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  • Shout-Out: Masamune's shadow, as well the one as in Tsubaki's and Masamune's dreamscape, the elongated stick figures seem to be references to the horror short manga The Enigma of Amigara Fault (Drr... Drr...). Also, Soul's mindscape (as well as the imp in it) is a reference to the Red Room from Princess Resurrection.
    • Ox's over-dramatic ripping out his horn-like hair in order to convince Kim that he would forsake Shibusen to be with her is reminiscent of Hellboy.
      • Kim is a healer, which is the opposite of dangerous pyrokinetic Liz. Liz's actress also played a character named Kim .
      • During the same chapter Ox makes a reference to Kim, who he recently learned was a witch, as being an angel. The discovery of the band Angel Witch, and their song of the same name, adds yet another point to the long list of music references Atsushi Okubo makes.
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    • Capone, the first villain encountered by Black☆Star, ends most his sentences with " know?", which is the closest you get for an english translation of "dattebayo". Possibly unintentional.
    • Pay close attention to the list of students in episode 14, and you'll spot names such as Selim Pride and Dante Rockbell.
    • In episode 17 (Excalibur's second appearance), there is a part where he is speaking to Ox about how he could no longer find any satisfaction. We see him walking through the very same street that is depicted in the cover of David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
      • He also claims to have had an association with Sherlock Holmes in that episode, with an extended sequence featuring Holmes and Watson (with black bars over the eyes, of course.)
      • There's another direct reference to David Lynch in the episode right before the scene with Excalibur talking to a woman on a cliffside, with a shot-by-shot remake of the shadowy swooping shot of the Mulholland Drive street sign, taken directly from the same film.
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    • The most recent chapter has Maka attempting to ride Soul in his scythe form (with a drastically shortened blade) and they try to manifest wings from the back to fly, though, as Maka complains, the wings are anything but angelic.
      • The second attempt is tiny but at least not as spiky as Soul's imagination seemed to be making them initially. The third, powered-up by soul resonance, is much larger and noticably angel-like, as with Maka's soul.
    • The manga even seems to have a shout out to the Iconic ending of the anime. Clearly, when Maka punches out her opponent in Chapter 65, her fist is packed with courage!
      • Interestingly, just before Maka kills her, Arachne comments that courage * isn't* enough to win every battle. She then got bisected by Demon Hunter, but even so...
    • Shouts to numerous works of fiction and myths
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    • Episode 43 of the anime features a sort of Theme Park Version expy of Prypiat, complete with the iconic Ferris wheel. However, it swaps the Chernobyl reactors for a MacGuffin guarded by a pair of robotic clown... things.
    • Is it just me or does Noah look a lot like a Noah?
    • As of chapter 71-2, Death the Kid is Crawling in his skin.
    • Watch the 3rd ending at about 1:15 and tell me what you see. I'll give you a hint: Envy
      • Not just her, but the statue/creature below her looks a lot like Gluttony too.
    • Incidentally, the Book of Eibon comes from Clark Ashton Smith via H. P. Lovecraft. The curious might be interested to know that, in fact, a purported chapter from the book, written by Mr. Smith, exists...
    • Just look at Episode 47, where Black☆Star decides that he's going to face his fears. Now go watch Episode 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, where Shinji realises that he's not alone. Now tell me that the blue ripples which change the imaginary world both Black☆Star and Shinji Ikari are trapped in, allowing them to return to life (or something, in the case of Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion) are completely unrelated. (The moments I'm talking about are about 11 mins into episode 47 for Soul Eater, and the very last scene for Neon Genesis Evangelion.)
    • Chapter 79 has Noah summon a Manticore from his Book by calling "Manticore: I chose you." The very next chapter has him twist his hat backwards before summoning a giant cerberus., which, strangely, has the heads resembling Jason, Freddy, and Leatherface.
    • The samurai Mifune is undoubtedly named after legendary Jidai Geki star Toshiro Mifune, most famous for playing the eponymous samurai character in Sanjuro and Yojimbo.
    • In chapter 62, Maka and Soul fight a murderer named Frey D. Sadoko, who makes her victims listen to a cursed recording before killing them in their nightmares. She also uses an attack called Nine Inch Nails.
  • When Crona goes Multi-Armed and Dangerous, Black☆Star comments on hir Three-Sword Style.
  • Chapter 70. Metsu... Shoryuken!
  • One of Justin Law's attacks goes by the name "Law-Abiding Silvergun". It has a variant named "Law-Abiding Silvergun: Radiant".
  • Black☆Star's name and tattoo might be a shout out to The Dragon of the first American Ninja film (who shares both).
  • In chapter one, one of Blair's attacks is called "Smashing Pumpkin". One panel also show her hat to be a living creature named Zwan, that is the name of Billy Corgan's other, short-lived band.
  • Harvar's visor bears quite a resemblance to Cyclops's.

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