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Nightmare Fuel / Rurouni Kenshin

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  • Just about everything that surrounds Jin-E. The man has his Knight of Cerebus title very well deserved, considering what he did to Kaoru and how he managed to bring out Kenshin's darkest side afloat. Aside from a Blood Knight, he is also a hypnotist. He subjected Kaoru to a nasty hypnotic trick which put her in a trance that forced her whole body into muscular paralysis. This also includes the muscles that allow her to breathe. No wonder Kenshin totally cracked and went Battousai. The girl who was under his protection and he was starting to fall in love with would die in a truly horrible and undeserved manner unless he murdered Jin-E. Kaoru did break the trance in the very last moment, but it took her LOTS of effort. And then Jin-E killed himself.
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  • The Psychological Horror implications of Saitou going to the Kamiya dojo behind Kenshin's back brings out the Adult Fear card with incredible strength. Think about it: he could've killed everyone there easily if he wanted to, and Kenshin wouldn't have been able to do anything.
  • Shishio shows he's one step to being a Cannibal after taking a single bite out of Kenshin's shoulder and spitting out the meat after savoring the blood.
    • Everything about Shishio is creepy. He survived second degree burns all over his entire body, destroying his sweat glands. The reason why he's covered in all those bandages is since he's a walking Body Horror. Oh, know how his sword ignites? Its due to all the people he's killed. That means, all their flammable body fat has been absorbed by the blade, and only a single spark is needed to ignite said fat. Oh...since he can use it continuously...the body count should be in the thousands if not more.
    • Shishio's final meltdown. Both literally and figurately. The way he was screaming and clawing at his chest... ugh. And then he dies via burning alive. His body cannot take all the physical pressure of fighting Kenshin and he simply combusts. While he's bitterly laughing about his Karmic Death, and as Yumi's lifeless body burns as well.
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    • Shishio's fate in Shin Kyoto OVA is even worse. As he fights Kenshin in the ship's bowels, it starts releasing steam from damage, which cause him to start losing control of his temperature, which in turn causes his head to spew blood. Oh, but this isn't what kills him. After he impales Kenshin through the shoulder, Kenshin counters by striking his forehead with the pommel of his sword, which causes his head to split in half!
  • From the anime only, but still both heartbreaking and horrifying: Sayo and Shougo's common backstory. Specially three scenes: their father being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice in front of them , their Ill Girl mother being gunned down as the kids and their uncle Hyougo have to leave without her, and then the view of everyone in their Japanese Christian village being crucified.
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  • Soujiro's past. It was already bad enough that his stepsiblings abused the crap outta him for being an illegitimate child, but the scene in which he snaps and kills them all after they try to murder him and pin the blame on Shishio is genuinely terrifying, and specially in the anime due to the very effective animation and pacing.
  • The fake corpse of Kaoru.
  • Kenshin himself to an extent considering he has split personality issues.
    Kenshin: [With his blade poised over Jin-E] To protect Miss Kaoru..... I WILL BECOME THE MANSLAYER ONCE AGAIN!
  • Hannya's mask falls off after the fight with Kenshin, and it shows just what sort of lengths a normal human being has to go in order to pull off Latex Perfection—he broke his own nose and jaw and sliced off his lips and ears so that he could reconstruct them as he wished for his disguises.


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