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  • A bonus chapter in the original Getter Robo shows that at one point the Dinosaur Empire sent a Mechasaurus that could analyze and counter any of the Getter forms. Ryoma and Hayato are sick so Musashi goes out to fight it.... with a dog and a plushie as his side kicks.... oh and he even shows JUST HOW FREAKING NUTS the Getters would look like if they did their transformations out of order. It stuns the Mechasaurus so much it almost forgets why it's there and Musashi kills it.... everyone else just stares in complete and utter surprise.
    • One of the combinations is Jaguar + Eagle + Bear, which results in an absurd-looking robot that's Getter 2 at one end and Getter 3 at the other, CatDog-style.
  • In Getter Robo Go Rando sends an cyborg assassin to kill Go. Upon Go's mother seeing a thug-faced nine foot tall man with a trenchcoat and mohawk... she promptly calls out "Go one of your friends is here!" and fusses for a panel why her son couldn't have normal friends.
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  • Also in Getter Robo Go is Go shoving Sho and Shwartz's faces together.
  • Armageddon. The end of Kei's Full-Frontal Assault. You know that Scene.
  • Armageddon again. Kei beating up the two guys trying to peek at her while she's taking a bath.
  • In New Getter, Saotome watches Ryoma wreck three Yakuza thugs. After killing all three of them, Ryoma gets shot by a dart. Turning on Saotome and his bodyguards, Ryoma gets up close to them, only to be smacked in the face by Saotome's sandal. Ryoma is so literally gobsmacked that he pauses in his tracks long enough for the sedatives to kick in.
  • In Devolution Chapter 7, Professor Shikishima insults his own son, the stuck-up rich boy who attempted to harass Michiru, in a blackly amusing fashion while talking to Ryoma.

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