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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
A monumental achievement in absurdity had to have been made to get Robin to make a face like this.

Two years after the first half and the Straw Hat haven't changed their antics at all. Which is a good thing.

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New World Era

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    Return to Sabaody 

    Fish-Man Island Arc 
  • It seems the rigors of their training have rendered Zoro and Luffy (even more) stupid compared to 2 years ago, as right-after Nami warned everyone to specifically NOT put multiple holes through the Thousand Sunny's protective-bubble at once or create a single wide-spectrum hole at once if they don't want it to break and drown them all, Luffy and Zoro hungrily readied themselves to machine-gun punch and slash at the delicious-looking fish outside. Usopp and Chopper had to beat them silly to prevent everyone from entering a watery grave... TWICE.
  • 603 has several. Team Sanji blasts off again.
    • Everyone but Chopper ignoring the giant fish that's sneaking up on their ship, only for it to get killed by a bigger fish.
    • Luffy and Zoro attempting fish for food outside the Ship, which leads to Usopp and Chopper beating the crap out of both to stop them from damaging the coating. This happens twice, the second time where they try making a contest for who gets the most fish right after Nami explains that too many holes would damage the Sunny's coating.
    • Usopp and Chopper hamming it up together again,
    • Franky's 'robot voice' demonstration while giving important info on why Kuma separated them.
    • Sanji's reaction to Kuma "saving" the crew.
    • And when they have to give Sanji a blood transfusion, they have a ton of blood units hung up by Zoro, making it look like they pulled all the blood from him.
  • 604 has Chopper's suggestion of Sanji having to go rehabilitation with low-intensity photos so he stops blasting off again every time he so much as looks at a woman.
    • Nami's failed attempt at teaching the crew about deep-sea currents (And they're the ones who starting asking questions in the first place). Luffy of course immediately loses interest; Usopp and Chopper brought out books to take notes, but then they're sipping tea with Luffy and Zoro by the time Nami starts explaining.
    • Not to mention when Brook tried to make another Skull Joke about it being cold, Chopper promptly cuts in with, "Wow. And you don't even have skin!" The next panel then promptly shows Brook on his knees, face down with disappointment. The anime version handled this very well
      Brook: Chopper... Skull Jokes are the only thing I have. Please don�t take that from me...
    • Caribou's plan to ambush the Straw Hats was flawless. He'd use a sea monster to tow his ship to Sunny, invade and mow them down with a Gatling gun. But he could've never ever predicted the singular fatal flaw (discounting many other factors that would've made his plan utterly useless): the sea creature he used, Mohmoo, was trounced by the Straw Hats 532 issues/492 episodes before. The moment he saw Luffy and Sanji, Mohmoo swam away in a panic, leaving Caribou stranded, alone and unarmed, with the Straw Hats. Oops...
    • And of course, when they finally find a giant, ship eating Kraken in their way to Fish-Man Island, what is the natural reaction of Luffy? Tame it.
  • Chapter 605
    Zoro: They look just like jellyfish.
    Caribou: (heartbroken) Roronoa, you're so cruel!
  • Caribou suggesting the terrible trio to use bubbles so they can fight underwater outside the ship. Usopp starts to tell him to shut up, but Caribou starts whispering frantically that it's a choice between them fighting in or near the ship and risk sinking the whole crew, or let them fight far away so the rest don't get caught in the crossfire. Usopp thinks for a bit before telling them to "fight as far away as they can!"
  • 606 has Caribou escaping his bonds, hiding in a barrel while plotting to kill all the Straw Hats... and Franky just slowly, frame-by-frame, appears in the picture and curiously looks in the barrel. Cue the barrel being hammered shut. Also, the sheer number of things that come to attack the Sunny is ridiculous. And the underwater 'ghost ship', Flying Dutchman, freaks out Brook... Even though he was found on one.
    • The anime (Episode 525) is hilarious on Caribou hiding. He sees Franky watching his scheming, then just looks away and slowly sinks back into the barrel.
      Franky: Found him, guys! *starts hammering the barrel*
    • It also adds another scene regarding the crew's reaction to the Flying Dutchman, Franky calms Nami, Brook, Usopp, and Chopper down by reminding them that the last time they encountered a "ghost ship", the only thing they found in it was a certain "funny skeleton". Just as they calm down, Robin decides to troll them and notes that seeing how they encountered a Kraken, a creature thought to be legendary, ghost ships might be real after all. This causes them to get scared all over again, and Brook even faints. Franky calls her out on it, but Robin just giggles.
    • Then they do encounter what seems to be a ghost ship. Usopp (along with Nami and Chopper) is terrified at first, but then he snaps out of it to smack Brook (Who's been on a ghost ship for 50 years) across for being terrified.
    • The Crew encountering a giant angler fish, then a giant humanoid sea monster called Wadatsumi. Then Wadatsumi punches the angular fish (named Ankuro) in the head and reprimands it for trying to eat the Sunny.
    • Right when Wadatsumi is about to punch the sunny, the kraken punches him in the face and starts pummeling him until Luffy orders him to stop. That's right: Luffy tamed the Kraken! And named it Surume! Even though it's a giant Octopus... note 
    • The monster trio have retuned... and they're cuddled up in the same bubble. (Sanji and Luffy's bubbles had burst, so they had to share Zoro's). Sanji's swooning over Nami and Robin, and Zoro casually blames the crew for getting lost.
  • 607 has the shot of Surume, Ankuro, and Wadatsumi running like hell in reaction to an erupting undersea volcano. Robin also comments on the ridiculous the way Surume's running is.
    • Sanji, however, could not care less about the eruption. He's still undergoing rehabilitation; looking at the low-intensity photos gave him in the background. The anime version even has him spouting Gratuitous English (The photos also happen to be close shots of Nami and Robin.)
      Sanji: Wow! Yes! Come on!
      Chopper: It's rehab!
    • Sanji's reaction to Fish-Man Island and the subsequent scene,
    • Luffy being Luffy towards what is basically Arlong's pirates reformed.
  • 608 has the front cover — Brook walking dogs. With afros. That are posing like fashion models. Also Sanji's reaction to the mermaid district.
  • 609 has Sanji giving out a huge nosebleed that's shaped like a mermaid. Also, a mermaid using snorkeling gear. A MERMAID.
  • 610. Seriously, the look on Sanji's face when he realizes the Okamas had given him his blood donation was priceless.
  • 611. In return for all the Straw Hats did for him and Camie two years ago, Pappug (now a famous fashion designer) allows the Straw Hats to have anything they want in the store for free. He comes to regret this immediately, as it only takes FOUR Straw Hats a single panel to empty the entire store.
  • Everyone is stunned at the arrival of King Neptune. Nami's initial reaction, however, is a little out of character:
    Nami: Can we just talk about how cute that whale is?
    • Later on, Nami's tendency to refer to King Neptune as "grandpa" freaks out Pappug who responds by biting her head. For a nerve-wreckingly long time, we see transitions for Pappug attached to Nami's head to Nami's face (which has a blissful smile plastered on it) while bells go off in the background. After that, Nami carries on the conversation as normal while Pappug lays next to her, who had the tar having been beaten out of him.
  • 614. What is Luffy's solution to the problem of smuggling a Giant Moemaid Princess out of the castle? Put her inside her (relatively) tiny pet shark. Cue Luffy riding a giant fat shark going out of the doors, with the Mermaid Princess inside it.
  • Brook goes off to save her while asking the king of Fish-Man Island, who happens to be that princess's father, if he could see her panties, even though said princess is a mermaid! A minister also asks to be allowed to go with Brook so he could ensure the princess's safety, and Brook mistakes him for another fan.
  • 618: Sanji was on the brink of death from being with regular mermaids and the Mermaid Princess is right behind him. What does he do? To accomplish his dream, he chooses death... and gets STONED! AGAIN!
    • Also: After Decken asked to Shirahoshi to marry him for the last time she answers:
      Shirahoshi: You're just not my type!
      (The longest Beat yet)
      Decken: WHAT!?
      Everyone: THAT'S YOUR ONLY REASON?!
    • Decken's face afterward seals the moment perfectly. Seriously, it almost rivals the Eneru face in sheer ridiculousness.
  • Jimbei's expression in 619 when he realizes that Luffy brought Shirahoshi from her tower. Looks like he's Not So Above It All after all.
  • 620: Oda setting up of the 'Simon and Garfunkel' joke on the cover. Seriously, he planned a joke back in the 1990s that just got realized in 2011.
  • 622: The future Vice Admiral Strawberry's perfectly rectangular, multiple foot-tall hair which rests a single Marine cap is just so silly, you can't help but laugh.
    • And even better, in Chapter 624 it's BANDAGED UP after being bull rushed by Fisher Tiger.
    • Even better? Oda revealed that that's not hair: That's his head!!!
  • 626: Vander Decken is about to write invitations for the wedding he is hoping to have with Shirahoshi when he realizes he doesn't have any friends he can invite.
  • 627: The revelation that Luffy slept through the entire 7-chapter flashback sequence.
  • 628: Usopp's imitation of Robin, right down to changing his eyes into hers.
  • 629: Luffy and Jinbe end up punching each other and Sanji out over a disagreement on how to handle Hody. As for Sanji, well, Robin put a clone of herself in between Luffy and Jinbe to try (emphasis on "try") breaking up the fight the moment they happen to be lunging at each other. Sanji launched himself over to save her (or give her a smooch, from the look on his face...) Then the Robin clone disappears and he ends up getting sandwiched.
  • 630: The whole thing with Ikaros and Daidaros. Not only is it a parody of the Icarus story, but a giant squid somehow flew too close to the sun and dried. Which is why he (one of Hodi's subordinates) is weak to fire, at least psychologically.
    • And what about Zeo, who's using his camouflage powers to fight the residents while lecturing them at the same time... and then gets stomped and walked over several times in a row (by his own men nonetheless), and still acts as never happened.
  • 634: Luffy's logic about why he doesn't want to be a hero, followed up by Jimbei's response (and how easily Luffy is persuaded). Also Jimbei's "strategy" and him worrying about a strategy name.
    Luffy: Let's say you have some meat. Pirates will feast on the meat. A hero would divide it amongst the people. I WANT TO EAT THAT MEAT!!
    Jimbei: Fine, I'll feed you all the meat you want, just do what I say!
    Luffy: Okay!
    • When Jimbei is describing how Luffy will sneak in in Megalo's mouth, Megalo freaks out in the background.
    • In the color spread, Brook has lodged himself in Shirahoshi's bra.
    • In the exact same color spread, Sanji appears to be smoking. Underwater.
  • In anime episode 554 (corresponds to manga chapter 634), when the Straw Hats are about to take on Hody's Jones's 100,000-strong Fish-man army, Franky poses with his armored fists forward, and has a smaller mechanical hand pop out of one of them and do the Bring It motion.
  • 635: This chapter is basically a mix of these and Awesome. Highlights include how Sanji learned Geppou and everything Chopper does while riding on the tank.
  • You know how there's a Running Gag of Chopper being confused with other creatures? In chapter 636, that list now includes Luffy thinking Chopper's new horn point is a stag beetle.
  • Zeo in Chapter 640. Basically, he's lying on the ground while Brook is accidentally stepping on his head. Zeo is firmly convinced that he is headbutting Brook's foot away. Emphasis on firmly.
    • Not to mention what happens right before it. Zeo is camouflaged and grabbing Nami's ankles and Ikaros Much is about to impale her with a spear. Brook sees this and immediately rushes to Nami and asks to see her panties. Brook then gets speared in the back and slapped in the face at once.
  • Sanji vs. Wadatsumi. Wadatsumi reveals that he can puff up like a blowfish. Sanji is currently standing on his cheek. Sanji's response? "Kraken is bigger." So Wadatsumi expands again, and Sanji just keeps egging him on and on and on with the exact same line.
  • Zeo tries to attack Brook while invisible, but since he's yelling the attack name at the top of his lungs Brook manages to stab him anyway.
    • And then Zeo has the balls to seriously claim that he was actually trying to break Brook's sword tip off with his own body.
    • In the anime, Zeo's reaction to Brook placing his recently lost skull back to his place.
    • Brook's somewhat exasperated response to Zeo's grandstanding also deserves mention.
    Zeo: Did you see that, Skeleton? Your blade has fallen foul of my deadly "Body Sword Crush" Attack! Soon enough, it will rust away and become completely worthless-
    Brook: Yes, yes, I stabbed you.
  • When a fishboy wonders if humans are as bad as the New Fish-Man Pirates say, Madame Shirley tells him that the ones fighting to protect Fish-Man Island are human, to which the boy asks, pointing at Brook; "Even him?"
    Madame Shirley: Well, I'm not sure about half of them...but the point is!
  • After Brook's Berserk Button is pressed:
    Brook: Stop right there! Those are your men!! And you, what would you know?! It's not like you've died before! Die and be left as a grudge!!? That's absurd! Nothing is left behind! After death, living things are all just bones!!
    Franky: You've gotten a lot more persuasive.
  • From Chapter 646, Chopper doing his happy dance... While in Monster Point!
    • While Usopp and Chopper go gaga over Franky's Laser Weapon, Nami and Robin just stare.
  • Brook, after defeating Zeo, makes an utterly badass line... and then ruins it.
    Brook: "Even blood freezes in the wind of Hell" and...I hope it flips some skirts up too!
  • From Chapter 647:
    Brook: Nami-san, please put on a mini-skirt.
    Nami: Shut your mouth.
  • 649 does a Call-Back to 634 when Zoro is trying to explain why being heroes is a bad thing. He uses Luffy's meat analogy only with booze (made even better by the fact that Zoro wasn't even around when Luffy made the original analogy).
    Nami: What is it with you guys and that theory!?
    • Also, King Neptune thinking Robin was coming onto him after she called him to speak to him alone.
    • In a quick, one-panel shot, Nami is apparently out-drinking Prince Fukaboshi.
  • 650: Nami gets excited when told that Neptune is willing to give the whole treasury to the Straw Hats for the capture of Caribou, and then she gets mad at the Big Three for letting Caribou escape. Long story short: no matter how powerful they've become, Zoro and Luffy (Sanji being Sanji, he doesn't count) are still afraid of Nami.
    • What makes it even more hilarious is that the three of them are kicked out of the palace the same way Caribou was kicked out by Luffy!
    • When it's found out that the leaders of the New Fish-Man Pirates have all become old due to abusing ES, we get this little gem:
      Zeo: I became old on purpose.
  • 652 has everyone absolutely freaking out that Luffy challenged one of the Emperors... except Nami, who's annoyed that Luffy gave up all the treasure and so beats the Monster Trio to a bloody pulp. Then Luffy tries to motivate everyone to go to the New World, while still suffering from Nami's horrible beating.
  • In the following chapter, Nami is given a new Log Pose for the New World. She's told that the needles can be used to determine how dangerous an island is. Unfortunately, Luffy overhears this and immediately picks the most dangerous one. Cue Usopp and Nami crying since Luffy is all-too happy to drag them into danger for fun.
    • In the same scene, Luffy interrupts by wrapping his neck around Nami like a tentacle, followed by Nami shaking his outstretched head to berate him while still tied up.
  • "And then I did a big fart!"
  • Sanji's idea of what Big Mom looks like. Please note that this is terrible wrong. Well, Big Mom did look similar to Sanji's imagination... 40 years ago.
  • When Franky introduces Den to Luffy in the anime...
    Franky: That's Den-chan, brother of Tom, my shipwright master, doing the recoating for us.
    Luffy: Oh, okay! So he's a shipwright who's coating Franky's brother!
    *beat, Franky has a "WTF?" look on his face*
    Franky: *gives a thumbs-up* Yeah, something like that.

    Punk Hazard Arc 
  • In anime episode 575, the Monster Trio's matter-of-fact solutions to dealing with the insane weather conditions of the New World:
    Luffy: Punch.
    Zoro: Cut.
    Sanji: Kick.
  • The crew recieves a distress call from someone on Punk Hazard. Robin tells Luffy not to pick up the call, saying that it might be a fake, set up as trap by the Marines to locate pirates (turns out she's only half-right: the Marines were listening, but the distress call was genuine). Luffy still picks it up, and immediately announces he's going to be the Pirate King.
    • At the end of the call, the caller is stabbed and supposedly killed by the samurai he mentioned. Luffy's reaction? "Hmm, smells like trouble..."
    • In the anime, when Nami explains how dangerous the area around Punk Hazard is:
      Nami: Look at all those bones, bones, bones!
      Brook: Huh? Did you just call me?
  • The very fact that a man's lower half can move and talk is hilarious in itself, but Zoro and Robin not giving a flying fuck about that makes it even funnier.
    • AND Luffy automatically wants the lower-half guy to join his crew.
    • And in the next chapter, Luffy attaches the legs to his waist to pretend that he's a centaur.
    • AND a few chapters later, this causes an actual centaur to mistake him for a real one.
  • In the next chapter, the other half of the crew meets a TALKING, SEVERED HEAD, which they have to physically PUT TOGETHER while it's STILL talking to them.
  • Chapter 659, Luffy's team finds a river that requires swimming over. As Zoro and Usopp can swim but Luffy and Robin can't, Robin imagines her and Luffy riding Zoro & Usopp across the river.
  • Chapter 660:
    • The Franky Tank, and everyone doing the SUUUUUUPEEEEER!!! pose.
    • When the kids tell Nami and Chopper how they were suddenly taken from their homes, by people they never met, without even having the chance to say goodbye to their parents, because they had a so-called disease that needed curing, the ever-so-clueless Chopper mentions that... it must be a really serious disease. Nami wastes no time DopeSlaping him for it.
    • The talking head is indebted to Sanji, but too proud and distrustful of pirates to ask him to find the rest of his body, so he instead takes advantage of Sanji's kindness and trolls him. Sanji promptly beats him up for it.
      • Really, just seeing Sanji reaching the end of his patience with the talking head is funny in itself, him coming so close to bashing it's head to the ground with Franky asking him if that really gonna make him feel any better.
    Franky: C'Mon, knock it. Is squashing a defenseless head really going to make you feel better?
    Sanji: But?!- (Kinemon sticks his tongue out) AARGH!!!
    Franky: The second you decided to get him out cell, you already lost Sanji.
  • In 661, Law performs a four-way "Freaky Friday" Flip between Sanji, Nami, Franky and Chopper. Franky is now in Chopper's body and Nami is in Franky's body, but the kicker? Sanji is in Nami's body and Chopper is in Sanji's!
    • Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and Usopp end up in a frozen river after some centaurs capsize their boat. They immediately notice they have warm clothing, and all get a Slasher Smile, deciding to steal their coats. The fact that Robin has that look as well makes it all the funnier.
    Robin: But look. We're lucky. We should be glad we ran into them.
    Brownbeard: Wait. They look familiar.
    Zoro: That guy looks good. I'll take the fourth guy from the right.
    Luffy: Alright. I'll take the guy next to him.
    Robin: I'll take that one. The girl at the far left.
    Luffy, Zoro, and Robin: Their clothes look warm!
    Usopp (teeth chattering, too cold to follow them): All right... please get me one too!
  • In Chapter 662, it's revealed that Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Brook, and Sanji have new wanted posters. The funny part? Sanji's is no longer a painting, but a photo of the back of his head.
  • In 663, anything that involves Sanji checking out his 'new body' while pissing off Nami who's in Franky's body. She even goes as far as punching her original body!
    "Sanji": WE ARE NAMI-SAN!
    Usopp and Brook: Finally! We've been waiting!
    • Luffy getting depressed after losing his 'extra legs', which belong to the Samurai from Wano.
      • Also involving the 2/3 completed Samurai...
        Brook: Yohoho, but having just legs and a head is kind of funny. Reminds me that I met a person who was just a torso!
        Zoro: That's definitely this guy's torso...
        Brook: YOU'RE RIGHT!
      • It's quickly revealed that the talking lower half of the samurai wasn't talking at all. It was mimicking speech by farting.
    • Basically anything that involves the swapped Straw Hats. Mirroring the audience, even Luffy and Usopp laugh their asses off!
    • Tashigi in Smoker's body and Smoker in Tashigi's body. Wrap your head around that and try not to burst out laughing.
    • How to not get confused with Luffy's bodyswapped crew members? Make them wear paper masks on their heads.
    • Kinda hard to see if you don't know what to look for, but when the above occurs, you see Franky in Chopper's body trying to do his usual pose. Only problem? Chopper's arms are too short!
  • Chapter 665: Franky making weird facial expressions while in Chopper's body with Robin calling him out on it.
    Robin: I never want to see that expression coming from Chopper's face again!
    Robin: Franky, can you just not speak while you're in that body? Ever.
  • Brownbeard claims he doesn't know much about the Yeti Cool Brothers... before revealing a ton of details about them.
  • Nami tries to imitate the Radical Beam pose while she's in Franky's body, prompting Chopper to yell at her for not taking the BEAM~! seriously.
  • In chapter 667, Franky asks Chopper to give him a Rumble Ball so he could change into Monster Point. Chopper agrees, but before he could even start explaining, Franky eats it, causing Chopper's body to morph into Monster Point right away. He goes on a rampage, and just won't stop attacking Luffy! This would normally be a serious situation, but here, it's played for laughs.
    • Also, a more subtle funny moment — immediately after transforming into Chopper's Monster Point, Franky manages to do his Super pose during his quick moment of control.
    • When Nami yells at the Yeti Cool Brothers, we get this nice exchange:
      Nami: Why did you kidnap me?! I know I'm cute and I have a nice body, and it probably makes you want to kidnap me, but... !
      Rock: What's this guy talking about?
      Scotch: He's an okama. Cool...
  • In Chapter 668, Law meets the Straw Hats for the first time. He's quite visibly disturbed by their... quirks. One of them he walks right into when he asks to take their doctor with him to investigate—cut to Usopp tying the now-back-in-his-body Chopper onto his head because he can't move.
    • The WTF face that Law makes at this moment is so priceless, even Robin laughed! Made even funnier because both happen both be stoics for their respective crews.
    • When Law refuses to allow Chopper on his head, he carries him around like a keychain.
    • When Robin brings up that a pirate alliance could end in betrayal, especially since Luffy is so trusting, Luffy naturally turns to Law and asks him if that's the case. Law just calmly responds "No." This is juxtaposed with an annoyed Usopp in the foreground.
  • Law was warned twice by Usopp and Sanji on two different occasions that what he was thinking as an alliance is probably different than Luffy's idea of one. Both times he looks like he's regretting his decision more and more.
  • In Chapter 669, Tashigi accidentally activates Smoker's Devil Fruit ability, causing her to fly around uncontrollably.
    • Zoro, Sanji and Brook imagining who the giant footsteps they saw (Actually the Yeti Cool Brothers') might belong to.
    • Luffy, Franky and Robin barge right into Caesar Clown's lab, even though they were supposed to stick to the plan of just capturing Clown. Bonus points for Franky actually screaming that out loud!
  • In chapter 670, Luffy finds out that Smoker and Tashigi have been body swapped. His reaction? Start laughing. While still fighting them.
  • In chapter 671, Caesar tries to take Luffy down with a huge explosion... only to realize that Luffy dodged it and is standing right behind him. Caesar's face is just pure gold.
  • Sanji being in Nami's body leads to a great deadpan exchange with Zoro in the anime:
    Zoro: You're not giving it back, are you?
    Sanji: Of course not.
  • In chapter 675, Nami saves Usopp from under a pile of rubble. Because she's still in Sanji's body, Usopp mistakes her for him at first, causing him to be disappointed when he remembered it. Nami immediately calls him out on this.
    • Vergo constantly getting food stuck to his face.
  • Chapter 676: Zoro, Sanji, Brook and Kinemon running like hell away from Smiley's poison gas.
    • A dragon with wings running like hell ahead of them. Zoro proposes catching it to fly away from the gas.
    • Robin tends to make hypothetical macabre situations about her crew mates suffering from some horrible fate while the crew is separated. Ironically, she casually makes this comment when she actually sees her friends running from a a horrific fate on a monitor:
      Robin: Oh, Mr. Samurai's body is complete.
  • Chapter 677: In what's supposed to be an 3 man pirate alliance, Eustass Kid and Scratchman Apoo are about to start a fight. Whats better is Hawkins' reaction:
    Hawkins: Sigh. How foolish. I'm going home.
    • Sanji can't run any further as he's still in Nami's body, until he gropes Nami's breast. This gives him such an amazing boost that he manages to catch the dragon in seconds.
    Zoro: What's that nonsense power?!
    • Tashigi's reaction to getting her body back, which has her shirt still opened from when Smoker was in her body. After she fixes herself, she pouts adorably and gives Smoker a glare. Even better, he has the gall to ask why she's glaring at him.
    • Zoro's group meets up with Usopp and Nami, who're on riding Brownbeard. Not only is the dragon Zoro's riding not flying, it ends up biting on Brownbeard's tail while he's running for safety.
  • In Chapter 678, Luffy pulls out a new technique, Gum Gum UFO. Yep, now Luffy can fly, apparently. And it's hilarious.
    • Nami and Sanji finally get their old bodies back. Nami realizes she's wearing a different coat, and punches Sanji for being a pervert and stripping her body. (Except he only did it to go underwater and save the Samurai’s torso.)
    • Noticeably, Sanji is silently gesturing No when Nami tells Law to switch them back. Law ignores him.
    • Sanji also notices that her punch was more painful than usual. When Usopp tells him about Caesar defeating Nami while she was in his body, he expresses tears of joy that it was his body that took damage and not hers.
      Sanji: I'm so happy that it was my body and not hers!
      Usopp: (Also crying) I'm so proud of you!!!!
  • Chapter 679, Vergo gets ready to join the fight, but there's one problem.
    Vergo: I can't seem to find my sword.
    Monet: Isn't that because you're not a swordsman?
    Vergo: That's right... I'm not a swordsman.
    • Though it comes during an otherwise dark scene, that one guy with a :D expression on his face who's making double peace signs with his fingers as he's just been petrified by Shinokuni and saved Captain Tashigi from suffering the same fate.
  • Chapter 684: Tashigi yelling at her men not to call Sanji their "bro"
  • Chapter 686: Sanji's antics: First, he is leading the charge of Marine soldiers. Then, they all see Zoro and make faces at him on Sanji's command. He then sees Monet (who has a Sweat Drop at this point), who Zoro was fighting, and falls down because of her beauty. The Marines soldiers likewise start to yell how cute she is, even though she's a harpy, and Monet starts to blush.
    • Chopper sees Monet in her snow monster form and freaks out similarly to when he saw Holy on Skypeia: with his hat flying off his head while the antlers are still attached to his hat.
  • Chapter 687: Tashigi pouting (yes, pouting) when she recalled her first fight with Zoro before berating his Wouldn't Hit a Girl attitude.
  • Chapter 688: Zoro carrying Tashigi like a sack of rice while running away from the gas. They started arguing, and then she saw Shuusui (Ryuuma's sword).
    Zoro: Stop that, you katana maniac!
  • Chapter 691: Zoro's No Sense of Direction is taken Up to Eleven when he actually ends up running up to everyone from the front when he was originally behind them!
  • Chapter 695: When everyone makes it out of the collapsing facility, everyone gets to see the Franky Shogun. Except for Law and Smoker, all of the guys (Including the kidnapped children, the Marines, and Caesar's former henchmen) are absolutely blown away by how awesome it is, but the girls (again, including the kids and the Marines (Well, Tashigi)) still don't give a crap, and just stare.
    • In the anime version, when they show the reaction of the females, the background music slowly dies down and then stops just to emphasize the females' unimpressed reaction.
  • Chapter 696: Once all fights are over, Law pulls Luffy aside and warns him they need to keep moving or their enemies will catch up with them. Luffy looks serious, agrees to tell his friends, and then turns around and declares it's 'PARTY TIME! Law's reaction is priceless.
    • The Marines have painted a large line dividing their camp from the Straw Hats', calling it "The Line between justice and evil". Sanji then starts cooking, cue a crowd of G5 marines rushing over the line to get food, leading to this little gem:
    Sanji: What happened to "The Line between justice and evil"?
    Marine: Ceasefire.

    Dressrosa Arc 
  • Chapter 698 is full of funny moments.
    • Chopper yelling at Sanji for hitting Caesar... only to tell him to do it AFTER he's finished tending to his wounds. Sanji even lampshades this.
    • Franky's pigtails.
    • Caesar's face here.
    • When Luffy announces that they formed an alliance with Law's crew, he puts his hand on Law's shoulder and gives a big grin, while Law grimaces giving off the impression that he's made a huge mistake.
  • Chapter 699: Sanji, Brook and Kin'emon learn that Momonosuke is taking a bath with Robin. They immediately go there, and find that they have just finished bathing, and Robin is holding the lucky kid near her breasts. Jealous, the three perverts gang up on him to scold him, scaring the hell out of the poor kid in the process, and get beat up by Nami as a result. Thankful, Momonosuke calls Nami a princess, which she likes a lot. She hugs him and tells him he can sleep in her room tonight, which shocks Sanji, Kinemon and Brook. The final straw is the smirk Momonosuke gives at the end of all this.
    Sanji/Brook/Kin'emon: THIS KID IS THE WORST!!!!!
    • Even better in the anime, where Momonosuke motorboats Nami before giving that perverted look.
  • Chapter 700: Even Law gets caught up in the Straw Hats hijinks; after trying to warn them again about preparing for Dressrosa, Luffy stops everything for a food break.
    Luffy: Sanji, I'm hungry. What's for breakfast?
    Sanji: Sandwiches.
    Chopper: Waah, I want a cotton candy sandwich!!
    Robin: Just tea for me.
    Law: I don't like bread so- *which prompts a Face Fault.*
    • True to his word the next page shows him eating onigiri.
      • According to the SBS, the last one had umeboshi, which he hates, and he actually got into an argument with Sanji because of it.
    • When Doflamingo mentions that there's something the Straw Hats would go to any lengths to get, Luffy believes it to be meat. He starts drooling like crazy, has hearts in his eyes, and even faints from envy. Doflamingo has yet to say anything beyond it being what he wants, by the way...
    • When Luffy mispronounces Dressrosa's name as "Dress Olga", Robin imagines an ugly old hag in a dress. In Japanese, he says "Dress Roba", which actually does mean an ugly old hag in a dress.
    • Buggy the Clown is revealed to be a Warlord. Several fans already guessed this, but it's still funny to get an official confirmation.
  • 701: The reaction to Dressrosa being home to living toys is priceless.
    • There's also Luffy and Momonosuke's arguing, which the latter takes advantage of to get Nami to hug him near her breasts again. The perverted look on dragon!Momonosuke's face is hilarious.
  • 702: The cover. Caribou has been mistaken for somebody else. That somebody else? Revolutionary Commander Gaburu, who apparently is One Piece's answer to Che Guevara - Who looks exactly like Caribou (except he wears a hat). The look on Caribou's face says everything.
  • 703: Sanji's interactions with Violet, the beautiful dancer.
    • Luffy intends to participate in the tournament to win his brother's Devil Fruit. Franky tells him he can go all out, but that he musn't let everyone know who he is. Luffy says he got it, but literally on the next panel, he starts to say "Lu-". Cue Dope Slap from Franky. The kicker is that Luffy ends up entering the tournament as "Lucy" because of that, and that's what the townspeople call him even after they know his true identity.
  • 704: Meet Cavendish, "White Horse Knight" Prince of the Pirates, who switches back and forth between being an effeminate, educated Bishonen and a raging beast. Why is that? Two years ago, Luffy, and, by extension, the Eleven Supernovas, overshadowed his reputation as a talented new rookie by being more talented and rookie than him. Attention Whore much?
    • Not to mention Luffy keeps ignoring him too.
    • He also carries a rose, much like a lot of Bishounen characters in anime do. What does he do with his? He eats it.
    • All the gladiators' horrified reactions when Luffy momentarily forgets that he's supposed to be in disguise and gives out his real name.
  • In the anime, when Bartolomeo enters the ring and tells the entire audience to go to hell, they start throwing trash at him. Barto casually dodges it all, and it hits other gladiators instead. His laugh and the trollface he makes are the finishing blow.
  • Chapter 707, Cavendish is off on a rant about how he can never forgive the Worst Generation and how he has to kill them all. Luffy is still in disguise standing right next to him. The very instant he finishes talking, Chinjao walks up behind them and casually asks, "Hey, Straw Hat Luffy, how's Garp doing?". Luffy and Cavendish's Oh, Crap! expressions make it even funnier.
  • As his block is having a battle royale, what does Bartolomeo do? He's nonchalantly taking a piss in the water surrounding the arena.
  • Chapter 711: Robin tries to convince the dwarves who captured her that she didn't mean any harm. At first, they don't believe her, but they do a total 180 the second Robin answers that it's true. The second time this happens, which is literally seconds later, Robin has a priceless, Law-like Face Fault. Yes, you read that right; Robin has a Face Fault.
  • Chapter 712: Violet scans Sanji's mind with her power... and finds out his mind is almost entirely filled with perverted thoughts. The poor young woman is so shocked she even screams.
  • Chapter 713: Usopp's lies: he not only claims he has Haki, but he was the one who took down 50,000 Fishmen on Fish-Man Island. He also has the balls to claim he's a descendant of Montblanc Noland, which bites him in the ass later as the dwarves ask him to help them take down Doflamingo's crew. His face is priceless.
    • Robin even calls Usopp a bad man for going this far with his lying.
    • Just as Sanji is all lovey-dovey after seeing Violet give a cute and genuine smile, Kin'emon pops out of nowhere, scaring the hell out of him.
      • As Violet escapes, she calls Sanji a romantic fool. Kin'emon gets his attention by calling him "Mr. Romantic Fool".
    • The townspeople's reactions to the Franky Tank.
  • Chapter 714: Even though this is rather serious, you can't help but laugh at how Nami, Chopper, Brook, Momonosuke and the Thousand Sunny look as "art forms".
  • Chapter 716: Jean Ango's face upon realizing that the weapons he kept throwing at Luffy ended up getting lodged in Chinjao's body.
    • As the audience was expecting an epic duel between Sai and Ideo, both are taken out in one hit by Chinjao and Luffy.
  • Chapter 719: What Chinjao looked like 30 years ago.
    • Everyone's reaction to seeing Luffy making Chinjao's drill reappear.
  • Chapter 720: Bartolomeo is a secret Fanboy of Luffy who gushes at the mere sight of him.
    • The anime heightens up the Ho Yay by having Bartolomeo have the same "Sexy Imagine Spot of Luffy", music and all, that Boa Hancock did.
    • Chinjao wants to thank Luffy for giving back his drill on his head. He bows down to Luffy, who's fighting Cavendish at the time, but because he hasn't used his drill in a while he accidentally attacks him by splitting the ground.
  • Chapter 721: During the time Thunder Soldier is taking care of Rebecca, he beats up a boy for hitting her and then beats up another boy for trying to give her a love letter.
  • Chapter 722: Cavendish enters the ring and gives a passionate speech to the audience who throw boos at Rebecca. A moment of shock and silence, and the impressed audience forgets about Rebecca and starts cheering for Cavendish. His reaction is priceless.
    Cavendish: Oh. My. God. I'm, like, super popular!!! *bishie sparkles*
    • His passionate speech certainly felt like a moment of awesome... until a random bystander observes "What kind of person ... puts speakers on his steed?!"
    • This exchange between Zoro and Wicca.
      Wicca: Turn left here. (beat) Left is the side where you don't have your swords!
      Zoro: As if I don't know left from right!
      Wicca: You don't!
  • Chapter 723: Following Giolla's defeat, Brook reverses one of his perverse lines by saying he doesn't want to see her panties!
    • Zoro and Kin'emon are standing outside the Colosseum and wondering how to get in without arising suspicion.
      Zoro: Maybe I'll just cut an opening.
      Kinemon: That will arise suspicion!
      Zoro: Then I'll just cut a really small opening.
      Kinemon: We're not talking about the magnitude here!
    • Bartolomeo sees Zoro and starts freaking out the same way he did when he saw Luffy. It seems safe to say that he's a fanboy of the whole crew.
  • Chapter 724: Caesar complains about being back on the Thousand Sunny alongside fellow prisoner Giolla.
    Caesar: Giolla, help me!
    Giolla: I'm literally in the same boat as you!
  • Chapter 727: When Usopp was about to ask Thunder Soldier about his relations with the former king, Riku, he ignores and interrupts Usopp's question and starts telling the history of Dressrosa.
  • Chapter 728: Usopp, Robin and Franky learning that they're the reason why Thunder Soldier and the Tontatta tribe are going to war against Doflamingo right now. When Doflamingo abdicated his position as king, to trick the Straw Hats and Law, it brought hope to them. But when they learned that the information was false, they were so devastated that they decided that they would fight against Doflamingo in a blaze of glory even if it meant their deaths. The crews' reaction is the page image above.
  • Chapter 730: Sanji's reaction to when Caesar confesses that he swindled money from Big Mom for research funds.
    You did what?
  • Chapter 731: Luffy's absolutely epic, Eneru-like Jaw Drop which takes up an entire page. What makes it even funnier is that given the Wham Episode this chapter is, this is probably most of the audience's reaction as well.
    • From the same chapter, there's Franky's hair turning into a cannon and Usopp declaring he'll fight a little girl.
  • Chapter 732: Senor Pink's Establishing Character Moment. He messily eats a tomato, is told by a woman not to eat like that, so he rips off her bikini top and wipes his mouth with it.
    • Franky seeing him and asking "Who's that perverted guy?" Prompting the Doflamingo mooks to call out his hypocrisy.
  • Chapter 733: Doflamingo's grunts are excited to join in on the fight. But first they have to wait patiently in the elevator...
  • Chapter 736: Instead of Luffy going with Viola to go to the secret entrance to the lower rampart of the palace to avoid the guards, Luffy runs towards the front entrance, which is heavily guarded, and launches a Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol at the guards and the front door while wearing a fish costume.
    Luffy: It's open!
    Zoro: That's not the problem here!
    • While Lao G fights the Toy Soldier and some of the dwarves, Lao G has to quickly put his glasses on to see what's in front of him and he explains the reason he's in the elevator lift is because he got "mixed up" with the orders he was given.
      • There's also the Sentai-esque G he makes with his hands.
  • The very beginning of Chapter 739 has the Mass "Oh, Crap!" reaction from Sugar, Usopp, the dwarves and the dwarves-turned-toys when a huge, duck-figureheaded ship crashes right into the executive tower. Afterwards, an angry Sugar gave Trebol a kick in the shin for throwing it.
  • Donquixote Doflaemon.
  • Law makes Baby 5 cry by giving her an angry look.
  • This exchange between Sugar and Trebol:
    Sugar: You're an idiot. Just die.
    Trebol: As if I'd die, you damn brat! Bahahahaha!
    Sugar: Just die.
    Trebol: Bahahahaha!
    Sugar: Just die.
    Trebol: Bahahahaha!
    Sugar: J-
    Trebol: Bahahahaha!
  • Chapter 742: We get the mother of all Oh, Crap! moments when Usopp screams and makes quite possibly the biggest Jaw Drop in the whole series after being fed the ultra-spicy grape that was intended for Sugar, which scares Sugar so much that she falls unconscious.
  • Chapter 743: As all the toys in Dressrosa start turning back to normal. One of the toys in the Colosseum audience was a gorilla!
  • Chapter 744: The cover shows Aokiji and Camel (his pet penguin, for those of you wondering) getting headaches from eating ice too fast. Keep in mind Aokiji is an ice man, and yet he still gets that!
    • Sabo completely ignoring Bartolomeo and instead grabbing Rebecca, after eating the Flame-Flame Fruit. Lampshaded as well.
    • USOPP of all of the Straw Hats becomes a hero to the eyes of the other gladiators in the factory. One of them is a giant from Elbaf, which doubles as epic foreshadowing.
      • Put it this way; Usopp's situation is very similar to Buggy's, during Ace's rescue in Marineford, where the prisoners praised him like a god.
    • The following exchange:
      Law: If you let me escape I'll kill you!
      Luffy: Don't move! It's hard to take these off when I can't touch the Sea Prism Stone.
      Violet: Be careful!
      Law: (Makes Wild Take) Are you listening to me!!?
  • Chapter 745: Robin casually introducing Usopp, who's badly beaten up and his face is all bloody, to Sabo, Koala, and Hack. Usopp can barely say his name and the others are just creeped out by it.
  • Chapter 746: Doflamingo enumerates the list of the twelve people he wants dead, and how much money he offers for their heads: Robin, Rebecca, Kin'emon, Viola, Franky (100,000,000 Berries each), Zoro, Kyros (200,000,000 Berries each), Luffy, Sabo, King Riku, and Law (300,000,000 Berries each). Just as Usopp expresses relief that he wasn't in the list, Doflamingo goes on to mention him, naming him as the guy who angered him the most, and offers 500,000,000 for his head. Usopp's Oh, Crap! face is priceless. It doubles as an Awesome Moment because the person he mentioned was Usopp. Capping it all off, Luffy thinks it's Actually Pretty Funny.
    • Anime version here.
    • Also, Bartolomeo geeking out at getting to meet Robin, and learning Usopp is Sogeking. And Sabo getting annoyed by his behavior.
    Sabo: You idiot! The hell are you getting all worked up over? Fuckin' fanbody. Shut it!
    Hack: (has a cast covering his broken arm) I cannot believe a weirdo like that managed to do this to my arm.
  • Chapter 747:
    • The giant, imposing Pica finally speaks. He apparently speaks in a childish, high pitched, squeaky voice.
      • Even funnier in the anime. When reading the manga, you have to imagine the voice for yourself, but in the anime, you can hear how mismatched his voice is with his build.
    • Dellinger goes in to kick Luffy with his high heels, only for Zoro to kick him and divert the attack into Machvise's ass with painful results. For both of them.
    • On an overall note, there's the fact that Law's plan to use the Straw Hats for his own goals has degenerated to him getting literally dragged around by the neck by Luffy.
      Law: (Held by Luffy while surrounded by Doflamingo pirates) Hey, Straw Hat, as soon as I get these handcuffs off I'll kill you first.
  • Chapter 748 has all the gladiators meet up with Luffy, and declare that they'll repay their debt to the Straw Hats by killing Doflamingo even though Luffy wants to beat Doflamingo himself. Cue all of them threatening to get rid of Luffy if he won't get out of the way, even as they call him their savior.
    • Dagama is part of the group that wants to repay Luffy and ignore Doflamingo's bounty offer, but he has a few lumps on his head, suggesting he might have needed... persuasion.
    • Luffy continues to ignore Law's protests that they aren't friends.
      • As well as his annoyance that Luffy is only doing this for Rebecca because she gave him lunch.
      • Law in general during this chapter. You can see his exasperation over the fact that his plan to take down Doflamingo has degenerated into this.
    • Also, Cavendish is going into a speech on how killing Doflamingo will net him all sorts of popularity... completely unaware that Luffy's already ditched him.
  • Chapter 749: Luffy realizing that Abdullah and Jeet have hitched a ride with him on Ucy.
    • Later in Chapter 751, Law and Luffy Jaw Drop upon witnessing Abdullah and Jeet get clotheslined off the bull's back.
      Luffy: ...
      Law: They fell off... They actually fell off...
  • Chapter 751: When Fujitora tries to summon a meteor against Sabo, it strikes into the Birdcage and splits into several pieces which rain down over the city.
    Fujitora: Oops, my bad.
  • Chapter 753: Kyros hitching a ride on Cavendish's horse, and Cavendish's repeated complaints about the situation while Luffy and Kyros ignore him and casually talk about their current situation. And then there's Law's thoughts on the situation:
  • Chapter 754: When we see Kanjuro use his devil fruit to draw a bird to life to aid in his escape, the bird is badly drawn and it doesn't look like it can fly. Even the prisoners point out how pitiful his drawing is.
    • Luffy, Law, Kyros, and Cavendish arguing over who will take down Doflamingo:
      Kyros: I have a 10-year-old debt to repay!
      Law: If we're gonna talk about time, then lemme tell ya, mine is 13-years-old!
      Luffy: Well then mine is 30-years-old!
      Cavendish: Stop pulling facts out of your ass, you idiot! There's no way you were even born that long ago!
  • Chapter 755: Pick a Franky and Señor Pink moment. ANY Franky and Señor Pink moment.
    Señor Pink: Diaper Bomb!
  • Chapter 756: Sugar gaining a phobia of people with long noses and things that resemble long noses thanks to Usopp.
    Sugar: P-People with long noses better not stand next to me! People with long noses should just go and die!
  • Chapter 757: When Robin talks about how Luffy's the trump card, there are shots of various battles going on. When we get to the SMILE factory, Franky and Senor Pink are doing what seems to be a synchronised swimming routine, while Kyuin squees in the background.
  • Chapter 758: Just as Sugar is about to turn Luffy and Law into toys, a projectile fired by Usopp and shaped like his Nightmare Face from chapter 742 zips by. Sugar screams her lungs out at the sight of it and faints instantly again. Doubles as an awesome moment because Usopp fired it from an insanely long distance. Using Haki..
  • Chapter 761: Donquixote Corazon finally takes center stage and he's revealed to be a clumsy, accident-prone mute that really, really hates children and casually decided to throw Law out the window when they met for the first time.
  • Chapter 762 isn't supposed to be that funny. But you do get the origin of Baby 5 and Law's Boke and Tsukkomi Routine as well as the revelation that Dellinger has been a part of Doflamingo's crew since he was an infant.
  • Chapter 763 continues the Corazon hijynx in that whatever the crew is shown doing in a new place, he's ALWAYS falling flat on his ass. So he trips up in the snow-filled jungle, he trips up on a wealthy man's carpet, and even after battling other pirates he manages to set himself on fire again.
    • The fact that Law stopped Buffalo from telling Doflamingo that he stabbed Corazon in the back by bribing him with ice cream.
    • Doflamingo saving Law and Baby 5 from a vicious pirate? Kind of sweet. A tearful Baby 5 clinging to his leg as he tries to do a Power Walk with his brother setting himself on fire (again) in the background? Hilarious.
  • Chapter 764 takes Corazon's hilarity still further: upon learning Corazon can actually talk, but due to his Silence devil fruit can make himself effectively mute, Law wonders if Corazon is also hiding anything else. Cue the shot of Corazon managing to set himself on fire while trying to convince Law that he's really not clumsy as well. Naturally, Law doesn't buy that for a second.
    • And then when he gets dumped into the trash, the entire trashbin suddenly sets on fire. Law then bribes Buffalo again, asking Baby 5 to give him the money for an ice cream.
    • Corazon crying offscreen over his inability to save Law... *Clang* OW!
  • Chapter 765 has Corazon try to impress Law with his devil fruit ability. First, he breaks a vase in complete silence. Then, he fires a bazooka, and the explosion makes no noise. Then, he farts, and it stinks but still makes no noise. The funny part: He does all these things while making a cheesy peace sign and having Bishie Sparkles every panel.
    • And then Law tells him his ability sucks. While having a shirt that bears the legend "AMAZED". Even better, Law's speech bubble in the manga actually pierces Corazon.
    • Corazon's conversation with Sengoku. Not the conversation itself, but the fact that Garp is apparently throwing a party in his office and getting yelled at in the background of the call.
    • There's also Sengoku's Spit Take when he Corazon reveals he knows about the trade for the Ope Ope fruit.
  • Chapter 767 is quite a serious chapter, but there is a little gem: when Doflamingo's crew is hunting for Corazon, literally the moment they say "Where is Corazon?", immediately in the next panel he's running at them with the cheesy peace signs again. Just Gladius's reaction and the "We found Corazon." sells it.
    • And then we have the touching flashback panels for Corazon and Law as Corazon faces the music, and one of them is Corazon managing to trip over AND light himself on fire at the same time.
  • Chapter 768 returns us back to the present with the on-going fights... and there's a panel of a battered-but-undefeated Senor Pink receiving (and returning) a tearful thumbs-up of encouragement FROM A KITTEN, with Franky trying not to cry Manly Tears over it.
  • Chapter 770 has a meta-moment, when we finally have One Piece's unique laughs go to a level that Zoro, of all people, just outright tells Pika his laugh is simply just too unbelievable to be a natural laugh.
    • Also, this example of Crazy Awesome:
      Orlumbus: Admiral's Dignity! 'Tention!
      (Mooks quickly stand at perfect attention in a straight line)
      Mook: Hey, why are we doing this?
      Orlumbus: Admiral's Killer Bowling! (Literally bowls the mooks over using another mook as a ball.)
    • Baby 5 mistaking Sai's words while he fought her as him trying to "hit" her and Sai being confused by this.
      Baby 5: Why didn't you come out and tell me this before?!
      Sai: I still have no idea what you're talking about!!!
      Baby 5: Don't play dumb with me!!!
      Sai: (during a flashback of his fight with Baby 5) I'm gonna take that heart of yours!
      Baby 5: Saying things like you'll "steal my heart"...
      Sai: (during a flashback of his fight with Baby 5, grabbing Baby 5's hand) I ain't letting go of this hand!
      Baby 5: That you'll "hold my hand"...
      Sai: (during a flashback of his fight with Baby 5, moving quickly) You think you can keep up with me?!
      Baby 5: Or to "come with me"! If you're going to come after me so earnestly, little things like what side we're on shouldn't matter! You need me, don't you?!
      Sai: Ehhh??
  • Chapter 771 is full of old people gags with Lao G - he has a martial art stance known as "lower back pain", he literally almost dies of old age because it took too long to get to his part of the chapter, and when there's a tearfull scene of his departure... he just comes back to life to tell them he couldn't hear what they were saying, could they repeat that?
    • And in the background of all this is Baby 5 wanting to marry Sai, and Sai having no idea what the hell is going on. Even the watching mooks are confused as to where the hell the conversation is going.
    • And after Sai inherits Chinjao's move, he tells Baby 5 he'll marry her if he defeats Lao G. After he does so, He tells everyone to call him Don and Baby 5 is "eliminated" (Having fallen in love).
      Two Donquixote Pirate Officers have fallen
      Lao G: into a chasm
      Baby 5 in love
  • Chapter 772: Robin winks at Bartolomeo... and he has a huge facefault and begins to wonder if that means he can be her slave anytime, before getting a grip on himself.
    • All of Bartolomeo and Cavendish's interactions.
    • As Sai is pleading with his grandfather not to die, Baby 5 says they now need two ceremony halls. For a wedding and a funeral. Chinjao gets back up and yells "Who's dead here?!"
  • Chapter 773: Cavendish and Hakuba having an argument with Robin having a sweat drop at what she's witnessing. The man's face goes half Cavendish and half Hakuba at one point!
    • After Gladius fires off his poisonous barbed hair, he's left completely bald.
  • Chapter 774: After Leo's kickass rescue of Princess Manshelly, the latter is relieved to see him again. But then Leo quickly ruins the moment by pointing out that the princess has put on some weight recently.
    • And in the background of the phonecall to the Factory, Senior Pink and Franky are doing some sort of synchronised ballet while the factory explodes around them.
    • There's also Usopp freaking out at the idea of Sugar being revived by Manshelly's powers.
  • The epic collective Jaw Drop of everyone who witnesses Zoro's defeat of Pica in chapter 778.
    • As well as Elizabello II's pout at having his King Punch be used for cleanup. Sure, he saved everyone from certain doom (his cleanup was Pica's leftover stone body that was floating in midair and is about to fall on top of people), but still.
  • Chapter 779:
    • During a flashback to Zoro's training with Mihawk, Mihawk wants Zoro to master having his sword entirely coated with haki and forbids him to drink any alcohol until he does, much to Zoro's shock.
    • When Koala calls Sabo for help, he tells her that she's capable enough to handle her problems herself. But when she brings up Luffy's safety, he tells her he'll be right there, much to her annoyance.
  • Chapter 782:
    • Trebol turning out to be just a skinny hunched old man, with the big imposing coat just being a by-product of his DF.
  • Chapter 783:
    • Cavendish's Insane Troll Logic when Luffy entrusts him to help everyone.
      Cavendish's thoughts: Entrust -> Faith -> Charisma -> Popularity -> Straw Hat's my fan?!
    • Bartolomeo still fan-gasming over Zoro taking out Pica.
    • On a more meta level, Oda goes on his scheduled once-every-3-weeks hiatus right after Luffy Reveals the existence of: Gear Fourth
  • Chapter 784:
    • Gear Fourth has been revealed.. and it looks absolutely ridiculous, like some weird combination between Donkey Kong and Nightmare Luffy. Luffy is bouncing around like a rubber ball, and generally being ridiculously wacky.. then does his first move, the Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun.
    • In the same chapter, we see Baby 5 mentally squeeing to herself when she refers to Sai with terms of endearment.
    • With Luffy gearing up to hit him, Doflamingo is being his usual self while mockingly dismissing the technique. Suddenly jump cut to the streets below where the townspeople having a Big "WHAT?!" moment when Doflamingo appears out of nowhere in front of them. His reaction? That's what he wants to know!
    • The townspeople's reaction to Luffy dropkicking Doflamingo while flying is one of awe. Their reaction to Luffy bouncing like a ball afterward...
    • The cover page shows the Straw Hats having a picnic with zombies. Nami and Chopper are so scared they cling adorably onto Luffy, Usopp and Brook are freaked out by a zombie's flying decapitated head (while the body is running off who knows where on its own), Zoro is enjoying himself and having some booze with another zombie, and Sanji looks positively delighted that a female zombie's biting his shoulder.
    • The anime even adds to the hilarity by having Luffy speak like a Kabuki actor when he first transforms.
  • Chapter 785: A little girl begging for her injured grandmother to get up and keep running, with said grandmother telling her grandchild to leave her behind and run on her own is a Tear Jerker. But said grandmother running like hell with a funny expression, to the relief of her granddaughter who also has one hell of a face of her own (Seriously, that's Inelegant Blubbering at its finest) is really funny, and a welcome tension reliever.
  • Chapter 786's cover art shows Luffy, Law, and a monkey together in a requested piece of art. What's so funny, you ask? Luffy and the monkey are trying to get Law to eat bread, as a call back to Chapter 700. Apparently Law hates bread so much that he is willing to cut up said monkey in his Room while fighting a Gear 2 Luffy. It's also quite endearing to see them both act like this during the Dressrosa arc.
    • In the chapter itself, the townsfolk are wondering if that's really Luffy. He tells them "Yeah, I am". Another person in the crowd repeats the rumor that he's an eight meter giant. Luffy just exasperates "Where do you hear this crap?"
  • Chapter 788, Usopp yelling at the people of Dressrosa who have strength to help the Colosseum participants push the birdcage when they are having doubts.
    Usopp: Silence heathens! Believe in my friends!
    Random Civilian: Do not anger the God any further!
  • Chapter 791: Gatz tries to announce Luffy's victory, but is so choked up by his Tears of Joy that he pronounces "winner" as "wiener".
  • Chapter 792: Koala is in the middle of a conversation with Sabo via a Den-Den Mushi when the latter prematurely hangs up the call. Koala proceeds to start chewing the operator out while grabbing his cheek at the same time, while the poor confused operator tells her not to vent her anger on him.
  • Chapter 793, the Marine soldiers running away in terror when they hear Fujitora and Akainu getting into a heated argument on the Den Den Mushi.
    • When Killer mentions that the Kidd Alliance is targeting Shanks, half eaten noodles are seen dripping through the holes in his mask.
    • Given the nature of Jewelry Bonney's age altering powers, it's hilarious hearing a pizzaiolo screaming that an old lady stole some pizza, then we see a little girl eating said food. No one else could perform that particular style of theft.
    • In the anime, when Akainu and the Five Elder Stars are informed about Luffy's defeat of Doflamingo and the resulting destruction to Dressrosa, Akainu lets out a shocked and appalled Big "WHAT?!". The Elders response? More along the lines of an annoyed "Not again".
  • Chapter 794:
    • A flashback shows the Revolutionary Army getting reports on Marineford's aftermath. One member asks if Dragon really is Luffy's father. Dragon's response is a very casual "Huh? Oh. Yeah." Like everyone already knew that and it wasn't a big secret.
    • Hack is having a conversation with Sabo via Den-Den Mushi when the latter hangs up too early. Hack proceeds to punch the operator from Chapter 792 with his bad hand.
    • Koala's Inelegant Blubbering reaction when Sabo wakes up from his three day-long coma. It's adorable, and a pretty nice tension reliever considering the Tear Jerker that happened immediately before.
    • Franky crying (again) is made darkly funny by the fact that his tears run into the exposed circuitry behind his left eye and start it smoking.
  • Chapter 795: A blink and you'll miss it moment, but when they show the warriors & various other pirates, Happo Navy, etc. sleeping in the palace, you can see Hakuba chained up... Justified but still amusing none the less.
    • Even funnier, the anime shows that Bartolomeo was the one that had him chained up when he realized he was sleeping with in the same room with the others.
  • Chapter 796:
    • Luffy is going through a rollercoaster of emotions, being simultaneously worried about Sanji's group, sad that Sabo has left, ticked off at Kyros' story to cover up his relation to Rebecca, sleepy from his fights, and hungrily stuffing himself. After Kyros explains why he chose to cover up his relation to Rebecca, Zoro and Usopp glance at Luffy who, exactly like they expected, glares and doesn't buy it at all.
    • Bartolomeo rushes in to warn the Straw Hats about the Marines, but is blinded by "the laser beam of awesomeness" that is to see five of the Straw Hats in the same room and comments that if he ever saw the entire group, it would probably burn out his retinas.
    • Sengoku's new laid-back attitude. Seems having no responsibilities will do that to you.
    • In comparison to Sengoku's new lackadaisical attitude and Tsuru smiling at the cute Manshelly, Bartomeleo's report of their arrival shows them as evil ghastly silhouettes.
  • The Chapter 797 cover shows the G-5 Marines throwing a party for Smoker's return. Everyone is rejoicing (complete with Tashigi happily and adorably biting into some cotton candy), but Smoker is completely unamused.
  • In chapter 798, the Marines' attempt to arrest the Straw Hats and other pirates made difficult by the Tontattas, who not only steal their weapons right from their pocket, but also take the gunpowder from their rifles! Leo even goes as far as to sew the Navy ships together, preventing them from setting sail, and the Marines can't cut the strings because anything that can be used to cut is gone! And why are Marines fainting left and right, even though Haki of the Supreme Kings' isn't being used? Princess Manshelly is taking just a little too much blood to use for her healing flowers, and thinks it's okay because Kyros said so!
  • In Chapter 799, the face Fujitora makes when Luffy tells him he's not going to fight a blind-man without calling his attacks. Luffy seems to believe he won't be able to fight effectively unless he calls his attacks, and Fujitora makes a hilarious face just before he gets pissed.
    • An easy-to-miss example: After Luffy was snatched by Hajrudin mid-battle, Zoro steps forward donning a full-on Slasher Smile and exclaiming, "Alright, my turn!" Bartolomeo has to remind him the pirates were under a tight schedule.
  • Chapter 800:
    • Luffy insists that he wants to be the Pirate King, not someone great. Cue his new allies leaning their heads to the side, as if to say "...the fuck?". Seeing these badass men lean to the side without losing their Badass Armfold is way funnier than it should be.
      • Law even lampshades the strange comment. "What...? What the hell is he talking about?"
    • After Luffy explains why he doesn't want to drink (aside from having no interest in alcohol) and become leader of the grand fleet, all seven captains drink anyways and consider themselves his subordinates of their own free will, much to Luffy's irritation. Furthermore, Luffy tries to point out that he didn't drink, but has to acknowledge that his cup is empty anyways (Zoro drank it all, and is right next to Luffy licking his chops).
    • Fujitora thanks Luffy out loud for cleaning up the Government's mess and taking down Doflamingo. Only problem, Sengoku overheard him and taunts him about it. Cue Fujitora's Oh, Crap! face.
    • A minor one, but after the heartwarming moment between Rebecca and him, Kyros starts crying Tears of Joy again. Rebecca playfully teases him about it, but Kyros vehemently denies it.
    • During the party:
      • Cavendish is quite obviously wasted and laughing his ass off.
      • Bartolomeo can't take in so much happiness and is crying Tears of Joy again, with Leo trying to comfort him.
      • Zoro is happily drinking booze, and is visibly trying to get Law to participate as he has an arm over his shoulder. Law, on the other hand, looks really annoyed and gives Zoro a Death Glare. The anime makes it even funnier where Zoro outright hauls Law away from his spot by himself to do it and Law can't get free despite trying.
  • On a more Meta level: Whenever Luffy wants a new crew member, he persists on them joining until they eventually do. This time, he has over 5000 pirates wanting to be under his wing and Luffy wants none of it, only for them to force themselves on him. It's some pretty delicious irony.
    • Knowing Luffy, it's justified: as the 5600 guys are already pirates, i.e "free men", Luffy thinks it'll be bad to rob their freedom off them if he takes them under his wing (that, and he thought they're going to be an actual part of the crew, which is incorrect). On the other hand, when he wants someone under his wing, it's because he's "freeing" them from their constrains in some way. The irony is still there, though.
  • Chapter 801:
    • The grateful citizens of Dressrosa are building statues of Luffy as Lucy, Kyros and Usopp. While Kyros and Lucy's statues depict them with badass poses, Usopp's shows his Nightmare Face from chapter 742.
    • Bartolomeo's ship is the "Going Luffy-senpai", with a giant Luffy-shaped figurehead, and the Straw Hats' bounty posters framed in his room. His crew is also just as gaga over the Straw Hats as he is. Usopp even comments that it looks more like something Luffy would have than either of Luffy's ships.
      • There's also Bartolomeo nonchalantly telling Law that he threw his bounty photo in the trash.
        Bartolomeo: But just in case you were wondering, it went up to 500 million.
        Law: Oh, thanks. This is me caring.
    • The new bounty posters:
      • Usopp's shows him all beat up, and says "God" Usopp. Even more hilarious, his bounty went from the third lowest (30 million) in the Straw Hat Crew to the third highest (200 million), only behind Luffy and Zoro. Also, Usopp doesn't know whether to be excited that he's got such a high bounty or scared because now all the big shots will be coming after him.
      • Chopper's bounty has been upgraded... to 100 Berries. His new picture isn't much better than his old one either.
      • Nami's new bounty picture is SOMEHOW another pin-up, and Brook's picture is a poster of one of his concerts.
      • Franky is mad that Usopp's bounty is now higher than his, and lashes out at him.
        Franky: (strangling Usopp) You gotta be kidding me! Why the hell did yours go up so much!? I'm the only one that hasn't broken 100 million! That's utter crap!
        Usopp: Guah! Even my crewmates are gunning for me!
      • The supreme Irony in this? Usopp's bounty is the same amount of Berries that the Franky Family stole from him in Water 7. Knowing Oda, it was more than likely intentional.
      • Sanji's poster doesn't show a poorly-drawn sketch of him anymore, but his typical goofy heart-eyed look. Well, at least it is his face this time... And well, not so funny after we see this lead to..
  • Also on Bartolomeo's wall are autographs from each of the Straw Hats. In particular, Luffy's signed his "ore", basically meaning he signed his "me", while Zoro's is just the kanji for katana, Robin drew a picture of a rooster with hers, to go along with the crew's nickname for Bartolomeo.

    Zou Arc 
  • Chapter 802:
    • We finally see what the Barto Club Pirates are like at sea; Shockingly, they're even more useless at sailing than Luffy and Zoro were at the start of the story. They don't even have a navigator, but instead call Gambia's grandmother on the snail phone whenever there's trouble. Here more comical, her advice is useless.
    • Usopp being flattered when Law called him by his epithet, "God" and Franky glaring at Usopp who is still mad that Usopp's bounty is higher than his.
    • Law taking advantage of Bartolomeo's love for the Straw Hats:
      Law: Would you mind sharing some of your provisions?
      Bartolomeo: Why the fuck would we give anything to your sorry ass?
      Law: Well then, would you mind giving some to Straw Hat-ya?
      Bartolomeo: Bring it all!!! All the provisions including the reserves!!!
  • Chapter 803:
    • As Bartolomeo and his crew say their goodbyes to the Straw Hats, mentioning how it's been an honor fighting alongside them, they realize that the crew is completely ignoring them. ...Not that they mind.
    • The dragon Kanjuro drew to life is so pathetically drawn that the Straw Hats, who initially believed it was some kind of snake or worm, can't help but feel sorry for the poor thing. Aside from Robin, that is, who finds it so cute she's blushing. She even looks seconds away from having a Cuteness Overload! Later, they name the dragon Ryunosuke.
    • Kin'emon, who can't stand dragons, glares at Kanjuro upon seeing it. Kanjuro's response? "An eye for an eye, as they say.", with a big smile on his face.
    • As Koala makes her report to Dragon about the weapons they got back from Dressrosa, the latter asks how Robin is doing. Koala mentions she's doing fine, but is confused why he's not asking about Luffy, before Dragon answers that he already heard plenty enough about him from Sabo.
    • When Kanjuro mentions that their ally Raizou is a ninja, all the men get excited with gleaming lights above them. Including Law.
  • Chapter 804
    • The crew's reaction, and subsequent mourning, of the "death" of Kanjuro's dragon is funny in itself. But Zoro and Law's dismissive attitude is equally hilarious.
      Law: This is ridiculous.
    • As the Straw Hats and Law enter Zou proper, you can even see Robin leaving flowers on the dragon's "grave".
    • Robin notes that the creature that fell towards them looked like a person with lots of knives sticking out of him and bleeding... though it could also be a monkey.
    • As the rest of the gang swiftly dodges the falling monkey, Kanjuro starts playing "Guess Who?" with Kin'emon out of nowhere (To the latter's hilarity, despite Kanjuro being the only person behind him); as a result, they get bonked full force right in the face and fall off.
  • Chapter 805:
    • Luffy runs into Bepo, Penguin, and Shachi. Queue a mess of a conversation where the Heart Pirates ask about their captain, unaware that the "Traffy" Luffy is talking about is in fact Law.
      Luffy: Hm? Oh! You're that talking bear from Traffy's crew!
      Bepo: 'Traffy'? You've got it all wrong, we're subordinates of Trafalgar Law! The Heart Pirates!
      Luffy: Yeah, that's what I said.
      Bepo: NO IT ISN'T!
      Penguin: Man, we've been keeping up to date with the papers! Crazy news at every turn! I guess we're in an alliance now, huh?
      Shachi: Is our captain with you?
      Luffy: Yeah. Traffy's here too.
      • What makes it even better is that Luffy is the one who clears up the misunderstanding.
      Luffy: Traffy... is what I call Law.
  • Chapter 806:
    • Wanda and Carrot's affection for Luffy's skin. Wanda keeps licking him, and Carrot is biting him. The latter leading to Usopp believing they're trying to eat him.
    • Kin'emon and Kanjuro try to climb up Zou again, this time on a poorly-drawn cat. Kanjuro's logic is that "cats are good at climbing".
    • Law uses Shambles to transport himself and the remaining Straw Hats to Luffy's location. Only he and Robin land on their feet. The rest of the crew land on their faces.
  • Chapter 808:
    • After being told in the previous chapter that they shouldn't mention the Wano country or ninjas and samurais to the Mink tribe, as Jack wrecked the country looking for Raizo, Luffy expectedly can't help but talk about them anyway. A shocked Brook, Nami and Usopp promptly beat the shit out of him before he says too much. This actually becomes Harsher in Hindsight when it's revealed that the Minks and Samurai are actually century-long friends, meaning that not only was Luffy pummeled for nothing (for once), but if the others hadn't stifled him, they would've learned the truth earlier.
    • Shishilian is so over-the-top that he doesn't just kneel to show gratitude: he leaps into the air before kneeling. When Luffy notes that he's really overbearing, an annoyed Nami lightly punches him in the cheek.
  • Chapter 809:
    • Poor Brook can't seem to get a break with the canine Minks as even their king, Duke Dogstorm, drools at the very sight of him!
      Brook: Drool!
      Wanda: I know what you mean. He's our savior too.
      Dogstorm: What a delicious-looking savior.
      Wanda: You're still recovering right now. Wait until later.
      Brook: No!! Not later either!!!
  • Chapter 810:
    • How did the Curly Hats get on Zou? They used Caesar like a hot air balloon.
  • Episode 762 (Chapter 811/812): Sanji starts taking advantage of the Minks' friendliness by nuzzling all the female Minks. When some male Minks try to show their affection, Sanji turns them all down, stating he doesn’t want it from men. This gives the male Minks the impression that Human males are only friendly with females. Of course, when he tries to get friendly with Nami, she socks him in the jaw.
  • Chapter 814:
    • Cat Viper is an absolute riot here:
      • After scaring off Bege in the flashback, he gives a heartfelt word, and then ruins the moment by diving into a catnip bush. Nami, Brook, Carrot, and Wanda's reactions say it all.
      • When he's introduced in the present, he's seen eating lasagna and acting like such a goofy Manchild that his wounds actually reopen. No wonder Brook likes him.
    • Chopper channels Sanji a bit when he meets Milky, a female reindeer Mink.
      Usopp: Oi, Chopper! Why are you so stiff?
      Chopper: I'm not stiff, dummy!
  • Chapter 815 is full to the brim of comedy gold:
    • Luffy telling Pekoms that he doesn't want to be Big Mom and co.'s underlings when Sanji gets they will become his underlings instead. When Pekoms freaks out at this, Luffy responds casually and tells Pekoms that his eyes are cute. Carrot joins him in laughing.
    • So what does Carrot think about the idea of Luffy going to go see Big Mom, and potentially starting a fight with the Emperor before she's told off by Wanda?
      Carrot: Waaaah...That sounds like fun...!!
    • Luffy decides that Pekoms will take him with him to the tea party when he returns to Big Mom (ignoring Pekoms's protests). As a result, this conversation happens a few panels later:
      Chopper: Heeyyy, Luffy! Zoro! How's Pekoms?
      Luffy: Ah, Chopper! He's in pain, slamming his head against the wall and shouting! Hurry up and heal him!
      Chopper: Ehh? What the heck kind of symptoms are those?! I'll come take a look!
    • Cat Viper continues to bring the hilarity: He followed Chopper's group to come see Luffy, cheerfully stating that he's all better now. He then attempts to glomp Luffy and Zoro, but just ends up tackling them...which re-opens his wounds again to the point that he needs a blood transfusion, and angers Zoro, who starts threatening to skin him.
      • Chopper then gets another Distracted by the Sexy moment when Milky agrees to bring him the blood he needs for the transfusion.
      • Made even better when Law (who came to talk to Luffy) happens to walk up at the moment all of this is happening, and can only watch the ruckus with a Sweat Drop.
      • A few panels later, in an easy-to-miss Funny Background Event, Zoro actually has pulled out his swords like he's gonna follow through on his threat, with Usopp trying to hold him back.
    • Law introduces the rest of the Heart Pirates, who all strike dorky fighting poses. Luffy greets them with a cheerful "Yo!"...and then the two captains promptly begin ignoring them in order to talk strategy, much to their great disappointment.
    • The Straw Hats' talk with Law only lasts a page before Cat Viper randomly decides to throw a party. Naturally, Luffy is totally down, and despite Chopper's protests, cut to the next panel, where a raucous party has already begun.
    • The three oldest Straw Hats—Robin, Franky, and Brook—do not partake in the festivities and wait outside the city for the samurai to show up in order to prevent them from entering, citing as they do so that the three of them must be the "responsible adults". Cut to morning, and we find that said "adults" have failed at their objective...because all three of them are snoring away on the ground.
      • Also, following the theme of Franky's ever-more-outrageous hairdos, his new hair is now in the shape of a whale: the exact same whale-shape as the tree in the aptly-named Whale Forest.
  • Chapter 816:
    • The Straw Hats scramble to try and find Kanjuro and Kinemon before the two samurai can be discovered by the Mink tribes, given the apparent sour history between the Minks and the land of the Wano. Two problems, however:
      • Luffy's not a morning person—he's half-asleep even while dashing at full sprint.
      • He also thinks that when the Minks discover the two samurai, there's going to be another banquet. Cue Nami clawing his face while shouting at him that this is a problem.
    • After just barely being hidden from sight by the Straw Hat pirates, and being warned about the suffering the Mink kingdom went through thanks to Jack's search for Raizou—and hence, the likely mistrust that the Minks must surely have for anyone from the kingdom of Wano—what does Kinemon do? He steps right out into the open, identifies himself as a samurai of the Wano kingdom, and asks around for Raizou!!
      • Which then leads to the Wild Take from most of the Straw Hats when The Reveal involving the Minks and Samurai surfaces.
  • Chapter 817:
    • Everyone gets excited over getting to meet a real ninja, even Law.
      Franky: It has nothing to do with us being pirates. All men... are obsessed with ninjas!
    • When they finally meet Raizou, they're disappointed that he doesn't have a ninja look. Then they start demanding he do all the stereotypical ninja tricks (including Zoro and Law) but Raizou just gets annoyed saying that ninja aren't like that. When he sees the Straw Hats look dejected, he proceeds to do all those tricks.
      • Their responses to it are just as hilarious. Law looks like he's trying hard to remain The Stoic after Raizou performs his requested cloning jutsu, and Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper begin crying Manly Tears while proclaiming, "Raizou is our god!"
    • It's also amusing to see Momonosuke's lecherous habit back-fire on him. After his true identity as the heir to the throne is revealed, he tries cuddling with Nami again for protection... and she promptly takes advantage of his position to talk about getting a reward out of his real father. Methinks Nami was well-aware of his motives and just played with them.
      • Though its now much more Harsher in Hindsight when we discovered his dad was boiled alive in order to maintain the secrets and died protecting his son and his retainers.
  • Chapter 818:
    • When Cat Viper mentions that the Road Poneglyphs in the hands of the Emperors have been copied multiple times, Usopp happily states that all they have to do is steal them and not get in a big fight. Luffy delivers a hilarious combination of a grimace and scowl at Usopp's idea.
    • When the group has a mass-Jaw Drop at some of the exposition being delvered, even Franky's whale-hair joins in.
  • Chapter 819:
    • When Kin'emon asks Law and the Straw Hats to help fight Kaido and the Shogun of Wano, Usopp is excited to have the minks and the samurai at their side, only for Luffy to say "No". Usopp's reaction is hilarious.
    • Law gets a Wild Take. Why? Luffy explains to Momonosuke that being allies means being friends. Looks like poor Law is still in denial about being True Companions with Luffy.
    • Brook explains that since Momonosuke is too young, he has to rely on adults to make important decisions for him. Nami agrees but Brook, rightfully, points out that she's the last adult that should be making decisions for him.
    • Luffy agrees to lend the aid of the Straw-Hat/Heart Pirate Alliance to the Minks and Samurai. Queue Law getting moody at him for acting without his consent, although not because Law didn't want to help the people of Zou and the Wano Kingdom.
      Law: Straw Hat-ya what about your faith in me? You never asked for my opinion!
      Luffy: Hm? But you're fine with it, aren't you?
    • So after the Pirate-Ninja-Mink alliance is formed, Luffy says they're going to need Sanji's strength and claims he's worth 1000 men. Zoro, being Zoro, asserts that he's worth 2000 men. What sells it is how Nami patronizingly pats his head while agreeing with him.
  • Chapter 820:
    • Nami gets a lot of praise from Dogstorm and the other Straw Hats for being a great navigator, causing her to blush, but then Luffy pats her on the back a bit too strongly, causing her to beat him up because it hurts.
    • Despite being in the Marineford war with him, Luffy can't remember Marco until Robin points out he looks a bit like a pineapple.
    • When Dogstorm and Cat Viper talk about their adventures, particularly with the Whitebeard Pirates and the Roger Pirates, Usopp starts taking notes down to catch up with what was said, apparently even his brain can't handle how much awesomeness was told to him.
    • Momonosuke claims he's also met with Gold Roger. Usopp falls for it for a second, then has a Double Take when he realizes there's no way Momo was even born that long ago. Hilarious in Hindsight as Momo could actually meet Roger, as he and his retainers are all from 20 years into the past.
    • When Raizou sees all the Minks alive and well, he delivers his secret Ninpo: I Love You Jutsuuuu!
    • When Luffy's about to leave to get Sanji from Big Mom, Nami announces that she's coming; she feels guilty about what happened. "Sure." Chopper also states that he's coming because Pekoms, who will be taking Luffy, is still injured. "Sure." Then Brook declares that he will come to cheer them up with his music;
      Luffy: Sure.
      Nami: Nah, we don't need him.
      • This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when Brook single-handedly is responsible for one of the most important leaps in the Straw Hats' quest ever come the following trip to Whole Cake Island. Had Nami been serious about not needing Brook, she would have screwed them out of information from three Poneglyphs.
  • Chapter 821:
    • So, what does Luffy decide to do after everything is all settled down? Why ask for food for the trip he's about to make, of course!
      Luffy: Well then, we'll be off! Do me a favor and give us a buncha food!
  • Chapter 822: This chapter is loaded with more funny than you can shake a stick at:
    • Luffy misnaming Pekoms over and over again.
    • Pekoms claimed that his special turtle shell is as hard as a diamond. Luffy then promptly ignores it. What sells it is that right afterwards:
      Pekoms: No comments on the "diamond" part? I see.
    • Then there's Pekoms reaction to when Luffy hauls him so that they can go meet Big Mom. Pekoms then delivers the best line in this chapter:
      Pekoms: I can't believe this guy! Worst Savior Ever!
    • After that scene, we see that several of the Minks want to go with Luffy's group but some of their reasons are downright hilarious.
    • Then we're treated to Nami having a ball with her new Clima-Tact. And promptly making a quick getaway to skip on paying for it!
    • Milky nuzzles Chopper goodbye, and he gets Wingding Eyes.
    • Finally, we cut to Luffy's group (consisting of Chopper, Nami, Brook, Pedro, and Pekoms) departing the only way Luffy knows how: By jumping off the elephant!!
      • Everyone's reaction to it as well, screaming "HOLY SHIIITTTT" and the rest of Luffy's team screaming, when Brook's Brook's soul even left his body!! In the anime, it reaches new levels of ridiculous when another soul leaves this soul and then another soul leaves that soul. They don't call him "Soul King" for nothin', folks!!
      • Also, there's the fact that the other four Straw Hats (Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Franky) don't react this way, and just cheerfully bid them goodbye while remaining totally unfazed.
  • Chapter 823:
    • Vivi enjoying the sea breeze while Igaram is begging her to come down from the crow's nest.
    • Then we have Igaram quickly silencing Pell for trying to mention the fact that Vivi had sailed with the Straw Hats two years prior.
    • Finally, we have Vivi jump from the crow's nest and land safely all the while making Igaram have an Oh, Crap! face before delivering this line:
      Igaram: AAAAAGHHH!!!! You'll be the death of me, Princess!
    • King Elizabello II's castle is shaped like him flexing his arms.
    • Cut to Luffy and his team - who, except Luffy, are still catatonic after the stunt he pulled up with them - where we find out that Carrot has decided to tag along...and everyone's reactions sell this, especially Luffy's double take.
    • Carrot...simply Carrot alone guarantees a lot of laughs from her greeting everyone to making the whole operation sound like a slumber party.
      • To prove she won't be a burden, Carrot reveals that she brought her own provisions, which consist of: a bottle of carrot juice, a carrot bento, a carrot, and a change of clothes. And when Luffy starts eating the carrot, she snaps and attacks his throat... Until he pats her on the head, at which point she cheerfully allows him to have the carrot.
      • Carrot proves herself to be even more naive than Chopper by not realizing just how big a deal going out to sea would be. The reason she brought the amount of provisions she did is because she didn't expect the trip to take longer than a day. She's shocked that it will take several days, even going straight there, and is unable to believe that anything could be that huge. She declares the sea a wonderland, and Pekoms corrects her that it's a sea, not a land.
  • Chapter 824:
    • Luffy seeing a picture of Dragon in the paper (talking about how the Revolutionary's base was attacked) and goes from "THIS GUY'S MY DAD?!" to "Huh...First time I'm actually seeing him. Doesn't look a thing like me. ANYWAY, I'M WORRIED ABOUT SABO!"
    • As the Straw Hats and allies are talking about the Revolutionaries, the kitchen of the Sunny suddenly blows up and catches fire; Luffy forgot to turn off the stove while cooking.
    • In a Funny Background Event, while the group is reading the paper, Carrot starts nibbling on Luffy again. Then she moves on to nibbling on Pedro's arm.
    • Another Funny Background Event on the same page is Chopper seeming to have found another person's head to jump on instead of Zoro's when he's scared. The unlucky sap is Pekoms. The poor guy probably wishes he never came back to Zou.
    • Carrot's reaction to thunder and lightning is both funny and adorable.
      Carrot: KYAAAAH! What the heck is going on!? Is that Electro!?
    • Luffy's cooking. His "secret random curry", made from fishbones, way too much jam, uncooked rice and God knows what else, brings everoyne to tears. When Luffy tries to take a bit while mumbling about how "ungrateful" everyone is, not even he can stand it. Worse still is that he blew the group's entire week worth of food to make it, to Nami, Chopper and Brook's horror.
    • Kaido, arguably the most powerful of the Four Emperors, whose name causes anyone to tremble in fear... drunkenly bawling his eyes out over the loss of SMILE and artificial devil fruits, crushing his dream of having an all devil fruit crew. This pathetic side of him doesn't last long though, and he instantly becomes terrifying again.
    • As it turns out, Pudding AKA Big Mom's 35th daughter, is not a Gonk like her mother is. Sanji's reaction to seeing a picture of her is... predictable and hilarious.

    Whole Cake Island Arc 
  • Chapter 825:
    • Big Mom's ship looks like something out of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, including a living door that only opens if you tell it to.
    • So we have Gotti, a member of the Firetank Pirates, go up to Sanji and getting ready to kill him for making fun of Vito. Vito tries to stop him, but instead we have a Gonk of a woman show up and chastise Gotti for trying to kill Sanji right before he's pulled away by the ear. And while Gotti is being pulled away, he apologizes several times to the woman for even thinking of killing Sanji.
    • Caesar Clown continues to suffer a Humiliation Conga as he's locked in a cage while Sanji is treated like royalty despite being a prisoner too, much to his disdain.
    • After being with Sanji, we cut back to the Retrieval Team where it's revealed that after a few days...they are all suffering for Luffy's cooking and the able-bodied members are fishing for food. Special points to Luffy, who looks like he's turning into a mummy and later glances at Chopper with this line:
      Luffy: Emergency food supply...
      Chopper: Don't look at me like that!
      • Even funnier, when you realize what Sanji said at the end of the Drum Island arc that Chopper is emergency food supply almost becomes true.
    • Brook goes back to asking Nami for panties. And she then says she's too weak to reprimand him.
    • After finally catching a fish, the group decides to eat it. Chopper then runs into Sanji's locker (which is full of perverted magazines) to find a book about fish that Sanji has. When Chopper returns, Luffy is already eating the fish and is about to hand some over to Carrot right after Chopper learns that the fish's skin is poisonous. Cue a bit later where, after Nami has properly cooked the fish per Sanji's instructions (in a cookbook), we have Luffy frothing at the mouth and suffering for his mistake, with Nami not really caring about Luffy's immediate problem while Chopper eats the cooked fish while he is worried over Luffy's condition. The conversation alone is genius:
      Carrot: Luffy~ Is he really gonna die?
      Luffy: It's alright...the light...It's so beautiful...
      Nami: Don't worry he's got some freakish constitution...
      Chopper: Don't go to the light at the of the tunnel, Luffy!
  • Chapter 826:
    • Not only does Yonji look so much like his older brother Sanji that the Straw Hats keep mistaking him for their crew member, but he even has the same lecherous habit as his brother, as he instantly gets lovestruck as soon as he sees Nami. When he and Reiju leave, he even grabs a copy of Nami's wanted poster to gawk at.
    • As soon as Yonji removes his hood, everyone catches on that he's not Sanji as they originally thought, except for Carrot, who actually asks Nami how she managed to figure out they were siblings.
    • Reiju's method of extracting the poision from Luffy mouth-to-mouth leaves Nami blushing, and Brook envious.
      • Reiju's flirty tone herself indicates that she may be just as lecherous as her younger brothers, but expresses it differently. Looks like It Runs in the Family.
    • After Luffy recovers, he immediately calls Reiju "Sanji". Chopper has to point out she's a woman. He also asks for more of the "delicious" fish skin.
    • Brook gets to ask for Reiju's panties. Nami quickly tries to stop him.
  • Chapter 827:
    • The entirety of Cocoa Island is made of chocolate, to Luffy and Chopper's absolute delight.
    • As Nami and Carrot put on new clothes, Brook leans down on the ground near them, to try and get a good view. By the time Nami notices, he's laying on his side nonchalantly, tea cup in hand. He promptly gets beaten up for his trouble.
    • Pekoms tries to warn Luffy to keep a low profile, but he's already gone somewhere by then. As Pekoms starts to worry what will happen if Luffy gets found out, Nami cheerfully tells him that Luffy sticks out so much that finiding him should be no trouble; indeed, just as she finishes her sentence, a voice is heard screaming that someone ate a café.
      Nami: *smiling* Aaand there you go...
      Pekoms: You've got to be shitting me!
      • As the police officer berates Luffy and Chopper for having eaten a café, Chopper states that they had a very good reason for having eaten the entire café while it still had customers inside.
      Chopper: But old man we had a very good reason for doing what we did...
      Police Officer: Oh...? Fine, what? Go on, spill it!
      Luffy & Chopper: It was too delicious not to eat!!
      • The owner of said cafe is angry with Luffy and Chopper because they didn't eat the entire thing.
      • The cafe owner turns out to be Lady Charlotte Pudding herself. When she invites Luffy's group to her house, she asks them their names. Luffy, per usual, goes "I'm Luffy! I'm gonna be a pir-" before Nami quickly stops him.
  • Chapter 828:
    • The chart toper for the funny in this chapter has to be the fact that Sanji, the biggest womanizer known in One Piece, TURNED DOWN PUDDING!!!! That is so surprising, that it shocks the Sanji Retrieval Team to mere phantoms of themselves.
      Pudding: In the end he shared something with me. "I really want to marry you, but I can't. I've gotta return to my friends."
      Luffy, Brook, Nami, & Chopper: Are you saying...SANJI. TURNED. DOWN. A. WOMAN!?
    • When Pudding realizes that her hosts are the Straw Hats, she gets scared and draws a knife. Just as Nami tries to calm her down and tell her they have no intention of being violent, Pedro lunges at Pudding, holding his rapier next to her throat.
    • As the Straw Hats learn that their host is Sanji's bride-to-be, everyone has a Mass "Oh, Crap!" moment, except for Carrot, who's too busy eating away at the walls. Her only reaction is to turn with a "Hm? Did she say something?" expression.
    • As the Sanji retrieval team is heading back to the Sunny, Luffy, Chopper, Carrot and even Pedro are distracted by the choco burgers, choco pasta, and chocolate fried chicken on sale in a nearby store.
  • Chapter 829:
    • A few good jokes here. One of the more funny ones is when Nami states to go starboard.
    Nami: Luffy, to starboard! To 3 o' clock!
    Luffy: You heard her, Chopper! Carrot! To Sanji!
    • The best part of the above is that Luffy is swinging the ship's wheel so fast and hard, it's on fire!
    • Then we have Luffy stating that he will go cook. Again. Nami quickly takes over.
    Luffy: We're not gonna pay you for the food!
  • Chapter 830:
    • Aladine comments that Jimbei has spoken highly about Luffy very often within the last two years since the Marineford War. Jimbei is surprised he actually talked about Luffy that much.
  • Chapter 831:
    • Luffy's group is attacked by a talking crocodile wearing a hat. By accident. He really just wanted to eat the donut bridge they were on and walks off after he sees them he sees them. Luffy is annoyed that they weren't "good enough to eat" but Nami is freaking out because it's a talking crocodile. Luffy asks why that should freak her out at this point, with the panel focusing on Chopper and Carrot. Nami concedes that's a good point.
    • When the crew spots Sanji again, he's holding a lollipop. A possible meta reference to the much-maligned Macekre dub from 4Kids.
  • Chapter 833: We get to see what happened to Yonji after he picked a fight with Sanji. His face is so beaten up that the doctor (who is trying to hammer his face back into shape) decides that since the hammer is not working, he'll have to use the press machine to get it back to normal (and it works too)!
  • Chapter 834:
    • The faces Brook and Pedro make when they realize Big Mom and her crew already know they're here.
    • The Gonk of a woman from chapter 825 is revealed to be Capone Bege's wife, and their son is introduced: he's his father's spitting image, complete with Perma-Stubble and cigar.
    • It turns out that Caesar Clown has realized his research for gigantification will never succeed, so he's been conning Big Mom out of her funds to party hard and enjoy his fill of Hookers and Blow this whole time. Upon reminiscing of those events, he cracks a perfect replica of a Troll Face.
    • To cover up that his giantification research was a failure and that he was using the funds Big Mom gave him on himself, Caesar Clown told her that it was because the Straw Hats' destroyed his Punk Hazard lab and research that he couldn't complete his work. Big Mom then reveals that they had prepared a duplicate of his lab so he could finish his research (which they expect to be done in two weeks), resulting in an epic Face Fault from Caesar. The poor bastard cannot catch a break.
    • The ending of the chapter where Luffy is gathering up his friends, which are clearly not them as they're making animal sounds and there's multiples of them (three Sanjis, two Choppers, two Namis, two Carrots, and oddly enough even a Pudding).
  • Chapter 835:
    • The Cover page has the Straw Hats eating ice-cream; Robin, Zoro, Sanji, and (somehow) Brook have brain freeze.
    • Luffy actually ties up the real Nami without realizing it. Her frustrated reaction and Luffy's subsequent Oh, Crap! face is hilarious.
  • Chapter 836:
    • Randolph comes back to fight Luffy and Nami, only to be stopped by Cracker. So, when Cracker tells him off for butting into things, Randolph decides to blame the crane he's been riding for interfering!
      • What makes this even funnier is Randolph has been entirely silent the entire time we've seen him, lending him a serious-air, similar to Mihawk. But the moment he actually speaks up, trying to blame his mount for his own involvement, it loses him all that mystique, to be replaced with this hilarity.
    • Where did Nami keep the Vivre Card that Lola gave her all this time? Why in Victoria's Secret Compartment, of course!
  • Chapter 838:
    • Nami promptly uses Big Mom's Vivre Card to subdue the Homies attacking her and Pound, claiming she wouldn't shed a single tear if every one of them suffered a miserable death, and makes a hell of a face in the process.
      Nami: "Commander Cracker" or his mother, "Big Mom" of the Four Emperors... Which one do you think is scarier?
      Homies: You beat them both hands down!
    • After Chopper comes up with a plan to use Brulee's powers against her, he demands Carrot pay him due respect by calling him "brother Chopper". Carrot immediately starts calling him "Chobro".
    • Charlotte Cracker is a man with the bounty of 860 million berries, one of the Three Sweet Commanders, and his Devil Fruit power is revealed to be... creating and manipulating biscuits. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the series' new champion of Heart Is an Awesome Power.
  • Chapter 839:
    • Even as a kid Sanji couldn't resist flirting with the ladies at the Baratie.
  • Chapter 840:
    • The cover page has Oda drawing a fan request of Chopper eating honey with all the bear-themed characters (Bepo, Hiking Bear, Kumacy, and Bartholomew Kuma) a/la Winnie-the-Pooh.
  • Chapter 841:
    • The cover page has Oda drawing a fan request of Whitebeard, with goats munching on his famous Badass Mustache, while he maintains a stoic expression.
    • Luffy`s solution to keeping his stamina up against Cracker's biscuit clones/armour for 11 hours straight? Eat them!
      Luffy: *burp* I'm full, damnit!
      Cracker: Nobody told you to start eating them!
      Luffy: I'm not passing up on free biscuit, dammit!
  • Chapter 842:
    • The cover page has Sanji braiding the whiskers of some cat fish, like his mentor Zeff braids his beard.
    • Luffy's aforementioned solution... actually works ... more or less. But even he has his limits as it looks like he can't take any more bites... until Nami uses her Clima to spray water on the biscuit soldiers, which lets him eat 'em like pudding.
    • Carrot and Chopper's misadventures in Brulee's Magic Mirror world, made even better when an old lady accidentally sees them as they pass next to her (the old lady's) mirror.
    • Reiju manages to sorta fix up Sanji's bruised face by using a sort-of magic mascara on him. And then Sanji touches it before it heals him�
    • Luffy goes Gear 4th, But because he's eaten so much, his new Super Mode is just as bloated as his normal self! This form is called, Tank-man, and it runs on the power of fullness!
  • Chapter 843:
    • Big Mom impatiently wonders when Cracker is going to arrive, when at the moment, unbeknownst to her, he comes crashing into the wall of her chateau! Talk about Tempting Fate.
    • Luffy's body quickly goes back to normal despite spending 11 hours eating biscuits. Nami questions if he's even human, and then reacts in shock when Luffy asks for meat.
    • Nami worries about Carrot and Chopper, who are still trapped in Brulee's Mirror World. They repeatedly tell her that everything's fine.... while they're in the middle of screaming as they're dodging Brulee's attacks, which doesn't convince Nami at all.
    • All of the other Vinsmoke brothers geat heart-eyes as soon as they see Nami, without losing their Badass Armfold or serious expressions! Yonji? He's trying hard to keep his serious face but fails. Niji? He's literally drooling over her arrival. Ichiji? He's just as smitten as the other two.
  • Chapter 847: In the cover page where Rebecca and the Tonattas throw a birthday party for Kyros, King Riku is seen peeking in through the window like a stalker.
  • Chapter 848:
    • When Charolette Anglai informs his older siblings that someone is causing a ruckus in the Treasure Room, he also adds, "And I'm not going to brush my damn teeth tonight!".
      • Not only are Anglai's attempts to be a Greaser so dang cute, his "motorcycle" - a large caterpillar with Harley-Davidson handlebars for antennae that seem too high for Anglai to reach - is adorable.
    • When Big Mom is singing excitedly about the upcoming wedding, her hat interrupts her when it gets a signal informing it about the incident going on in the Treasure Room. Big Mom stops and is noticeably shocked and angered while her homies are still singing.
    • Brook trying to tune his guitar while Big Mom's forces are trying to capture him is worth a good chuckle.
  • Chapter 850: While searching for their friends from the mirror world, Chopper and Carrot once again end up scaring Toto Land citizens by appearing in their mirrors, with Carrot accidentally seeing a woman bathing, and Chopper catching a man doing the same, causing them both to scream.
  • Chapter 851:
    • How do Chopper and Carrot go about getting information from Brulee? Why by tickle torture!
    • When Chopper and Carrot ask the mirrors, this conversation happens:
      Mirror #1: Here!
      Mirror #2: That'd be me!
      Mirror #3: Me too!
      Mirror #4: Me!
      Mirror #5: I'm the mirror that connects to Master Gallet's closet!
      Mirror #6: I'm the hand mirror located in the 2nd floor guestroom!
      Mirror #7: I'm the mirror from the 4th floor women's bathroom!
      Chopper & Carrot: The mirrors responded!!
  • Chapter 852:
    • After Jimbei breaks them out by burning the book, Nami recalls that she had escaped in a similar manner.
    • Sanji's mother provides a rather amusing scene when she tells Reiju how Sanji wished her to get better and bawls her eyes out at how kind Sanji is.
  • Chapter 853:
    • Poor Brook has been turned into nothing more than a doll/pet for Big Mom after his defeat. Worst part of it all? He got stripped down to his underwear.
      • Brook, after asking so many women for a look at their panties, has a woman look at his.
    • Pedro not caring for Viscount Hiyoko turning into Count Niwatori. He isn't letting his enemy enter his final form, and this is a shonen manga. He simply states:
    Pedro: How stupid. I'll just finish him off now.
    Grunt: Stop that!
    • Chopper manages to pull Pedro into the Mirror World to escape his own dynamites' explosion, claiming that what Pedro pulled off freaked him out. Pedro then reveals that he was freaked out himself when Chopper and Carrot call him from inside a mirror some moments ago.
    • Carrot's "portraits" of everyone is worthy of a good laugh. Especially when Pedro reacts to the drawing being something very close to Shoujo type.
    Pedro: What sort of art style is that?!
    • Luffy having jumped out of Whole Cake Castle ends up crashing into a house... and upsetting the poor sucker who lived in it.
  • Chapter 854:
    • Nami uses her Thundercloud Rod to take out Big Mom's guarding running towards her and Jimbei from behind... then she realizes she accidentally fried Chopper, who was unlucky enough to come out of the mirror at the wrong time. Cue Wild Take and Nami promptly apologizing.
    • So the soldiers check on Sanji, who is asleep in his room, right? Nope. The one sleeping in the room is actually the eggplant-faced attendant for Sanji! And his response to realizing he fell asleep on Sanji's bed? He goes back to sleep!
    • Much to Brook's horror, Big Mom has really taken a liking to him, and decides to hang onto him and walk him around for the time being. Her huge smile as she announces it seals it; you'd half expect her to break into baby talk!
    • As Pedro recounts the fact that his partner lost his life to Big Mom's roulette, the still-hostage Brulee takes that opportunity to gloat about how no one, be it intruders or deserters, can leave Big Mom's turf alive. The Straw Hats listen to her for all of five seconds before they get going again, cutting Brulee off mid-sentence as Diesel complains that they're starting to get too heavy for him.
  • Chapter 855:
    • It opens with a requested image of Rocinante roasting sweet potatoes... and ends up on fire again. Young Law is stunned looking at him.
    • Despite how disturbing it is, one can get a good laugh at Big Mom sleeping with Brook like he was a doll. Bonus points in that Brook was actually asleep despite everything!
    • Brulee acts as if she's going to help... or not. Her trying to warn her mother ends up with her and Diesel getting gagged for their trouble.
    • While the group is relieved they didn't wake up Big Mom, the Emperor scares them witless when she and her top Homies (Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoloeon) utterly destroy a fly and go back to sleep.
      Everyone: How in the world are we going to save him!?
    • So, after making a dummy to fool Big Mom that she still has Brook, the group goes about in trying to switch the two. Highlights of the challenges include:
      • Challenge 1: Chopper goes in, sneaks up to Big Mom, sneezes, and nearly gets flattened for his turn.
      • Challenge 2: Carrot is able to make it to Brook, but before she even gets a chance to wake him up, Big Mom's snot bubble pushes her out of the way, alerting a half-asleep Zeus who then tries to zap the "fly" before going back to sleep.
      • Challenge 3: Pedro doesn't even get a page for his challenge, as he is tossed away while Big Mom twists and turns in her sleep!
    • Carrot's rescue attempt was almost foiled when Zeus briefly awoke and noticed her. How did she escape detection? By curling up in a fetal position and pretending to be a stuffed animal.
    • So after Big Mom finally lets go of Brook, Nami finally reaches Brook and is rescuing him when Brook screams in shock at seeing another skeleton with an afro.
    • As Pedro apologizes to Brook for forcing him to go and try his luck in getting the Phoneglyph rubbings, Brook opens his head (causing Carrot and Jimbei to freak out, who have never bore witness to this feature of his) he hands Nami the rubbings and is trying to console Pedro that the plan was the best they could do at the time while everyone is having wild takes over the fact that Brook managed to do his job.
    Everyone: You actually got them!?
    Brook: Ah. Yeah.
    • Everyone is glad Brook managed his job...until he asks if he can see Nami's underwear again for a job well done, with a really huge shit-eating grin. Cue the usual slap to the face.
  • Chapter 856:
    • In one of Sanji's flashbacks with the crew, an angry Sanji comes out of the kitchen asking who picked at the ingredients, causing Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper to try and hide their stuffed cheeks, while Franky laughs in the background.
  • Chapter 857:
    • Brook, Carrot, and Chopper are working in perfect unison whether they are getting praised or crying their eyes out.
    • When Nami makes it clear that she will never forgive Sanji, her speech bubble stabs him through the heart.
      Nami: Ah...And Sanji. Regarding the matter of you throwing me down to the depths of fear itself...I'll never forgive you.
    • Of course, Nami decides to let things be for the plan and Sanji rebounds rather quickly.
      Sanji: Eeehhh!? Could you be...proposing to me, Nami!?
      • Luffy's reaction to seeing Sanji freaking out over Nami's supposed "proposal"? Is reassurance over Sanji acting like normal.
        Luffy: [looks at Sanji] I don't know why but I feel better.
    • When Jimbei needs to talk to Luffy through the mirror shard, instead of taking the shard from Chopper he just picks up Chopper and uses him like a phone.
    • Jimbei constantly including Brulee and Diesel in their group despite their protest:
      Jimbei: As for we, who are standing against them there are merely ten of us!
      Brulee: Hey! Don't you include us in this mess! Don't go fudging the numbers! There's merely eight of you! Not ten! And you can all go and get yourselves murdered as far as I'm concerned!
    • During the flashback where Capone shoots Pekoms off the cliff to fall into the water full of sharks, one of the sharks is seen holding a fork and knife.
  • Chapter 858:
    • So after taking a bath, Luffy and Brook find a fridge and find milk inside. While one of the grunts is telling them off for going through someone else's fridge, the two decide to drink some milk to restore the damage they took (with Brook having his skeleton messed up and Luffy having lost a tooth). The best part? The milk restores them back to normal! This is also especially funny if you frequent One Piece forums or Youtube channels and saw all the people coming up with theories for weeks about Luffy's tooth, like maybe he'd get a gold tooth orrrrr Chopper would make him a fake tooth... but nope!
      Luffy & Brook: Oooooh. All better! (Luffy grows a new tooth and Brook's skull is all fixed)
      Grunt: The hell is up with your bodies!?
    • So, right at the meeting with Bege, Luffy spots a man that looks like Caesar Clown and calls him out for looking like the scientist. While the others agree (sans Chopper) that it is him, Caesar (or rather, Gastino as he's calling himself) states he is Bege's brother instead, not even hiding his laugh. And he's still wearing his old gloves that bear his real initials. While Sanji and Chopper are shocked that Caesar isn't hiding his identity, Luffy falls for the disguise for a moment before Nami has to point he was right!
    • The negotiations between the Straw Hats and the Firetank Pirates are unsurprisingly a trainwreck. Sanji and Jimbei are the only ones who say anything sensible; the majority of it is Luffy, Bege and Ceasar volleying threats, insults and almost attacks at each other. Their mutual dislike of Big Mom is the only reason they reach an agreement at all.
    • Also, a minor one, but Brulee and Deisel are also in new clothes. While tied up.
    • Brook's gangster hat is so plus-size it fits over his entire afro!
    • Luffy agrees to work with Bege... but on one condition, it being that he must punch him one time, since he shot Pekoms. The best part it, in between the chaos that ensues from Luffy saying that, Bege is actually fine with it.
      • Jimbei asks Luffy, Ceasar and Bege if they like Big Mom, and they all respond that they hate her at the same time.
  • Chapter 859:
    • It seems Caesar can't get anyone to call him Gastino so he can avoid any detection from Big Mom. It gets worse when Chiffon misnames as "Gas-Tiny", which Luffy approves of and Nami sighs as she doesn't care what they call Gas-Tiny.
      Chiffon: How dare you even worry about that, Gas-Tiny! Bege keeps his promises!
      Caesar: Gas-Tiny!? It's Gastino!
    • If what above isn't bad enough, when he goes on a rant about the amazing weapons he's using to off Big Mom, everyone ignores him while he makes a rather..."happy" face.
    • For all his bad reputation and notable personality, Capone cannot help but make a silly face for his son, Pez, when he accidently shouts and makes him cry.
    • Capone wants Luffy to be a decoy, which Nami and Chiffon disapprove (the latter because she cares about her sister's friends). What is Luffy's response to being a decoy?
      Luffy: (smiles and laughs) It's cool! I'll do it! Besides, I just thought up a super cool way to make my entrance!
      • This leads to Nami and Chiffon thinking that they were worried for nothing.
      • Best part? Chopper wants to know how Luffy is going to do it but Luffy is not spoiling the surprise.
    • After it was pointed out that Caesar didn't bother to hide his old laugh, Caesar starts laughing like his old self again in force of habit, but then catches himself and course-corrects to a new idiosyncratic laugh to fit his "Gastino" persona.
    • Caesar getting dissed by Capone by being called an "idiot" instead of a "genius" is rather amusing.
    • Brulee is still being counted as part of the group against her wishes.
    • While getting ready, Ichiji is shown to have a cup Homie who looks rather silly.
    • Big Mom bawls her eyes out as her "Brook" isn't moving or talking anymore. Her mood changes when Zeus and Prometheus remind her that it is the tea party and she yells out for wedding cake. And tosses "Brook" away like a toy.
  • Chapter 861 has Sanji trying to act normal and control himself for the wedding as he knows about Pudding's plan to kill him. Unfortunately, one look at Pudding's face is enough to send him to "nose-bleeding ugly face land".
    • Pudding's frustration as she can barely keep her Bitch in Sheep's Clothing facade is hilarious, in a way.
    • Bege tries to tell the Straw Hats to get ready, only to find they're all sleeping. Much like Law, Bege is learning about all the Straw Hat's eccentric behaviors.
  • Chapter 862:
    • Jimbei slapping and shaking Luffy to wake up after everyone's favorite Straw Hat has fallen asleep is rather amusing. Especially since Nami figures that Luffy will only wake up for food. Chopper then asks a grunt to get them some meat which confuses the guy as to why anyone would ask for breakfast at a time like they are in.
    • Sanji is still trying very hard not to fall for Pudding's cute facade, but he cannot help himself as he and Pudding get ready to exchange vows. He's desperately trying to keep himself focused... but his inner face says something else altogether.
    • Luffy's "big surprise" is both awesome and hilarious at the same time. The hilarious part comes from the huge wedding cake splitting up... and revealing a literal army of Luffys (via Brulees's powers), ready to crash the wedding. And some of them are eating pieces of the cake as they jump out of it.
  • Chapter 863:
    • The preparations of Luffy's epic surprise for Big Mom as he forces Brulee to transform several animals into copies of him.
    • As Nami goes through the mirror, she calls Caesar a loser, and Carrot asks if Caesar is really that bad, to which Chopper replies that he's the worst, and Caesar's crying face in reaction to Nami and Chopper's insults is rather amusing.
    • Capone's epic Jaw Drop as Luffy reveals himself to Big Mom despite having made so many clones to fool her in the first place. Let this sink in: Luffy did something so stupid it caused Capone Bege to Jaw Drop.
      Capone:...I mean, no one'd even dare coming out head-on like this anyway!
      Luffy: It's me!
      Capone: O{}O
    • Becomes even more hilarious when it's revealed that Luffy was actually being smart, drawing everyone's attention to himself and diverting it from the clones and from a disguised Brook in particular.
    • Carrot and Chopper eating cake as they await with Nami for when Big Mom loses it is comical.
    • Katakuri's Devil Fruit ability is perhaps one of the most comical to date. A special Paramecia, his Devil Fruit is known as the Mochi Mochi Fruit. To elaborate, all he can do is turn himself into rice cake.
    • While Jimbei is letting Big Mom know he is leaving, one of the Luffy clones is stealing the crown from some random character, specifically Giberson.
    • Brook's Luffy disguise is him wearing a similar suit and a bag that has Luffy's face painted on it. If you look very closely, you can even see him jumping out of the cake among the many Luffy clones (his slightly different outfit and skinnier figure gives him away).
    • Big Mom trying to use her Soul-Soul Devil Fruit on Jimbei for confirming to her face that he wants to join the Straw Hats, but fails because Jimbei is not afraid of her which is actually the only way to prevent your life from being stolen. Cue the hilariously awkward silence.
    • Jimbei uses black tea instead of sea water to perform his Sea Current Lifter attack and even goes as far as to re-dub it Black Tea Current Lifter.
  • Chapter 864:
    • Brook reveals his "face" and creeps everyone out after successfully destroying the picture of Mother Caramel. Everyone thinks he ripped his skin off. Poor Brook nearly collapses in woe at this remark.
      • Big Mom's reaction is worth a chuckle, especially with the delivery and the awkward pause afterwards.
      Big Mom: Soul King? ... But you died!
      Brook: Yes, I died a long time ago.
    • The Luffy clones are still going at it as the chaos ensues.
    • Brook is "beheaded", causing Luffy to freak before Brook reveals he's fine to him.
  • Chapter 865:
  • Chapter 866:
    • Cover page: Cavendish is so popular as a young prince that none of the young women of the kingdom got married yet. One's even swooned over him so bad she's fainted and foaming at the mouth, like the love bug that bit her had rabies!!
    • Charlotte Linlin at the age of 5 is Creepy Cute incarnate- like a cross between steroid-jacked Hody Jones and middle-aged Giolla. And her human birth parents are not even a fifth of her size. Compare her to Shirahoshi, another big child from a little mother. At least she has Fish-man heredity and/or a huge father to blame on having a Clifford-like growth spurt after birth. Linlin is just a really Big Eater, apparently.
    • There's something darkly funny in observing young Charlotte Linlin try to understand the worlds of animals and various races with her five-year-old logic and it going horribly wrong every time. It's like watching a girl playing with her dolls too hard.
    • Five-year-old Charlotte Linlin tries to give a bear a "spanking" for acting naughty. That alone speaks for itself, but also, said bear was killed with a single hit. Keep in mind that this is AFTER she tried to make said bear and a wolf be friends, with the former eating the latter. Obviously, it didn't work out.
    • The little boy from the Long Arm Tribe running away from Charlotte Linlin looks kinda funny (in both the strange and humorous senses of the word) due to his expression and the way his arms flail about.
  • Chapter 868:
    • Cover story - Cavendish is so popular he has obsessive fangirls with their own fangirly ships sailing the seas after him. Bartolomeo isn't the only idolator around. "...So, as I've been saying, those are not enemy ships, and therefore there is no need to fire on them, Suleiman." "That explanation was way too long."
    • In an arc with a wedding plot, Bege almost went par the course with The Godfather checklist, and is about to seal the deal as his crew launches their coup de grace. When Big Mom destroys all of Caesar's rockets mid-flight... it changes into the Godfather of all Oh, Crap!. He and company realize an avalanche of trouble is headed their way, and it's written all over their faces. All that bravado turns into a spineless mass of quivering jelly and the Firetank Pirates run away screaming like little bitches.
    (Said as they RUN LIKE HELL! Funnier still - Vito's tongue is trailing out from behind him).
  • Chapter 869:
    • The Tamatebeko box is seen again and Du Feld actually tries to steal the contents inside. Just when we're about to see the inside of the chest after Du Feld unties the rope around the chest and is about to open it, Big Mom screams again which causes the Tamatebeko to be blown off the Whole Cake Chateau.
    • Brook casually drinking tea while commenting how strong the Yonkos and Bege scolding him for acting so calm while they're currently stuck in a hopeless situation.
  • Chapter 871: As Caesar flies Bege off Whole Cake Chateau, Nami keeps cheering him on while pointing out he's still an asshole for what he did on Punk Hazard.
  • Chapter 872:
    • Without the Tamatebako box, Luffy and co. would have died. The Tamatebako was among the riches sent to Big Mom because Caribou emptied the Ryugu Palace treasury, and the reason he was in Fish-Man Island is because he wanted to kill the Straw Hats. In other words, the Straw Hats survived because Caribou wanted to kill them.
    • As the Whole Cake Chateau collapses, all the guests are justifiably freaked out as they fall to the ground. Big News Morgan, is busy snapping photos as he falls instead. The reader naturally assumes that he's not worried because being an anthropomorphic bird, he could probably fly himself to safety. When Stussy questions him on this (who can use the Geppo technique to air-walk), he has an Oh, Crap! moment as he remembers that he actually can't fly, and is just as screwed as everybody else.
    • The Straw Hats thank Bege for protecting them and helping them escape. Bege despises the gratitude.
    Bege: Quit it with the thanks. Makes me feel like I did something good. Gross.
  • Chapter 873:
    • Just like with Zoro in the Alabasta arc, Nami rides on Jimbei instead of running, even though she's more than capable of running herself; justifying herself by claming she's "cute and weak". While Jimbei himself doesn't mind, Luffy is quite annoyed that she's egging them on to run, Sanji is perfectly fine with it because she's so cute, and Carrot just laughs.
    • The group finds that King Baum is still alive, having been sewn back together. Nami sheds a few tears of relief while Luffy and Baum stare at each other in disbelief, and next thing you know, the entire group hijacks a ride on Baum's back, to the latter's annoyance as his seams still hurt and he's technically still an enemy. Nami even threatens him to rip his fluffy eyes out if he doesn't hurry, to Pedro's discomfort.
      • Another translation has her threatening to rip out all of Baum's stitches. Nami's just as cold-hearted no matter what threat she makes.
    • There is a female tree with breasts and a dress who was Baum's seamstress that stitched him back together and fawning over him. Oda is having a little too much fun with the wacky character designs this arc.
  • Chapter 874:
    • Zeus the Thunder Cloud, the feared Homie created from Big Mom's own soul threw her off to chased after some delicious black cloud that Nami made with her power. It later accepted to be Nami's servant if she continued to feed it. Even Big Mom's own soul is not loyal to her! Which make sense, when your consider that Big Mom is a food obsessed WomanChild. No wonder her soul would act the same way.
    • This is followed with Sanji agreeing to be Nami's servant while Jimbei points out that she wasn't asking him to be her servant.
  • Chapter 876:
    • So after the whole attack from Zeus, how does Big Mom get out of the hole? She's not climbing or jumping out of the crater she is in. She is WALKING out of the hole like it was nothing!
    • When Pudding meets up with the Straw Hat group, just a simple greeting from Sanji sends her foaming at the mouth with hearts for eyes. Read it again, it's not Sanji with his usual perverted tendencies, it's Pudding.
    • Pudding's entire tsundere act as she tries to explains what the plan is to the group ends with the best line in the entire thing:
    Straw Hat Group: Her emotions are flip-flopping like crazy!
    • After dealing with the Homies, Pudding realizes that Sanji has boarded Rabian the magic carpet and gives a rather amusing face-fault.
    • As Prometheus berates Zeus for what he did, Zeus tries to argue he couldn't help himself, and can't stop drooling or thinking of the Weather Egg and Black Balls from Nami's Clima-Tact.
  • Chapter 879:
    • Cover story: Uhorica has inevitably pummeled Sai into the ground for breaking off the engagement. Her father also berated Chinjao for it.
    • Pudding continues being Adorkable as she hides under her carpet, with her head adorably peeking out of it, to avoid being mistaken for Sanji's wife since she's wearing a wedding dress. Sanji tells her to be careful not to fall, which causes another tsundere moment from Pudding.
    • Pound notices Chiffon, Pudding and Sanji flying on the magic carpet and tries to call out to his daughter, but none of them notice him.
  • Chapter 880:
    • Cover story: Remember how Uhorica was upset about losing the proposal of one guy? We now learn Uhorica is hoarding husbands. Just like Big Mom.
    • Pudding changes from her wedding dress to a cook outfit, which naturally makes Sanji gush over how cute she is. Cue Pudding having fainted, with Luminescent Blush, heart eyes, nosebleed, and a bag of ice to cool her head off.
    • Out of necessity, Pudding has to alter the other Whole Cake Island chefs' memories to make them think she and Sanji are married. When one cook points out this cake-making will be Sanji and Pudding's first task as a married couple, the former has a light blush and embarrassed grin, while the latter blushes so hard she catches fire as she faints again. The cook calling her Mrs. Pudding causes her to shake and cough up blood from the embarrassment, with Chiffon urging him to stop before he kills her at this rate. When Pudding recovers, she promptly goes tsundere again while Flipping the Bird.
    • During the part where Pudding explains her memory alteration of the chefs, Sanji is drawn in a very humorous way that people have called "Bob's Burgers Sanji".
  • Chapter 881:
    • Cover story: Sai and Baby 5 are now married... but Sai has a huge stack of swollen lumps on his head from earlier.
    • In the middle of their fight, Katakuri causes Luffy to accidentally swallow the mirror shards he was using to talk to his crew. When Luffy finally spits them back out, he makes an absolutely hilarious satisfied grin.
  • Anime only: When Luffy was knocked out in the first round, he took the infamous Yamcha Death Pose.
  • Chapter 883:
    • Luffy once again solves a problem by eating it: Katakuri traps him under massive amounts of mochi, and Luffy escapes by eating it, and when he escapes, he complains that he hates eating mochi.
      • For extra hilarity, Luffy also complains about the Big Mom Pirates using food, and that he's continuously being forced to eat. Yes, Luffy actually got tired of eating.
    • Right after Luffy gets out of the mochi trap, Luffy immediately heard Katakuri's presence inside the mochi shrine, and sniffed out the donuts within. The patissiers attributed it to Observation Haki, though the latter (if not both) were false. And then Luffy proceeds to run a round to burn off the mochi he ate through - in a matter of seconds.
    • When Luffy interrupts Katakuri's snack, readers are treated to the sight of the stoic badass Commander Katakuri cheerfully chowing down on donuts while talking about how incredibly tasty they are. Cue a massive, stoic, Oh, Crap! moment from the man when he realizes that his sanctuary no longer has a roof or any walls left to obscure him from the spectators.
      • Even better, he's laying on his back while he's chowing down, contradicting Brulee's claim in the previous chapter that he has never allowed his back to touch the ground.
      • Not to mention the fact we finally get to see the bottom part of his face. Which turns out to be ridiculously large jaws with sharp teeth. Well, with the help of his Mochi-Mochi Fruit powers, that is- he reduces it to normal size very quickly, but with the teeth still as they were. Makes you wonder what kind of creature his father is.
      • In the anime (episode 856), he actually sang about how good donuts are. Sugita-san pretty much channeled Gintoki right there.
  • Chapter 884:
    • Katakuri seemingly about to attack Luffy with donuts, which Luffy calls him out on- only to mold them into giant fists.
    • Pudding swooning once again after Sanji says something that is barely complimentary, and she ends up steaming, enough that chefs start to worry someone cooked Pudding!
    • The mystery of the missing Scout Sea Slugs is solved: all of them are playing hooky from their jobs because Charlotte Praline has hypnotized them into singing and dancing with her voice! It's also incredibly adorable to look at.
  • Chapter 885:
    • Just after Gear Fourth runs out, Luffy finds Katakuri bearing down on him. He then turns to see Brulee sitting a few feet away from him. One devious grin later, and Brulee ends up a hostage again!
    • Luffy uses Brulee to jump out of the Mirror World to give himself the time he needs to regain his Haki so he can resume his fight with Katakuri. Unfortunately, the mirror Luffy jumped through lead to, of all places, Nuts Island where a food-crazed Big Mom is rampaging! Talk about Out of the Frying Pan and into the fire!
    • What, no mention of the cook who basically had a foodgasm and fell over from tasting some of Sanji's cooking? After which Sanji announced that his game plan was to defeat Big Mom by having her eat a wedding cake that's to die for. In this case, perhaps literally.
  • Chapter 886:
    • The wedding cake being transfer to the port on a carriage that's being pulled by a top hat-wearing seal on a ball.
    • Pudding's reaction to Sanji saving Chiffon in the blink of an eye. A big smile, huge heart eyes, and a nosebleed!
  • Chapter 887:
  • Chapter 888:
    • The cannonballs that the Big Mom pirates use. The hilarity of these cannonballs include with one having a moustache, all of them competing to see who hits the Straw Hats first right before Nami tricks them into veering off. Extra points if you remember a certain scene from Roger Rabbit which is remarkablely similar to this.
    • Also, the cannonball with a mustache cries, "Here we go!"
    • Chopper's reaction to seeing powered-up Carrot fight.
  • Chapter 889:
    • Now charged with ferrying the new wedding cake, Bege (naturally) wants to poison it, with Sanji arguing with him about his pride as a cook. Sanji ends the argument by dabbing some of the cake frosting into Bege's mouth mid-sentence, leaving him nearly as entranced as the cook from earlier and unable to make any counterpoints. He attributes it to being brainwashed.
    • Two of the cooks apparently passed out from the sweet aroma of the cake in the process of frosting it.
    • Yet again, Pudding can't contain herself and she pulls another Sanji moment after Sanji acts cool in front of Bege.
    • Big Mom commands Napoleon to transform into his sword form and summons Prometheus and Zeus at her side. Now, there is a panel in a manga of the 4 of them together. Big Mom is starving, so she looks a bit more menacing than usual. Prometheus is now a blazing inferno with a demonic expression engulfing Big Mom's hair. Napoleon laughs wildly as his face is now on the blade section of his body. As for Zeus? He still has the same old goofy, happy expression.
  • Chapter 890:
    • When Jimbei tells Big Mom they don't have the cake, she rationalizes that if that's true, she'll have to kill Perospero. Cue him freaking out.
    • So in order to stop Big Mom from bisecting the Thousand Sunny, Brook not only takes a bolt of lightning from Zeus (with Nami right behind him as she avoids getting shocked herself with a happy expression on her face), but then cuts Zeus in half. What makes it funny is what happened between these two events that sets up his attack, as he weaponizes the meme he's most known for:
    *everyone is bewildered at the question in such a situation, immediately followed by Brook on the other side of Zeus*
    • What makes this even funnier is that it's too similar to the climax of Naruto (specifically, the fight with Kaguya) to be coincidence. It's rather clearly a Shout-Out, even if the exact techniques used are different. Even better, the same actress does Big Mom and Kaguya's voices.
    • Nami telling a de-powered Zeus that he has a choice to be her slave, or die. The face she makes is hilarious.
      • In an ironic twist, Brook was subject to capture and humiliation by Big Mom and her homies. Brook has now reversed the situation on one of those homies.
      • Zeus' inexplicable baseball hat.
  • Chapter 894:
    • So we get to see a flashback on how Luffy obtained his Observation Haki with Rayleigh, and during said training, Luffy is not only sporting several lumps on his head but smells Rayleigh's lunch. While training, Luffy ends up attacking Rayleigh's lunch, ruining it and we get this gem after Rayleigh hits Luffy for ruining his lunch:
    Luffy: Rayleigh!!! That hurt! Somehow...I sense anger!
    Rayleigh: That's also Haki. Here try to dodge this! *Hits Luffy again off-screen*
    • So as Bege is leading Big Mom away from the Straw Hats, Chiffon decides they need to go further to Puffs Island in order to give the Straw Hats more time to escape. The Fire-Tank pirates argue but Chiffon pulls off this number:
    Chiffon: Let's keep going until we reach Puffs Island!
    Bege: Okay. Wait, a second Chiffon!! Were you even listening!?
    • As the Straw Hats are getting chased by Smoothie's fleet, Carrot wakes up from her Su-Long form and is wondering if Luffy and Sanji are okay. Chopper, meantime, decides to ask if Cat Viper and Duke Dogstorm can do what she did.
    • Pudding might as well be the new Sanji with her interactions with said chef. She's not only able to not look at Sanji in the eye, but she's huffing and puffing in a similar manner than he is that it has the jelly Homie, Nitro ask this:
    Nitro: Who exactly are you imitating...?
    • We get to meet more of the Charlotte family, and specifically we get to meet Charlotte Brownie, who after asking the number of men the Straw Hats have for the upcoming battle, goes to sleep when he learns that the enemy only numbers less than 10.
  • Chapter 896:
    • The Straw Hats on the ship are getting gradually more worried that Luffy won't be able to get out of the Mirror World, nevermind by the planned time, because Luffy tends to get so focused on fighting that he forgets everything else.
    • Caesar isn't the only one with a Paper-Thin Disguise this arc: Pekoms- er, Nazoms, appears to solve the above problem by carrying a very livid Brulee over his shoulder. The disguise is so paper-thin, even Luffy sees through it.
    • Pudding's excellent Inelegant Blubbering face.
  • Chapter 897:
    • The Dramatic Irony present when the Big Mom pirates wait to ambush Luffy outside the mirror, thinking he must have somehow outsmarted Katakuri rather than beating him fair and square, completely unable to even consider the latter possibility. The Mass "Oh, Crap!" that will ensue when they see the truth is expected to be glorious.
      • What makes it even more hilarious is that Luffy actually did manage to outwit Katakuri and escape the Mirror World with Brulee at one point. He then went back in and beat Katakuri anyway.
  • Chapter 898:
    • The aforementioned realization expected from chapter 897 finally hits, with Bruleé revealing, Tears of Fear streaming down her face, that Katakuri got beaten. The faces of horror, complete with a couple of obligatory Enel imitations, were as priceless as expected; even better, they're all contrasted with Luffy himself, who is fast asleep without a care in the world.
  • Chapter 899:
    • Luffy defuses a tense moment, with Judge, even in the middle of rescuing Sanji, berating both him for his weakness, and Luffy for even wanting to come back for a failure and weakling who displays no royal attitude at all and only cooks like some commoner... and Luffy just waves him off, thanking him for his help; this leaves Judge screaming that he never answered why he even came back for Sanji in the first place. Luffy then makes an aside comment wondering why Judge would list all the good things about Sanji like that when he hates him, leaving Sanji fuming ("THAT'S NOT WHAT HE THOUGHT WAS DOING!") and Jimbei laughing.
  • Chapter 901:
    • What is the most unexpected way you can escape from certain doom on the high seas? A giant Fish-man eats you. Wadatsumi shoves the entire Thousand Sunny (minus an unlucky flagpole) into his mouth. The Straw Hats don't even get a chance to react before gurgling for breath underwater and hanging on for dear life.

    Reverie Arc 
  • Chapter 903:
    • Sanji discovers that his brother Niji slipped him his own Raid Suit. Sanji considers it an insult and refuses to wear it, despite Luffy and Chopper's pleas for him to try it on so they can see how cool he looks.
    • It's discovered that Zeus has submitted to becoming Nami's slave and now lives in the Clima-Tact. Sanji tells the cloud that he was Nami's slave first. Brook is shocked that Sanji is having a rivalry with water vapor.
    • Good news and of course, bad news for Sanji. The good news is that his bounty has increased to 330 million, which is higher than Zoro's.
    • The bad news is that he's referred to as 'Vinsmoke' Sanji in the bounty poster, right after he barred his crewmates from mentioning them, continuing the Running Gag where there's always something odd in his wanted posters to Sanji's chagrin.
    • A bit of humor and awesomeness mixed together. When Luffy looks at his bounty poster, it seems like it had decreased to 150 million. Turns out that he had read it wrong. He's now worth 1.5 BILLION. The crew freaks out so much that their hair stands up and their eyes pop out, including Brook. Yes, Brook grew eyes back specifically for a gag.
    • Morgans' article detailing the Straw Hats actions in Whole Cake Island gives Luffy full credit for the assassination attempt on Big Mom. Bege doesn't look pleased about it.
    • Rebecca, upon meeting Coby, nails that he's a huge fanboy of Luffy within seconds of meeting him, to his embarrassment.
  • Chapter 904:
    • Apparently, while Dragon, Ivankov, and Koala have been sitting patiently for the other Commanders to arrive, Sabo, the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army, has been laying on the ground for seemingly hours, grinning at the news about Luffy for so long, his face has grown stiff. Koala, who's more used to his behavior, just seems resigned to it while Ivankov cannot believe it.
      Ivankov: "Is he an idiooot?!"
      • The same scene has very amusing Funny Background Event that shows that Koala is Not So Above It All herself. At the table, Koala, who is only 5'3, can be seen sitting on top of two cushions on her chair in order to be close to eye-level with Dragon and Ivankov. Yes, a 23-year-old woman, who is the Fish-Man Karate Assistant instructor for the Revolutionary Army apparently would rather sit in a booster-seat than not be included with the other Revolutionary leaders. (Inazuma is sitting on top of one cushion.)
    • Revolutionary Army commander Karasu spends most of the chapter silent. Then he mumbles, and when people point that out he seems to get angry. Then the end of the chapter reveals he forgot to turn on the loudspeaker in his Plague Doctor mask.
    • Belo Betty helps power up ordinary citizens by INSULTING them. This brings to mind the famous scene from Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.
  • Chapter 905:
    • How did Fujitora get into Mariejois despite Sakazuki's objections and order that Fujitora be turned away from any and all Marine bases? He simply stated "This isn't a Marine Base". Sakazuki looked ready to literally erupt. Making this moment even better is Sengoku popping by just to troll Sakazuki.
    • Morgans has gone to cover the arrival of the Reverie participants, and goes utterly gaga over Shirahoshi.
    • Shirahoshi asks Garp (whom she calls Luffy-sama's Grandfather) if something is the "legendary forest" she heard so much about. Garp flatly remarks that it's just a single tree.
    • Garp is incredibly casual around Stelly, calling him a "little brat" as soon as he sees him, and later telling him to back off when Stelly tries to suck up to him anyway.
      • Stelly continues making a fool of himself on pretty much every panel he appears - He falls over in shock at the slightest opportunity, he faints from fear after King Neptune grabs his shoulder (because Stelly fell over), and is scared at even small things like the Bondola going up the Red Line, or some crows.
    • In his very first appearance, Ryokugyu casually discusses how much destruction would result in Mariejois if he had to fight Fujitora. Y'know, only the most sacred place to the World Government, his very employ??
      • Ryokugyu has also been on an extended fast. Apparently, the one thing that can make him stop is if a bunch of hot women spoon-feeds him a meal. And why is he fasting in the first place? No protest against anything, no ideological reason, the man is just that goddamn lazy.
    • At the very formal meeting table in the Kamabakka Kingdom, we've seen several prominent figures acting with grace... Belo Betty, on the other hand, has her legs crossed and feet casually propped up on the table, once again exuding no damn given from every pore.
  • Chapter 906:
    • Some snooty nobles waste no time trying to woo Shirahoshi. Her response is to shyly yet bluntly state that they're not her type, again, to her brothers' shock. Her embarrassed face and Wingding Eyes as Ryuboshi explains what she's supposed to do are adorable.
    • Shirahoshi also pops into Vivi and Rebecca's conversation about Luffy, saying his name aloud; once again, to Ryuboshi's shock. Vivi is also shocked when Rebecca mentions Luffy just as casually, fearing they'd misheard Shirahoshi, but when the latter confirms she is indeed Luffy's friend, the other princesses instantly give a thumbs-up.
    • A minor detail, but the refresher about Dalton's story shows Usopp with his extremely swelled up face from when Vivi slapped the crap out of him the Drum Island arc.
  • Chapter 907: On the cover story, Orlumbus is bidding a tearful farewell to the kingdom he served, while the King and his soldiers are firing cannons at him for stealing the fleet he commanded.

    Wano Country Arc 
  • Chapter 909:
    • While Cat Viper goes to talk with Marco, the Guardians are waiting at the coast. Roddy believes they got told to wait because their faces might be too scary and Blackback points out that Cat Viper's face is scarier than theirs.
    • While some townsfolk ask for doctor Marco to help ease their ailments and injuries, a little kid comes up and says that his younger brother got bullied.
    • Someone has a sphinx for a pet and a steed. Y'know, the giant monster they kept as a guard in IMPEL DOWN!?!
    • We finally reach the fabled land Wano and the Straw Hat are trying to blend in. How? Franky applied his craft as a carpenter, Robin trained to be a Geisha & doing quite well at it; Usopp worked his mouth as a Toad Oil Salesman, and Zoro is about to get executed for the theft of Shusui and being a serial killer. Wait, what?!
    • Wano itself is The Theme Park Version of Feudal Japan turned Up to Eleven.
  • Chapter 910:
    • Sanji tries to look at the newspaper's image of Vivi complete with his love-struck expression, preventing Nami from being able to read the paper, earning Sanji a big bump to the head.
    • When Sanji sees that there are multiple princesses that know him, he wonders if they're talking about him and Nami says good for him.
    • When Chopper sees Kureha in the newspaper, he cries Tears of Joy. Then Sanji expresses surprise at the fact that she's still alive, earning him a kick to the face from Chopper.
    • After seeing Dr. Kureha's face, he decides to cut it out of the paper, and Sanji tells him not to do that… only to do the same thing as Chopper with the pictures of the princesses.
      • This leaves the page filled with holes and Nami can hardly read the other side, and when she asks them to give the pieces back, they refuse with a goofy tone. (Doubles as a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, as the part Nami was trying to read was about Big Mom and Kaido arguing about who would get the Straw Hats' heads. This might have been good for the crew to know...)
    • While Nami and Brook are talking about the rough weather surrounding Wano, a huge octopus is seen behind them, with them none the wiser. Then when it starts making Kabuki Sounds and gets the Straw Hats' attention, they finally realize an octopus had climbed onto the deck.
    • And then, a school of giant koi pass by the ship and Sanji takes the moment to question how the koi (freshwater fish) can survive in saltwater, which Nami shouts that's not important at the time. Then, Luffy asks if koi taste good and when Sanji states the ways to cook koi, he leaps on one to catch it, much to Nami's annoyance.
    • As the crew goes through a giant, rapid river, Carrot is shown excited from the thrills they're going through, complete with sparkles around her, in contrast to Chopper, who's bawling his eyes out from fear.
    • After somehow getting past the whirlpool, Luffy and the Sunny are revealed to have landed on a beach. Luffy is shown to have fallen asleep, only to be woken up when a passing crab pinches his nose.
    • Luffy witnesses two giant beasts clashing and sees one of them is wielding a huge katana, and nonchalantly remarks, "I guess I'm in Wano." His time on Rusukaina stuck with him a little too well...
  • Chapter 911: Right at the start of the chapter, Luffy recalls exactly how he ended up in that shore, and the flashback includes Sanji telling Chopper that he (Sanji) can only carry Nami and Carrot to safety, Luffy being used as a trampoline before he tells the Sunny that they'll find the ship again (with the Sunny sporting a "Hey! What about me!?" look), and the octopus clinging to Luffy as it cries its eyes out.
    • As Luffy finishes reminiscing on how he got there, we see that the baboon and the Komainu are still going at it with one another while Luffy ignores the two.
    • Luffy then realizes that a Vivre Card he was hiding in his hat is gone, and realizes that it must've been lost due to the whirlpool he got caught in. Best part?
    Luffy panicking: I LOST IT IN THE SEA!? *Sighs and goes back to normal* Oh well, nothing I can do about it.
    • So as one of the Beast Pirates shouts at the baboon to kill Luffy, Luffy simply glares at the baboon who goes on its knees and is completely tamed by him, shocking the Beast Pirate member at how easy it was for Luffy to tame it.
    • Tama, after being rescued by Luffy, asks Luffy to give her a minute as she pulls on her cheek and makes a dango from her own body. Luffy is freaking out and just as the baboon is going to attack again, Tama manages to tame it by feeding it the dango, and shocking Luffy in the process.
    • Then there is this part:
    O-Tama: I want to repay you in some way, Big Brother.
    Luffy: Oh, that would be great! I have a lot of questions about this place! *Stomach growls very loudly*
    O-Tama: All right. So you're hungry!
    • After cooking some rice for Luffy as a way of thanks, Tama is surprised at how quickly Luffy eats the rice. When Luffy asks for seconds, however, O-Tama has to explain that there are no seconds and the rice was all she had. Luffy, sporting a depressed look and licking the bowl, tries to lie on how he was full and didn't really want seconds with Tama calling him out at how bad at lying he was.
    • When a man in a tengu mask shows up, Luffy immediately thinks it's Usopp.
  • Chapter 912:
    • Luffy nonchalantly decides to take one of Hitetsu's swords with him, since it'll make him look more like a samurai, even though he doesn't actually need one; it's clearly just for Rule of Cool. The sword he takes? Nidai Kitetsu, in the same family as Zoro's sword, Sandai Kitetsu, while totally not caring (or even paying attention) when Hitetsu states that it's cursed. The latter then proceeds to completely freak out as Luffy runs off anyway while ignoring his protests.
    • When Tama wakes up after fainting and remembers Ace's promise to her, she starts angrily hitting Luffy in the back of the head over and over for saying Ace is dead. Luffy just reacts with mild irritation, noting that it doesn't hurt but asking her to please stop hitting him anyway.
    • Luffy hears one of the thugs who are chasing after a fleeing lady yell "Hey, woman!", and wonders if that's Sanji who's shouting.
    • Upon reuniting, Luffy promptly glomps Zoro right in the face. Even better, Zoro doesn't seem to mind at all.
    • After Luffy tells Zoro that the water—and by extension, the meat of the animals who drank from it—is poisonous, Zoro muses mildly, "So that's why my stomach's been hurting.". Meanwhile, Luffy is eating said meat.
  • Chapter 913:
    • When Hawkins asks if they know who's really pulling the strings behind Wano, Zoro denies it, only for Luffy to reveal that they know it's Kaido. When Zoro lightly scolds him by saying that Kin'emon told them not to say things like that, Luffy, in his usual unconvincing way, tries to take it back by claiming he was just kidding.
    • Zoro notices that the blade Luffy has is quite powerful and tells him to give it to him. Luffy refuses and wants to use it instead, only to punch someone while holding the sword.
    • Hawkins reveals his tarot ability has a randomness element to it, as the first card he draws results in his men slashing each other.
    • When the Heart Pirates see Luffy and co. from a distance, Bepo muses aloud whether they should go fetch them before the Straw Hats cause a disturbance, only for Shachi to point out that Bepo stands out too much. Quite correctly, too, as despite being dressed like a samurai, Bepo is very obviously still a bear. What's more, he, Shachi, and Penguin are all wearing samurai kimonos with the Heart Pirates jolly roger displayed quite blatantly on the front.
  • Chapter 914:
    • After Tsuru fixes up Tama with the healing herbs, she warns her that she must not drink from the river anymore, and Tama cheerfully agrees...only for her stomach to growl again, prompting her to immediately shout "A warrior's shame!" and rush for the river once more, while an annoyed Tsuru yells at her.
    • When Tsuru asks Luffy and Zoro who they are, Zoro introduces himself with his Wano alias of Zorojuro, but Luffy starts to give his real name, until Zoro quickly cuts him off with "He's Luffytaro", prompting Luffy to quickly agree that that is definitely his name, and add an entirely convincing "gozaru"/"verily" at the end of the sentence. Tsuru then notes that they're probably from across the sea since they talk so funny, and Luffy thinks to himself, in complete seriousness, "How did she know?"
    • The Heart Pirates meet up with their captain to tell him that Luffy has arrived and is causing quite a ruckus with Zoro. Naturally, Law is pissed that they are drawing so much attention when they need to lay low.
  • Chapter 915:
    • We're introduced to Holdem, another of Kaido's headliners. He has a lion on his stomach, and when the lion gets mad at Holdem, he punches him in the crotch. But because they share the same body, the lion is effected too.
    • When Urashima spots Kiku in the crowd and tries to get her attention, she tries to hide behind Zoro. It doesn't work considering Kiku towers over Zoro already.
    • When a group of sumo wrestlers grab Kiku from the crowd, Luffy asks Zoro why he didn't stop them. Zoro responds that he didn't want to attack naked guys.
  • Chapter 916
    • Luffy declares he's a great sumo wrestler, and his record for this is that he beat Usopp in sumo.
    • When Holdem hears about the uproar caused by Kiku cutting Urashima's topknot, he says he can't do anything about it...because he's busy trying to pry Tama's cheeks off. When he finally does get involved, it's only because Luffy sent Urashima flying into his tower.
    • Luffy demands that one of Holdem's mooks that he just beat up tell them his boss's name, and the guy can only barely gasp out some garbled noises. Luffy actually thinks that's the name he asked for, and calls out a horribly botched version of Holdem's name while demanding that he come out.
  • Chapter 917:
    • We're introduced to Speed, the third Headliner in the area alongside Hawkins and Holdem, and the user of a horse SMILE. She smiles like this.
    • Luffy recollects aloud who Jack is by recalling that he poisoned "Cat and Dog", but then "the elephant" (Zunesha) smashed him. Kiku, who has no context for any of this, is confused about the fact that they're apparently talking about animals.
    • Law arrives to distract-fight Hawkins dressed as a Komusō. Perfectly encapsulating Law's attitude because seriously, he's fighting with a basket on his head.
  • Chapter 918:
    • After jumping on her back, Luffy takes control of Speed by using Tama's dango.
    • As Law fights Hawkins he hopes that because Zoro is with Luffy, they won't do something like take out Holdem. When he finds out Luffy did, he is not happy and starts yelling at Zoro for screwing up his part of the plan when he catches up.
      • Even better, he immediately ditches his fight with Basil just to do this.
      • What's even funnier was that it wasn't Zoro's fault it happened. Luffy wasn't aware that they had to keep a low profile and Zoro didn't get a chance to tell him.
    • Luffy brings free water and food to Leftover town. Law warns him that this is rebellion against Wano, but Luffy says that he was just repaying Tama for the food she gave him. Then he runs off to get some meat, whilst Law and Zoro watch.
  • Chapter 919:
    • The people of Leftover Town are celebrating thanking the pirates for bring food, Law looks angry at the thought of pirates doing good things.
    • When Luffy tells Speed to look after Tama, she angrily tells him not to order her around as she's one of Kaido's Headliners, then immediately states that it's only natural she look after her master.
    • After seeing the graves from last chapter Luffy is understandably shocked, especially when Law said Kin'emon only comes out at night. Turns out Kin'emon has a terrible case of diarrhea that keeps him on the toilet during the day. Luffy is understandably angry at Law for telling him ghost stories.
  • Chapter 920:
    • Combined with chapter 919, Zoro outdoes himself as he somehow manages to get lost and separated from the others while they were riding on the same lion dog! Even better, in typical Zoro fashion, he blames the lion dog for getting lost.
  • Chapter 921:
    • Kinemon decides to use his powers to disguise the rest of the Straw Hats, and when Nami gains a "kunoichi" ninja outfit, she outright slaps the perverted samurai for making her clothes too revealing. Doubly so when a few panels later, a real kunoichi by the name of Shinobu appears, and she's dressed in a white (manga version) stereotypical outfit of a ninja.
      • This moment serve as subtle callback to Sanji Obsession with seeing mermaids and to his dissatisfaction the first one he encountered was Kokoro.
    • Brook also is now dressed like a stereotypical depiction of a "ghost" in Japan. Though he mistakes it as a "guy wearing panties on his head".
    • Finally, tied with Nami's new outfit, Sanji expresses how grateful he is Nami was there before Shinobu appeared, to which Shinobu responds:
      Shinobu: I understand boy. A ripe a dangerous thing.
  • Chapter 922:
    • Kaido appears in his full majestic dragon form, intimidating everyone... then he hics through his entire conversation as his own subordinates point out how much he is drunk.
      • The sheer fact that Jack, who was shown to be a violent brute incapable of reason, is the logical reasonable one compared to his boss.
    • When Law reveals that the reason Kaido has appeared is because he, Luffy, and Zoro were exposed, the Straw Hats angrily demand to know what he did, with Law retaliating they have no right to say that to him, making them instantly realize Luffy was responsible, to which they apologize.
    • Law once again, planning how to deal with an increasingly looming Kaido, then as Kaido appears, Luffy's actions... are predictable.
  • Chapter 924:
    • Robin's reaction to the news of Luffy fighting Kaido. Must be seen to be believed.
    • Zoro is casually riding along a random man's boat when he learns about Luffy. His face as he's eating wasabi sushi is already funny, but when he reads the news, he has a a huge Spit Take.
  • Chapter 925: Jack being picked on by the other Calamaties. It says a lot when apparently Jack is the most reasonable and responsible person in Kaido's entire crew.
  • Chapter 926:
    • There's about three panels showing members of the Heart Pirates in the Flower Capital - however, since he would stick out like a sore thumb if he walked around Wano without a disguise, Bepo's panel has him taking a cue from his captain by wearing that basket on his head.
    • Shinobu has Belonephobia, meaning she's afraid of sharp objects. So someone stabbing near her hiding spot has her sprinting away while screeching at the top of her lungs.
    • Luffy and Kid turn backbreaking labor into a competition between the two of them over who carried the most stone blocks.
    • When Luffy & Kid pig out on the food, the jailers wonder how they're going to break their spirits. One of them then says "Make sure to chew your food before swallowing", prompting another to hit him and ask if he's their mother.
    • After Luffy and Kid eat enough to balloon up, the other prisoners stare in shock and awe as the two visibly slim down to normal in only a couple minutes.
    • We meet another Headliner, the deputy warden Dobon. He ate the Hippo SMILE Fruit, and like Holdem, it basically attached a hippo to his body. Though it looks like it's growing out of his ass. On top of that, the hippo will close its mouth around Dobon, muffling his voice.
  • Chapter 927:
    • While enjoying Sanji's cooking for the first time since they split up during the Dressrosa Arc, Franky notices that the long line in front of Sanji's soba cart is entirely women, to which he suggests that Sanji spice up his soba a little in order to attract male samurai. Sanji is aghast at this idea.
  • Chapter 928:
    • Caribou's Butt-Monkey status continue. First he tries asking Luffy for his extra food tickets and then forming an alliance in order to escape only to be refused. Then, he was almost hit by an object thrown by Kidd after he told Luffy false rumors regarding how Kid lost his arm. Finally, he is literally caught in an argument between two of the most dangerous Worst Generation.
  • Chapter 929:
    • Kanjuro works undercover as a fishmonger. However he doesn't sell actual fish, but poorly drawn ones. Apparently he's doing such a poor job blending in that kids are crowding around him.
    • After working weeks as a carpenter, Franky learns the blueprints for the mansion were pawned off. Resulting in him going on a Wild Goose Chase to find them... only to learn they were stolen.
  • Chapter 930:
    • When Zoro is in Ebisu, a town of Perpetual Smiler citizens, one woman uses her fingers to force his mouth into a smile, giving him a very wacky-looking expression.
    • In a very Black Comedy way: Big Mom and her crew make a showy entrance, where she announces that she's gonna make Luffy pay and take back Zeus...only for King to attack the ship and knock them right back down, including sending Big Mom crashing into the water.
    • When Sanji, Franky, Usopp, and Law are running away from the assassins sent after Sanji, Law quite states in his usual serious way that, if any of them do get captured, they must not reveal anything about the Minks or samurai who are part of the alliance and should "die with your mouths closed!", prompting Usopp to call him scary and state that Luffy would never say such a thing. Law just dryly responds "I'm more realistic."
    • This is then followed up by Usopp claiming that, if he gets caught, he'll talk to save himself, prompting Sanji to get annoyed with him and promise to protect him to keep that from happening. This is clearly exactly what Usopp was hoping for, as he cheers "Yay, it worked!", while Law gets a Demon Head at them.
  • Chapter 931:
    • It's revealed that in order to properly don a Raid Suit, the user had to be naked, which explains why the Vinsmokes were without clothes during their transformations in the Totto Land arc. When Sanji takes off his kimono to don his Raid Suit, Usopp admonishes him for stripping in public.
    • This exchange between Sanji and Law, after the latter recognizes Sanji's Raid Suit as "Stealth Black":
      Sanji: (shouting) Why do you know so much about it!?
      Law: Everybody from the North Blue knows!!
      Sanji: I don't care!! Never call me that again!!
      Law: I used to read the comic strip, and I always hated Germa.
      Sanji: I HATE 'EM TOO!!
    • Sanji hates his Germa-given epithet? He names himself "Soba Mask" instead.
      Usopp: That's so lame!! Please come up with something else!!
      Franky: Let us name you instead!!
    • While Sanji fights Page One with his Raid Suit for the first time, Franky and Usopp are left utterly flabbergasted at how Sanji was able to move faster than the human eye could move. Law explains to them that in the fictionalized comics about Germa 66, there was a man named "Stealth Black", who could disappear and blend in with any environment at will. Usopp's response?
    • With Sanji's dream of obtaining invisibility powers finally fulfilled, he resolves to use it for peeping on a woman's bat- er... helping the Straw Hats!
  • Chapter 933:
    • The ninja Hanzo runs into Nami and Shinobu in the ceiling and recognizes the name Shinobu as a bewitching kunoichi known for her seduction, but believes he's been mistaken when he sees the older ninja. Shinobu responds with the ninja art of the Groin Attack. Then once Hanzo is down, she declares it her binding ninja art which Nami calls out for just adding it out of nowhere.
  • Chapter 934:
    • With the disappearance of Big Mom and the possibility that she will be executed by Kaido, Perospero channels his inner The Starscream and taking over and renaming the Big Mom Pirates into the Peroespero Pirates. Daifuku objects and wanted Katakuri to be the one to takeover as captain. Seeing both her older brothers arguing in such a manner has Smoothie scolding them.
    • After taming a croco-shark to ride it, Big Mom comments how well-behave it is. Then Chopper reveals that Big Mom forced it to behave by hitting it twice on the head, leaving two bumps stacked on its head that Chopper is currently sitting on.
    • Big Mom looks at Chopper whenever the distance to Udon is brought up while she mentions she's starving.
      Chopper: Don't look at me while you're drooling everywhere!
    • Robin is not happy that she gathered little information during her mission.
      Robin: All I learned was the time Orochi will wake up on the day of battle, the contents of the tribute that will be carried to Onigashima by the shogun's procession, the time the banquet will begin, Kaidou's organizational chart of members listed by favor, their army numbers as well as weapon inventory, as well as Orochi's army and weaponry...
      Kanjuro: YOU'RE SO COMPETENT!
    • Sanji adds the women's bath...his input to the discussion of recent events. Then he bluntly asks where the public bathhouse is.
  • Chapter 935:
    • Queen the Plague is nothing but funny during his introduction. He enters under his crew members calling out his name as if he were a rock star, performs what can only be called the running man as he sings about how he is not fat but has muscles instead, and when he asks for a report from the Headliner, Babanuki, he does a triple take!
    Queen: Let's hear it, Babanuki. Go ahead and rank your problems...You can start with number 3 on the list.
    Babanuki: Eustass Kid has escaped.
    Queen: WHAAAAATTTT!? And number 2?
    Babanuki: The keys to the Seastone cuffs were stolen.
    Queen: WHAAAAATTTT!? Then what about number 1?
    Babanuki: Straw Hat Luffy is trying to escape right now.
  • Chapter 936:
    • So from the cover, we get Aokiji trying to eat ramen and accidentally freezing it as he's about to chow down. Extra points that it was from Wanze, who makes noodles by swallowing flour and snorting out ramen noodles. Think Aokiji just dodged a bullet.
    • Raizo is able to talk to Kawamatsu due to a wagon in front of Kawamatsu's cell blocking him from sight. When a couple of guards move it away, Raizo is seen clearly by everyone.
    • When Queen removes Luffy's cuffs, Raizo is in disbelief that they'd remove them just like that after all the trouble he went to to get the key.
    • In typical fashion, Luffy not only doesn't listen to Queen's explanation about how the inferno sumo tournament works but is happy the seastone cuffs are off of him. Then afterwards, he insults Queen by not only calling him fat but a good guy for doing so.
    Luffy: Hey, Balloon guy!! If I send you flying...
    Queen: Balloon!?
    Luffy: Will you let us escape?
    Queen: Not only is he rude, but he also didn't listen to a thing we said!
    • Back in the bathhouse, we have the accidental return of Nami's deadliest attack: Happiness Punch! And considering there's some ladies who actually caught sight of her, it seems the attack has leveled up!
    • Sanji, of course, can't take the Happiness Punch and finally gives himself away with a nosebleed that disengages his raid suit's power.
    • Though perhaps the most hilarious moment of all is when X Drake, one of the more serious Supernova members, goes to investigate only to be nearly knocked out by the sight of a barely dressed woman. Even more so, Hawkins reprimands him for basically falling for a random naked woman as Drake tries to deny it.
    Hawkins: You should've said something earlier about not being able to handle a woman's body!
    X Drake: I'm not weak against-
  • Chapter 938:
    • After Zoro defeats Kamazou and faints, Gyukimaru happily steals his scythe.
    • Sanji's punishment for peeping. Even Franky questions how one can be hurt like that.
    • Toko tries her "I'm not a boy" bit on Zoro. He is not amused.
  • Chapter 939:
    • We start off with the cover page: Jinbe getting a haircut from a spider crab with a moustache.
    • The face Hiyori makes when thinking of her brother and meeting everyone else again. It reminds one of the very face that Luffy used when Boa Hancock tried to freeze him with her Devil Fruit powers.
    • As Zoro tries to sleep, he complains about how loud Hiyori and Toko are being, wondering how he can sleep like this. He promptly falls dead asleep mid-sentence. And then Toko also falls asleep next to him, while Hiyori happily gushes on unaware.
    • The fact that Madilloman, a Gifter with the Armadillo SMILE powers, is being booed for using guns by the other members of his crew. He then points out that they are performing an execution, not a real sumo battle.
    • When Madilloman goes to defend himself from one of Luffy's blows, the little armadillo part of his body hugs his face to defend them both.
    • Kawamatsu casually saying how he wants to join in on the fun.
  • Chapter 940:
    • While looking for the keys to Luffy's collars, Raizo ended up finding Caribou's. This would result in the two teaming up, and the ridiculous image of Raizo's giant face poking out of Caribou's Swamp-Swamp stomach.
  • Chapter 941:
    • The color spread involves the Straw Hats trying to hitch a ride to some rather interesting places. With Chopper and Brook's locations probably being the most hilarious as they wish to go to Cotton Candy Kingdom and Panty Heaven respectively.
    • After getting the news of Komurasaki's "death" from Kaido, Queen is so grief stricken that he doesn't ask why both Luffy and Grandpa Hyou are extremely obese as Luffy asks when they're going to start the second day of the "sumo tournament" but only notes that the two are now somehow fat. Incidentally, Queen's stash of oshiruko has mysteriously vanished...
      Luffy: Aren't we going to start today's battle!?
      Queen: I don't remember them being that fat yesterday!!
    • Brook comes in to find Zoro, Hiyori, and Toko all sleeping together. His "eyes" (or rather lack of) are popping out of his head.
    • Hiyori is rather calm and looks actually proud as she comments on how most would've loved to be in bed with her as she asks Zoro if he enjoyed being in the same bed. Zoro's only comment is how "chirpy" she seems to be.
  • Chapter 945:
    • Zoro pointing out one particular "ninja" art.
    Orochi Oniwabanshu Ninja: Ninja Arts - Hell's Lute!
    Zoro: That's just a gun!!
    • Coupled with awesome, Brook using his soul power to scare some of the ninja.
    • Sanji's reaction to seeing Zoro saving Hiyori.
      • The fact that Sanji believes he's the one who should be getting the girls because his bounty is higher now.
    • In comparison to Queen, the Beast Pirates, and Luffy's reactions to Big Mom's appearance, Hyogoro just has a question mark, as he has no idea who she is.
    • Then there is the line Big Mom says right after entering the prison and everyone recognizing her.
    Big Mom: Big Mom? Is that a tasty treat?
  • Chapter 946:
  • Chapter 947:
    • Luffy is setting himself up to block Big Mom's attack, knowing well that if he doesn't he and Hyogoro are going to either be hurt or die. Big Mom strikes! ...And then Luffy and Hyogoro are found embedded into the wall of the prison from the attack.
    • Then we have Queen's gamble on stopping Big Mom. Which involves a bait of o-shiruko and a Brachiosaurus-size headbutt from atop the prison's wall that, unfortunately for Queen, restores Big Mom's memories. Cue Queen making an Enel face in horror when he realizes he completely failed to stop her and just made things worse.
      • And then Big Mom goes to sleep.
      • What really sells this scene, however, is Queen's desperation in restraining Big Mom and taking her to Kaido as he forgets that Luffy is now free to go wild in the prison.
      Queen: Bring 100 percent seastone handcuffs and chains! Wrap her in them 100 times, and inject her with 100 doses of beast tranquilizer! Leave behind only as many guards as are absolutely necessary! Everyone else, get on! If this monster wakes up again, know that we're dead meat! Literally every second counts! Transport Big Mom to Oniga-shima! This is a super high alert priorirty!
      • Queen’s facial expression and desperation practically scream “I just saw my life flash before my eyes and nearly died of a heart attack!
    • Finally, we have Momonosuke and Tama heading inside, with Momo not wanting to but Tama charging in, despite both promising to wait for Chopper and Kiku.
  • Chapter 948:
    • Kawamatsu unleashes 13 years worth of vomit all over the prison guards. All that poison fish did a number on him.
    • Kiku is revealed to be a man who's a woman at heart. Imagine Sanji's reaction when he learns Kiku's real gender and the realization that he acted flirty towards a man.
  • Chapter 949: The way Luffy defeats Babanuki: he ties a knot in his elephant's trunk, causing his shot to backfire, knocking him out.
    • Crossing over as a Moment of Awesome, after being inspired by Lufffy's speech the prisoners start eyeing Daifugo, clearly ready to give him the beating of his life.
      Daifugo: Hold it you fools! Remember! The first punishment that awaits anyone that stands up to the jailer is-
      Prisoner 1: Yeah yeah, we don't care.
      Prisoner 2: We've decided to rebel.
  • Chapter 950:
    • After Ashura-Doji agrees to join the alliance, he and Dogstorm joke about how they're probably stronger than Kin'emon due to having 20 years to become stronger. Kin'emon gets annoyed and calls them "old men" nearly starting another fight.
    • The prisoners expressing skepticism that Raizo was sent from the past, citing that he always looked old to them and couldn't tell his age.
      Raizo: So we're just straight to making fun of me now!?
    • Back at Udon, y'know how Luffy willingly took the plague bullet to convince the prisoners to rebel? Well, now Chopper has to find a cure for the plague, or Luffy will die! Chopper's fury at Luffy being so reckless with his life makes it better.
  • Chapter 951:
    • Usopp and Robin sneak past Orochi's men by adopting absolutely ridiculous expressions (the same ones they made when they learned Luffy was beaten by Kaido) while Brook pretends to be haunting them.
    • Once again, Sanji has a wanted poster with a particularly bad drawing of his face. Though he's not the only one.
    • Kine'mon and Inuarashi are surprised at how organized Ashura-Doji is that Ashura gives us this line:
    Ashura-Doji: Did you think I spent the last 20 years sleeping or what...?
    • How nonchanlant Big Mom is being about her imprisoment. She's not only being fed but when King turns down her offer to join her crew, she casually asks Queen to take off her handcuffs.
    • Despite the implications behind Big Mom and Kaido clashing, the panic everyone has when they witness it. Even Queen is joining in despite a minute ago yelling at Big Mom.
  • Chapter 952:
    • We're introduced to the other Yakuza bosses of Wano. Their reaction to hearing Luffy casually call Hyogoro "gramps"? Try to cut off one of his limbs.
    • The many casual excuses and attempts Queen tries to use to get out of Onigashima while Big Mom and Kaido are still going at it. Even better is how his subordinates see through it.
  • Chapter 953: When Kawamatsu offers to let Hiyori ride on his back since the snow is so deep, Hiyori refuses, stating she's not a child...while puffing out her cheeks like a blowfish in a very childlike pout, which Kawamatsu immediately lampshades.
  • Chapter 954:
    • The alliance of Big Mom and Kaido is so shocking that even the Island has a Face Fault.
  • Chapter 955:
    • While he is overjoyed that his sister is safe, Momonosuke recalls that she had a penchant for flying kicks. He at first worries what an older Hiyori's flying kick will do to him right after he mentions how coarse and a crybaby she can be.
    • Sanji trying to kiss up to Momonosuke so he can meet Hiyori. The best part? Zoro calls him out for it.
    • Franky yelling to the other carpenters to fix the ships so that they can handle at least one hundred thousand. The carpenters have to point out that they won't be getting those kinds of numbers but Franky doesn't care.
    • Luffy is in Gear 4th and he is still not getting the hang of the technique that Grandpa Hyou is trying to teach him. This surprises the men who just watched him shatter a large cube of solid steel with one punch (granted, that punch was his King Kong Gun, but still).
    Luffy: Well, that was a failure.
    Hyou: You strained too hard.
    Prisoners: That was a failure?!
    • Zoro admits that he never used Sunacchi when Momonosuke tells him how he was told not to use the word.
  • Chapter 956:
    • The Reveal that the World Government has abolished the Warlord system, which means all of them are now wanted pirates again.
      • Among the reactions, highlights include Mihawk and Boa Hancock, both of whom respond with a Badass Boast after being told to surrender.
        Marines: [at Kuraigana Island] Surrender at once, Hawk-Eyes Mihawk!
        Mihawk: Ah, this excitement. It's been too long since I've been the one chased. [laughs]
        [at Amazon Lily]
        Amazons: The rights of the seven Warlords have been stripped away! There are Navy ships out at sea!
        Hancock: Don't panic. You seem to have forgotten something. The reason they chose us to be the Seven Warlords was for our strength.
      • Buggy's response is to encourage his men to fight while planning on doing the exact opposite.
        Buggy: We're gonna fight like hell, that's what! Now go out there and show them what we're made of!
        Buggy: [thinking to himself] And in the meantime, I'm gonna leave.
  • Chapter 958:
    • In a flashback, we see that Oden refers to Shanks and Buggy as "Redtaro" and "Buggyjiro". Buggy is pissed that he's the "jiro" or "second son".

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