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  • The Emishi wise woman riding in on the back of some random villager.
  • When San tells her brothers to take Ashitaka back to their home, one of them wonders what they should do with Yakul. The second brother's suggestion? Asking his sister if they can eat him. To which San replies with a simple "No, you may not."
    • What makes it even funnier is how casually she says it to her brother, as if this is something she has put up with before.
  • The insane feats of archery performed by Ashitaka. Especially beheading a man and ripping a man's arms off, with one arrow each.
    • Particularly, close to the climax when a couple of samurai are riding towards him: Ashitaka fires an arrow at one, decapitating him, and the other just turns around and leaves; the guy may as well have said "Screw This, I'm Out of Here!"!
  • As Ashitaka is catching his breath while carrying an injured villager piggyback through the forest, a Kodama trudges by carrying another one on its back. The Kodama being carried looks ecstatic— the one doing the carrying, not so much.
    • The carried Kodoma is notably bigger than the carrier, which is funny on its own. Several little pairs of Kodama are copying Ashitaka in both this shot and the next. Some of them are better balanced than the aforementioned duo, with one or two teeny Kodama riding on their friends' heads.
  • "M-my arm! IT'S HEALED! (popping noise) Nope...still broken."
  • "Reinforcements! We're doomed!" Made even funnier since it's referring to the harmless kodama.
  • As Ashitaka interrupts San and Eboshi's fight:
    Ashitaka: The girl's life is now mine.
    (San starts biting his arm)
    Eboshi: I'm sure she'll make a lovely wife for you.
    • What makes the scene even better is that it's his cursed arm and the curse marks glow after she bites the arm and start moving toward San who reacts to it with a borderline Face Fault.
  • Ashitaka jumps off a ledge, lands, then immediately keels over and rolls down a hill because he's still weak from blood loss.
  • The round container holding the forest spirit's head gets loose and starts rolling downhill. Jigo holds his arms out to catch it... only for it to smack into him and send him rolling downhill with it.
    Jigo: Everything's (bump) under (bump) control.
  • As the giant headless forest god starts sucking the life out of everything in said forest, when fleeing humans start panicking Jigo just mutters "A little crisis and they panic."
  • When Koroku tells Ashitaka he has his bow and arrows, Toki yells at him about whether or not he has his other materials to which Koroku asks "I do?" Toki's response? "Ugh, you're useless."
  • Ashitaka meeting Toki for the first time. Especially when she tells off Gonza for being a lousy captain of the guard who flees like a coward until the danger's past to which he feebly replies "That's unfair and untrue." Then there's Toki flirting with Ashitaka.
    • Also the moment when she thanks Ashitaka for rescuing Kohroku, after chewing him out for getting injured.
    Toki: My husband's an idiot, but I'm glad he's safe and sound.
    Ashitaka: That's a relief. I was beginning to think I'd made a mistake in bringing him back.
  • There’s something comical in how all the single women in Irontown start fawning over Ashitaka the moment he arrives, and even offer to take him back to their own place, much to the mens’ profound annoyance. What makes it even better is that Ashitaka remains completely oblivious to the insinuations.
  • Ashitaka bending Gonza's sword blade backwards. Gonza's reaction is just priceless.
    • He is still "pointing" the bended sword to Ashitaka when the later pass next to him in his way out.
  • Jigo's very first line, after tasting some soup from a roadside vendor.
    "Can't tell if this is soup or donkey piss."
  • Gonza's introduction becomes one of these after Toki enters the scene. An imposing figure who proclaims himself as Eboshi's right hand man finds himself being completely dressed down by an upset wife after he left her injured husband behind during a battle with the wolves, with the entire village laughing at his plight. From then on, he is basically nothing more than the film's Butt-Monkey.