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  • The list goes like this. Team Rocket, Slowking and Misty/Melody.
    • For instance.
    Slowking: I could use pants...
  • Misty getting very worked up over Melody flirting with Ash...and insisting that she is not his girlfriend.
  • Speaking of which, Team Rocket offer some advice at one point:
    Jessie: Listen to me, kid, when you get involved with the opposite sex, you're only asking for trouble.
    James: Yes, and that's the kind of trouble I stay out of.
    Meowth: Youse two don't need the opposite sex 'cause you got each other!
  • Ash reminds himself that he's The Chosen One. Cut to him and Pikachu gingerly walking through the snow, followed up with this line:
    Ash: Right now, I feel more like the "Frozen One!"
    • "Maybe they got the wrong Ash."
    Ash: Well, right now I'm kinda wishing my mom had named me Bob instead of Ash.
  • Team Rocket's attempt at saying their motto to Ash.
    Jessie: "Prepare for more trouble that you've ever seen!"
    James: "And make it double, we're on the big screen!"
    Ash: "I'll get this on video!"
    *Team Rocket has a collective Face Fault*
    Ash: "I'm in a hurry here, and the weather's looking bad!"
    Jessie: "It has been bad...Isn't it always our luck? But luck changes, and our ship has finally come in!"
    *Cue a boat hitting Team Rocket while they're on a small hill.*
  • The "That's Good/That's Bad" gag culminates into this:
    Meowth: But we've got no money!
    James: That's bad!
    Jessie: Then we'll just steal some!
    James: That's good! Or is that bad? Ohh...
  • This:
    • This becomes even more hilarious when you realize that many fans believe that Misty began seeing Tracey romantically after she took over her family gym. Pokémon Chronicles even throws in a few Ship Tease jokes.
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  • When Professor Ivy is talking to Professor Oak about the Pokémon at her lab acting strange, you can see Brock running around in a panic in the background. At the end credits, he tries to photobomb into the image while she's talking to Oak again.
  • More Black Comedy than anything, but after Lugia is KO'd by the birds for the first time, he plunges into the ice—and then the birds start freezing/zapping/roasting him again.
    Linkara: I THINK YOU GOT 'IM ALREADY!!!!


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