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Funny / Gokusen

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  • Both chapters with the fundoshi in their entirety. Poor Shin!
  • The New Year chapter. Yakuza trying so hard to appear like ordinary citizens in a hurry should not be nearly so sidesplitting- or that adorably bad at it.
  • After Shin got badly beaten in a fight with a yakuza, he stayed home from school. Kuma went to go visit him, and when he went to school the next day, all of their friends questioned him about Shin's well-being. Kuma said that Shin was covered in bruises and injuries, supposedly from having a cabinet fall on him during an earthquake. All of them seem satisfied with this answer... until Uchi points out there hadn't been any earthquakes recently.
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  • When Shin's friends try to convince him to go meet with a pretty girl...
    Minami: If it was me, I'd go no matter what. Even if my little brother was deathly ill, I'd go.
    Uchi: Even if I was deathly ill, I'd go.
  • From the demon shrine chapter: "GET YOUR ASSES TO NIRVANA!"

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