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Funny / Lupin III: The Columbus Files

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  • Lupin and the guys commandeer a speedboat to pursue Nasarov, but it isn't fast enough to catch up to him. Which prompts the following exchange:
    Lupin: (at Jigen) "I told you not to pick a crappy boat! Can't this thing go any faster?!"
    Jigen: (sarcastically) "Gee, I dunno... why don't you ask the motor?"
    Goemon: (to the outboard motor) "Tell me, motor, can you go any faster...?"
    • The kicker is, the motor actually shakes "no" in reply, before dying on them!

  • The scene where Lupin washes up on the beach and regains consciousness in time to see Goemon giving Jigen mouth-to-mouth... in his fundoshi! When Jigen comes to, the first thing he sees is Goemon puckering up for another go, he immediately backpedals and starts spitting!
    • Followed shortly by Jigen repeatedly shooting at Goemon, who calmly parries each shot with Zantetsuken, before sheathing it. After which he tells Jigen he had to do it about 20 times to revive him!
    • A few scenes later, while they're discussing the Columbus File and how to jog Fujiko's memory, Jigen walks by in the background, brushing his teeth and gargling mouthwash!
    Jigen: (while brushing) "I'm just gonna brush my teeth, my gums, my friggin' esophagus...."

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  • There's also the part where Rozaria and the others spy on Lupin and Fujiko, using a hidden camera. When he pounces her, Jigen and the shopkeeper start grinning ear-to-ear, Goemon averts his gaze by closing his eyes. Until Lupin sees it's scaring Fujiko and backs off, which leads to the following dialog:
    Rozaria: (scoffs) "In his boxers, no less..."

  • After Lupin and Fujiko run past in the background, while being pursued by Nasarov's men. Goemon pops up in the foreground with Zantetsuken in hand and calmly notes (to viewer) that they seem to be in need of his assistance. Then slides out of frame!

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