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Awesome / Pokémon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened

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  • Mewtwo's saving Ash and his friends from the Genesect attack by moving faster than the naked eye to block its attack, and then transforming and taking them all to safety almost as quickly.
  • One particular moment that really showcases Mewtwo's speed is when she is being chased by the red Genesect throughout the city. The red Genesect is incredibly fast due to knowing Extreme Speed, but even it can't keep up with Mewtwo once she goes into Mega Y form.
  • Most of the battles between Mewtwo and the Genesect Army, especially when she's taking on multiple Genesect at once. It culminates in her using her psychic powers to hold still and carry the red Genesect (which resists Psychic type attacks) into orbit.
  • The final battle. Besides the Red Genesect, none of his underlings can even lay a finger on Mewtwo. She uses her incredible speed to make short work of them before taking on the Red one itself.
  • The Feraligatr fighting back against the Genesect Army on its own. Of course, it ends as well as you would expect it to, but still.