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Manga examples

chapter 2

chapter 5

  • After introducing herself to Genie and her friends, Ila casually mentions that Louie would be going to the Forest of Tartious alone, but said they needn't worry since she'd brought some magical artifacts that would help him. When Merrill and Genie comment that they seem useless, Ila replies her items were probably more useful than "some people." Not only was a sick burn, she smiles innocently afterward while Louie just wants to get outta there.

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  • After they leave, Louie realizes just how manipulative Ila can be, or so he thought. As soon as she sees that her plan to get them to go with Louie worked, she promptly sticks him with the item bag and ducks out. Which is when it really sinks in:
    Ila: (waving) "Come back safe now!"
    Louie: (thinking) "I'VE BEEN HAD!!!"
    Ila: (smiling) "Hey, no worries, right? You get to go with your buddies now, thanks to me!"

Anime examples

episode 2

Episode 3

  • While shopping for a sword for Louie's trip a dark forest to get his wand fixed, Aila spots a cursed sword and attempts to buy it, only for the shopkeeper warn her that the sword is evil and will possess anyone who draws it. It won't stop its rampage until it tastes blood, or so the story goes. Aila is immediately convinced as soon as she sees Louie, in all his infinite wisdom, swinging the the sword around like a madman.
    Brainwashed and Crazy Louie: My little friend here wants to have a drinky drink!
    Shopkeeper: HE DREW THE BLADE!!!!
    Louie: HAHAHAHA! (Gets clocked in the head by Jeanie)
    Jeanie: Really Louie, grow up.

episode 4

  • While chasing Celecia through the forest, Louie runs vertically up a tree to get to her. What makes it funnier is the look on her face when he almost succeeds in doing it!
  • After summoning the demons for a second to attack the elf village, Louie beats them all up while swinging a dead boar over his head. Later, after the village is saved, Celestia asks why Louie didn't run away. His answer is because "Humans are different from demons". Melissa, Merrill, and Jeanie immediately see through it.
    Melissa: No sign of lying on his face. He'd make a better swindler than a hero.
    Merrill: I will never trust this guy again.
    Jeanie: Conman...

episode 6

  • In the opening scene, Melissa gives a lecture on the importance of facing and overcoming life's hardships, according to Mylee's teachings, but is unable to finish it because it reminds her that Louie is her sworn champion, whom she must serve (at 0:01-0:41):
    *choir harmonizes in background*
    Melissa: (reciting passage) "Everyday, we must face all sorts of trials and ordeals as a test of courage and patience. By accepting these trials and going through them, we acknowledge the battle of life. And a true champion is the one who-"
    *flashback of Louie facedown in the sacred spring, after falling through the ceiling*
    Melissa: (tries to focus) "...a true champion is the one who-"
    *flashback of Louie when he was plastered*
    Melissa: (tries clearing thoughts again) "A true champion is the-"
    *flashback of Louies fighting demon horde in the elf village, with a wild boar carcass*
    *Melissa wide eyed, now on verge of tears, the congregation stares in concern*
    Melissa: (sadly) "Someone tell me. I forgot."
    *congregation facefaults en masse*

episode 7

  • Merrill tries to stop the clay golem from taking her precious jar with a flying kick and gets sucked into its body. It stops long enough to literally squat and shit her out (seen at 14:27-14:42)!
    Louie: (nods sagely) "Mm-hm. It would've been different had it been the tear of a pure maiden."

episode 9

  • Merrill and the others become jealous of Louie repeatedly fawning over Celecia, while he only referred to them as "hey guys!" - followed shortly by the following exchange:
    Merrill: (whispering) "He said: "You and I."
    Jeanie: (deadpan) "He always says, "hey guys" when he talks to us."
    Louie: (completely clueless) "Hey, guys, don't you think she'll be a big help? Let's get this adventure started!"

  • After they've taken refuge in an abandoned cabin and settle in for the night, Louie lays down bedding for Celecia, who thanks him and notes that there's room for one more. So he happily accepts her invitation and bunks next to her, prompting the following dialogue between Merrill and co. (seen at 10:22-10:57):
    Merrill: (whispering jealously) "What is he doing? He has a totally different attitude when she's around!"
    Jeanie: (in agreement) "I'm wondering if we should trust her."
    Melissa: (suspiciously) "You mean the timing was a little too perfect? It's some coincidence."
    All three turn and glare at Celecia: "Shameless hussy!!"

episode 15

  • Louie tries to lure the lake monster back to the surface by using Melissa's bikini top as bait, since it worked the first time. Which she reluctantly goes along with, against her- look, you get the point.

  • The episode's culminates with Louie and Jeanie finally pinning the 'Gaurdian of the Lake' with their swords so the old man can deliver the final blow. But after all the dramatic build up, it gets hilariously subverted when his throw winds up being wimpy. There's a brief pause as the background music abruptly cuts off as even the lake monster's sorta like: 'WUT?'... then it instantly sinks their boat (seen at 17:14-18:03, here).

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