakura: (matter-of-factly) Can't do it.
    (Beat of total soundtrack silence)
    Kotaro: (clapping his hands together) Okay, it's a go! Let's go-go-go-go-go-go!
  • The first reaction of the death metal fans when Tae unexpectedly leaps towards one of them.
    I can't believe they started with trying to mosh...
    That chick's actually kinda brutal.
  • Sakura thinks back on how the concert ended, with the preawakened girls attacking the crowd. Notably, even as a mindless zombie, Saki is still a Jerkass, kicking a large speaker at the crowd.
  • The last scene of the episode has a Funny Background Event that involves two small birds (who were shown chirping on the porch in one shot)...being eaten whole off-screen by Romero. It's confirmed by a 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' shot of (the cuter looking) Romero smacking his lips, with some feathers right next to him.

    Episode 2 - I ♥ Hip Hop Saga 
  • While the other zombies all get strong, bold kanji declaring who they are, Sakura gets thin, scribbly kanji, and in accordance with Kotaro's declaration last episode, she doesn't get called legendary.
  • Kotaro, being somewhat fed up with Ai asking him about the current situation and population of the Saga prefecture, screams that he is not Wiki***ia, complete with a Sound-Effect Bleep.
  • In one scene Junko is trying to avoid Tae biting her by running around Lily, begging to know what Tae wants. Lily is completely nonchalant about the thing, casually reading a heavy machinery magazine.
  • So we have three rappers approaching the zombie girls, all while they improvise their Rhymes on a Dime rap on the spot. Policeman A (from Episode 1) arrives on the scene, also coming up with his own rhymes in response!
  • There is a brief moment where the girls turn to look at a window that Policeman A shot, and watch a final piece of glass shatter. A beat of total silence... and then a Reactive Continuous Scream. It's darkly hilarious.
  • Sakura is desperately trying to have a normal idol performance while Tae goes to pieces, in a literal sense. This is not helped by both Saki and Lily playing around with the body parts in fascination; Saki in particular keeps popping off Tae's head in amazement, frustrating Sakura even more, until she literally slaps Tae's head out of Saki's hands and ends up starting an impromptu rap battle with her.
    • Apparently Sakura spent so much time with Kotaro that she even calls Saki an idiot zombie.
    • Speaking of Tae, the moment she sees an old man eating dried squid, she tries to get to the package the old man was holding. Sakura attempts to restrain her, only to have her arm come loose and slam into the ground, and her head pop out to get sent flying, then gnaw on the man's arm until he feeds her a squid. Note that he was very nonchalant about it.
    • Even funnier on how Sakura ends it. She does a literal mic drop by throwing it on the floor.
    • Yugiri calmly starts accompanying the rap battle.
    • Lily takes a bit to catch on, but once she does she slaps Tae's head back on—and Tae chomps down on her mike. The little girl is shocked for a moment, before she gets a smile almost like she's watching a kitten play with a cat toy. It is both adorable and hilarious.
    • In the dub version of the rap battle, Sakura addresses Junko & Ai as “Tweedlefortune & Tweedlefame” when she calls them out.

    Episode 3 - Dead or Live Saga 
  • Kotaro tells the girls, very seriously, that he has to be blunt... they did great at their last performance! He goes around complimenting them, especially Sakura's rhymes. Sakura is a bit flustered but cheerful at the praise—at which point he shoots down her glee by pointing out they have more important things to focus on.
    • He tries to spell the word "guerrilla" on the board in all uppercase English. But when he notices that the first two letters are "GE" a long pause happens and by the next shot, he's crossed out the letters and written the term in Japanese instead.
    • When Kotaro explains his plan for a guerrilla performance, the girls are looking at him… Well, except for Tae, who gazes at the ceiling instead.
  • The scene in the dance room is a laugh a minute riot as the crew try to figure out who's in charge and what their band should be called. From Lily's overly cutesy ideas to Saki's hot-blooded edgelord suggestions, the whole thing is truly a glorious work of situation comedy.
    • Saki's handwriting with the marker appears as though she used spray paint, signifying how delinquent she truly is. If one looks at the bottom of the white board, even the "paint" is dripping, much like a graffiti. This underscores how truly terrible her kanji writing is, with such names as Wicked Rage Void Slacker and Rotten Chaos Stank Gang, leading the girls to eventually tell her not to use kanji anymore.
    • Tae gets her hands on a black dry erase marker, and everyone stops to see what she's going to do. There's a moment of tension... and then she starts nomming on it, like she does with everything else. Sakura goes to get it out of her mouth claiming that it's dangerous, even while Junko points out that as a zombie Tae can't really be poisoned. And then the marker lands in Junko's hands, leading Tae to chase after her again, while everybody goes on trying to figure out the name.
    • There's a moment where Yugiri points out that as zombies, they might very well stink. Literally everyone freezes and takes a moment to check their body odor — even Junko, who is being chased by Tae at the time. This is even considered funny in universe, as the girls laugh it off.
    • How do they come up with the band's final name? Tae sneezes. That's right, they end up going with a word that sounds like a sneeze. Everybody praises Tae for her genius, even while she remains blank-faced.
  • Sakura's revelation is completely silly. She gets it when Tae spins a piece of old playground equipment around way too fast, launching her into the air and head-deep into the ground, smiling the whole time. She doesn't even get to explain her revelation as Yugiri mistakenly assumes she needs a pep talk and gives the revelation speech for her.
  • Tae never ceases to (unintentionally) show off her memetic status even in their street performance - her mouth is full of dried squid while dancing!
  • When Policeman A shows up to berate Franchouchou for performing without a permit (and nearly recognizes Sakura as the zombie girl he keeps running into), Kotaro hastily bundles the girls into the van and erratically drives off.

    Episode 4 - Warming Dead Saga 
  • The episode opens with another lecture. Tae however is sleeping through the entire thing with a large Snot Bubble.
    • Kotaro lays out his plan to bring in some money by having the girls perform for a company at a hot springs hotel. The girls perk up at the idea, but Kotaro brings them down by telling them they're not going in the springs, then launches into one of his acts and starts mocking the shit out of the girls... at which point Saki just flat out gutpunches him to bring him in line.
    • Carrying on from last episode, when Yugiri suggests a trip to the hot springs could be an opportunity to wash off some of the decay from Franchouchou, Sakura, Saki, Ai and Junko look horrified and start sniffing themselves just in case she meant them.
  • The girls have arrived at the hot spring hotel, and Kotaro makes it clear: Stay in the room and practice. When they ask what he'll be doing, he offers this deadpan response:
    Kotaro: Sightseeing. (beat) GOTTA GO SEE THEM SIGHTS...!! *Drives off like a cartoon*
    • Saki is of course having none of it, convincing the girls to spend at least a little time having fun themselves. Cue the montage which, of course, has such peaceful situations as all the girls pressed up against a window to see some cake, Sakura and Junko desperately spreading water on a fish sculpture said to improve their skin and health, and Tae jerking a shinto bell like a bungee cord.
    • Of course they inevitably walk past a window where Kotaro is talking to their sponsor. Kotaro's unbelieving reaction is just priceless... as is how he prevents said sponsor from looking out the window: flat out grabbing her face.
    • The clips of the girls enjoying the town shows that Sakura and Junko at one point break off from the rest of the group to walk down an alley just to see a cat.
  • Kotaro meets with the sponsor at a cafe. She orders a simple tea, Kotaro orders a massive strawberry parfait.
  • Once they get back to the hotel, the girls enjoy a little foot bath... and Tae's hair is covering her face, like an onryo. It's a little detail, but it's hilarious. The following conversation also contains this little gem:
    Yugiri: What can we do to pleasure our guests tonight?
    Sakura: Yugiri! Phrasing!
  • The girls read the details of what their sponsor sells: slap-on pain relief sheets. Sakura is a little wary of the stuff... but then Saki just slaps one on her and she is instantly hyped up and ready to go. The other girls apply it to themselves and each other, commenting on how them being zombies makes them absorb the substance easily, and they wonder how to apply it to their performance. It's a bit of wacky nonsensical fun.
    • The disclaimer, made funnier by the fact that it's apparently real.
    • After Saki slaps one of the sheets onto Ai, Ai spends the rest of the scene completely sprawled out on the ground, face down. Even funnier is that while the rest of the girls continue to move, she is completely static.
  • After the performance, Saki tries to convince Sakura to sneak out to the hot spring, but Sakura is having none of it. Then Junko shows up, and reveals she overheard their conversation and wants to come along. Hearing this, Saki gives the biggest shit-eating grin possible and tells an exasperated Sakura that they're going.
  • While they're enjoying the hot spring, the company president endorsing the band arrives for a bath in the spring, prompting Sakura, Saki, and Junko to hide. Unfortunately, Sakura loses her head until the president finds it and starts screaming. And then she starts running until she runs into the other girls. The poor woman acts as if she's in a horror movie.
    • Bonus points to Tae for her over-the-top entrance from the ceiling, landing upside-down on her hands and feet like the girl from The Exorcist.

    Episode 5 - The Nice Bird Saga in Your Heart 
  • Kotaro opens the episode acting like a baseball fanatic. He bats a ball at Saki, pissing her off until she throws the ball right into his knee.
  • The entirety of the parts where Saki goes into huge Genki Girl mode when she recognizes both Drive-in Tori and the Kashima Gatalympics. Notably Saki's English dub voice actress seems to add her hamminess to the max.
    • When the girls have no clue about the above, Saki yells at them, ranting at their ignorance. But it's her second time which is funnier, as the episode just cuts ahead with "You fail at Saga, etc" since we've already heard it.
    • Despite usually being his most vocal critic, she joins in with Kotaro's Large Ham moments, much to the girls' dismay. She even agrees with him after Kotaro gives a huge lecture once they finish filming:
      Saki: For once, I think I might agree with him. Guys... we failed. *Begins to cry* People want real chicken and we blew it!!
    • Lily in particular is not amused by her enthusiasm. When she sees Saki reacting with glee to working alongside the restaurant mascot, she declares "Yeah, that's not cute" in absolute deadpan.
  • The place they are advertising, Drive-In Tori, is a REAL chicken fast food chain in Saga, which makes everything about it all the funnier. Indeed half the episode is Product Placement (as the mascot, jingle, restaurant and THE PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY in said episode are taken straight from the real-life Drive-In Tori).
  • The assistant director of the advertisement, whose job description seems to be "repeat what the director said, but much, MUCH louder".
  • Yugiri takes a moment to say she wishes she had her current outfit in her old job. Her old job was as a Meiji-era courtesan, and her current outfit is a baby chicken costume. It raises some interesting questions...
  • Romero has a lot of fun this episode, being used for quick visual gags that remind us yep, that's a zombie dog.
  • Part two opens with Ai being targeted for Kotaro's speech shenanigans and grumpily acknowledging it. Unfortunately, Kotaro smacks her with a baguette, causing her to snatch the same baguette and smack him back, which is so hard that it breaks into half. Sakura and Saki's expressions say it all after Kotaro smacks her.
  • The girls' reactions to the Franchouchou T-shirt: Sakura's horrified, Lily's snarky, Junko's having a BSoD, and Yugiri's poking her to see if she's okay.
    • Particularly notable is Lily's response in the English dub, where she manages to deliver the following in a perfect mix of her usual cutesy cheerful tone and a bit of scathing deadpan:
      Lily: That is the ugliest frickin' shirt I've ever seen. :D
  • Policeman A is back... to demonstrate the Kashima Gatalympics events. He fails completely both times.
  • After failing the bike balancing competition, the girls go to wash themselves off after being covered in mud. Then they suddenly realize their makeup also got washed off. Cue "Oh, Crap!", complete with Lily's heart popping. Luckily they come up with a quick fix by putting traffic cones over their heads and running back into the mud before anybody notices.
    • Speaking of the bike balancing competition, who was the only one who didn't fall into the mud? Kotaro. The girls are all angry they didn't get to laugh at him. Additionally, after all the screaming he did about making sure they get their idol name out there, he never bothers to mention them and speaks in an extremely low voice when introducing himself on the microphone.
  • The girls enter the mud swinging competition, and the results are as follows:
    • Ai goes first and she drops down.
    • Junko tries to swing, but she slips instead.
    • Saki makes a hard swing, but goes too high and lands straight down.
    • Yugiri is a standout, doing very difficult poses on the rope as it swings back and forth before stepping back on the platform, wowing the crowd and getting enthusiastic 5's from the very impressed judges... which count for artistic value and nothing more, because the point is to land as far as you can after swinging.
    • Lily, however, ties herself up, throws herself while swinging, and lands into the mud, dizzying herself. She got fourth place, though!
    • Sakura... belly-flops.
    • Tae makes a swing so hard, she breaks apart, prompting the other girls to rush in and reassemble her. The Mass "Oh, Crap!" face they make (even Yugiri), combined with how they're acting like actual zombies while literally putting Tae together, before they're all left heaving and panting at the close call just completely sells it. Luckily the crowd fails to notice thanks to the sun. Unluckily, Tae gets first place.
  • Speaking of Tae, she seems to show her best moments thus far in this episode:
    • While the girls are in awe with the food, Tae is visibly drooling from her mouth. Instead of eating the cooked chicken, she eats a plate of it raw.
    • When the mascot appears, he freaks out when he sees her drooling, and she tries to lunge at him like a wild animal until Sakura grounds her from trying to eat him, reminding her that it's just a person in a suit. Later, Saki slips up and says they need to 'gobble up the competition', so she once again chases after the chicken mascot to the point that she eats the backside of the suit.
    • Tae is having trouble figuring out her cues during the commercial shoot, which the director's assistant calls out. Eventually the girls just change the rhythm and have her do a cock-a-doodle-doo at the end of the dance routine.
    • During the biking competition she slips off the side of the track... and continues biking forward even as she slowly sinks into the mud.
    • She is shown eating while the others are participating in the mud swinging competition. She's shown drinking a glass of juice, then has a plate with takoyaki on it, a stick of eel meat, and five eels at the same time, terrifying poor Junko.
    • After Tae wins the swinging competition, Sakura tells her to rip off the muddy shirt she was wearing because she was wearing two. Which Tae does, revealing... the Drive-in Tori shirt, made all the more hilarious as the restaurant's theme song starts playing. Fortunately, she does remember to do the cock-a-doodle-doo.
      Kotaro: Nice bird.

    Episode 6 - Because It's Sentimental Saga 
  • When Lily asks if the band has a homepage, Ai confirms that they do, but refuses to show it, "Because it's so lame you'll want to die. Even if we're zombies already."
    • We've seen their homepage during the opening scene with the journalists, and it is exactly as lame as she describes.
    • Both Yugiri and Junko show amazement at the strange box called a computer. Yugiri even taps the monitor with her kiseru, at which point Ai tells her to be careful or she'll break it.
    • Tae is tasked with distracting Kotaro, who is busy taking a bath. The process is pretty simple — he runs out of shampoo, and Tae has to replace it. First she gives him a bottle of laundry soap, and then she tries soy sauce.
      • Ai offhandedly mentions this is the third time she's stolen time on the computer, implying that she's had Tae do this before and that somehow it worked. However, in the following episode, it turns out that Kotaro knew about it and apparently decides not to stop them from using the computer.
  • Kotaro once again has the girls lined up for a crazy lecture, this time with him acting like a kabuki actor. The only one who shows any interest is Tae, who is trying to mimic the motions.
    • The dub version has Kotaro's 'kabuki' impression being much more falsetto, which is all the more hilarious to hear.
    • Kotaro manages to bait Sakura once again by pretending not to know how the dance works. Sakura, ever the helpful soul, tries to show him gently—and gets her nose poked into her face for her troubles.
    • Junko expresses confusion at the concept of a photoshoot, with digital cameras being compared to Polaroids. Yugiri, on the other hand, nonchalantly explains that she's just rolling with the punches.
      • Yugiri's stance of "roll with it" becomes funnier when one takes into account the fact that she's often seen taking drags off her kiseru, which historically was used not just for tobacco but also opium.
  • The concert and photoshoot have oodles of fun going on:
    • After a concert Tae once again does the cock-a-doodle-doo, gaining fans in the process. The other girls just stare at her, not quite believing her fame.
    • The Franchouchou towels have pictures of Romero in a cutesy, Sanrio-esque art style printed on them. When they see this, the girls are very nonplussed.
    • Tae's pictures in the photo shoot have her trying to pose... and, well, not quite sticking it. Yugiri, on the other hand, has poses straight out of paintings from her home era — and people looking on with some shock and confusion.
  • One of the commercial bumpers shows Tae drooling immensely at a plate with stacks of crackers while Yugiri has a look on her face that says "Seriously?".
  • Sakura tries to catch Junko's hat after it gets blown off her head. She falls face-first into the ocean.
  • While it happens during an otherwise serious conversation, Sakura reacts with confusion when Junko calls a television set a "tube" like a person who grew up prior to flat screen TVs would.
  • Saki's reaction when Ai tells her she was killed by lightning while performing and her burned corpse stood still in her final pose, cementing her as a famous idol, is both funny and poignant:
    Saki: Holy crap girl, that's actually legendary.

    Episode 7 - But It's Zombiemental Saga 
  • Junko pouts in her room to the point her head is growing mushroomsnote .
    • Saki asks the girls for advice. All of them. Including Tae, who offers up a grumble of wisdom.
    • Saki says she's going to go beat some sense into Junko—but Sakura points out that won't work, so Saki sits back down angrily and says she's not going to. Lily asks which one it is, and Saki groans in exasperation.
    • Sakura suggests asking Kotaro to help the girls resolve their problems while Saki advises not to. This predictably leads to...
      Saki: Told you.
  • Romero is on the roof, howling at the moon...and Tae is up there too, howling along with him.
  • Kotaro makes one hell of a Dynamic Entry, knocking poor Junko out.
    Kotaro: Kicky blammo! Zombies are supposed to be on the other side of the barricades, dumbass!
    • Or from the English dub:
    Kotaro: Heeeeere's Kotaro! Barricades are supposed to keep the zombies out, you little sad sack!
  • Near the end of the practice montage, Ai literally falls apart... and nonchalantly starts reassembling herself, assuring everyone that her old practice sessions used to be just as bad. Quite a far cry from screaming in terror at Tae in the first episode.
  • When Junko jumps into the road to rejoin the band, Kotaro pretty much invokes Episode 1 by ramming her with the van, giving Sakura an unintentional déjà vu.
    • Even better is we get a shot of Kotaro and he's freaking out to show that was a total accident. He tries to smooth it over with a Rousing Speech:
      Kotaro: Get up, Junko! You're not the kind of girl who'd be stopped by something so small!
      Saki: You just hit her with a van, numbnuts!
  • Just before the girls begin their first live concert, Kotaro sprays them with a spray that'll supposedly make them water-proof. Saki calls bullshit when she reads that it's a shoe-shining spray.
    • Which somehow works.
  • Lily gives us a visual indicator that she's nervous with her heart beating out of her chest, which Sakura notices, and she tries to hide it.
  • Saki goes into Large Ham mode with Tae following along. Tae somehow manages to apologize in zombie-speak.
    Tae: Oh s'ry.

    Episode 8 - Go Go Neverland Saga 
  • The girls are reading the news report of their performance, and Lily eagerly asks if she's the most spectacular one in the picture. Saki immediately pulls a classic big sister troll: "Are you in the picture? Oh look, there you are, you were so small I didn't see you!"
  • Kotaro's daily lectures:
    • He uses a massive conchshell to start with. Even better is that he's not actually blowing through the shell; he's just making a noise that sounds like one. The dubbed version goes one step further and makes Kotaro sound like he's making bad trumpet sounds instead of a conch shell noise.
    • Sakura, having finally learned her lesson about being too prideful in front of him, is a little wary about celebrating Franchouchou's recent success... but Kotaro quickly subverts his usual statements with a complicated surfing metaphor that boils down to 'Yes, you can brag about it now!' Poor girl just can't win.
    • Kotaro teases Lily, asking if the star on her head is growing. Lily objects that it's not going to grow, covering her head in embarrassment.
  • During the montage of Franchouchou's events, one event sees Tae gnaw on a Kappa mascot's leg while the others try and pull her off.
  • In one of the signed glamour shots, Tae is biting Junko's head. Junko's expression speaks "I give up".
  • The girls are interrogating the large man who expressed an interest in Lily. It's a very serious, tense moment... with Tae, in the background, growling on all fours. She's clearly been taking protection lessons from Romero.
  • Lily's death is both equally hilarious and heart-breaking. To wit: She reacts so badly from growing a single piece of facial hair that it kills her.
  • After Lily tells Sakura about her past, Sakura ends up confused about why Lily keeps mentioning someone named "Masao" until Lily reveals that Masao was her birth name. Sakura's reaction sells how surprised she is.
    • When Saki finds out, she refuses to let Lily live it down, unable to stop laughing over how masculine it is. And how macho her father's name is. And how ridiculous her death is. Lily's annoyed deadpan leaves her rolling on the ground.
  • When the girls ask if Kotaro knew about Lily, he confirms that he did, all the while wearing a woman's pink cap in a serious tone of voice.
  • Saki's comment on "It doesn't matter what kind of junk [Lily]'s got" causes Junko to visibly blush.
  • Due to Saki's force of habit, she refers to Lily as shrimpy in the middle of a concert before correcting herself.
  • The On the Next teaser at the end consists entirely of Saki reading the incredibly verbose tile and hanging a lampshade on what a mouthful it is.

    Episode 9 - Though My Life May Have Ended Once by Some Twist of Fate I Have Risen, and If Song and Dance Are to Be My Fate, Then Carrying the Memories of My Comrades in My Heart As I Sally Forth Shall Be My Saga 
  • The episode starts with the girls visiting the elderly to join in the Kashima dance. They end up surprised by how good at dancing the old folks are, even if it's just to an old folk song.
    • One of them even starts up the dance by shouting "MUSIC, COME ON!" Apparently Kotaro is a true Saga resident.
  • After the girls finish, Tae gulps down an absurd amount of water from the drinking fountain until she removes her mouth to respond to Sakura and the water knocks her over, leaving a visible rainbow (by Lily, as it happens). She's left lying on the ground bloated with water, spewing it from her mouth like a fountain.
    • Three would-be delinquent girls start stalking toward our heroines. It's clear they want to look threatening, complete with a smoothly-animated Slow Walk, but their expressions are just... not that scary at all.
    • Initially, Lily is afraid of the girls threatening her and Sakura. Then she sees Maria's girly pink scooter with cute stickers on it, and she immediately calls them "lame".
    • Maria begins to pick a fight with Sakura, Lily, and Tae. However, she shortly learns that Lily's a grade schooler, and her followers suggest that picking on one would reflect badly on them. She sheepishly excludes Lily from the conversation, and continues threatening Sakura.
    • Tae, previously laying on the ground, suddenly appears behind Maria and bites on one of her hair buns. The girl is obviously not amused and they try to get Tae off her head, with Sakura jumping in to help despite having been intimidated not five seconds ago.
  • A scene that'll be familiar to most people with siblings: While Franchouchou are in the van, Lily demands to know if Tae ate her squid. Tae shakes her head, with the squid so overstuffed in her mouth that it's spilling out. Lily's not about to take this lying down, and fights with Tae to get it back for the rest of the scene.
    • Ai and Kotaro's reactions are on point as well. Ai snaps at them for struggling, since they're all already packed so tightly in the van, while Kotaro angrily points out they're still in traffic.
    • Junko isn't feeling well, so Yugiri offers to conduct some pressure point therapy. Sakura immediately wonders if it'll work, since they're zombies and all. You can see the dawning expression of shock on Yugiri's face as the thought sinks in.
    • When Saki notices the girls from earlier are confronting another delinquent biker gang, she immediately jumps out rolling. Sakura immediately pulls off one heck of a shocked expression.
    • Followed by a 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' shot showing Tae and Lily trying to grab each other's cheeks. It's only for less than a second, but it's a ridiculous, yet somewhat cute, shot to laugh at.
    • Lily tells Kotaro that Saki fell out of the van in a flat, seen-it-all tone of voice. Kotaro, of course, immediately yells in dismay.
      • The dubbed version has him screaming in a MUCH more angrish-ly way that has to be heard to be believed.
      Lily: Uh, sir—
      Kotaro: WHATEVER IT IS, I DON'T CARE!!!
      Lily: (deadpan) Saki jumped out of the van.
      Kotaro: (in an insanely high pitch that almost sounds like Lemongrab) WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT?!?!?!? WHY-HYYYYY?!?!??!!
  • Again, the would-be delinquents attempt to be an intimidating trio... but the other two cower behind Maria the moment their opponent so much as smirks.
    • The rival gang all pull out some improvised weapons. There's the usual crowbars, lead pipes, and a whip... and then, for some reason, one of them has a friggin' chainsaw.
    • When Saki rolls to the bottom of the hill, her head is upside-down, surprising everyone, and she fixes it. The other girls are nonplussed on her fixing her head.
    • Policeman A is back to save the day! By threatening to call for backup and falling off his bike. Somehow, this actually convinces the other gang to leave.
  • Saki's opponent in her final pre-mortem race has quite possibly one of the most hilarious Gag Haircuts in anime. You can see she was trying for a badass 'rising phoenix' look, but, well...
  • There's a tense standoff between Maria, Reiko, and the rival gang leader... and cue Saki, swearing as she rolls in on a kid's bike, and immediately taking control of the situation by claiming to be the Dorami leader for the day.
  • Saki has a big badass moment at the end, as she walks away from the crash... and then Reiko socks her one in the face for being a big idiot.
  • The dumbfounded stare that the biker gangs have at the end during the concert, as though it had suddenly materialized around them without warning.

    Episode 10 - No Zombie No Idol Saga 
  • In the intro, Romero is seen sleeping peacefully with a grasshopper jumping near him. After Sakura gets enthusiastic about possibly getting her memories back, the scene returns back to Romero, apparently having eaten the grasshopper.
  • When Kotaro announces they'll be using a large stage, the scene transitions to the stage with Lily running around in circles with Tae behind her. On all fours like a dog.
  • Kotaro has a lecture with a mountaineer hat and yodelling, claiming he's sending the girls up a mountain because that's what always happens before these big things happen. At this point he's blatantly invoking tropes.
  • After the girls get sent out to the woods, they worry about getting frozen. Tae was already there with Romero trying to lick the ice off.
  • When Saki says they need to figure out how to survive, Junko gives a blunt "Although we're already dead". And cue the unexpected proficiencies of the girls:
    • Lily knows how to start a fire because she starred in Girl Scout Mania Case Files 3. With a title like that, one has to wonder what the production was like. She even chastises Saki for putting firewood directly on the fire, which comes off as more amusing pseudo-sibling bickering.
    • Yugiri goes out foraging for mushrooms and comes back with an armful of them. She admits she doesn't know if they're poisonous, but Saki dismisses her concern by pointing out that they're all zombies so it doesn't really matter!
    • Junko goes fishing... with Romero. As it turns out, Romero is actually much better at it, switching from his aggressive detailed artstyle to catch the fish to his cutesy puppy look to eat the fish.
    • Ai, of all people, whips up an improvised bow and arrow and tries to shoot a baby boar. The surprising amount of skill that she has, as a former city girl, is bemusing to say the least.
    • Tae shows proficiency at making snow sculptures. First a tower with cones, then a functional igloo, and then a large sculpture of puppy Romero.
  • The girls decide they want to eat meat, so they set up a trap for the baby boar. Ai tells them to hide, but Sakura ends up falling neckdeep into the trap despite it being right in front of her. And then a massive Papa Wolf boar comes out of the forest and Sakura freaks out.
    • Yugiri tells her to play dead, and Junko (ever helpful) points out she's already dead. Sakura listens to the advice anyway... and the boar bites her head, throwing her body against a tree (somehow making her voice come out of it). Tae rushes in to save her by biting the boar in the flank while Saki grabs her head, with her head groaning in slow motion while terrified.
    • By the time Kotaro comes up the mountain, Sakura has had enough and snaps at him. The issue is that, for all her anger, she is a drool-covered head in Saki's hands, which sort of undercuts the fury she's lashing out. Especially when her body takes the head, slaps it on her neck, and storms off petulantly.
  • A commercial bumper showcases the girls having a casual conversation, with Tae flailing a squid in each hand and her mouth.
  • After being called out by Sakura, Kotaro mopes in a restaurant while Yugiri comes to dance for him as his geisha. She then gives him a Get A Hold Of Yourself Man Armor-Piercing Slap (with each slap going frame-by-frame and him reacting in pain) to tell him to have more faith in Sakura, to which he weakly protests he just said that.
    • Gets even funnier when you realize that Yugiri did the same thing to Sakura in Episode 3.
  • After Sakura apologizes to the others, Kotaro shows up to complain about how they should have realized Sakura's problem earlier, like he did through a spectacular example of mountain-related Insane Troll Logic that makes absolutely no sense to the girls. Sakura's reaction to this latest bout of lunacy is "I have no idea what you're trying to say... but I'll do my best!"
  • Sakura is feeling enthusiastic after realizing she should work with the group proficiently and heads out for a run, as Ai tells her to be aware of traffic. Sakura goes through an internal monologue that, almost note for note, is identical to the one she had in the first episode... and she gets hit by a truck again.

    Episode 11 - One-of-a-Kind Saga 
  • While running from Tae, Sakura stumbles over the other girls... that is to say, she literally steps on Lily, and falls over Saki. Their reactions of pain and annoyance are a hilarious contrast to Sakura's terror.
  • Sakura picks up an iron poker to defend herself. Ai freaks out, remembering a certain headshot from Episode 1.
  • Yugiri asks if she can slap Sakura.
  • Shortly after Yugiri does this, Tae smashes through the door. Even better is that, for the split second frame after she crashes into the room, you see everyone's reactions. Most of them are surprised, but Yugiri's frown just drops even further.
  • The commercial break eyecatch has Kotaro at a bar. When we come back, he's slumped over the bar, with Ai and Sakura looking on with flat expressions.
  • Saki tries to slap some sense into Sakura, which only results in the other girl's head spinning around like a top. Sakura just sits there while her head continues to spin for several seconds, and eventually Saki gets annoyed and stops it herself.
  • Lily's attempt to encourage Sakura by telling her she's cute includes handing her one of her own star decorations. Sakura holds it to her forehead, with one heck of a downer expression, and asks if she's cute. Lily... tries to suggest wearing it somewhere else.
  • As the girls fail to cheer Sakura up, Yugiri decides to go over the top with her oiran outfit, taking small steps on huge stone blocks, to the confusion of the other girls. By the time Yugiri reaches the room, Sakura has already left.
  • As soon as Kotaro returns home, the girls greet him with Red Eyes, Take Warning, scaring the guy.
  • While still in abysmal spirits, Policeman A encounters Sakura in her zombie form yet again. Even in zombie form, she gives him a "I'm too depressed for this shit" face. Kotaro once again knocks him out, this time using Romero.
  • Near the end of the episode, Kotaro quietly walks away from Sakura. She starts to quietly bemoan her new fate—but then it turns out Kotaro didn't actually leave, and he calls her a moron for thinking he actually did.

    Episode 12 - Good Morning Again Saga 
  • Tae truly shows her moments here:
    • In Kotaro's daily lecture, after Kotaro declares Sakura will be on stage, Tae makes a rather funny face while everyone else has a serious look.
    • Tae tries to cheer Sakura up with her cock-a-doodle-doo.
    • Tae attempts to get into the attic so she can try and get Sakura to remember Franchouchou. At first she tries to break the door down (which doesn't work because Junko had reinforced it when she fixed it), then when that fails, the other girls initially think she's crying — but even if she was, it's soon lost in the large pool of saliva drooling from her mouth and the music immediately stops halfway.
    • Then for the first time ever, Tae goes completely ravenous (complete with Red Eyes, Take Warning), and crashes into the attic, scaring the poor girl, and carries Sakura like a cat, grabbing the scruff of her shirt with her mouth and dashing to the dance floor studio. Everyone is amazed how far Tae's willing to go to bring Sakura to her senses, and Yugiri's frown turns into a smile.
    • With the concert successful and Sakura's memories restored, Tae noms happily on Sakura's head, and continues doing so as the others welcome Sakura back and affirm they'll be sticking together as Franchouchou.
  • Sakura looks utterly bemused in the middle of the girls' sleep-together.
    • Before that, the group try placing Sakura's bedding right in the middle of all the others'. She simply turns around and goes back to the attic in annoyance, and Ai admits that it was probably a bit much.
  • The girls have a heartwarming moment as they remember how Sakura helped them and decide it's their turn to help her... only to be confronted with a completely unimpressed Sakura, who most definitely has not been caught up in the moment. Saki and Lily in particular are left dumbfounded.
  • While it takes place in a serious scene, one can't help but chuckle when Yugiri does what she does best: A Get A Hold Of Yourself Man slap that Saki failed to emulate previous episode.
  • Once again: The girls are still performing even after the destruction of their stage and the wall behind them, and Kotaro refuses to cancel.


  • Kotaro visits the Drive-In Tori to hopefully gain a sponsorship. Once he eats the food, his reactions would not be out of place in the setting of Food Wars!.
  • The Drive-In Tori president cooks the chicken on very low heat — very low, as it ends up taking so long we get Kotaro repeatedly having to ask when it'll be done, culminating in two glorious beat pages of the wait. When it is done, after 30 minutes, we're back on the Food Wars! pastiche.
  • The entirety of chapter 7. To wit:
    • For the third time, Kotaro has an unexpected foodgasm when the Drive-In Tori President takes him to a local seafood eatery and orders an ear shell for him.
    • Then the fourth time, the President takes him to eat some squid sashimi. Then the inevitable happens, complimenting the way the squid is cooked while imagining being wrapped by its tentacle.
    • So the old man that took Kotaro to those places? He wasn't the Drive-In Tori President, making Kotaro wonder just who the hell he was.
  • Kotaro gets a bad stomach ache, and so is told to eat food that's soft on his stomach. He goes overboard by ordering udon soup, and forgets to order the fried rice.
  • We might as well consider Kotaro's foodgasms as a Running Gag, since every time he eats certain food in the manga, he tends to react in joy. Good thing he isn't in Food Wars!, or he'll end up a zombie himself.


  • Kaede Hondo once remarked after the airing of the first episode, her friends, family, and workers once asked her "Didn't [Sakura] die too quickly?" Her castmates even laughed and agreed with her.
  • Months before Zombieland Saga was even officially announced, several of the cast were tasked with entering and competing in the real-life Gatalympics for the Blu-ray extras. One of them, Tanaka Minami, finished 2nd on the bicycle run... Wearing the very T-shirt her character referred to as "the garbage like T-shirt" (or "ugliest frickin' shirt", depending on the version).
    • She also almost blew their covers (since the show wasn't even announced at the time, let alone revealed what it was about) since local Otakus quickly took to social media to tell the world she was in the Gatalympics.
  • The Zombieland Saga English Twitter account made a clever joke about Tae's antics in Episode 9. Tae is chewing on Maria's Odango Hair, which bears some resemblance to a certain meatball head.
  • The Twitter account made a significant reference after Ai tells Sakura "You Are Already Dead".
  • Arpino, the concert venue from the final episode, issued an "apology" over the stage collapsing on the idols, and promising that they will strive to keep similar incidents from happening again.
  • There's something humorous about the voice actresses doing live concerts, and staying in character.


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