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Nightmare Fuel / Ghost Hunt

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Stories about ghosts and things that go bump in the night are rife with material for Nightmare Fuel.

Spoilers below.

  • Particularly the "Blood-stained Labyrinth" case.
    • The first episode of the seventh file. A bloody bathtub and then "I don't want to die".
      • Hell, the...thing. It can't even be classified as human anymore. It rises out of the bathtub to grin at Mai and Masako in the dark of a room that looks like a cross between a morgue and an operating room.
      • If we look into it a bit more, the character was probably based on a mix of Elizabeth Báthory and the Buddhist concept of "hungry ghosts". To stay...alive (or whatever it is), they have to feed on corpses. Constantly. Without being sated. The Other Wiki can tell you something about them.
      • Mai's vision of being taken by the spirits, and awakes before her throat is slit to drain her blood for the aforementioned monster. Most of her visions are insubstantial in some way, and she knows they're not real. Not this one. She even tells the others how she felt the knife against her neck.
      • It's actually even worse because, based on what she says later, she didn't wake up before her throat was slit, that was just where the episode ended.
      • The worst part is, it's unkillable. In order to exorcise this ghost, they had to burn the entire mansion down.
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  • The resolution of "Silent Christmas" counts, as well. It's bad enough that the spirit is a dead child, but then you learn that he died because he climbed all the way up the church, with no way to get down or call for help, in the rain and snow. The best outcome would be if he had died of hypothermia that same night.
  • The penultimate arc in manga version, "Forgotten Children". Your friends keep disappearing one after another, but the children's malicious spirits immediately replace them so you can't even notice, much less remember them, and then you treat the ghosts like they were there since the beginnings. And that's after you've seen your friend being taken away right under your nose. And the whole situation makes it clear that anyone can be a victim. If that doesn't creep the hell outta you, it's still enough nightmare fuel to induce hellish paranoia.
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  • The possessed family members in The Cursed House arc. Two children and an adult who are possessed have black, soulless eyes, while another adult is running around on all fours and growling like an animal. It's one of the most intense hauntings in the show.
  • The penultimate episode ends with all the main characters in one room as the lights go out. They hear sounds coming from all around them, then see hands pounding against the window as the opening theme for the series starts up to positively terrifying effect. They're being assailed by an army of drowned corpses. *shudder*

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