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Manga (and adapted from the manga in the anime)

  • Episode 2 had Black☆Star and Tsubaki sneaking through the rafters and quoting rules of assassination... only for Black☆Star to dive directly onto a dinner table surrounded by mobsters and loudly announce his presence.
  • Episode 3 introduces Death the Kid and his Super OCD, freaking out over every little asymmetrical thing (including himself when Liz brings it up). He leaves Liz and Patti in the pyramid because he just has to go back home and check if his painting is crooked. Later, he returns to the pyramid only to find the evil Pharaoh has captured Patti and Liz with his tentacle-like bandages and is apparently molesting them. Kid blushes and tries to leave, saying, "Didn't mean to intrude..." until Liz yells at him to save them.
    • The ensuing fight messes the pyramid up so badly that it compromises its structure, which our heroes don't discover until they're already outside.
      Kid: Let's say goodbye to the beautiful Anubis.
      (entire pyramid crumbles)
  • During Episode 5's fight with Stein, Black☆Star really takes a pounding. For the people who don't like him, this is great enough, but there's this downright hilarious line:
    Stein: [kicks off with his swivel chair, simultaneously defending himself from Maka and attacking Black☆Star]
    Black☆Star: OW MY FACE!
    • Stein's entrance is amazing. Tense music plays, the tension rises and the Doctor appears... and promptly falls over. He then gets back up and goes back inside... and the entire sequence starts again.
      Everyone: Is this guy for real?
    • And in the same episode:
    • Also in Episode 5 was Lord Death's description of the bond between meister and weapon as a guitar and an amp. In the background, Maka's strumming on a guitar gently with a smile to demonstrate the meister on their own, then plugs in the amp and starts thrashing on the chords while Soul looks on to show what happens when the two of them work together.
    • Kid fully intends to help the other teams fight Stein, but is stopped before he even leaves Shibusen by worrying about whether he remembered to fold the toilet paper back home.
      Kid: (deadpan) I can't be defeated by toilet paper...
  • Death the Kid would like to explain to you why 8 is a superior number to 7.
    • Soul's deadpan reaction:
    • Episode 6 also has Stein conducting dissections multiple days in a row... culminating in dissecting an endangered bird For Science!! After all, he wouldn't want to let them go extinct without ever having cut one open.
    • And after stressing the entire episode that Black Star would leave her for Soul, Tsubaki gets to see just how badly the pair work together as Meister and Weapon, culminating in Soul basically dumping Black Star in front of a cheesy romantic backdrop... before deciding to remain as Just Friends via a Meadow Run.
      Kid: Hey... can I shoot them now?
    • This is almost immediately followed by Kid pulling the triggers as they embrace.
      Kid: (in a tone that couldn't possibly be more deadpan) Oops. Sorry. My fingers slipped.
  • Episode 7 provides a moment of levity midway through, when Spirit tries to seduce a DWMA nurse... only for it to turn out to be Dr. Stein coming in the door. Not only is his reaction completely hilarious, Stein convinces him that he swapped his toes around. However, the delivery of the last line of the exchange is what seals it:
    Stein: Made you look~
    • While the end result is terrifying, Crona gets to snark at the gang of idiots in a completely casual tone.
      Crona: This is a public place, actually. The castle doesn't belong to you, or to anyone else for that matter. Which is why Ragnarok is going to eat you all. Right now.
  • In Episode 8, when Medusa (who at this point is still the school nurse) comes into the infirmary, after greeting the kids she asks Maka, completely calmly, "I wonder if you could pry off your father, who's clinging to my leg." They look down and see Spirit clinging to and rubbing his face against Medusa's leg, loudly trying to hit on her, with glowing pink hearts around him. Maka delivers a well-placed Maka-Chop and the next shot is Spirit lying in the hospital bed next to Soul, with a nosebleed.
    • Even better is how Medusa is smiling and not reacting to maintain her cover, but she's definitely thinking, "So help me, Maka, I'm going to kill this idiot in two seconds if you don't get him off me."
      • Before that happens, the scene of Maka next to Soul on the operating bed is ruined when Black Star literally kicks in the door trying to shake Soul awake.
        Black Star: SOUL, SOUL!!! ARE YOU OKAY?! (Starts violently shaking Soul) IT'S GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT!!! BLACK STAR IS HERE FOR YOU NOW!!! (Forces Soul's eyelids open) OPEN YOUR EYES!!! ONE LOOK AT MY BIG HANDSOME FACE, AND YOU'LL BE CURED FOR SURE!!!!
        (Maka-Chop! - Black Star is knocked into the next bed with a nosebleed)
    • Crona's reaction when they get Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by Stein.
    • Several of Crona and Ragnarok's lines in that episode, especially considering the fact that Ragnarok is the Only Sane Man in the episode.
      Ragnarok: (after Stein hits Crona with a kick) He scrambled what little brains you have left! Hurry up and snap out of it! We can't take another hit from his soul wavelength!
      Crona: There are stars and planets flying all around me...I don't know if I can deal with astronomy right now...
      Ragnarok: Astronomy's a lot easier to deal with than death, you moron, so hurry up and come to your senses already!
  • Every time Stein falls off his swivel chair. Every single time.
  • Episode 9 has Black Star and Kid meet the Holy Sword, Excalibur. On their way in, they meet a fairy and ask if they're in the right spot to find the sword—she grimaces and flies off without a word. After they actually meet him, they come out and she asks if they met him—they give the same grimace.
    • The episode ends with the reveal that Excalibur sent the pair a massive floral arrangement with the phrase "I'll always be waiting for you". The grimaces return.
    • Black Star's reaction to seeing Excalibur's true form.
      Black Star: How...incredibly...(beat)...lame!
    • The "Excalibur Face" is the introduction of a Running Gag. As Prof. Stein puts it (while displaying significant Sweat Drops, showing how even he is not immune), while anyone can sync soul-wise with Excalibur, no one can sync with him personality-wise. He is just so damn obnoxious that anyone who meets Excalibur ends up learning the "Excalibur face" and may display it any time the matter of Excalibur is brought up. Black☆Star, Death the Kid, Ox Ford, etc.
  • Episode 10 has Black Star pull out some Super Speed in his fight with Masamune. Unfortunately for him, the ground is muddy, causing him to lose his footing into a self-inflicted Groin Attack on a statue...
  • Episode 11 is a very serious episode with lots of Tear Jerker material, ending with Tsubaki killing her brother and then hugging Black☆Star and sobbing. Then one of the angry villagers that's been beating him over the head with a stick, to his cold indifference, the entire episode does it one more time and Black☆Star finally decides he's had enough of his shit.
  • Episode 12: The rest of the gang meet at Soul and Maka's pad for the first time. Seems innocuous enough until Blair suddenly appears wearing nothing but a Modesty Towel...though not for long. Hilarity Ensues:
    Kid: (Shocked) Is it always like this around here?
    Soul: (Nosebleeding) Yup. Anybody wanna take the sexy kitty home? She's free."
  • Episode 13: As part of a bonding exercise, Stein asks Soul and Maka to list each other's faults. Soul immediately gives out several, including saying she's boring because she reads so much, and ends with "And you have fat ankles."
    • Her slapstick reaction adds to the comedy gold.
    • The episode starts with Eruka breaking a dangerous criminal out of witch prison—when she reaches his cell, he growls "Who do you think I am? Do you think I would accept the help of others?" One Smash Cut later, and he's thanking her profusely as they make their escape.
      • While making their escape, he detailed his plan to dig his way to freedom—unfortunately, he was only ever given chopsticks to eat with.
      • Afterwards, Eruka mentions that since he had 200 years in prison, he could have probably used his urine to corrode the bars of his cell and escaped that way. After realizing this, said prisoner proceeds to bang his head against a tree and *loudly* lament his stupidity.
  • Chapter 12/Episode 14:
    • The episode kicks off with Spirit trying to "send positive energy" to Maka through various pseudo-fighting stances, finishing off with a Kamehame Hadoken. These antics become a bit of a Running Gag throughout the episode.
    • Spirit wants to get Maka a gift to congratulate her on being the best in her class, but is too embarrassed to give it to her in person. So, he has Blair get her something, hinting that she likes books. However, he doesn't anticipate that Blair would be lost to temptation, and ends up buying something for herself instead. She decides to change the size of it and give it to Maka anyway. What did she buy? Skimpy lingerie and a copy of the Kama Sutra.
    • It's harder to tell whose reaction is funnier, Maka's what-the-hell face, or...this:
      Soul: (holding up the underwear) Wow...It's so transparent I can read the calendar on the wall through it...
    • Oh it gets funnier. See, Spirit included a note with that gift telling Maka to relax and have fun with it. Now Maka thinks her dad wants her Innocent Cohabitation with Soul to stop being so innocent.
    • The entire testing scene. Kid's reaction to not being able to write "K" and then ripping the paper is to shoot a burst of blood from his nose and mouth and then pass out on the floor. And Patti with the giraffe. Funnier when Patti actually got a 2 on the exam "because her art was done so well."
      Kid: (sobbing) Damn, it's awful... Just awful... No matter what I do, I can't get the "K" right... I'm a useless garbage... I'm a horrible disgusting person who doesn't deserve to live another day...
      (accidentally rips the paper, then fainted)
    • You can't help but feel sorry for Soul after he gets stripped down his underwear (as he hid all his notes in his clothing), but seeing Black☆Star pinned to the wall by his shirt using some of the blood from his nose to sign his name on the wall beside him and then give a thumbs up to Soul, who doesn't appreciate the lack of help.
  • Kid getting annoyed because he got smashed into the side of the ghost ship and then demanding that they crash into the middle of the ship, which ends with him smashing into the ship again. Why? Because you're supposed to ram a ship in the *middle*, not the side, and Kid wants Patty to do it properly.
  • In Episode 16, Kid is chasing Crona and Ragnarok on his skateboard, and has almost caught up to them... when he notices how the sun and clouds are perfectly symmetrical. He completely forgets about catching Crona, and immediately turns around and rockets off towards the sun, ecstatically shouting about how wonderful it is.
    Kid: Oh, sun! Oh, clouds! I LOVE YOU!
    • Even better, Kid actually stops and notices that Crona's getting away, then a second later he decides to ignore it and keep speeding towards the sun.
    • Crona's confused "Huh?" when Kid suddenly goes the other way just adds to it all.
  • In Episode 17, Black☆Star's report on Excalibur consists of only his signature and the word "FOOLS!"
  • Medusa getting dragged off by Stein to dance in Episode 18.
  • Ragnarok does a real funny line in Episode 19:
    Ragnarok: Hey, did something with four wheels, two legs and two arms just blow past us?
    • Also from Episode 19: The Mizune sisters are destroying Death City and killing people left and right, and all Blair's worried about is that she's bored and has nothing to do. She thinks the explosions all around her are just part of Shibusen's party!
    • The moment where Stein hits Medusa with Soul Force to protect Maka. She bends with the blow, and then ragdolls through the air for a few moments. It never gets old to watch.
  • Episode 21 has Kid do one of his usual breakdowns and Liz is sick of trying to cheer him up.
    Liz: (sigh) It's your turn Patti. Tell him in that special way that you have.
    Patti: Oh, okay. (shuffles demurely for a moment) Get your ass moving now, damn you.
    • Despite being a sad scene where little Maka erases little Crona's sand circle, she way she says "All gone" and the long silence that follows is sure to raise more than a few giggles.
  • Black☆Star meeting up with Kid in Episode 22. Also, all of Kid's breakdowns and then subsequent snapping.
  • Maka succumbing to the black blood and going batshit crazy on Crona is pretty much horrifying... until she tries to eat their head, at which point it manages to turn funny for a moment.
  • Crona smacks Ragnarok (perhaps for the first time in their life). This exchange is what follows:
    Ragnarok: Do you know what it's like to get hit by you?
    Crona: How can I?
    Ragnarok: It's like when you haven't crapped in three days and three nights and then you get a toilet water backsplash bonus when you finally unload!
    Crona: That's gross, and I really don't get the comparison!
  • The hallucinations from Asura's madness are pure nightmare fuel except for one. When Black Star knocks the giant syringe of black blood away from Eruka and she suddenly hallucinates Asura standing over her drooling. And after the illusion vanishes she still has the drool on her head for a few seconds!
  • "The one with the red pants, don't you have any shirts?" Somehow, the absurdity of the dreaded Kishin taking the time to lecture a minion on proper dress.
  • Episode 24:
    • After Asura, the Big Bad of the series and a guy feared by all, was released, what were his first words?
      Asura: I am naked! I need to cover up! (to Free) The macho look sure is nice!
      Free: Does he mean me?
    • Free's magic trap that was supposed to keep Lord Death out of the fight for an hour but wears off after only forty minutes.
      Free: I may have exaggerated a bit. I am a man after all; we've been known to show off somewhat.
    • Then he meets the human-form Mizune.
      Free: And who the hell is this?
      Mizune: The combined form of five Mizunes.
      Free: Oh, okay.
    • Even earlier, Asura has been freed, and he one-shot two of the strongest meisters. Cue to above-ground and we seen a group of men getting aroused and sprouting nosebleeds watching Mizune and Blair wrestle with each other which involved the guy Blair started fighting Mizune for blowing up his fish shop seemingly keep coming back from the dead to ogle at the hot ladies along with 2 fishes ALSO doing so.
      • Blair lifting Mizune's combined form's top, which is so hilariously short it reveals almost ALL of Mizune's breasts via the open bottom.
        Fish Shop Owner: SO HOTTTTTTTTT!
        Blair: Didn't you die?
    • Even his fish are dancing for joy!
  • Episode 25:
    Black Star: Hey, Maka! Get over here!
    Maka: Why should I? You said you were fine with me reading a book on the sidelines. That's the only reason I agreed to come.
    Black Star: Well, I lied, sorr— *WHAM*
    • Maka being completely confused about playing basketball.
      Maka: W-wha? What did I do? What's a "double dribble"? I mean, it sounds kinda cool...
    • Maka having to ask her dad to spend a whole day with her as punishment for losing a basketball game. She reluctantly asks, and everything is silent for a few seconds... and then his HEAD EXPLODES.
  • Episode 26:
    • Maka tries to get Crona out of their shell by taking them on a tour of DWMA. Fun Size Ragnarok is not amused, so he tries to piss Maka off by... lifting her skirt. What follows is a truly epic Maka Chop—which he blocks by using Crona as a shield. Poor Crona.
    • Crona's poetry. Everybody who reads it is immediately banished to "Mr. Corner" wishing they'd never been born. Gets funnier when Sid (who was throughout the episode sad that Crona was scared of him) randomly appears in the corner out of nowhere, wishing he never came back to life. Now, keep in mind that in the people who ended up in the corner, there was: An experienced Meister, A Death Scythe, several Living Weapons, a god-damn ZOMBIE (and Weapon Meister), and a few students who regularly fight unholy soul-eating monsters. Apparently that was one BAD emo poem —even Black Star is affected by it!
    • And there's Soul's reaction to Sid randomly appearing in the lineup:
      Sid: I wish I'd never come back to life...
    Soul: What the hell, Sid?! When did you get in here?
  • This exchange from Episode 27:
    Arachne: Giriko—
    Giriko: (angrily) WHAT DO YOU WANT, LADY?!
    Arachne: I detest children who shout. Shouldn't you know that by now?
    Giriko: (instantly pleasant and polite) How can I help you, ma'am?
  • In Episode 31, Spirit has to mimic Lord Death to Justin since Lord Death's mask prevents Justin (who's always blasting music in his ears) from reading his lips. Spirit thinks he can get away with summarizing the Grim Reaper's somewhat-long sentences.
    Lord Death: Hey! That's not what I said! Repeat it properly from now on.
    Spirit: You're taking too long to explain it.
    Lord Death: Say that again.
    Spirit: Yeah fine, I got it.
    • With that, Spirit not only copies each sentence perfectly, but he even perfectly mimics Lord Death's voice and mannerisms! Adding to the humour, thi is the only time in the entire series (excepting flashbacks) that Lord Death uses his scary old voice talking to someone other than the Kishin Asura.
  • Episode 29: Stein has Maka, Soul, Black Star, Ox, and Harvar fight him in class in order to help them learn to resonate as a group... only to watch them utterly curbstomp themselves thanks to Maka backhanding Black Star into a wall with Soul and Ox accidentally going Royal Thunder on Black Star's derriere instead of Stein's. Twice.
    • Black Star starts the fight by leaping at Stein and yelling, "DIE, YOU GORY MOVIE REJECT!"
    • Later in the episode, Giriko and Mosquito get in another one of their arguments and start beating each other up, destroying part of the dining room. While this is going on, Arachne just sits there and keeps eating, not giving one fraction of a fuck.
    • In the anime, Rachel's mother opens a window to try and get Arachne's spider out (before Rachel!Medusa crushes it). In the manga, though, she tries to hit it with her husband's porno magazine.
  • Episode 40: Medusa tries to make a deal with Death. Death and Spirit spend much of the time Reaper chopping her, talking about panties and bloomers and more or less lampshading her apparent childishness. She is not amused.
    • Death keeps mockingly picking her up by her hood, and she pitches a fit every time he does it.
    • Then there's the part when Spirit and Death are discussing how to properly layer a joke, and Medusa is slowly backing away from them with a completely blank face. Even funnier, she's balancing on her snakes as she does this.
    • From earlier in the episode, Medusa's unimpressed expression when Spirit brings her into the interrogation room, and the fact that there's a sock on the rack of torture tools. Before that, there's Medusa's attempt to pull Deliberately Cute Child on Spirit to get him to talk to her.
  • Chapter 42: "There's insanity in my piano."
  • Chapter 44: Kilik, the Pots, Ox, and Harvar go on a field trip...
  • When the team infiltrating Arachnophobia's headquarters by Dressing as the Enemy are involuntarily split up, Soul and Kid end up in Angela's room. Angela is invisible except for her hand holding a switch, but they have to pretend she entirely invisible. She whacks Soul in the groin, then Kid dramatically sheds a tear while telling his fallen comrade he will be joining him soon, praying that Angela at least hits him in the exact center.
    • In the anime, Black Star gets a kick straight to the groin when he barges in through her wall—after she recognized him, naturally.
  • After the involuntary split-up mentioned above, Maka is pressed into cleaning Giriko's room. He notices the female voice coming from underneath the mask and demands she remove it so he can see her face (lest he remove it himself...with her head still attached). While trying to decide whether she should refuse and get killed, or remove her mask and blow her cover (and then probably get killed), Liz and Patty barge into the room...dressed as maids. Liz is immediately infatuated with Giriko's rough-yet-bishonen looks, and Giriko decides that he'd rather, ahem, have a nightcap with them instead of getting his room cleaned. Later, when the group gets back together, both Liz's and Patty's faces are flushed and sweaty, with identical giddy grins.
    Liz: I am sooo glad we came to Baba Yaga Castle!
    Patty: Yeah!
    Kid: What did you two just come from doing...?
    Liz and Patty: Wellll...♪
    Kid: ...
  • In Chapter 62, Stein comes to Lord Death with definitive proof of the identity of Buttataki's killer. Of course, since it's Justin, and the evidence is an audio recording of his confession, the whole thing is drowned out by Justin's extremely loud music.
    • There was also Black Star sparring with Patty. Black☆Star decides to give off a Badass Boast, claiming he can win with his hands tied. When he turns his back to do so, Patti decides to kick him in the nuts. The real kicker is Black☆Star tries to get Kim to heal him there.
    Black Star: [weakly] gotta use some of your magic on Little Black Star... make him all better...
  • During his fight with Mosquito, Kid's Defense Mechanism Superpower enables him to fire a mass of shots at once at the vampire's 'legion' of bats. Kid's reaction is typical:
    Kid: If you're going to fly, then line up and fly in an orderly fashion!
  • In Chapter 63, Death the Kid rearranges all the bookmarks in the book of Eibon when Noah isn't looking. If he's to be imprisoned in the thing anyway, it should at the very least be organized in a tidy fashion.
  • When investigating one of Medusa's old labs, Patti finds an eye and the jar and decides to challenge it to a staring contest.
  • The scene where Justin tells Tezca that he can't lipread what he's saying because of his massive bear mask. Tezca's reaction is hilarious when he realizes that someone he considers his friend has never understood a single word he's ever said.
  • Black☆Star's has three swords: Tsubaki, his hand, and his Ultimate Man Weapon.
  • Nearly all of Chapter 69 is one. The scene with Justin, Medusa and Tezca Tlipoca that goes into a Overly Long Gag stands out, Black☆Star threatening to eat Eruka in her frog form, and The Stinger with Death the Kid were all hilarious.
  • Chapter 74: Excalibur suddenly shows up in the Wrath chapter of the Book of Eibon after not being seen since volume 9's special chapter. Black☆Star is not amused. Then just when they all thought they got rid of him by going to the next chapter... "NOT AGAIN!!!". He's disposed of when Liz uses him to create a rip in space and then tosses him in it. Even The Faceless Index makes the annoyed "I just met Excalibur" face. Somehow.
    • Also beforehand, in one of Excalibur's rants, he's annoyed why he's put on the Wrath chapter when he thinks he's supposed to bring joy. Then he continues with the so-far anime-only "Excalibur Song" (I'm going to Californiaaaa~). THIS is what makes said Faceless make the annoyed "I just met Excalibur" face.
    • Also counting from Chapter 74 is the confirmation that Tsubaki and Liz are the team's biggest pervs. Besides Blair, of course.
  • In Chapter 97, Eruka hears a voice on the other side of her prison cell, who reveals that it's Free, and that he's apparently there to break her out since she did the same for him. When she opens the door, Free is also in handcuffs.
    Oh. You got arrested too, huh?
  • Chapter 98:
  • Chapter 105:
    Maka: I can't believe you really swallowed the Kishin!
    Crona: (with the smuggest look on their face) I did.
    • Then she gives Crona a knee in the face, a flying kick in the face, and face stomp into the ground.
      Maka: An idiot like you should just die!
      Soul: Weren't you just going to knock some sense into them?
    • So while Crona is trying to murder Maka and Black*Star with moon rock, we have this going on:
      Stein: One of the teeth just fell out... what in the world is happening on the Moon?
  • Chapter 111:
    • Maka's, black blood-crazed, comments on her own flashback while impaled on Asura's arm.
    • Soul's casual response to his and Maka's new black blood transformation.
    • Asura's comments about Kid being a new shinigami.
    • Stein throwing Marie to the moon which leads to Marie missing her target by 'quite a bit'... only to manage to turn around and smack Asura anyway.
  • Chapter 112: Maka is in the middle of telling Crona about The Power of Trust, then uses the weirdest choice of words possible:
    Maka: You believe in me too! Almost like a stalker.
    • Earlier, Crona assumes that Maka's a hallucination. Maka responds by giving them a Maka Chop. This proves to Crona that, yes, they are seeing the real Maka.
  • The sheer audacity of having the final chapter be about boobs. Lots of them.
    • Also, Excalibur interrupting Kid's requiem speech for his father by talking about food.
    • While Kid is talking about the Madness of Boobs take a look at what the moon looks like. Real subtle Ookubo.
    • Kid and Spirit during the Awesome Moment of Crowning. Apparently it took a few tries to put the mask on the way Kid wanted.
  • The bonus chapter where Hero manages to wield Excalibur (not even having a problem with his 1000 rules) and then terrorizes the Academy. In the end, not even he can stand Excalibur when he starts sneezing over and over again.
    • Excalibur also interrupts his own monologue to just stare right at the viewer, his face getting bigger and bigger in every panel until it takes up an entire two-page spread. Nothing happens after that (except Black☆Star getting really pissed off.)

Anime Only

  • Excalibur's flashback episode, especially the part where the words "PENCIL" and "AMERICA" were thrown in as Written Sound Effects. This being a Bilingual Bonus makes it all that much funnier.
  • Maka mentions that her mother travels around so much that she doesn't even know where she is most of the time, and Crona of all people gets an aside questioning her parenting skills. Crona asks her what her favorite memory of her mother is and Maka cheerfully mention it to be when she divorced her father.
    Crona: What a weird answer. Maka's got a strange family life...
  • Shinigami activating BREW, causing Death City to sprout limbs and become a Humongous Mecha. Naturally, the enemy stronghold does the same so they can have a giant robot duel. In the ensuing battle, Shinigami not only uses Death City Robo to execute his signature chops, but also delivers an Eye Poke technique at one point.
    • Afterwards, it grabs the Kishin and eats him.
    • Not to mention the Death City Bot's special attack: COFFEE TABLE FLIP!!!!!!!
    • The look on Maka's face when she sees the Death City Robot.
  • Kid charging his Ultimate Attack against the Big Bad, only to be pierced through the heart by Asura's finger.
  • The Where Are They Now epilogue during the credits also has a few funny moments including:
    • Marie and Azusa taking Rachel back to her family, and Marie dotes, over the happy family. Azusa then says something that causes Marie to "Marie Chop" her.
    • Joe, dancing in joy with his favorite coffee shop opening up again.
    • Crona's terrified reaction with playing basketball with the protagonists, especially with Maka coming at them.


  • The improv skit at New York Anime Fest as a whole could count as this (being based off the same fight in Episode 6), but Todd Haberkorn manages to stand out when he (quickly) gets tired of imitating gunshots...
    Kid: Gun! Gun! Gungun! Gunning! Gunning more! Gunning two times! Symmetry is awesome! Gun!
  • At the end of chapter 88, Marie announces that she has news on Crona to the group. However, one scanlator included a translator's note above a panel of just them from behind, below the waist.
    (directly over Soul, with Tsubaki to Soul's left) That ass!
  • Some of the character's comments on their rank in the second popularity poll are quite funny, but Crona's may be the best:

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