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  • Do not ask Ash where Vikings come from.
    Jessie: Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! ...Ugh, I think I'm gonna have one!
  • "I don't have time for your dumb motto today!"
  • The Psyduck clone fight. Basically, they just simply slap each other in the face, then hold their heads for about two seconds before slapping again.
  • When Ash, Misty, and Brock run into the Pokémon Center because of the storm, they are standing in the doorway exclaiming about all the rain when Pikachu interrupts them by shaking his fur dry like a dog.
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  • Brock's declaration that the disappeared Nurse Joy looked familiar. At least until you remember that Brock can tell them apart.
  • Everything Mew does, from messing with Meowth, to popping the bubble it saved Ash with.
    • While Mewtwo is gloating on how he is superior to Mew, Mew pays no attention and starts chasing its tail instead; at one point it even gives a look as if to say "Is this guy serious?"
    • At one point, Mew spots one of the big windmill-like turbines outside of Mewtwo's fortress. It flies up to one of the blades and sits on it. When the blade lifts, Mew falls onto the next one, then the next one and so on. Then there's an adorable close-up of it giggling in delight.
  • Ash's reaction to Charizard immediately attacking after he calls him out.
    "Charizard, I didn't say start!"
    • Then, Mewtwo, the last character one would expect to have such a moment, has one in the original Japanese version; when attacked by Ash's Charizard, Mewtwo, not surprisingly, shrugs it off without a scratch and immediately quips "What a bad tempered Charizard". note 
      • Charizard was clearly insulted by Mewtwo's comment in both versions, so being called "poorly trained" or "bad tempered" despite being one of Ash's more powerful Pokémon at the time was a kick to the ego for him.
  • Once all the original Pokémon are freed from the cloning machine, the Tentacruel owned by Fergus proceeds to give Jesse and James a hug!
  • The face of Raymond (the 'pirate trainer') as he sends in his last three Pokémon at once against Ash.
    • Even better in the Japanese version, where he screams "OH MY GOD!". And even better than that, the guy who did his voice is the same guy who did the half-Japanese half-English ramblings for the incredibly silly "Pokémon Ieru Ka Na?" (the Japanese Pokérap).
  • A meta one, during the scene in the dubbed version where Ash gets Taken for Granite, Misty's VA Rachel Lillis at one point suggests to say "My bike!" to match the two-syllable movement Misty's mouth was making.
  • During the opening, Team Rocket while spying on Ash and Co, are envious of how well they're eating. Jessie offers to cook up a meal, only for Meowth to refuse, saying the last time she cooked she wiped out eight of his nine lives!
    • Then when Dragonite flies near them with the invitations, they use the frying pan to block his way.
  • Tessho Genda, of all people, speaking in Pokémon Speak as Blastoise (Japanese version).
  • There's something hilariously hypocritical about Mewtwo choosing to erase everyone's memories to forget their experiences (of him, anyway, in keeping his existence a secret), which in turn made them forget a very important life-lesson. Possibly comes off as one last "screw you, humans" that doesn't involve wanting to kill them anymore, but still, good going there, Mewtwo. Too bad you forgot one important detail, which is what led to the sequel.
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  • It's mostly an uplifting moment, but as Mewtwo is leaving, Togepi pops out of Misty's bag, with Misty's expression implying that she forgot she put it there in the first place.


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