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The manga and the anime

  • Saitou casually mentions that he has a wife to Kenshin and Misao (the manga puts in a "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer). The latter two promptly discuss what kind of woman would marry him. A Buddha is mentioned. Cue Imagine Spot.
    Kenshin: [[Saito's wife]] must be like Buddha because no ordinary woman could be his wife! (Imagines Saitou resting on a Buddha statue)
    • If you enjoy Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction, the fact that "speculation about Tokio" has become its own fanfic subgenre is pretty damned funny.
  • During the Kyoto arc, Kenshin purposely walked around carrying a sword to avoid contact with other people. Then a flatfoot cop chases him... all day.
    Kenshin: What dark adventures awaits me, in the treacherous city of Kyoto....
    Cop: YOU THERE!!
    Kenshin: Oro?
    Cop: You got some guts to carry a sword in the face of the Sword Prohibition laws!! Stop!! Stop I say!!
    Cop: I said stop already!! I order you to stop in the name of the law! If you keep running from me, I'll have to arrest you immediately!
    Kenshin: (As the cop is screaming out orders) He's persistent, that he is! I'm sorry! But I don't intend to let others get involved, so won't you please just leave me alone, PLEEASE!

  • A post-Kyoto arc Filler episode is a Crowning Episode of Funny. An episode's worth of Hilarity Ensues, all from an engagement ring that Kenshin gives to Kaoru without knowing its meaning... and for worse, it belongs to someone else. After many failed attempts to retrieve it, Kaoru goes into a Heroic Blue Screen of Death after finding out that the ring isn't for her: She gets so mad that he does some earth shattering move on Sanosuke and Yahiko, the directions on how to do it on a Playstation controller is shown on the bottom of the screen.
    • Kenshin's bluescreen after finding out that he accidentally proposed to Kaoru is even more hilarious. The stress literally knocks him out, and he goes catatonic for several hours with his face frozen in an Oh, Crap! expression. This Yahiko and Sano to deal with it themselves. When Sanosuke comes back to get his help, he has grey hair.
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    • Yahiko thinks he can get the ring back by challenging Kaoru to train him in Jiu Jutsu, assuming she isn't familiar with it and that he can wrestle the ring off. Turns out she's not just familiar with it, Kamiya Kasshin-style requires one be proficient in several forms of it. Cue Yahiko getting tossed around like a ragdoll offscreen.
    • And by the end she's seen pigging out in the Akebeko, intending to binge until she passes out.
    • At some point, Kaoru imagines Kenshin proposing to her and then, um, well... the two of them are suddenly hidden by the bushes and then a flower falls off a nearby branch, complete with Kaoru crying out Kenshin's name passionately. Cut to Kaoru who has passed out on the street from the sheer hotness of the mental image.
    • As Yahiko and Sanosuke are trying to get the ring off of Kaoru, Kenshin theorizes that her hands must be rough from all the swordsmanship she practices on a daily basis. Kaoru takes offense to this and punches Kenshin through a wall, with the ring also slipping off in the process.
    Kaoru: (Voice breaking) Well excuse me....for having rough fingers....
    Kenshin: (Terrified) Miss Kaoru?
    Kaoru: Kenshin! YOU BIG JERK!!! (Punches Kenshin through a wall)
    • Talking about filler, what about that time the crew visited a spa...
  • Sanosuke Sagara's biggest fear is revealed. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In Shin Kyoto Hen, Shishio notices that Kenshin brought a woman along and says that Shingetsu Village's hot springs are good for healing wounds as well as getting women to open up down there. Misao, said woman, was not amused.
  • At the start of the Jinchuu arc, Enishi dubs the group the Six Comrades. Otowa disapproves, and what follows is a short but hilarious argument over what the group should call themselves.
    • Banjin: Inui and his Followers!
    • Gein: Gein and his Merry Men.
      Kurajinami: I am NOT merry.
    • Mumyoi: From the Ceiling with Love.
    • The Brazilian translation of the manga also did it superbly well.
  • And before that there is the delightful exchange when they are introduced to the hidden Yatsume Mumyoi who remains in the ceiling
    Yatsume: (from within the ceiling) It is very nice to meet you
    Banjin: Nice to meet us?! Get down here!
    Gein: At least show us your face! (cue an irritated Inui staring at the masked Gein) What...?
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  • After the Aoiya fight and the defeat of the Oniwabashuu sent there, Kaoru speaks to Misao about Kenshin...
    Misao: (rather dreamily) Ah, Kaoru-san! I get what you say. Your feelings for Himura-san aren't much different to what I feel for Aoshi-sama...
    Misao: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! (kicks Yahiko to the face)
    Okina: (cries Manly Tears and starts a Rant-Inducing Slight about how much Love Hurts... that nobody listens to)
  • Tsubame finding out Megumi is in her 20s during the gang's last day in Kyoto.
    • Later, Sanosuke explains to Yahiko that a woman who wasn't married at age 18 (like Tomoe before marrying Kenshin) was considered an "old maid". Cut to the 23-year-old Megumi's face...
  • At the end of very first chapter, after Kenshin decided to stay in the Kamiya Kasshin Dojo, Kaoru asks his age. In which Kenshin cluelessly started counting his age with his fingers.
  • Also at the third chapter, with Kenshin in the house, it would seem that the Dojo would get a lot of students... Cue Kenshin declaring that he's not accepting students, all would-be students leaves. Cue Kaoru beating the ever-loving crap of Kenshin.
  • After the fight with Jin'ei, Kenshin returned a ribbon that Kaoru entrusted to him. Only to find out that it's bloody thanks to his fight with Jin'ei. And Kenshin went home being beaten to crap by Kaoru.
    • To top it all, Sanosuke believes that the two were doing something else alone together...
  • In an early filler, a Gentle Giant sumo rookie named Toramaru befriends Kenshin and Kaoru, and she decides to help him train so he can return to his sumo training grounds as soon as possible. Sanosuke asks her if she's going to wear a fundoshi while doing so; Kenshin, Sano and Yahiko start imagining a topless Kaoru... and then she beats the shit outta them.
  • This exchange before the Shishio/Kenshin fight.
    Shishio: You're badly injured. Can you actually fight with your full strength like that?
    Kenshin: If we're comparing appearances, then I can say the same about you.
  • One side story focusing on Yahiko (volume 5) had everyone wonder where Yahiko has been running off to and keeping a secret about about. Kenshin guesses that he is training, Kaoru thinks it's about food, and Sanosuke thinks it's about a girl. They all turn out to be right ... sort of.
    • The end of the chapter has Yahiko in a fight with a group of thugs, though Kenshin and Sano scare most of them off just by looking at them. When he reveals he knows the two are hiding on the roof, they attempt a poor imitation of cicadas, before he points out it's the wrong season.
    • Then they fall off the roof, and we get the rare but hilarious sight of Kenshin panicking while holding on to Sanosuke's legs.
    • Yahiko getting mad every time the girl he's trying to help calls him Yahiko-chan.
    Yahiko: "Stop with the -chaaaaaaaan!"
    Tsubame: "I'm so sorryyyyy!"
    • The whole side-story made it to the anime. It's just as funny and cute as in the original.
  • In the anime version of the Raijuuta arc, the group is visiting a local hot spring. Sanosuke and Yahiko try to peep on the bathing Kaoru and Megumi... and the girls not only throw buckets at them, but it turns out they were wearing robes *because* they knew they'd try peeping.
    Kaoru: "You guys are so naive! You thought we'd strip, knowing that YOU woud be here?"
    • Later, as Kenshin is bathing alongside the (peeved) Sano and Yahiko, he overhears the girls and their hostess talking about Yuutarou and Raijuuta. He realizes that Yuutarou is in serious danger, and in the middle of his Eureka Moment he goes to the girls's springs and tells them what's going on... while totally butt-naked. Then he stares at the girls's horrified faces, looks down at his own naked body — and the camera/page focuses on (the still rather peeved) Sano and Yahiko, who snark between themselves as Kaoru beats the fuck out of Kenshin off-screen and Megumi verbally lashes out at him as well.
    Sano: (deadpan) Hiten Mitsurugi Style, huh?
    Yahiko: (equally dry) Reverse-blade sword.
  • Two words: Drunk Kaoru. The girl can't hold her liquor and went into a drunken stupor after just one shot.
  • After Kenshin's sword is broken, he looks for the man who forged it. That man is dead, but his son has gone into blacksmithing. So Kenshin goes to the son's house... and finds a baby sitting on a cushion. Who asks to shake. Kenshin promptly shakes the kid's hand. That's the old man's grandson; his son comes out of the back room a moment later.
  • Saitoh and Usui suddenly laughing in the middle of their fight. It's just feels so random that it's utterly hilarious, capped off by Usui ending his laugh with a rather hypocritical "What's so funny!?"
  • Gohei's final appearance in the anime involves him being on the receiving end on a Groin Attack courtesy of Yahiko. Said Groin Attack was apparently painful (and funny) enough to treat fans to a ten second montage of various images of round shapes being broken (such as one of two bells falling off a rope, walnuts being broken by a hammer and party balls bursting open) before ending with Gohei being sucked into what could be described as a black hole of pain.
  • In the anime train filler episode, Sanosuke, despite being a tough fighter in his own right, is highly superstitious of Western culture and advancement. He becomes terrified about riding a train, thinking it a work of sorcery since to him, something so big and heavy can't possibly move on it's own. Sanosuke also feared having his picture taken by a camera, claiming it might suck out his soul or shave off years from his life. Kaoru forces him into it despite protests, and the ep ends with a photograph of her, Kenshin, Yahiko, and a freaked out Sanosuke.
  • Saito's thoughts of the women in Kenshin's life and comparing them to animals. He relates Megumi to a fox, Kaoru to a raccoon, and Misao to a... weasel (she was PISSED).
    • In the same thought process, when Sanosuke and Cho insult each other as "Rooster Head" and "Broom Head" respectively, Saito imagines a man sweeping a broom at a rooster.
  • Seijuro Hiko's (claimed) motivation to teach Kenshin the Ougi: He can't be bothered to go beat Shishio's ass himself, and he doesn't have time to go look for a new pupil.
    • Episodes 43 & 44 of the anime are ripe with tons of funny moments between Kenshin and Seijuro.
    • After Kenshin is down during training, Seijuro starts to reminisce back to humiliating moments that Kenshin had.
    Seijuro: If you're not going to get up, I'll just have to keep reminiscing about the past. Let's see: I seem to recall the last time you wet your bed. It was bright Autumn day when you were 8 years old. (Kenshin angrily gets up in Seijuro's face) Or how about the time you were starving and you ate those funny mushrooms? That sure brings back memories. (Sees that Kenshin's up, and pissed) Oh, so you're up. I'm still reminiscing, so rest some more if you want.
    • As Kenshin is learning about the Kuzu Ryu Sen, we get this:
    Seijuro: Hey! Hey! Stop standing there and give it a try!
    Kenshin: Eh-?! You want me to do it just like that?
    Seijuro: Are you daydreaming or what, Kenshin?
    Kenshin: B-but master!
    Seijuro: Techniques that are only shown to you are completely useless! It's only when you experience them yourself that you can learn how to use and execute them effectively. That's how our training's always been done.
    Kenshin: (Thinks back to how he was hit by the Ryu Shou Sen, Ryu Tsui Sen, and the Ryu Kan Sen) I can't believe I lived through all of that.....
    Seijuro: That's only a testament to my skill and how fine my control of the sword is! (Laughs)
    • After Kenshin finds out that the Kuzu Ryu Sen is not the final technique, but Seijuro's best technique, we get this:
    Kenshin: (As Seijuro is laughing his ass off) He tricked me....
    • In episode 44, we also have this gem:
    Seijuro: You don't have the luxury of sleeping late! Why are you wasting time around here when so many people in town are patiently waiting for you to return?! Get moving! Stop wasting time and leave already!
    Kenshin: (As he is getting up to hug his master) Master! MASTER!!!
    Seijuro: (Sees this and moves out of the way) Getting hugged by you isn't really something I'd enjoy that much. Get a hold of yourself!
    Kenshin: I'm so relieved that the medicine worked like it was supposed to!
    Seijuro: Wha-? You thought this stuff worked? This is just something I threw together to keep you happy that time you thought you were dying. (Kenshin looks surprised)
  • Saito nearly stabs Sano down there for being noisy. And repeatedly does so throughout the ride.
  • In chapter 102, Sano throws what he believed to be hand grenades that his friend gave him into Shinshio's ship. The resulting explosion destroying the entire engine room and Sano's dumbstruck reaction was both hilarious and awesome.
    • When Shishio observed Sano, Kenshin, and Saito through a spyglass when they first arrived, he naturally has no idea who Sano is and simply dismisses him as irrelevant. Then Sano pulls his stunt mentioned above and Shishio realizes how badly mistaken he was. It's quite amusing to see someone that was so easily disregarded by Shishio prove to be so instrumental in the foiling of his plot.
  • In episode 34 of the anime has Kenshin meeting Misao and duking it out. Several mentions:
    • Misao aims to steal whatever Kenshin has on him, but she realizes he's too filthy to steal from.
    Kenshin: Is there something wrong with me?
    Misao: Aw. Somehow my sense of style won't allow me to do this. Did your wife run away from you?
    Kenshin: I'm not married, I'll have you know!
    • This either goes into Harsher in Hindsight or Black Comedy a hundred chapters after come the Jinchu arc, when it's finally established that Kenshin was married to Tomoe, and he told his friendly child neighbors the lie of Tomoe running off after he accidentally killed her.
    • When Misao tries to go in with a strike, Kenshin remarks that she's too light to do any real damage.
    Misao: How was that?!
    Kenshin: (Confused) How was what?
    Misao: My attacks aren't working on him! He's a monster, or something!
    Kenshin: Being punched by someone like you wouldn't do much even if you did connect, you're too light.
    Misao: That was just a test! This time, I'm gonna be serious! You could die!
    • After several more failed attempts to attack Kenshin, Misao starts losing her shit.
    Kenshin: Uh, but didn't you already say that?
    • After several failed Kecho Kicks and Kenshin casually stealing the money Misao had on her, Misao tries to take out Kenshin with the Kansatsu Tobikunai. Kenshin manages to deflect her attack with Misao's cape, much to Misao's anger.
    Kenshin: Erm, sorry about that.
    Misao: Give me back my cape!
    Kenshin: (Snatches it away from her) The cape is no problem, but the money is another matter. After all, those men did steal it from someone first, didn't they?
  • In chapter 121 when Misao first encounters Honjō Kamatari who despite looking like a woman, is actually a man.
  • In the Hokkaido arc, Kenji finds Kenshin resting on a futon after his grueling battle with Byakuya. Reminiscing the time his mother made him feel better by draping a warm and soaked towel over his forehead, Kenji attempts to do the same with his father. Unfortunately, Kenji chose to put the towel unfolded all over Kenshin's face. By the time Kaoru and Sano return to Kenshin, they find the poor man burning up.
  • Just before Jin'ei abducts Kaoru,Kenshin,who's sitting by the river,senses someone approaching from behind and lifts his sword from the sheath with his thumb. As Kaoru calls out his name,a surprised Kenshin lets go of the sword,causing it to fly back down into the sheath and slicing his thumb.
    Kenshin (with swirly eyes and a blood-spurting thumb): She's scarier than Jin'ei,that she is....

The 2012 Live-action Film

  • The dojo fight scene. The hired thugs attempting to evict Kaoru ignore her pleas to remove their sandals upon entering her dojo, even jeering at her for it. note  Kenshin, amidst his laying the smackdown on the thugs, takes the time to calmly remove his sandals and bows politely to the dojo before entering to continue his ass whooping.
    • While he's doing this, the mooks wait for Kenshin to remove his sandals, mainly because they're completely terrified of him.
  • Takeda Kanryu is such an unrepentant and cold-blooded asshole, but the way he does almost all of it with the crazy mix of pettiness and hamminess makes him stand out as a Love to Hate villain. For example: having your mooks murder the apothecaries who made your prize opium: seriously bad. Picking out a survivor with "eenie-meenie-minee-mo" while a circus-y Leitmotif plays in the background (Kanryu Teikoku ~Gashuu no Take~ in the soundtrack): comedy gold of the pitch-black humour variety. (It crosses into Actor Allusion considering Kanryu's actor, Teruyuki Kagawa, also played the asshole-yet-unfortunate Iwasaki Yataro in the historical drama Ryomaden, whose ex-samurai merchant background Kanryu shares.)
  • Almost ANY scene involving Sanosuke in this film manages to be Crowning Moments of Funny in themselves, what with his hamminess and enthusiasm taken Up to Eleven. But the crowner goes to Sano's fight with Kanryu's bodyguard, Inui Banjin. The brawl manages to break through the walls into the kitchen, at which point Sano calls a time-out to sample some of the chicken and wine. He offers Banjin some of the chicken too, but he turns out to be a vegetarian and is distraught at the fate of the poor bird. Banjin nonetheless takes a swig of the wine, after which they continued brawling.
    • The fight initially starts out like your typical brawl, but once they reach the kitchen, it becomes a succession of what Improvised Weapon they can grab next whether it be tables, pans, plates, or bags of flour, eventually leading to Sano's infamous time out.

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

  • After a fairly intimidating opening (to say the least) with the introduction of Shishio, we cut to Kenshin and company watching a kabuki play... depicting a caricature of himself in the form of Bakkyusai, a fool who's winning his fights through sheer dumb luck.
    Kenshin: "Oro?"
  • Any time Kenshin says 'oro'.
  • Sanosuke dramatically eating a tomato to intimidate the government agents.
  • After spending most of the movie off-screen, Sanosuke arrives in the Kyoto in the middle of the battle late, unable to find a good fight, and unable to find Kenshin. So to speed things up, he attempts the pole vaulting trick Kenshin pulled on him in the previous film... with less success.

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends

  • Hiko deciding to beat Kenshin's ass with a stick, since he can't be bothered to go take his sword, and is Badass enough to do so.
  • Once Hell breaks loose after Kenshin's fake execution, Sano breaks a barrier and jumps over it a few times while yelling and making faces, proving himself once and for all the Largest Ham of the trilogy.
  • During the final battle, Yumi tells Hoji to go fight Sano. It goes as well as you'd expect.
    Hoji: You bastard! I am one of the Juppong— (gets floored by a single punch)
  • When Sano joins the final battle, Shishio's reaction to his punches and headlocks is "Who the hell are you?"


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