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Heartwarming / Pokémon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened

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  • There's something oddly adorable about watching Ash and Pikachu hitching a ride atop a Genesect in the park.
  • During the fight in the nest, Pikachu protects Douse Drive Genesect from getting hit by falling debris. The Pokemon shows it's appreciation by picking up Pikachu and nuzzling it in gratitude. D'aww
  • Ash trying to pull Mewtwo up after it fell over the railing.
  • Mewtwo stopping the battle between her and Red Genesect because Ash asked them to stop. She only continued to fight when Red Genesect tried to shoot Ash.
  • Mewtwo being taken in by some other Pokémon and befriending them after the events of the TV prologue.
  • The ending. Specifically, when Mewtwo thanks Ash and his friends for their help, accepts their friendship before leaving once more. It's heartwarming enough to make you feel misty-eyed.
    • The fact that everyone forgave Red Genesect. From its fellow Genesect, to which it was abusive towards. To Mewtwo, who nearly died trying to reason with it. To the Pokemon living in the location that the Red Genesect attacked and attempted to push out of their home.