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  • The opening theme song for the anime adaptation is a mix of pop and opera, with a touch of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67: I. Allegro con brio thrown in. It's as zany a mix as you'd expect.
  • Every time Catarina plans out her ideas for how to avoid her "doom", it's portrayed as a council of Catarinas with different personalities discussing what to do, through which we get to see the silliness that goes on in her brain to result in her bizarre ideas. The manga adaptation and Verge of Destruction take things a step further by portraying it like a live TV broadcast, including each meeting concluding with a sponsorship and signing off phrase.
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  • When Keith locks himself in his room after injuring Catarina, he takes the spare key with him so nobody can get in. Catarina's response is to grab an axe and chop down the door. It earns her a scolding from her mother.
  • After Catarina demonstrates Geordo's fear of snakes to Alan, Geordo comes by and makes it known that he knows what Catarina did. Catarina begins freaking out because she thinks she could be arrested, but Geordo instead decides to tell Catarina's mother about the snake and her tree-climbing matches with Alan. Catarina runs off to try and stop Geordo, while Alan collapses into hysterics. Catarina doesn't get arrested, but does get scolded by her mother again.
  • When Catarina and Keith attend a fancy party thrown by Mary's sisters, naturally Catarina contemplates sneaking some of the sweets home...only for Keith to come up and say "You aren't planning on sneaking some of the sweets home, are you?", making her briefly panic that he's got psychic powers. Keith then reminds her that their mother banned her from having sweets for several days after she tried to invoke the Three-Second Rule on a cookie that had fallen onto the floor.
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  • A scene happening during Catarina's fifteenth birthday puts her coming interactions with Geordo and Keith in a nutshell. After dancing with Catarina, Geordo kisses her neck and leaves. Keith promptly shows up to wipe the spot Geordo kissed with a handkerchief, claiming an insect had landed there. Alan then shows up to dance with Catarina and notices a hickey that has developed on her neck. Catarina tells him that an insect bit her, having very obviously taken Keith's words literally.
  • At one point, Geordo decides to lure Catarina to his room with the promise of sweets. Catarina arrives as promised, thanking him for inviting her... then Keith appears, thanking Geordo for "inviting" him as well. When Geordo is unsurprisingly suspicious, Keith says he had the maids warn him about anything going on with Catarina that might need his attention.
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  • After returning home from a trip to Maria's hometown, Catarina is greeted by her mother, who asks her questions about the field she's maintaining at magic school. Her entrance at the front gate and Catarina's reaction make it delightfully hilarious. Catarina ends up getting scolded by her mother again. For three hours.
  • During a trip to the lake with Keith and Geordo, Catarina takes off her shoes and pulls up the skirt of her dress to her knees in order to be able to wade around. Keith's reaction is to cover his and Geordo's eyes... but at the same time sneak a peek himself through his fingers.
    • Also, Catarina believing that Keith willingly joined them when he was supposed to be at a social gathering because he felt lonely not going with her. Geordo, meanwhile, is not pleased with having Keith as a third wheel.
  • The anime's version of the lake trip starts playing out like the trip in the manga, where Catarina and Geordo's carriage gets stopped by Keith and Catarina invites him to come along. And from there we get variance which adds to the hilarity:
    • It turns out Catarina invited everyone else in their circle of friends along, which greatly disappoints Geordo.
    • Everyone then begins arguing over who gets to ride with Catarina in one of the rowboats. Geordo claims dibs due to being Catarina's fiancé, to which Keith responds "Yes, for now." Meanwhile, Catarina and Alan have no idea what they're arguing about, and instead challenge each other to a rowing contest.
    • To Geordo's visible disappointment, after drawing lots, he ends up in a boat with Keith.
    • Nicol compliments Alan's rowing ability, to which Alan replies that he can't let Catarina beat him. Not a moment later, Catarina and Mary blaze by Alan and leave him and Nicol in the dust. Mary then praises Catarina's rowing ability and throws herself at Catarina for a hug...which ends up causing both of them to fall into the water.
    • Sophia comments that Nicol is having a good time. Catarina can't see it, so Sophia tells everyone to look closely and they'll see a slight smile from Nicol. Everyone does, and they all think to themselves they have no idea what Sophia is talking about.
    • Finally, a goose steals a sweet Catarina had in her hands. Catarina's response is to immediately chase after the goose in an attempt to get it back.
  • During the summer break, the anime shows every one of the Catarina council besides Studious Catarina lazing around enjoying the break, including Chairman Catarina. Studious Catarina initially tries getting the others to get themselves together so they can plan for avoiding their doom, but then the "Devilish Count" from the book Catarina is going to get comes and seduces her into joining the others in their relaxing.
  • In Episode 7 of the anime, after Geordo and Keith use their magic to help circumvent some traps, Catarina begins feeling useless. Then she looks ahead, shouts at the others to look out...and uses her Earth Bump to fill in a tiny pothole in the ground. In order to preserve her ego, the boys and Sophia all gently praise her for this "heroic" act.
    • When Catarina gets separated from her friends, her first instinct is, of course, to go looking for food. She finds a room with mushrooms growing all over and picks up a nearby rock to use as a knife. When the rest of the group locates her, they get a good look at the rock and realize that it's the magic-infused stone they were sent to retrieve. When she explains that she'd been using it as a knife, Alan naturally starts cracking up.
      • Just to cap things off, Catarina declares that they're going to make a stew out of the mushrooms she gathered; the more level-headed boys and Maria point out that they look highly toxic (they're purple with neon pink spots), leading Mary (and later Sophia) to declare that she'd gladly eat whatever Catarina told her even if it killed her.
  • Episode 8 of the anime has Catarina, Sophia, Geordo, Keith, Nicol, and Alan getting trapped in a book that feeds on human desires. Mary and Maria, who were not present when everyone got trapped, have to read the book in the hopes that one of them has their desire fulfilled so they can escape. This results in six different scenes, none of which Mary would want to happen in the real world:
    • Geordo's desire has him and Catarina in their wedding suite after their marriage ceremony, ready to get it on with Catarina. Catarina, naturally, is clueless about what he means, but it's pretty clear that Geordo is eagerly going to invoke his Marital Rape License (Played for Laughs, of course). As Catarina backs off, she falls and trips, to which Geordo then tosses a full wine glass he'd been holding up in the air, spins around to catch Catarina, and then catches the wine glass without a single drop of wine being spilled. He takes a sip of wine and goes to kiss Catarina... at which point Mary slams the book shut in a fit of jealousy.
    • Keith's desire has him alone with his sister in her room, with Catarina aware of Keith's sex appeal. Keith takes a sweet from her plate of sweets, and threatens to eat it. The casanova-like look on his face as he manipulates her is just hilarious. When Catarina protests, Keith says she'll get it only if she lets him hand-feed it to her. Catarina agrees... and Mary slams the book shut, declaring that she won't let anyone hand-feed Catarina.
    • Sophia's desire is her and Catarina in the Ascart Library, looking at various books. Catarina casually mentions wanting to live at Ascart Manor, at which point Sophia traps Catarina against a bookshelf and begins confessing her love. Catarina says she loves Sophia, and Sophia desperately screams "How much?! Which do you love more, me or sweets?!" Before Catarina can say anything, her stomach growls... and Mary again shuts the book in a fit of jealousy.
    • Nicol's desire has him as the Devilish Count dancing with Catarina at a masquerade ball. A pack of rabid fangirls and fanboys breaks in, but Nicol incapacitates them with his devilishly charming smile. He then takes Catarina into his arms and leaps off the balcony with her into a waiting gondola. When Catarina asks how to get back to the library, he takes Catarina into his arms again and leaps from the gondola to a rooftop, and then leaps across several rooftops before leaping into the light of the moon, saying he wants to keep Catarina trapped in his arms forever. He goes to kiss Catarina... and Mary slams the book shut, ready to burn it. Poor Maria has to calm Mary down to prevent her from doing anything rash.
    • Alan's desire starts with him playing the piano for Catarina. And that's as far as it goes, as Mary finally had enough and shuts the book before it can go any further, all while sporting a pair of Dull Eyes of Unhappiness.
    • Finally, Catarina's desire has her coming across a house made of sweets and gorging herself on it nonstop. She ends up devouring the entire house and sucking up anything edible nearby, which turns out to be enough to break the book's hold on all of them. Mary and Maria however conclude that the book released everyone not because Catarina's desire was fulfilled, but because Catarina's desire was too strong for the book to handle.
    • After everyone is released from the book, Mary and Maria explain to everyone exactly what happened. Catarina then says she had a bunch of weird experiences while trapped (None of which she understood the context of), which causes Geordo, Keith, Sophia, and even Nicol to be visibly uncomfortable due to remembering exactly what they all did. The four of them hastily excuse themselves and leave in embarrassment. Alan meanwhile has no idea why everyone was embarrassed because all he remembers is playing piano thanks to Mary cutting his desire short.
  • Episode 9 of the anime has Anne discussing how Catarina is completely unaware of how everyone in her harem is in love with her. Some of the scenes are incredibly amusing:
    • Catarina casually approaches Keith and tells him how she overheard how attractive he is and that he should have a girlfriend in no time. Keith proceeds to recoil in horror and then mourn to himself about his attractiveness not mattering because if Catarina doesn't notice it, then it does no good. We also get the priceless image of Millidiana and Keith holding up signs and proclaiming that Catarina is not suited to be a princess, like they were in a protest.
    • Alan is with Catarina in her garden asking why he has to play music for "poorly-raised potatoes." Catarina responds that she heard that music was good for vegetables and begs him to play. After seeing Catarina beg, Alan rolls with it.
    • Mary talks to Catarina about how she's not suited to be a princess, to which Catarina responds she's even more unsuited. This prompts Mary to enthusiastically suggest breaking off their engagements so they can flee to another country to elope, at which point Mary pulls out a map and spells out exactly how they'll do it. Of course, Catarina thinks it's a joke.
  • A bunch of girls publicly confront Catarina about bullying everyone, including Maria. They even provide copious amounts of evidence and witnesses. Catarina starts freaking out because this is exactly like the event in the game where Catarina is exiled/murdered... before realizing that she hasn't actually bullied anyone in this timeline, leaving her standing in a confused daze while the girls demand she quit playing dumb.
    • All her love interests coming to her defense. That in and of itself is heartwarming, but the hilarious part is how it plays out: their main reasoning is that Catarina is too dumb to orchestrate the complex campaign of harassment and bullying she's been accused of. And everyone agrees. The fact that Catarina isn't the type of person to bully others to begin with is a secondary point that isn't even brought up by the main cast, but by the rest of their classmates. It seems that Catarina's denseness really starts to frustrate her harem.
    • Also remember that Catarina still thinks she's in the villain role, so she's utterly astonished that her friends are all on her side, spending even that part of the altercation confused and barely registering the backhanded compliments being used. The whole thing ends with her losing her train of thought and loudly declaring that she's hungry after the others have resolved the situation.
  • At the graduation party, while most of the girls give Nicol flower bouquets, Catarina gives him a bouquet of vegetables from her garden, explaining that she felt it would be better to give Nicol something he could eat as opposed to flowers he'd just eventually throw away. Alan bursts out laughing, while Geordo snickers and Keith gives a resigned but understanding smile. Nicol for his part accepts the gift and promises to eat it with gratitude.
  • During the festival arc, Mary takes full advantage of Catarina's lack of anything regarding a filter and easily has her divulge her eating habits with Keith in front of Keith. Keith can only look on in horror as Catarina happily talks about how she'd get around eating too much by personally feeding Keith half of her food as a child, and still does it with him at age sixteen. The amused look on Mary's face sells the whole thing.
    • It gets better. Mary and Keith start trading thinly veiled barbs regarding each other's attraction to Catarina in front of Catarina, and Catarina, being Catarina, comes to 'realize' that clearly Mary and Keith desire each other. She can only lament at the fact that Mary is betrothed to Alan, making her unavailable.
  • The first story in the anthology has Catarina talking with Keith and Geordo about how her earth magic is useful for plowing fields. Keith and Geordo are at first amused...until Alan decides to demonstrate how his water magic would help as well. This sparks everyone else demonstrating how their magic would help in an attempt to win her affection. Catarina, who is still focused on her potential doom, completely misses the context of why they're showing this and instead gushes over how efficient a farm with all of them would be. After initially being disappointed that their attempts to win her affection were in vain, everyone else then decides to just roll with it.
  • In one of the novel's side stories, Geordo recalls that Catarina had refused gifts such as dresses and jewelry, so everyone gets her things like seeds and books. However, they find out that not only had Nicol gotten her a necklace note , but she was also wearing it under her clothing. Cue outrage from the suitors, obliviousness from Catarina, and Sophia rejoicing over her victory.
  • One bonus story has Geordo receive an invitation from Catarina. He's at first excited, believing it's a Love Confession... then he reconsiders and thinks Catarina may be out to prank him.
    • Then he decides to show up, prepared with a special set of gardening scissors just for Catarina... only to see that everyone else was invited too.
    • And why did Catarina invite them? To give them gardening uniforms to wear so they can help with the harvest at her vegetable field. Geordo's look screams "I knew this would happen".
  • Another bonus manga story has the main girls all dressed up for a sleepover, answering a question about what they would do for and with a lover. Catarina and Maria start off, giving mundane answers. Then we get to Mary.
    • Mary first says she'd want to share a meal with her lover... and then throws the other girls for a loop by saying she'd want to bathe with them, brush and braid each other's hair, and try on each other's dresses. Catarina interrupts by asking how she could do that with a man, to which Mary replies that nothing was specified about gender. After Catarina says that the assumption was the lover would be a man, Mary hugs Catarina and says being with her is what she wants, giving a harsh glance at the other girls.
    • Sophia says her response would be mundane, and it starts off that way, with either sharing a meal or cleaning their rooms. Then it gets into fighting for the future of the kingdom, dispelling the darkness in his heart, and breaking the curse placed on her lover. Mary then begins to ask Catarina a question, but before she can finish asking, Catarina confirms that it's something straight from a romance novel.
  • Yet another bonus manga story asks the main cast what they would want to be reincarnated as if they had the choice. Some of the answers are standard. Some, not so much:
    • Catarina says she'd want to reincarnate as something other than an otome game villainess with only bad endings. Anne in the background has no idea what Catarina is talking about.
    • Keith would want to reincarnate as a girl, because due to being around his sister so much, he has no idea how normal girls think.
    • Sophia again gives an answer that's straight from the plot of a romance novel.
    • Mary would be reborn as a man, with more power than Prince Geordo, and then begins saying she would find and kidnap Catarina before cutting her answer short.
    • Finally, Anne says she would want to reincarnate as someone close to Catarina, seemingly unaware that Geordo, Mary, and Keith are looking at her, worried they just got another rival.
  • Episode 9 of the anime adapts each of these bonus manga stories, staying mostly faithful to the comedy from them... with the exception of the reincarnation one, where Sophia gets so engrossed in her fantasy that nobody else gets the chance to say their answers.
  • An omake shows the various people in Catarina's life divided into two factions: the Prince Geordo faction aka "Catarina shall become my Queen", consisting of Prince Geordo and a very reluctant Anne, and the "Catarina cannot possibly fulfill the responsibilities of a Queen" faction, consisting of everybody else (the faction's first group consists of Duchess Claes and Keith who are actively trying to break off the engagement and will not hesitate to use force; the second group consists of Mary and an exasperated Alan; the third group has the Ascart siblings who intimately know Catarina's interests and secretly want her for themselves; and the last group consists of Rafael and Maria, who look like they are the least expected to separate Geordo from Catarina at first glance, but secretly get involved in the operation). It also points out Anne as being the dark horse of the group.
  • Chapter 8 of the Girls Patch Yuri Anthology has Catarina inviting Mary, Sophia, and Maria to a friendly gathering at Claes Manor. It starts out normally, and then things go off the rails when Catarina somehow ends up drunk.
    • In her first act of drunkenness, Catarina shoves her face into Mary's chest. Mary does not mind this. At all.
    • Sophia pulls Catarina away from Mary and begins helping her lie down on a sofa. Sophia then accidentally trips and ends up in Catarina's arms, who suggests they sleep together. Sophia does not mind this either.
    • Catarina begins feeling hot and begins undressing herself. When the other girls object, Catarina suggests they help her undress. This causes the girls to go into a panic, as they fear Geordo or Keith could easily take advantage of her.
    • Anne then bursts in with an apprentice cook, who explains that he accidentally used fruit preserved in alcohol rather than fruit preserved in syrup for the sweets they were eating. Then they notice in their panic that Catarina has disappeared.
    • It turns out Catarina had wandered outside and is stumbling around the garden. She then begins climbing a tree in her drunken haze. Maria, determined to help Catarina, climbs up after her.
    • Finally, Maria catches up with Catarina and sits with her on a branch. Catarina suggests they climb down, but Maria asks Catarina to do the same things to her she did to Mary and Sophia before they do so. Unfortunately for Maria, Catarina's no longer drunk and has no clue what Maria's talking about, much to Maria's embarrassment and disappointment.


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