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Drinking Game / Soul Eater

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If you want to do this drinking game, we highly recommend to use non-alcoholic drinks for the sake of your liver. ( the ones named in this page are just examples, you can use any drinks you wish ) if you decide to do the game with alcoholic beverages, make sure you have an ambulance on speed dial.

  • Every time somebody says "soul", take a drink.
    • If someone says "soul wavelength", take two.
      • Take five shots and call the hospital in advance if they start going deep into Soul Science.
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  • For every time someone says the word "madness," chug three gulps of beer and yell "SPARTA!", or alternatively, "IT IS TRUTH!"
  • Take a drink every time someone gets Maka Chopped. Take two if it's a Reaper Chop.
  • Take a drink if Death the Kid freaks out over something not being symmetrical.
    • Or, conversely, goes ecstatic when he finds something that is symmetrical.
  • Someone has a Nosebleed. Two if it's because Maka pummeled someone.
    • Three sips if it was because of Blair.
      • Four if it isn't just a nosebleed, but a nosebleed spigot. Five if the spigot has a spigot.
  • Take a shot whenever Black*Star fails at being stealthy due to his hamminess.
    • Take another whenever Black*Star blasphemes God, wanting to become more powerful than him.
  • Take a shot whenever Tsubaki hits Black*Star with a shuriken.
    • Take two shots whenever she's fed up with his antics and it shows through her kind demeanor.
  • Take a shot whenever Crona says they don't know how to deal with something.
  • Take a shot whenever Soul deems something to be "uncool".
  • Take a shot whenever Stein tightens that screw in his head.
    • Or dissects something.
    • Or has a pang of insanity.
    • Or spins around in his wheelie chair.
  • Take two sips of Jack whenever Medusa makes her Slasher Smile.
  • Take a sip of Guinness every time Ragnarok decides to (randomly) abuse Crona.
  • While reading through the character page, chug down half a can for every badass trope you see (Warning: You might die of cirrhosis).
  • Take a shot when Sid says something along the lines of "That's the man I used to be when I was alive."
  • Take a drink when Medusa enjoys being barefoot, like ditching shoes, how it feels cold to step on a frog, or wiggling her toes.
  • Down five drinks and go cower in a corner if Lord Death suddenly cans the charade with his humorous bubbly voice and begins using his actual, bone-chilling one.
  • Take a sip of expensive wine whenever Giriko and Mosquito bicker.
    • Take two sips whenever they actually fight.
      • Down the bottle if Arachne completely ignores their fighting and keeps sipping her wine.
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  • Take a shot every time Justin mocks Giriko.
  • Take a shot whenever Free forgets something crucial or obvious.
    • Likewise if he brags about his immortality.
      • Empty the bottle whenever he manages to freeze himself into a block of ice.
  • Every time you think someone's nose looks like a pig snout because of the manga's art style, take a drink.
  • Down a can every time Excalibur'll need it.
    • Gulp down some Jake whenever he says "Fool(s)!"
    • Or for that matter, sings.
    • As well every time he says his legend began in the twelfth century.
    • And whenever somebody makes the reaction face after they see Excalibur.


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