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Funny / Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

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  • Episode 1: Yume cuddling up to Shihoru ends up leaving Ranta with a nosebleed and Haruhiro staring dumbly.
  • Episode 2: Although meant to be serious, their attempts to kill their first goblin goes into Black Comedy by sheer virtue of how bad they are at fighting, stabbing the goblin over and over again.
    • What's the first thing that Haruhiro buys when the group manages to get money? Underwear. He's so overjoyed about his new purchase too.
  • Episode 3: Ranta getting caught trying to peek at the girls while they were bathing and trying to claim it was merely an accident. Yume later tells him she won't get mad if he explains himself now. So when he mentions that the wall collapsed because he was trying to climb it, she gets mad anyway and hits him.
  • Episode 5: After Yume and Haruhiro console each other over Manato's death, Yume rests her head in Haruhiro's lap. Shortly after Shihoru opens her window and sees them. However, due to the angle it looks like she quickly mistakes the two for doing something else which Haruhiro quickly realizes. He desperately tries to convince her that it's Not What It Looks Like while Yume is rather confused at the whole thing... then she realizes it.
    • Made more funnier when Shihoru apologizes within an earshot of both Moguzo and Ranta next episode. When Yume was going to explain, Haruhiro lampshades that it is never to end well.
  • Episode 6: When Ranta starts musing on making Mary open up, Moguzo states he doesn't have a chance. Ranta's angry reaction is completely killed by his surprise that Moguzo actually made a snark.
  • Episode 9: The sheer amount of abuse Barbra puts Haruhiro through during their "training" session.
  • Episode 11: When Yume gets scared by the undead she hugs Ranta. Then gets mad at him, apparently for letting himself be hugged.
    • And later on the two girls discuss taking a bath. They then notice Ranta, who is mostly minding his own business. Once he notices their frowning faces, he complains about not having even done anything, though it's because they don't want him peeking at them again.
  • Episode 12: One of Ranta's regrets when he thinks he's going to die? He didn't grope Yume when he had the chance.
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  • OVA Special: As it turns out, ALL of the boys (including Manato) wanted to see the girls nude: they just weren't as "brave" as Ranta with realizing their desires. However Moguzo had enough initiative to lend Ranta his support, so that one of them could see the "Heaven" beyond that wall.

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