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    The New Mewtwo 
This Mewtwo is the same Mewtwo that debuted in the very first movie.
Judging by the latest trailer with Ash calling its name.
  • Jossed. It is a different one.
  • (Later Theory): Being a being of incomprehensible intelligence and physic power, it can probably change it's mental gender at will.

The Mewtwo in Mewtwo's Awakening is a different Mewtwo than the one in the first movie.
In the manga adaptation of this movie, Mewtwo had a different backstory, and it also speaks in a very feminine voice, in contrast to the previous Mewtwo's masculine one.
  • Confirmed. It is different.

The Mewtwo in this movie is cloned from the Mew from Movie 8.
What fans tend to forget is that a second Mew was already introduced into the anime's canon; therefore, it's possible that the new Mewtwo is cloned from it rather than Movie 1's Mew or a generic Mew that merely exists for the backstory.

There are 3 Mewtwos
The first is the original Cinnabar Island one in the games, the second is the New Island one in the First Movie and the third is the one in this movie.

There are only two Mewtwos, one with a feminine personality and one a masculine personality.
The first movie has a Mewtwo that is extremely aggressive to any human and anything that sides with them, only wanting to ally and rule over its clone Pokemon. This Mewtwo also had a very masculine persona and male voice. The Mewtwo from Legend Awakened is a more benevolent Pokemon, only distrusting humans who had tortured it in a lab, but it is fine with Pokemon.

Also, Mega Mewtwo Y looks more feminine while X looks more macho...


The Mewtwo in the film was created because the original Mewtwo erased Team Rocket's memories.
Team Rocket created Mewtwo because they found a sample of Mew. If they had no memory of creating Mewtwo the first time they'd try creating Mewtwo again and since it's their scientists (Dr. Fuji is nowhere to be found since he's dead) making the product their Mewtwo would sound closer to Mew whom Mewtwo is based on. And since this Mewtwo never met any other clones it merely has distrust of Humans instead of outright hatred.

The events in Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns did not expunge all records of Mewtwo's existence.
Think about it: Mewtwo used his psychic powers to wipe Giovanni and pal's memory of his and Mt Quena's existence, but there's nothing saying that he wiped out whatever records of him are left. Even though a lot of what's known about him was blown apart when he escaped, Giovanni probably has lots of super-secure files on Mewtwo. Giovanni and his Executives are the only ones who had files on Mewtwo. While Giovanni can't remember the password and place, the importance of the Mewtwo project(to the point that his own mother was part of it) would leave a colossal, mutant feline-shaped hole in the records. Having scientists brilliant enough to make Mewtwo in the first place find out what's going on, Giovanni rediscovered Mewtwo's existence. The reason Giovanni isn't going after Mewtwo again is to wait it out and ensure Mewtwo is in his command, especially now that he can't use his morality clones against Mewtwo. Unknown to Giovanni, Team Plasma managed to hijack this information and use it to create the Mewtwo in the 16th movie.

Anime Team Flare created Mewtwotwo.
How anyone officially got the data, we may never know, but Team Flare is said to do what they do for money, and even with what Mewtwo did at the end of the first movie, the fact remains that there was an explosion on New Island.

If a guess could be hazarded as to how, they probably hustled it & went there while Giovanni was conspiring with & deceiving Mewtwo elsewhere, and may have discovered some sort of DNA leavings either within Mewtwo's tube or where Mewtwo was standing...somehow. Or maybe one of the computers wasn't completely destroyed. The Mew screen may even be extra DNA they found in the strand.

Continuing on this, a movie where both Mewtwo appear will have Team Rocket and Flare gang up.
And both Mewtwos will have to join together to stop them. In a twist, Team Rocket may end up allying with one of the Mewtwo when they realize Team Flare's plan is batshit insane.
  • The Mega Mewtwo X/Y and Lysandre cameos in the "Strongest Mega Evolution" special lend some credence to this theory. The special (or possibly movie) would probably be part 2 of the miniseries, and seeing as it had a small amount of Pandering to the Base for the older fans, this could happen and Team Flare could be as dark as in the games. However, remember that this is the Pokémon anime. We could be just as likely to have some sort of cop-out special where only Newtwo appears, and Lysandre's plan is simply to awaken Xerneas/Yveltal to rule the world a la anime!Ghetsis.

Continuing on both of the above, Newtwo will make a reappearance and she will be shown to be connected with Lysandre and Team Flare
This could rescue her from the scrappy heap, as she would then be given her own interesting and unique story with a recognized villainous team from the newest games, establishing her as more than a shallow copy of the old Mewtwo. And of course, this would tie in with the Mega Evolution specials, which already show that the writers are willing to break formula a little.

The scientists who created Mewtwotwo are (or are connected with) "the other group who inquired about the legendary Pokemon years ago" mentioned in Pokémon X and Y.

This Mewtwo was based on the old one in-universe.
By the end of "Mewtwo Returns", Mewtwo is done with hiding and decides to live in a New York-like town. It's not out of left field that people learned about Mewtwo's existence, and Newtwo's creators tried to put two and two together. While not knowing the whole story, they figured from appearance this strange Pokemon was related to Mew somehow, and it would work as a physical template for their Mew clone. They didn't know what went down, but since this man-made Pokemon clearly wasn't loyal to humans figured they needed to make Newtwo more passive to ensure loyalty. Newtwo is a Suspiciously Similar Substitute in-universe, based on the speculation of what the original one is like. The reason why Newtwo can Mega Evolve/goes Mewtwo Y instead of Mewtwo X is because she still has a different genetic code, just one similar enough to look the same. Also, it might have been their attempt to create a superior version(though since old Mewtwo was a Physical God, this appears to have been a failure.)

This Mewtwo is a child of the original, one way or another.
Either this Mewtwo was cloned from the original or its backstory was used for the sake of brevity. While it's possible that some scientists performed the same experiment to make a second Mewtwo, it seems unlikely unless there was already more than one made when the first one escaped and killed the science team that made him. More likely, the original was cloned; either by himself using the same or similar equipment that was used on New Island, or by the scientists that created him to begin with once the initial experiment was put into incubation.

Or, another possibility is that, being a modified clone of Mew, he was capable of breeding with the one seen in the two previous movies Mewtwo was featured in. While Legendaries can't reproduce in the games, this could be a result of a basic incompatability with other Pokémon - in the original games, Mew is described as giving birth to Mewtwo while all later games show Pokémon breeding always resulting in eggs. It's also established that some Legendaries are not unique or immortal, like Latias and Latios. They have to have children somehow.

The Mewtwo from the original film and the Mewtwo from this film are two halves of a whole.
When the original Mewtwo unleashed his power and destroyed the facility in which he was created, he released so much psychic energy that it split him into two separate entities; the one that Ash and Co met twice, and the one from this film. Each represents a portion of the original whole; with the masculine form being vengeful and the feminine form being protective. In addition, each of the two uses its own mega form, with the masculine Mewtwo having the as-yet-undiscovered ability to become Mega Mewtwo X.


Mewtwo (in general) is a preevolved form of Mew
How else could one explain that two scientist groups using two different procedures in two different environments using two different samplesnote  end up with two specimens where the only significant differences are biological sex and the ability to use a Super Mode? The easy way to get such results in game-canon is by breeding. And there is precedent for such: Phione.

One distinguishing factor: the old Mewtwo's Ability was Pressure, while the new Mewtwo's Ability is Unnerve.
The event distribution says it all.

Ash remembers what Mewtwo is...
...because his Aura capability prevented Original!Mewtwo's memory wipe from taking hold.
  • Or, it could be the fact that Mewtwo didn't erase Ash's memories the second time they met.

This Mewtwo is in love with Ash
  1. it wouldn't be the first time a pokemon fell in love with him.
  2. It stops fighting the Red Genesect only when Ash asks it. Only interfering when Genesect attacks again.

The scientists made Mewtwotwo to help them fight Zygarde.
Notice the scientists' hexagon motif? Now, recall what other Pokemon has that shape as a defining feature. In particular, a Pokemon who lives in the mountains. The kind of mountain a copy of a copy could flee to. And given certain new character info, the reason Mewtwotwo had been bio-engineered to Mega Evolve without a Mega Stone was to better deal with Zygarde's Perfect forme.

This Mewtwo is a child of the original.
While it's possible that the scientists who created the original Mewtwo made more than one,


Newtwo will become a Creator's Pet
Not wanting to accept defeat and admit that they made a poor marketing choice in creating Mewtwotwo and handling her character the way they did, Yuyama and the rest of the anime's creative team will decide to make sure that she becomes the "go-to" depiction for Mewtwo from now on - after all, Yuyama said his goal was to create a "new image" for Mewtwo. This'll likely result in her appearing in the next Super Smash Bros. (thus acting as the old Mewtwo's Replacement Scrappy again), and future depictions in other spinoffs and other media being based on her personality rather than the original Mewtwo. And their logic will likely be something like "today's kids will grow up with this Mewtwo, so they'll remember her for years to come and eventually she'll be more famous than the old Mewtwo, which we don't like anymore for whatever reason".
  • Greninja speaks in Pokémon Speak in the new Smash, which pretty much deconfirms the Origins versions of any Pokémon - including Mewtwo. If "relevance" and "timing" are factors, then that more popular Mewtwo would have been an alternative to this one. Cue Oh, Crap!...
    • Less of an Oh, Crap! when one remembers Game Freak calls the shots related to Pokemon, not Oriental Light & Magic.
      • Jossed (so far). Not only is Mewtwo (in general) not playable, but its trophy description seems to want to have as little to do with "Femtwo" as possible. This is probably part of a trend where official materials are trying to bring Mewtwo back to its ferocious Blood Knight roots, starting with Pokémon Origins.
      • Unjossed again with the October Smash Direct- Mewtwo will be DLC. However, the incarnation is unclear, so this just might be re-jossed or confirmed.
      • Completely jossed, as the playable Mewtwo is still based on the first movie.

Mewtwo was originally planned to be the original, but the writers changed it to sell more Mewtwo toys to little girls.
Notice how the event Mewtwo associated with this movie has Hurricane, a move most likely based on the first movie rather than this one. It's quite likely that the writers, looking to shove as much merchandise as possible, decided that Genesect was enough for little boys and that there weren't enough cute girly Pokémon in the movie to appeal to little girls, so they decided to make Mewtwo into one. And as for why she has nothing to do with the old Mewtwo, it's all part of the same package.
  • Josses. You guys really hate the writers, don't you? While the marketing driven higher-ups are greedy corporate types, the writers and animators love these characters, as can be seen by the fanart and fan animations on their personal twitters... anyway, the writers confirmed they simply found old Mewtwo untouchable, the late chief writer Takeshi Shudo's legacy, and didn't want to tamper with it, so Newtwo was born. Old Mewtwo wasn't erased, still shown in openings and given nods in this movie. It's possibly the other Mewtwo shown in the other Mega form in the opening segment to one of The Strongest Mega Evolution specials too as those take place in the same universe as the main series and intertwine in XYZ + a reference to Ash in the first Act too.
  • Half confirmed (the what, not the why). Mewtwo was indeed planned to be the original. However, rather than merchandising or immediate capitalism, the cause for the change was legal issues with Takeshi Shudo's estate.

The original Mewtwo will make a return in a future movie as Mega Mewtwo X
... In a showdown against this movie's Mega Mewtwo Y. And this is gonna be awesome!

Alternatively, another Mewtwo will appear to showcase Mega Mewtwo X
Because this movie shows that the writers (or the director, more specifically) can say "screw continuity" and expect to get away with it if they feel like it, and as such they would likely rather have a third Mewtwo beause they think it would be better that way. Oh, and don't expect much of an explanation for a third one's origin, either.
  • Excuse me, but why does everyone miss Ash's line?
Ash: Hold on, you're-
Newtwo: I am Mewtwo.
He clearly recognizes Newtwo, but she cuts him off. Obviously, he realized she isn't the same one he knows.

New Mewtwo will have its own TV Movie sequel.
Old Mewtwo got his own sequel with Mewtwo Returns, which was used to placate fans pissed at the ending. History could repeat itself with New Mewtwo getting a movie explaining where the hell she came from, and even having old Mewtwo!

For the fangasms, there will be a Continuity Porn with all Mewtwo.
Not just the old and new Mewtwo appearing, but the Mirage Mewtwo, the Genesect and Mew. Hell, let's add Porygon for the fangasm!

A second Mega Mewtwo Y will be shown in order to make it more popular with Western fans
This movie turned a lot of Western fans off Mewtwo Y, so they could depict a second one in non-game Pokémon media to try and win fans over. It could be the original Mewtwo (switching between the X and Y forms like Kyurem did in its own movie), an Origins-like Mewtwo, or possibly Mewtwo's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS (provided they don't base it on Newtwo after all).
  • Confirmed; the Smash Mewtwo, still based on the original, has Mega Mewtwo Y as its Final Smash.

The original Mewtwo was killed by a Falcon Punch from Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Which explains a lot of things: why Mewtwo didn't return for Brawl, why Falcon was nerfed in the same game (to avoid similar incidents), and why the old Mewtwo had to be replaced when it came time for Mewtwo to appear again in the anime.
  • As of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, this Mewtwo appears to be alive and well, so it either came back to life or was never killed by Falcon in the first place.

In the event that PUSA is unable to/not allowed to outright retcon Mewtwotwo into Mewtwo, or there isn't time to check the script and lipsync, they'll at least try to connect the two felines' origins.
As for a possible way to do so...the movie could say that one of the scientists on the expedition to the ruins in the first movie was on the other scientist's payroll and snipped a bit of Mew's eyelash off when no-one was looking so no-one would realize something was up. OR, they could just have the scientists loudly discuss the source of Mewtwotwo's origins and their motives during her flashback.
  • Nope, they don't do that in the dub.

The Newtwo's creation was and experimentation on her were mostly performed for testing grounds with Trainer-free Mega Evolution.
The final experiment, which appears to be electrocution, was, in fact, attempt to artificially induce Mega Evolution. As we all know, Mega Evolution, normally, is not a pleasant thing already, hence the pain and following destructive meltdown. However, since she later showed being capable of performing Mega-Evo all on her own, this project was successful, showing, that Mega-Evo with no need for bonds or Mega Stone is indeed possible. And then a very similar thing showed up later, capable of Mega Evolving Pokemon without any need in bonds en masse and ensuring their complete obedience, while, apparently, being even more painful, than normal Mega-Evo... Looks like Alva was either funding this project or even personally participated in it!

    Other Theories 
This Movie will showcase a Gen VI Pokemon.
At least one as a preview to the next generation.
  • Surprisingly, Jossed!

This movie will end with all the Genesect turning out as Not Evil, Just Misunderstood.
Between the manga showing the four purple Genesect doing a Heel–Face Turn, the Army's "we want to go home" motivation and the turnout of Mewtwo, Deoxys, Darkrai, Giratina and Kyurem's seemingly villainous appearance/roles prior, not to mention the animé's tendency to throw around "evil Pokémon don't exist", this is bound to happen.

Douse Drive Genesect was originally Snowdrop.
They both have a similar voice and personality. In fact, Douse Drive Genesect has a strange fascination with white lily pad flowers. Could this be Snowdrop trying to remember her previous life?

Alternative Title(s): Pokemon Extreme Speed Genesect Mewtwo Awakens