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Heartwarming Moments from Soul Eater:
  • Soul's response to Maka ranting about her father's skirt-chasing ways and wondering how men can be such pigs: "How should I know? Cool guys don't cheat on their partners."
  • From the moment of their introduction, Liz is often (understandably) completely fed up with Death the Kid, while Kid is frustrated with both his weapons for their inability to retain symmetry according to his exacting standards. Patti mostly just seems oblivious. However, when Kid fights Soul and Black Star, Stein, who has the power to perceive souls, offers some insight into what makes the relationship effective: both Liz and Patti deeply admire Kid, who rescued them from the streets, while the neurotic Kid is fortified and uplifted by their more sanguine personalities. It shouldn't work, but it does.
  • Maka's offer of friendship to Crona, and especially his reaction to it. Before this, we see Crona's horrible flashbacks and the scene inside his soul, which is a very accurate depiction of an abused soul falling into depression by first isolating himself emotionallynote , expressing self-doubtnote , and finally setting in to major depressionnote . Later, a younger version of Maka comes in and shows that poor boy/girl/??? the first bit of kindness he ever received in his entire miserable existence by kicking away the sand circle, which represents Crona finally lowering the shell he put up against the world because Maka helped him break out of it; this also made Crona start to reject and depower Ragnarok, finally standing up to him by punching him. The episode even had some poignant background music and a special Ending Theme animation to drive it all home. After seeing Crona's blank expressions throughout the series earlier, we finally get to see what led to his severe depression, and Crona finally gets a chance to do an emotional purge he could not do for a very long time.
    "It's not that you don't know how to deal with others, it's that no one ever took the time to deal with you,"
    • In the same episode, Maka's comment about Soul:
    "Obnoxious, and yet always answers to my every whim...the greatest guy...Soul.".
    In the English dub: This one is cool, a little rough around the edges too. But it's always there for me when I need it. This is my Soul Eater's soul.
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  • After Asura is revived, Eruka mentions that she can't feel Medusa's magic, meaning she lost to Stein. Afterwards, while she does say she always hated Medusa, she honestly did look up to her, and respect her skills as a witch.
  • In the manga: Ox's "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight with Kim, while she and Jaqueline are trying their darndest to kill him. Then he breaks his iron-rooted hair tradition to prove that not all witches have to be destructive, and she comes to her senses and heals him tearfully, then pecks him on the nose. That whole scene left this troper in a puddle of squee.
    • For clarity's sake, Ox's "pillars" are integral enough to his personality that they appear in his soul, yet he was willing to break them for Kim.
  • Sometime around the "Capture Baba Yaga's Castle" arc, Black * Star and Tsubaki's interactions were absolutely heartwarming.
    • Black* Star and Tsubaki got one earlier during the "Masamune" arc while Tsubaki and her brother go at it. Black* Star calmly sits in the rain while wounded stating simply "this time I'll let you take central stage" and watches over her. He never leaves her side even while the hostile villagers are beating him with sticks. The only time he gets up to protect Tsubaki from some brat trying to attack her. He responds by threatening the kid so convincingly everyone backs off and finally after the Bittersweet Ending to Tsubaki's fight she's depressed so Black☆Star gives her a shoulder to cry on. This also counts as his Moment of Awesome.
  • Manga again: Stein's pulling Marie towards him and letting her cry into his chest when her New Old Flame B.J. is killed. This not more than five pages after Naigus restates that he's incapable of love. Squee! is an understatement.
    • The whole scene beforehand counts as well. Mad Doctor even when sane, insane now, and suspected for a murder even he can't say he didn't commit? Surely Spirit and Sid have no choice but to follow orders and take the protesting man to Shinigami, for likely execution... Naturally, they meet up with Marie and Nygus, all four declare that they believe in him, and flaunt God's orders in order to let him go. Then Marie elects to go with him, not just for BJ's vengeance but so that Stein won't be left alone. Then the above happens. Damn if these people aren't Nakama.
  • Manga again: Liz and Patty's expanded backstory in the latest chapter: Even when Liz originally planned on milking Kid for his cash, she wanted to do it for Patty but after a while know what? Just read it.
    • What's more is that remembering how she and Patty met Kid is what helps Liz resist the temptation of the Greed Chapter, and when she starts crying over the thought that she's never thanked Kid for saving her and Patty from their miserable original lives, Tsubaki and Patty are instantly with a Group Hug to comfort her.
  • The brief scene between Shinigami and Spirit about watching one's children grow up. Rarely do these two Bumbling Dads get a serious moment regarding their respective kids, and this one is both that and bittersweet. They're both fathers, both watching their children grow up from a distance for admittedly different reasons. Between Shinigami's wistful optimism and Spirit's obvious unhappiness, it'd be bad enough without the context of the Sanzu Lines. With it it's just plain unfair. Bonus points for showing that even Shinigami and Death Scythe have the slightly awkward friendship meister/Weapon dynamic going on.
  • Maka asking her papa out on a daddy-daughter date after losing the basketball game, and how it caused him to vomit with joy. To top if off we're treated to adorable scenes of how Spirit imagines said daddy-daughter date.
  • Any episode that centers around Crona's adjustment to living at DWMA brings back the heartwarming. Of note is the scene where the students throw him a party and assure him that they'll always look out for him because it's only natural from being friends. Crona gives them what has to be the biggest smile he'll ever make in his life.
  • The episode of Kid's and Black☆Star's/Soul's fight ends with Maka trying to see Lord Death's soul, out of curiosity, and being puzzled when he doesn't seem to have one. The scene then pulls back to show the entire school, around which is a bright gold bubble with three spikes on the top, implying the school is Lord Death's soul. This possibly cements his Dumbledore-ness.
    • That wasn't just the school, that was all of Death City.
    • Every scene between Kid and Shinigami. They just don't quite get one another...until we see how much they do. And the chaos shall be eliminated in explosions and bright lights. Also, in hindsight, how some of Shinigami's first words to Kid in canon were about how his stripes are cute.
  • Maka and Spirit's relation. He really does care for her despite being a divorced womanizer and drawing the ire of Maka. In the manga, it reached an apex when Spirit gave Maka her mother's wedding ring. In addition, the whole discussion they have tells the reader that something's about to go down and Spirit wanted to get everything off his chest. So much so that Maka believes he's about to give her his will.
    • After the Super Written Exam, Maka stumbles across an old photo album with several pictures of Spirit reading picture-books to her. It's because of her skeezy father that she developed such a love of reading and was able to ace the test. Meanwhile, Spirit arranges for Blair to find out what book she wants to buy it for her, as he isn't sure whether Maka would accept it if it came from him.
    • Ch 106: a parent and child can work together as Weapon and meister regardless of differences between them. Cute, cheesy, and entirely in-keeping with the Power of Love/Friendship/etc that the series runs on. Maka and Spirit then proceed to follow the other rule the series runs on.
  • One of the "Repeat Show" openings features Crona with what is perhaps the biggest, most adorable smile on his face. You read that right; CRONA had a big, joyous SMILE on his face. After all the crap he's been through, this is definitely a comforting sight.
  • In chapter 56 of the manga, Death the Kid at one point tosses Patti and Liz in their gun forms aside without a word. That doesn't sound like a nice thing for a meister to do to his weapons, but in this case, Kid is about to be captured by Noah, realizes there's no escape for him, and throws Liz and Patti to ensure that at least they remain free. He's sucked into the Book of Eibon seconds later. That he makes such a spur-of-the-moment decision to try to keep Liz and Patti safe is just one display of how much he and Liz and Patti care about each other.
    • Another example before that: when Mosquito cuts Kid's arm off, Kid tells Patti not to change back, even when he's bleeding on the floor and she's held in the hand of the severed arm.
  • Chapter 109 Unless the translation is off, Maka and Black*Star continue to ignore the Reveal of ch108, and insist that they know what Kid's like, and that he needn't fear he is the same as Asura. Kid thanks them, and decides that he will try to become a 'true shinigami'.
    • Actually, they continue to encourage Kid despite knowing all about the ch 108 reveal. They proceed to point out that Kid and Shinigami are so different in personality that despite the same background there's no way Kid could become like Asura.
  • Chapter 62 gives us Stein 's public return after the Insanity debacle. He pops in with an Info Dump, as if it's business as usual. Maka's response: The Glomp. It's pure adorableness.
    Marie: Say what you will about Stein, but it seems his students really do love him...
    • And after he just saved them from being named the "Shibu-kids Squad," with an epic Greek Mythology reference no less, we can easily see why.
    • Followed immediately by Soul getting to eat Arachne's soul and become a DeathScythe. Thinking about... the epic battles? How "cool" this makes him? No, try the faces of everyone else on The Team, who've all undergone Character Development alongside him.
  • Chapter 97 has Maka realizing, since she refused to kill Crona, she no longer considers herself a member of Spartoi. Tsubaki says that they will stand beside her, and the cast ditches their new clothes in favor of their old ones, getting ready to fight on the moon.
  • Chapter 110 gives us the death of Shinigami-Sama and the revelation that his Madness of Order could have effortlessly mind wiped all humans and turned them into his puppets but he never used it...because he had faith in humanity's innate ability to do good on its own.
    • There's also the way Shinigami-Sama dies happy, knowing that Death the Kid will be able to take care of everything on his own, and Excalibur agreeing to make sure everything ends okay.
  • The moment during the battle on the moon, where Stein concludes that even ''he'' needs some order..and that Spirit needn't worry about him, because Stein knows that Spirit, Marie, and everyone from Shibusen is with him.
  • Chapter 112:
    • Maka finds Crona within Asura's soul, thanks to the 'music' played by Soul. Soul gets a moment of his own by fitting everyone's souls into his piano piece, and leaving the first note for Crona in order to lead them all back out.
    • Combined with Tear Jerker, but Spirit's reaction to the wave of black blood that covers the moon, taking him, Marie and Sid with it. While Maka is shouting for him while restrained by Kid and Black*Star, Spirit just smiles and gives his daughter a thumbs-up. As if to tell her it's all right, and he's just happy she's okay.
  • Chapter 113:
    • Mabaa-sama saved Spirit and crew without prompt.
    • Witches and humans are going to try co-existence, and Soul is deemed "The Last Death Scythe" to signify the end of the hunts.
    • Black*Star is looking after Angela. Very nice that Ohkubo would remember that.
    • Marie and Stein have a child coming.
    • Spirit and Kid during the Awesome Moment of Crowning.
    • Soul thanking Maka for helping him overcome his fears and commenting on the music they made together.
    • Maka vowing to meet Crona again combined with Crona's simple faith that they'll see each other again. After everything the two have gone through, it's nice to see that, despite distance and difficulty, the two's friendship is still strong.
    • After spending the entire series teasing Soul until he incurs Maka's tsundere wrath, Blair finally calming Maka down before she can go through with it can come off as a mild example (even if she did word it in a really pervy way, and even if everyone being affected by the Madness of Boobs probably had something to do with it.)
  • After Asura's escape, Spirit is very worried he will be fired or re-assigned because he wasn't around to help Lord Death (this despite the fact that he was able to help Stein and the kids). Seeing his Weapon panic over the idea of being sent away, Death just tells Spirit that he's the only true Death Scythe, and that he should have more faith in himself. Given that he usually responds to Spirit's rambling with a smack on the head, this is just rather sweet.
  • In the anime during the credits, one of the scenes is Shinigami erecting a proper grave for Asura in the Death Room.
  • An anime only moment that should be mentioned. When Crona leaves the Academy after refusing to go back to Medusa, Maka finds Crona in a large hole in the desert. Crona begins having a breakdown, confessing to putting Medusa's snake in Marie tea and starts saying how stupid others are for trusting him. Maka then enters the hole, seemingly intent on punching Crona. Instead Maka merely tells Crona to stop hurting himself. Crona then begins to cry in regret, telling Maka about how much he hates hurting others. Maka then gives Crona a cooldown hug and asks if they can go home. Nakama and forgiveness for the win.
  • Another anime only scene to note is after Crona takes a hit from Medusa in order to save Maka, he lies bleeding out a small pond of blood. Maka then starts to cry. Crona merely tells her not to cry and that he's happy for the first time because Maka was his friend. No anger, no blame, just the wish for Maka not to be sad. Even Ragnarok said something borderline nice. Crona later turns out to be not quite dead, but it's the thought that counts.
  • In the anime's last episode end credits, where we see Crona recovered from his injuries, hanging out with Maka and their friends. After all the crap he went through, this boy finally earned his happy ending.
  • Maka saving Soul from the Black Blood in the anime. It's a sequence that really pays tribute to their partnership.
  • In the anime, Tsubaki calls out to Mifune, telling him he could be a teacher at the DWMA and quit Arachnophobia. He actually does consider it, but things against it, thinking that Angela wouldn't be safe in that environment. Also, Black Star holds back attacking Mifune to let Tsubaki speak.
  • When Mifune is beaten by Black Star in the anime, Mifune feels hopeless. But Black Star gladly brings up the need to retrieve Angela, and Mifune realizes that Black Star is on his side. They eventually escape with Angela.
  • The first "Repeat Show" opening features Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, Patty, Crona and Ragnarok at a school carnival being held by Lord Death, having an absolute blast and then working together to battle Giriko's Golem after it ambushes the festivities. It's probably not canon, but it's lovely and epic all the same.
  • In the end of the manga, Gopher getting to fly off into the unknown with all his Noah-samas. He may be a jerkass, but damn, if that W-mouth isn't adorable...

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