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Funny / My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

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  • When Keith locks himself in his room after injuring Katarina, he takes the spare key with him so nobody can get in. Katarina's response is to grab an axe and chop down the door. It earns her a scolding from her mother.
  • A bunch of girls publicly confront Katarina about bullying everyone, including Maria. They even provide copious amounts of evidence and witnesses. Katarina starts freaking out because this is exactly like the event in the game where Katarina is exiled/murdered. Except since she hasn't actually bullied anyone, all her love interests come to her defense. That's heartwarming. The hilarious part is that Keith says there's no way Katarina could be smart enough to orchestrate such a complex campaign of bullying, and everyone agrees. The fact that Katarina is a nice person isn't even brought up until we've gone through the main cast and onto Katarina's classmates.


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