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Funny / Ghost Hunt

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  • Yasuhara. Just, everything he says or does. Especially when Takigawa gets in on it too.
  • "Ghost Story in the Park" had some great moments, like Masako acting extremely out of character, and the eventual revenge on the ghost's mean ex-boyfriend.
  • Madoka informing Mai that Lin and Naru are "getting ready to elope."
  • Naru's Mad Scientist moment in Akumu no Susumu Ie, in which he revealed he is interested in researching his brother's remain to find out about Gene's medium ability. It's a wonder how he keep his friends who more than half of them are spiritualist and Espers. Mai, Masako and Monk who heard him are terrified of what Naru would do if they died in his vicinity and agree to not die in front of him if they could help it. What make this horrifying revelation funny is how Naru didn't seem to notice he said it out loud right in front of his three friends, a Medium, a skilled exorcist and an Esper. And how quick they fled from him and leaving Hirota to his mercy.


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