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  • Complete Monster: The anime version of Kaneyuki "Urado" Miyama was a sickly man trying to extend his life in the worst way. Changing his name to "Urado" after Vlad the Impaler, he began to abducts countless innocents, cutting their throats to bleed them out and bathe in their blood. After his death, his ghost continues haunting his old home, abducting those who investigate or wander inside to murder them for their blood as well. When the heroes arrive with other paranormal investigators, Urado wastes no time in abducting and murdering several of the investigators before trying to murder the heroine.
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  • Ear Worm: The opening theme.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Naru and Mai.
    • Monk and Ayako
    • Some fans also seem to like Masako and John together; an odd pairing given that the former only has eyes for Naru in canon and the latter is a Catholic Priest.
    • Rounding out the list is Lin/Madoka, which is very slightly teased in canon when Mai wonders about their relationship to each other at the beginning of the manga's Bloodstained Labyrinth arc.
  • Ho Yay: Invoked by Yasuhara in the episode just after he is introduced. When Monk teasingly insinuates that Yasuhara and Mai like each other, Yasuhara states that he does like Mai—but he likes Naru better, and he likes Monk best of all. He then admits that he's joking.
    • Later on, though, there is actual Ho Yay between them, some of it perpretrated by Monk himself.
    Monk: Yasuhara is among [the students to be cursed]. Do you think I'm not worried, too?
    • During the Cursed House arc, there is a scene in the manga where Yasuhara is trying to treat the large wounds on Monk's back. Monk accuses Yasuhara of being a pervert for trying to take off his shirt. The Ho Yay jokes continue for the rest of the scene.
  • Tear Jerker: The episode Silent Christmas. "Kenji made it home for Christmas..."
    • Also the ending of the Doll House storyline. In a good way. Happy tears.
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    • Gene's death. Hearing it described it is terrible enough, especially since it's revealed in the final volume, after so much build-up to create our attachment to the "kind Naru". Then you remember that Naru, his twin brother felt and saw every second of it. But the worst thing is you can finally know for sure that Mai will not have a chance to be with him.

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