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  • Sena casually saying "Kneel so I can step on you".
    • What sells it is her treating this like a reward.
  • The Neighbor's Club's forays into the video game world. Especially the second one, where they manage to screw over one another even without PvP.
  • Rika's delivery of the H-Doujinshi Mecha X Mecha. Made even funnier with voice delivery.
    • Rika is this in general, due to being so honest about her perversion.
      Rika: I think I can go for anything, as long as it's erotic.
  • The whole cellphone exchange between Yozora and Kodaka.
  • Episode 10:
    • In particular, after Yozora's scary story. Kodaka and Yukimura weren't scared, but most of the girls were. And each has to go to the bathroom in turn, but are too afraid to go alone, so they enlist Kodaka. First comes Sena, then Kobato. By the time it gets to Maria, he's caught on. So when Rika comes in...
      Kodaka: Let me guess. Bathroom?
      Rika: Bathroom? I'm here to sleep with you.
      (Camera cuts to hallway, showing Rika being thrown out of the boys' room.)
      Kodaka: Get Out!
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  • Sena's Cuteness Proximity to Kobato can get... racy.
  • Sena and Yozora play Monster Hunter with Kodaka... but are far more interested in killing each other than the Monsters!
  • Maria's... lack of understanding about sex.
    Maria: It's true that I have never done it before, but I could have secks whenever I want! If you want, I can do it with onii-chan (Kodaka) right now!
  • The company that Rika works for is called Large Hard.
  • In the first episode, Yozora is caught talking with her "air friend". What instrument does she play during the end credits? Air guitar!
  • In the OVA episode, where the characters take turns writing the same story, they each do things which either glamorize themselves, does Wish-Fulfillment, or else insults their rival, such as Maria writing about Kobato smelling like poop and turning into ash when she gets purified at a church. Yozora writes about Sena getting gang-raped by ugly monsters and making pig noises, and Sena returns the favor by making Yozora the Big Bad and extremely stupid and fat, while she Ret Cons Yozora's depiction of her as simply a test and appears as a goddess.
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  • During Rika's explanation on how friends (and men) can kiss anytime because it's human nature, pay attention to Yukimura in the back. Where's that heavy breathing and moaning coming from? ...Yukimura, where are your hands?
  • The first episode of the second season has Sena looking up at her stalker collage of Yozora's pictures and smelling a wig Yozora wore to make fun of her, talking about how she plans to get revenge of Yozora ...and then you notice her hand between her legs, her face all flustered and her eyes sparkling.
  • Kate ...just Kate. An openly burping and farting nun who makes sex jokes. The look on Kodaka's face during her introduction in the 2nd episode of Season 2 is just absolutely priceless.
  • When the cast gets on the Black Dragon roller coaster, Sena, Yozora, and Kobato are all confident as it's slowly taxiing them up the ramp. Then a sense of dread sets in as they get higher. Finally, the drop comes and everybody freaks out.
    Rika: (Grins and makes a rock gesture) Fuck.
    • Instead of screaming, Yukimura starts chanting a sutra (apparently this one) in an impassible tone of voice that Kodaka can hear just behind his head, which scares him way more than the ride itself.
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    • Rika having what can only be described as a feargasm. "PASS AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT AND EJACULATE!"
      Kodaka: Rika's broken!
    • Then there's the dub version:
      Kodaka: (Both terrified and confused of Rika's feargasm) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!
  • Aoi's reaction to Kodaka's Affectionate Gesture to the Head in the last episode of the second season, especially the aftereffect.
  • Both times Kodaka is invited over to Sena's house. Oh. My. God.
    • Lets start with Sena's father's embarrassment at his name "Pegasus" to the point of blushing.
    • Stella's "Please don't stare at me Kodaka, I might get pregnant." delivered in perfect deadpan.
    • Pegasus' speech getting progressively more and more slurred as he drinks more wine, just repeating the same thing. All ending with him falling face flat onto the table, getting up, walking to his bed, and finally sleeping.
    • After Kodaka sees Sena naked she calls him a number of things, cue Stella to come in and add "Noooo. Kodaka you pervert." in her usual stoic voice.
      • Before that, Sena runs in laughing ...before realizing Kodaka can see her and in slow-mo changing into an Oh, Crap! expression and falling on her face. Kodaka just stares with a WTF expression and his eyes shadowed.
    • To top things off, the second visit in Season 2 Stella asks Kodaka how things are progressing he says "I'm getting there." Stella, clearly not understanding what he meant says, "I see. Please use this if you like." and hands him a Condom! This is made even more amazing by Stella's exiting line "Please enjoy yourselves." as Kodaka shakes from surprise.
  • One of the classic "something is weird" indicators of anime getting inverted: A mother and child walking around and giving commentary:
    Mother: Oh, look over there, a weirdo!
    Son: Mom! Don't point at people!
  • Yukimura's deadpan reaction to Sena wearing the maid outfit: "Fuck."
  • "The Honor of the Dejected Loser" from the ninth novel is probably the Crowning Moment of Cringe Comedy of the entire series so far. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • From the English dub.
    Kodaka: Who knew such a sex fiend could come across as naïve and innocent simply by taking off her glasses. As for whether I'd hit that or not, I'd have to say... hells yeah.
  • In Season 2, Yozora and Sena argue about Yozora liking and appreciating Rika's Boys' Love movie, but tormenting Sena for her Galge/H-Game habit. So, like in the first Season, Yozora forces Sena to read from it out loud, to prove that it actually is art and shouldn't be embarrassing at all. In the first season, Sena couldn't do it. Here, however...
    Sena: "Big brother... give me your big... j-juicy... your, um... thick-"
    Yozora: Louder, clearer and more feeling! How about using some emotion!?
    Sena: (Shouting at the top of her lungs) "Big brother I want you to give me your big juicy thick c**k and drench me with your hot sticky c** until I'm gasping for air!" There, I f**king said it!
  • Season 2, during the King's Game party - where someone draws a request, and the person holding the number of it has to perform said request - a very inappropriate diatribe is written by Rika that #5 has to read out loud. The person who is #5? Maria.
    Maria: Let's see here... "Oh, that's so good. Yeah I'm close. I'm so close. Oh yeah, right there, give it to me harder... yeah, harder, oh yeah..."
    Yozora: (Looks at Rika) You're sick. Why would you want someone to read that out loud?
  • Kodaka and Yozora going to see a foreign movie and the mortified looks they make when they get to the sex scene.
  • Starting with Volume 12 of the manga, in the afterword section, some of the characters give short commentaries on the chapters within the volume. For example; Chapter 52: Pegasus' Wild Fantasy.
    Pegasus: "I can't believe I did that! I got so emotional that I wound up giving you all some fanservice. I'm so sorry."
    Kodaka: "Nobody wants to see your junk old man."

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