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Not the best of first impressions for our intrepid young hero.


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    SS001 to SS010 
  • As usual, young Ash oversleeps on the day of Pokémon summer camp.
  • Also, seeing Go's reaction to Mew appearing and casually attacking a Nidoking with Earthquake.


  • Not even a Thunderbolt from Pikachu is able to wake Ash in the morning.
  • Ash finds Yamper at the entrance of Sakuragi Institute, and takes firm hold of the Idiot Ball due to Cuteness Proximity, grabbing Yamper and snuggling him. Naturally, much like Pikachu would, Yamper zaps him. Then Koharu arrives, and finds Ash zapped and unconscious on the steps. She nervously sidesteps his body, and continues up the steps.
    • As a result of this, an early Running Gag is going to be Yamper not liking Ash.
  • A mild version of Crash-Into Hello: When Lugia tries to escape its battle with Ash, he jumps and catches onto it. They just happen to be passing Go, who also jumps and grabs onto its tail. Ash and Go catch sight of each other in shock.
  • When Sakuragi grants Ash and Go their fellowships at the Sakuragi Institute and shows them to their dorm room, they promptly fight over the top bunk.
  • Sakuragi takes it upon himself to give Go a starter Pokémon, since he doesn't have one yet. Go declines the Kanto starters, stating he wants Mew as his starter.


  • The episode begins with Ash and Go asleep in their bunks, and mumbling to each other to get up in their sleep. Pikachu, also asleep, also joins in. Then Mimey comes in, while miming using a vacuum cleaner, and its mimed vacuum cleaner sucks the sheets off their beds, waking them up.
  • Ash and Go immediately think to climb up a brick wall to follow an Ivysaur that pulled itself over with its vines. Go tells Ash to stop copying him, but has difficulty climbing the wall, while Ash gets over it easily. Ash would spend the rest of the episode helping Go climb stuff.
  • Go is annoyed when Ash and Pikachu imitate the Ivysaur by laying on the roof of the the under-construction Pokémon Gym. But eventually joins in.
  • Go has heard of the Team Rocket Trio, but doesn't believe they really have a talking Meowth. Then he finds that rumor is true and goes full Camera Fiend, much to Meowth's irritation.
  • When Koharu returns, she says she was late because she had to clean up all the flowers that suddenly bloomed at school after the mass evolution of all the Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. Ash and Go laugh.


  • Mimey manages to prank Go by miming getting breakfast.
  • When Ash tries to make amends with Scorbunny after the Pokémon stole his food, it gives him a Literal Ass-Kicking, prompting Pikachu to shock it (and Ash, inadvertently).


  • To search for the Dynamax phenomenon, Ash and Go are told to look for the red lights (meaning the red beams denoting raid battles). Ash then gets distracted by a red railroad warning light.
  • Scorbunny attempts to get Ash and Go's attention whilst the duo are trying to figure out how to get a berry to fall down for Snorlax to eat it. Scorbunny gets annoyed, and resorts to kicking a rock at Go... only to end up sniping Ash in the back of the head with it.
  • When Go finally decides to catch Scorbunny, he throws a Poké Ball...and completely misses. Scorbunny catches up to it, kicks it around, then catches itself.
  • Really, Scorbunny tends to be a walking CMOF in most of the scenes that it's in. From the montage of it trying to make its way back to the Wild Area, to the mini temper tantrum it throws at the end of the episode when Pikachu and Yamper aren't giving it any attention as the latter two play with each other.
  • After the combined efforts of our heroes finally gets the Gigantamaxed Snorlax to jump, the impact of it landing back on the ground causes the ground to bounce and shake for quite the distance, freaking out a herd of Wooloo. A couple of scenes later, said Wooloo have all passed out from the shock.


  • At the end of the episode, Go declares his new goal of catching as many Pokemon as possible until he catches Mew. Go then asks Ash what his goal is, and he responds with his usual line of becoming a Pokemon Master. Koharu asks him if he means to become the best Pokémon Trainer, to which Ash responds that it’s so much bigger than that, leaving Koharu unsure of what he means.


  • Mr. Mime is apparently giving lessons to Go, The Professor and Koharu in how to make Barriers. When Go mention if he was doing it right, Mr. Mime says to follow Metapod as an example, leaving everyone flabbergasted.
  • While Yamper and Scorbunny are playing around, Scorbunny accidentally kicks Metapod into a large rock and makes a nasty crunch noise. everyone is scared of the event, but the professor seems more worried about the rock than Metapod. When Go picks up Metapod to check on him, Scorbunny is in shock on what he's done.
  • When Ash and Go arrive in Hoenn, Ash makes it clear that he intends to enter the Pokemon Tournament that is being held, and he plans to use Mimey. Go is skeptical of it, but Mimey gives this epic look that screams "Do you doubt me, child?".
    • Mimey's expression is doubtlessly inspired by Pokémon Detective Pikachu.
    • Come the actual fight it we see against a Hariyama, it utterly curbstomps it. When declared the winner, Mr. Mime acts all cocky afterwards. Until the second fight is Houji's Mightyena, into which after giving the same look it gave Go, he throws in the towel. Showing how he's clearly aware of how type-advantages work.
    • It gets even funnier when you remember that Mr Mime is also a fairy type, meaning it did have a type advantage over Mightyena. Not to mention Mimey knows Focus Punch, a fighting type move which would have been very effective. Mimey chickened out for no reason!
  • Go is out on his catching-mania once he spots a Taillow, hoping it would lead him to more bug-types to add to his growing collection. He somehow ends up sneaking up right behind a resting Mightyena, thinking of it as a bush, and then earn its ire when Scorbunny tear a strand of its fur clean off its bottom (by accident). Their faces makes it amusingly clear how badly they messed up.
    • On Go's way to catch Tailow, he crawls towards it like a caterpilar, catching the eye of a mother and her baby.
  • Before Go left for Hoenn, he was deciding which of his Bug types were good fit for battle. He looked at Pinsir and thought about it, but then the Pinsir just looked away nervously. Scyther more or less egged Go on to choose him.
  • Houji's Establishing Character Moment: He rides on top of Hariyama, looking down on Ash...and promptly asks Ash to move to the side so he can put his empty water bottle into the proper recycling bin. He then has Hariyama lean down so he can drop it...and smacks his face right into the lid.


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