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Mew really wasn't biased against clones.
All it did was simply throw Mewtwo's words into his face. It's words switched the roles so it could egg Mewtwo on in a fight.

English Dub Mew is a Badass Pacifist
Unlike the japan Mew, who was taunting Mewtwo.

  • That would explain Mew's total disinterest in fighting Mewtwo at first. In his own way, he was trying to teach Mewtwo that fighting isn't the only way to resolve a conflict.

Mewtwo should not have wiped out the trainers' and the pokemons' memories of what happened on New Island.
  • Well, seeing how he still doesn't trust humans in the sequel, presumably he didn't trust them here, he just no longer wanted them dead.

Ash never died in the movie.
Ok, so Mew and Mewtwo are fighting against each other after the other pokémon all slow down and stop. They match each other so well, however, they use more unusual moves. Maybe they were even mixing the moves up and using moves that didn't even exist at the time - they're legendaries, they don't have to follow the rules! Anyway, Ash decides to intercept when the Psychics are charging an unidentified move and are just firing it at each other. Maybe they're both using Hidden Power (Rock) with a good old chunk of Psychic, for good measure?

Ash gets in the way and hit full-on. Ouch. He kinda hovers there for a few seconds before sloooowly falling down and going "Urgh" quietly. This could be him just losing consciousness and/or going into shock. By the time Pikachu reaches him, his whole body hardens into stone, which wouldn't make any sense if it were just a psychic type move - hence my theory that it's Hidden Power.

But wait, there's more to it!!

Obviously Pikachu trying to shock Ash back to life isn't going to work if he's been petrified (maybe there was some Hidden Power (Ground), too?) so how can Pokémon tears magically revive him? With all the psychic energy that blasted Ash, he became a magnet for the pokémon tears, which allowed them to fly across the room to fall on him. This gradually corroded the stone (maybe pokémon tears are super acidic, too?) and makes Ash glow blue, and then he's revived! Hooray!!


Naturally, there are a few holes in this theory, but in the Pokémon world, it makes more sense for something like that to happen without being fatal (they survive lots of otherwise hugely damaging things, like being burned and falling off cliffs, after all) than to have a character die and be brought back to life without even trying CPR.

This movie is the reason why Ash is still 10
When Ash was revived from the Pokemon tears he may have also gotten eternal youth and life ala Jack Harkness.

Mew resurrected Ash through the other Pokémon's tears
We've already seen Pokemon who have the power to bring others back to life (Ho-Oh), so it's not unreasonable to believe one of the original and most powerful legendaries, and the father (mother?) of all Pokemon, would have this power too. Just bringing Ash back to life might have been too obvious, so by working through the other Pokemon it was able to resurrect Ash and also drive home the point that senseless fighting is wrong to Mewtwo.

When Ash dies in the first Pokemon movie, it's Mew, not the Pokemon, that revives him (though the Pokemon helped in a way).
Sort of. Mew could have changed Ash back from a rock, but he couldn't have brought him back to life. So, he used the Pokemon's tears and changed them into some kind of life force energy, and revived Ash that way. This explains why their tears are magically attracted to and absorbed by Ash. Why use their tears? Two different theories:
  1. Mew realized that Ash's death could be used to convince Mewtwo to stop the fighting, and he thought it might have a greater impact on him if Mewtwo thought the tears of the Pokemon and clones brought him back to life. Or:
  2. He couldn't just make life force energy out of thin air. After all, he isn't a god like Arceus. He could, however, change already-existing elements. He chose their tears to change because it was a liquid, and could be 'absorbed' more easily by Ash's body.

Brock and Misty are evil.
Mew only reveals itself to a pure heart. Although they saw it on New Island, they couldn't see it after when Ash saw it flying by.

Most of the trainers Mewtwo invited to New Island declined.
After all if he was trying to gather the world's best trainers he certainly would have invited at least some of the champions, as well as people who have caught Legendary Pokémon. Taking this further, Ash and the other trainers we saw were only invited because everyone else who Mewtwo tried to invite declined. As for why the other trainers declined, they simply thought Mewtwo was some rich overconfident newbie, and not worth their time.
  • But there was a big storm; not many made it to the island. But the guess can be right for some people.

Domino is an Evil Twin of Amber.
There was a Psycho Prototype of the Ai Cloning Process. But she turned evil.

Venusaurtwo, Charizardtwo, and Blastoisetwo are the original starter clones reborn
Not only are they Mewtwo's oldest Pokemon clones, but they are also his most loyal. From the most subconscious of his memories.

Ambertwo was actually a hollow shell
The clone of Amber that interacted with Mewtwo was actually channeling Amber's spirit. However, Arceus or God called her back to heaven.

The next Mewtwo-related movie or special will have the cloned Pokémon forming an army.
Look at Mewtwo's track record of specials so far. First we had "Mewtwo Strikes Back", followed by "Mewtwo Returns". His next appearance was in the "Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon" special, but only as one of the titular holographic creatures. In truth, the special should have been called "The Phantom Mewtwo". With this in mind, clearly the next time he appears should involve an attack of the clones.
  • Is this actually confirmed? Depends on whether those Genesects are clones or not.
    • This is Jossed; it's a completely different Mewtwo with no companions at all.

Dr. Fuji isn't actually any younger than Mr. Fuji.
For this one to work, you must first realize that Generation I occurred before the franchise's Earth Drift, meaning that the writers of the anime assumed that the setting actually was our Earth, specifically in the actual region of Japan called Kanto, with Pokémon existing in addition to Real Life animals instead of replacing themnote . Therefore, the Generation I games, and the first season of the anime, are set in what was then the Present Day, the mid-Nineties. An old man in the Nineties (such as Game!Fuji) could quite easily have had a young child in the Forties or Fifties. Now, as it happens, in the very beginning of the "Mewtwo's Origin" special, we see that Film!Fuji's family photograph is in black and white, suggesting that it was taken before color photography became widespread. What's more, the drama CDs make it clear that the clones we see at the very start are not the first attempts; all previous attempts died and Fuji cloned his daughter over and over again. We have no idea for how long this has been going on, but considering that the PokéWorld has technology at least a few decades ahead of our own if not more (e.g. effortless conversion of mass into energy and then back, devices that can heal creatures in minutes...) it is not at all unreasonable to presume that Fuji began his cloning attempts all the way back in the fifties or so, making him as old as his game counterpart. As for why he looks nothing like him? Perhaps he is dyeing his hair and using other means to look younger, so that if he finally succeeds, his young child won't freak out over the old man in front of her. Who knows?

Ash was intended to catch either Mewtwo or Mew.
The first, Kanto season was supposed to be the only season, and we know the movie was heavily rewritten. As such, the first movie could've been Ash's Grand Finale, and what better way to express that by Ash catching one of the two star legendaries? Catching Mewtwo seems more likely, as it would parallel the games where Mewtwo is the final boss, and it would show Ash has finally completed his quest of becoming a Pokemon Master(back in those days, catching the strongest Pokemon of all would probably count as being a Master). That being said, catching Mew would be a way to hype a Mew event, and make an Ash vs Mewtwo battle more plausible.

Magma Grunt
The trainer Ash battles during the opening credits was a (possibly former) member of Team Magma. He has their symbol on his hat and uses a Ground-type. This was before Johto was even announced, much less Hoenn. It has been revealed much later that Gen 3 takes place chronologically before Gen 1, so it's possible he left the Hoenn region for Kanto when Magma disbanded.

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