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Not the best of first impressions for our intrepid young hero. With Pikachu, you'd think he'd be used to this by now...


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In General

  • The second opening has Goh and Ash taking polaroids with Leon and Raihan. One photo has Sobble about to cry and another has Dragonite blocking the lens as it's about to hug everyone.
  • The third opening has many scenes of Goh, Ash and Chloe riding alongside Leon in a Charizard based car. And in many scenes, you can actually see Leon reading a map trying to figure out where to go next.
    • Additionally, the expression on Chloe's face compared to Ash, Goh and Leon when in the car is hillarious.

    JN001 to JN010 
  • As usual, young Ash oversleeps on the day of Pokémon summer camp. Apparently, Ash has been doing that for years. Who'd'a thunk?
  • Also, seeing Goh's reaction to Mew appearing and casually attacking a Nidoking with Earthquake.


  • Ash's alarm clock starts ringing and Pikachu goes over to turn it off. Ash still mostly asleep, reaches over to turn off his alarm as well, but accidentally bashes Pikachu over the head. As his clock is shaped like a Pokeball he thinks that it actually is one and goes to throw it clearly dreaming about catching a Pokemon. Pikachu gets a horrified reaction to Ash about to smash his clock into pieces.
  • Not even a Thunderbolt from Pikachu is able to wake Ash in the morning. One can't help but wonder just how frequently does Pikachu have to wake Ash up by shocking him that Ash has become immune to it?
  • Ash finds Yamper at the entrance of Cerise Institute, and takes firm hold of the Idiot Ball due to Cuteness Proximity, grabbing Yamper and snuggling him. Naturally, much like Pikachu would, Yamper zaps him. Then Chloe arrives, and finds Ash zapped and unconscious on the steps. She nervously sidesteps his body, and continues up the steps.
    • As a result of this, an early Running Gag is going to be Yamper not liking Ash.
  • Ash going off to find Lugia, but he forgot to get directions. As a result, he winds up at a road blocked by Snorlax.
  • A mild version of Crash-Into Hello: When Lugia tries to escape its battle with Ash, he jumps and catches onto it. They just happen to be passing Goh, who also jumps and grabs onto its tail. Ash and Goh catch sight of each other in shock.
  • When Cerise grants Ash and Goh their fellowships at the Cerise Institute and shows them to their dorm room, they promptly fight over the top bunk.
  • Cerise takes it upon himself to give Goh a starter Pokémon, since he doesn't have one yet. Goh declines the Kanto starters, stating he wants Mew as his starter.


  • The episode begins with Ash and Goh asleep in their bunks, and mumbling to each other to get up in their sleep. Pikachu, also asleep, also joins in. Then Mimey comes in, while miming using a vacuum cleaner, and its mimed vacuum cleaner sucks the sheets off their beds, waking them up.
  • Ash and Goh immediately think to climb up a brick wall to follow an Ivysaur that pulled itself over with its vines. Goh tells Ash to stop copying him, but has difficulty climbing the wall, while Ash gets over it easily. Ash would spend the rest of the episode helping Goh climb stuff.
  • Goh is annoyed when Ash and Pikachu imitate the Ivysaur by laying on the roof of the the under-construction Pokémon Gym, both of them looking utterly blissful and happy. But eventually joins in.
  • Goh has heard of the Team Rocket Trio, but doesn't believe they really have a talking Meowth. Then he finds that rumor is true and goes full Camera Fiend, much to Meowth's irritation.
  • When Chloe returns, she says she was late because she had to clean up all the flowers that suddenly bloomed at school after the mass evolution of all the Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. Ash and Goh laugh.


  • Mimey manages to prank Goh by miming getting breakfast.
  • When Ash tries to make amends with Scorbunny after the Pokémon stole his food, it gives him a Literal Ass-Kicking, prompting Pikachu to shock it (and Ash, inadvertently).


  • To search for the Dynamax phenomenon, Ash and Goh are told to look for the red lights (meaning the red beams denoting raid battles). Ash then gets distracted by a red railroad warning light.
  • Scorbunny attempts to get Ash and Goh's attention whilst the duo are trying to figure out how to get a berry to fall down for Snorlax to eat it. Scorbunny gets annoyed, and resorts to kicking a rock at Goh...only to end up hitting Ash in the back of the head.
  • When Goh finally decides to catch Scorbunny, he throws a Poké Ball...and completely misses. Scorbunny catches up to it, kicks it around, then catches itself.
  • Really, Scorbunny tends to be a walking CMOF in most of the scenes that it's in. From the montage of it trying to make its way back to the Wild Area, to the mini temper tantrum it throws at the end of the episode when Pikachu and Yamper aren't giving it any attention as the latter two play with each other.
  • After the combined efforts of our heroes finally gets the Gigantamaxed Snorlax to jump, the impact of it landing back on the ground causes the ground to bounce and shake for quite the distance, freaking out a herd of Wooloo. A couple of scenes later, said Wooloo have all passed out from the shock.


  • This episode proves that, this time around, Ash is the competent one. Brock and Misty would be proud.
  • At the end of the episode, Goh declares his new goal of catching as many Pokémon as possible until he catches Mew. Goh then asks Ash what his goal is, and he responds with his usual line of becoming a Pokémon Master. Chloe asks him if he means to become the best Pokémon Trainer, to which Ash responds that it’s so much bigger than that, leaving Chloe unsure of what he means.
  • The final scene of all the Bug-types crowded in Ash and Goh's room. All the Bugs are hugging and overwhelming Goh, while Ash and Pikachu is mummified in string shot and screaming for help.


  • Mr. Mime is apparently giving lessons to Goh, Professor Cerise and Chloe in martial arts. When Goh asks if he is doing it right, Mr. Mime says to follow Metapod as an example, leaving everyone flabbergasted.
  • While Yamper and Scorbunny are playing around, Scorbunny accidentally kicks Metapod into a large rock and makes a nasty crunch noise. Everyone is worried, but the professor is mistakenly more worried about the rock than Metapod. When Goh picks up Metapod to check on him, Scorbunny is in shock at what he's done.
  • When Ash and Goh arrive in Hoenn, Ash makes it clear that he intends to enter the Pokémon Tournament that is being held, and he plans to use Mimey. Goh is skeptical of it, but Mimey gives this epic look that screams "Do you doubt me, child?".
    • Mimey's expression is doubtlessly inspired by Pokémon Detective Pikachu.
    • Come the actual fight it we see against a Hariyama, it utterly curbstomps it. When declared the winner, Mr. Mime acts all cocky afterwards. Until the second fight is Hodge's Mightyena, into which after giving the same look it gave Goh, he throws in the towel. Showing how he's clearly aware of how type-advantages work.
    • It gets even funnier when you remember that Mr. Mime is also a fairy type, meaning it did have a type advantage over Mightyena. Not to mention Mimey just used Focus Punch, a fighting type move which would have been very effective. Mimey chickened out for no reason!
  • Goh is out on his catching-mania once he spots a Taillow, hoping it would lead him to more bug-types to add to his growing collection. He somehow ends up sneaking up right behind a resting Mightyena (later revealed to be Hodge's), thinking of it as a bush, and then earn its ire when Scorbunny tears a strand of its fur clean off its bottom (by accident). Their faces makes it amusingly clear how badly they messed up.
    • On Goh's way to catch Tailow, he crawls towards it like a caterpillar, catching the eye of a mother and her baby.
  • Before Goh left for Hoenn, he was deciding which of his Bug types were a good fit for battle. He looked at Pinsir and thought about it, but then the Pinsir just looked away nervously. Scyther more or less egged Goh on to choose him.
  • Hodge's Establishing Character Moment: He rides on top of Hariyama, looking down on Ash...and promptly asks Ash to move to the side so he can put his empty water bottle into the proper recycling bin. He then has Hariyama lean down so he can drop it...and smacks his face right into the lid.
    • At the end of the episode, he does this again (only this time to congratulate Ash for the battle). And yes, he does fall off Hariyama.


  • This episode reaffirms how Ash works with Pokémon as, when a school of Tentacool appears, Ash pokes one to see its squishiness. The annoyed Tentacool gives him a Bubble Beam to the face.
    • Goh decides to catch the strongest-looking Tentacool. He throws a Poké Ball at it, only for the Tentacool to quickly dodge to the side, letting another Tentacool (which was sleeping) be caught. Despite being surprised, Goh is okay with it.
  • There's something funny about a Croagunk, a marsh-dwelling Pokémon that isn't a Water-type, swimming in the frigid seas of Snowpoint City. One has to wonder how it even got there in the first place.
  • The Running Gag of Lauren losing her glasses. Ash and Goh aren't even surprised when she says that was how she first met Piplup and Croagunk. And at the end of the episode, that's how she meets a Psyduck.
  • Goh enters his newly caught Mantyke into the race. When at the starting line, it has an expression that says "I am not in the mood for this."


  • Goh packed his backpack with Poké Balls to catch Dragonite...but wastes them all on a single Dewgong.
    • Said Dewgong falls in love with a female, spurring it to swim faster. He is left heartbroken at never been able to find her again throughout the episode.
    • The fact Goh doesn't realize he'd blown his entire stock of Poké Balls until after they reach the island while trying to catch a Dragonite. He goes white in shock processing having no Poké Balls left.
  • Ash lampshades how Dragonite stands out compared to its pre-evotions Dratini and Dragonair. Goh agrees with him, considering how the evolution line goes, one would expect the final evolution to be a Pokémon like Milotic.
  • The sight of Dragonite shooting a Hyper Beam at Team Rocket so up close that he's practically shooting them in the face.
  • Ash's Dragonite being quite the hugger. It hugs Ash to request that it goes with him and then hugs Professor Cerise as thanks for keeping Dragonite Island secret.
  • In a meta-example: the sheer fact that Ash's first capture in the series is a Pseudo-legendary instead of the regional bird is enough to make one laugh at the absurdity of it all. But then again, since all of the birds are Flying-type — which Dragonite also is — it continues the trend one of Ash's first captures being Flying-type!

    JN011 to JN020 


  • Goh's Wurmple all evolve at the same time...into three Cascoon.
  • Goh's Stantler and Scyther looking terrified at Ash's Dragonite, whose entire upper body is cast in shadow, looking like it wants to murder them...and then proceed to be absolutely happy when the dragon gives them a big hug.


  • Professor Cerise hands out two tickets to the Galar Championship Finals to Ash and Goh. Goh can barely contain himself in excitement. Ash on other hand...
    Ash: What is this?
    (Cue Face Fault from Goh and Scorbunny)
    • Made even funnier that Ash, the Alola League Champion, wasn't even notified about this at all!
  • The Team Rocket Trio, all fired up after witnessing a Galar Championship-Dynamax battle, spots a Drednaw lumbering out from the bushes and decides to catch it on the spot, summoning their "Team Rocket-Gacha" for something to fight with...only to get a Bellsprout for the job. Cue Face Fault from the Trio.
    • Their Pokédex doesn't bother with the in-depth details of Pok&emon, just going "etc., etc." after the species and type for Drednaw.
      • In the dub, it sounds like a little kid with Elmuh Fudd Syndwome.
        Pokédex: Dwednaw: da bite Pokémon! A water and rock type, and I don't—I don't know...
    • When Drednaw Gigantamaxes, Bellsprout pulls a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! abandoning Team Rocket to the vengeful turtle's wrath.


  • Gigantamax Pikachu having some real troubles with getting used to its new size, staggering around like a drunk the first time just to stay upright, and repeatedly trying to jump in the air out of habit when unleashing an electric attack, only to drop back down to the ground like a giant fluffy marshmallow when gravity objects to the idea.
  • Goh tries to explain to Ash why it's not so easy to challenge the Champion of Galar right off the path, delivering an elaborate pyramid-diagram and the full exposition on how many trainers Ash needs to beat just to get a chance to challenge the champion. Only for Leon to show up right afterwards just to tell Ash that he accepts his challenge and is ready to go in that very moment. Cue massive disbelief and a freak-out from Goh over what just happened.
    • Not only that, Ash figures he just has to win battles like it was nothing. He immediately scarfs down the two scones he had been ignoring earlier and chokes on them when he tries to swallow. Leon hands a glass of water to Ash offscreen. His reaction that it was Leon who did so is a sight to see. Even funnier is that he went through a very embarrassing moment in front of his idol.
  • The Rocket Trio, after having escaped the wrath of Gigantamax Drednaw and searched for it the whole night and day after once it shrunk back down, are so exhausted that Jessie's Berserk Button doesn't even get pushed when a Chewtle is found chomping on her hair in the search's aftermath.
    • Their "Rocketdex" delivers another sarcastic remark when used on Chewtle.


  • All of Dragonite's scenes can be chalked up to this.
    • The first thing it does is cuddle Keira the female excavator excitedly, and she has to tell the dragon to calm down, to which it does somersaults of joy.
    • When Ash is sand-surfing across the desert, Dragonite swerves past Goh and his Beedrill before flying so high that Ash rides off a sand dune, screaming for dear life.
    • As Ash catches his breath, Dragonite is doing loop-de-loops in excitement
    • And when Ash decides to recall Dragonite, Dragonite just gives a pout that says, "But I was just getting started!"
  • When Karamari enthusiastically states his intention to fill the Pok&edex entirely with Shiny Pok&emon, Ash, Goh, and one of the excavators that's guiding them through the ruins start Backing Away Slowly.
  • The fact that Ash has Pikachu use an Electric attack on a Sandile...forgetting that as he has a Krookadile, that it wouldn't work.
  • Scorbunny attempts to attack the giant Golurk. Keyword "attempt". The Golurk simply flicked Scorbunny like a fly.


  • Scorbunny is so excited to see Goh's home that he carries Goh all the way to the bus leading to the city and leaves Ash and Pikachu behind.
  • Goh unleashes his Pokémon on hand — Scyther, Beedrill, Butterfree and Taillow — and all of them huddle, shivering in the cold.
    • Goh's Scyther gets pelted by snowballs by three Geodude. Scyther gets angry and starts chasing them.


  • Professor Cerise reveals he knew the building was haunted by the Gengar from the contractor. Why he still bought the building anyway? Because he thought it'd be fun.
    • A flashback then shows Gengar attempting to annoy Cerise by constantly slamming the door open and closed. Cerise just continues working, eventually causing Gengar to give up, but not before properly closing the door.
  • All of the bad luck jinxes that Gengar gives Ash:
    • He and Goh climb upstairs but Ash stumbles and has to grab onto Goh's ass nearly pantsing him. This was, for the curious, kept in the dub.
    • He tries to sprinkle Parmesan cheese onto a plate of pasta Mr. Mime cooked for him, only for nothing to spill out...and then all of its contents are dumped onto his plate.
    • He gets run over by a parade of Goh's Pokémon (And Dragonite!)
    • By the time Ash gets his foot stuck in a hole...he flips out and starts screaming before running out of the laboratory, to the surprise and befuddlement of Gengar, still in his shadow.


  • After being egg'd on by a Darmanitan that is doubting he even is a fire-type, Scorbunny's response is a fireball...the size of a pinky nail.
  • While out looking for Pokémon, Goh ends up finding and trying to catch a Pelipper, specifically, the one that delivers Team Rocket's Gachat Machine.
  • James's secret agenty effort to enter their hideout was for the purpose of returning with potato chips.
    • Goh gives chase, but the Pelipper escapes via the Trio's new secret base entrance, disguised as a phone booth. Goh loses sight and turns his attention to the phone booth, left questioning what it is.
    • Goh goes into the the same time the Trio is going out, causing them to all get stuck in the booth.
    • Once they all get unstuck, Goh questions what they were doing in the box, and the Trio realizes he doesn't even know what a phone booth is.
      Meowth: Kids these days don't know what phone booths are, meow!
    • It becomes funny on a Meta level on the fact that the anime started in the late '90s when phone booths were still used. Then Comic-Book Time comes into play, with this episode coming out in 2020.
  • In pointing out that the phone booth was too conspicuous, James accidentally spills to Goh that the phone booth is the entrance to their secret base.


  • After Goh spots a Farfetch'd, he throws a Poké Ball at it, only for Farfetch'd to use its leek to bat the Ball back at him, hitting him in the face. And then when he encounters it again later, the Ball is once again batted back onto his face. On the third try, Goh psyches it out first, allowing him to successfully hit it with a Poké Ball while it is unable to fight back, and subsequently catch it.
    • Goh's newly caught Pidgey, Nidoran♂ and Nidoran♀ cuddling up to Chloe, which freaks her out.

    JN021 to JN030 


  • Goh is excited to find some Pokémon eggs...but it turns out that it's an Exeggcute instead.
  • At the Pokémon Center, Pikachu is getting an alcohol cotton swab on his tail and he's in immense pain, likely trying not to instinctively shock Nurse Joy. This is after going toe-to-toe with a Tauros using Iron Head, mind you.
  • Ash introduces Riolu's egg to Dragonite, who immediately wants to cuddle it. Ash has to say no, else Dragonite would crack it. Dragonite instead just hugs Pikachu.
    • On the plus side - normally when you hug Pikachu he sparks, unless you're Ash. Apparently, Pikachu approves of Dragonite hugs.
  • When Goh makes a remark of the Riolu not able to hear Ash, Professor Cerise mentions the tale of an Azurill who hatched after listening to a Jigglypuff sing and sang right back, causing the Jigglypuff to sleep. Goh then immediately apologizes while Raboot has an expression that screams "Really?"
  • When Riolu learns that the strong aura he had been feeling were coming from Ash, he gains a second wind and is ready to fight Onix again. What does he do to show that? Aggressively push Pikachu out of the way and causing the poor electric Pokemon to faceplant and skid a couple of feet across the ground.


  • When Goh and Ash discuss the Beautifly migrating patterns and how they ride the tailwind, Ash thinks it would be more fun to go against the headwind. Goh then has a brief Imagine Spot of Ash as a Beautifly note  and when it ends, Goh seems to be rather unnerved at the image of that.
    • Even in an Imagine Spot, Ash is still a Determinator who won't give up.
    • Before that imagine spot there was another imagine spot where Ash misheard Beautifly migrating as Beautifly hydrating leading to an imagine spot of them on the beach and having drinks.
  • When Raboot makes peace with Goh by offering him an apple and then having some of it itself, it betrays a smile on the usually-hidden portion of its face. When Goh notices, Raboot tries to hide the smile before getting joyfully glomped by Goh.
    Goh: You smiled...
    (Raboot turns away, wraps its ears around its faceguard, and blushes indignantly)


  • It is kinda amusing to see how crazy Goh's Pokémon get when searching for food and turning against each other.
    • Goh's Sandile looks like it comes close to eating Goh's Oddish.
    • Goh's Farfetch'd gets so hungry that it briefly considers eating its own leek before stopping itself. Then it sees Spearow and Taillow eyeing the leek, causing Farfetch'd to panic and fly off.
  • The random Big Ball of Violence moments between all of Goh’s Pokémon can count.
  • Both Sandile and Misdreavus plan to get some chow by 'helping' the others against the Bug-types. The Oh, Crap! on their faces when confronted by said Bug-types is priceless.
  • While sleeping, Ash sleeptalks, telling Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, to which he does, zapping Ash, Goh, Riolu, and Raboot awake in the process.
  • The very end with Goh's Skwovet jumping off Golurk's shoulder and accidentally removing its seal, setting off its outburst again.


  • Ash and Goh catching nothing but Magikarp and Goldeen while fishing to investigate "The Lord", which starts to frustrate them.
  • The awkward encounters between Ash and Goh and Team Rocket have their funny moments, from asking for directions to helping them fish out the giant Magikarp.
  • The giant Magikarp deflecting Goh's first Pokeball, resulting in another ball to the face moment for him. He ends up sending his Oddish out to use Sleep Powder before trying to throw another ball.
  • Goh's giant Magikarp's Splash was able to knock back two Rocket Grunts, a Rhyperior, and a Toxicroak, from its sheer size.
  • The end where the giant Magikarp jumps so high, it breaks a hole in the ceiling and then splashes all over Professor Cerise, Chrysa, and Ren.
  • Five words: Wobbuffet with a southern accent.


  • When on their flight, Ash has to stop Pikachu from eating too many cookies.
    • Even funnier when you realize the irony of Ash telling someone to stop eating.
  • Pikachu and Riolu both trying to assert themselves as Ash's battlers against Korrina without being asked to, only to get shut down and put on the sidelines pouting.
  • Korrina telling Riolu to cheer on her Lucario, annoying Ash.
  • With two stacked Dragon Dances, Dragonite's Hurricane is so windy an audience member flies away!
  • Dragonite's determined and serious expression in battle faded the moment Ash praised him for a job well done, reverting so fast to his regular looks it is funny. Just as funny as the dragon glomping Ash so hard they fall over into a heap.
  • Riolu cannot resist cheering or fanboying over Korrina and Gurkin's Lucarios. It is adorable.


  • The expression on Raboot’s face during the Magikarp segment at the end of Ash and Goh’s fantasy about them and Magikarp having abs.
  • The first segment ends with Ash reading the episode’s closing lines from a script and then winking at the audience, annoying Goh.
    Goh: What are you some kind of narrator or something?
  • Bonus funny points: during the segment's end, the Magikarp Song plays.
    • Speaking of, during the beginning of the second segment, when Ash, Goh, Pikachu, and Raboot get to the Slowpoke Island, the Slowpoke Song plays.
  • Slowking seeing Ash's cup ramen and tastes it. His reaction is quite...interesting to look at.
  • The duration of Slowking's shell being knocked onto Ash, Goh, Pikachu and Raboot.
    • One of the effects of wearing Slowking’s shell is to suddenly adopt a British (Galarian?) accent. Yes, this includes Pikachu and Raboot.
  • Goh's Magikarp enters orbit during the first half of the episode, and both Ash and Goh mourn his disappearance, only for them to return by crashing into the group during the Slowking fiasco and saving the day.
  • At the end of the episode, James goes to the door in similar fashion at the beginning and is met by Kosuking, and after a few seconds of blankly smiling he promptly shuts the door without warning.
    • When Ash gets the Shelder on his head, he begins to act strangely. In the original, he speaks Gratuitous English, and in the English dub, he speaks with a British Accent.
  • Ashking wants Goh to join his "family" and grabs a Shellder to turn him into Gohbro. The imagine spot of Goh with Shellder on his ass is goofy.


  • Ash shouting from his seat in the audience to tell Leon about the promise to fight again while both Goh and his Farfetch'd look on in shock and embarrassment.
    • Raihan is listening to all of this. His reaction? Stuff his hands in his pockets, making him look like a Raboot/angsty teenager.
  • Sonia going into Cuteness Proximity with Pikachu and Raboot to the point of squeezing their ears in delight.
    • Pikachu doesn't like it one bit and looks like he's about to murder her.
  • The Galarian Farfetch'd (Japanese name Kamonegi) being able to say two words: Come On.
  • During the fight with the Galarian Farfetch'd, Ash starts cheering both Riolu and the Farfetch'd to stand up and keep fighting, much to Goh's confusion. Riolu's reaction, as he's witnessing his trainer encourage the very Pokémon he's fighting, is also a sight to behold.
  • The first thing Galarian Farfetch'd does after Ash lets him out of the Pokeball is to continue his fight with Riolu. Everyone is okay with this.


  • The two Farfetch'd fighting each other after their food disappears.
  • When Sobble managed to seemingly run away and escape, Goh throws a Poké Ball to a fountain out of frustration. Only to hit the invisible Sobble hiding there and actually managed to catch it to the surprise of everyone!
  • Each time Sobble's cry causes Ash, Goh, Team Rocket and their Pokémon to cry
    • Goh's Raboot always turning his back so no one can see him crying.
  • In the flashback Team Rocket had, even their Balloon disliked the conditions they had to suffer through after being blown off-course.
  • Team Rocket listening to Morpeko's Pokédex entry:
    Pokédex: A Morpeko
    James: What? Morpeko?
    Jessie: What Pokémon is that?
    Pokédex: Honestly, I'm just not feeling it today.


  • Chloe getting embarrassed that one of her mother's illustrations is a chibi version of her with her bed head. Talia immediately tries to lie that the image is not based on Chloe at all.
    • The fact that Pidove goes crazy over the illustration. Turns out because its trainer also has curly hair.
  • Goh needing Ash's help to figure out where Sobble is. They quickly find a humongous crowd of Pokémon — including Ash's Dragonite and Goh's Golurk — bawling their eyes out.
    • In a flashback, he assumes that Sobble turned invisible while trying to eat cake, but it was Mr. Mime using Psychic to troll him.
  • Goh's disdain after the Fearow — whom Chloe attacked with Yamper — flies away because he now can't capture it.


  • During Delia's visit, in the background Chloe finds herself perplexed by Mr. Mime's eccentric behaviour, and later her own father has the same reaction watching them pour nothing into Delia's cup.
  • On their way to Pallet Town, Mr. Mime is trying different ways to hitchhike but fails. It takes Pikachu shaking its butt to finally have a woman give them a ride.

    JN031 to JN040 


  • Raboot giving just a stare at Jinny's friends that frightens them into running away. What adds to this is a Funny Background Event, where once they react the street they all stop and look both ways before continuing. Remember, safety first, even when running away.
  • The sudden shock everyone has when they realized that Jinny doesn't know how to swim.
  • The start of Feebas's training where it runs into every obstacle and gets stuck in the loop, much to Ash and Goh's shock and dismay.
  • Goh getting distracted and catching a Wingull on the way to Slateport which bothers the rest of the group.
  • The two women insulting Jinny for using a Feebas in the challenge and calling it ugly before they are confronted by a very pissed off Chloe who is kept at bay by her brother.


  • Upon arriving in their lodge, the first thing Goh's parents do is fall asleep on the couch, much to his embarrassment. Then when the flashback begins the Goh from the previous visit three years ago is upset at them for doing exactly the same thing.
  • Seeing Goh and Tokio being chased by all the wild Pokémon in Johto is chuckle-worthy.


  • When Jessie and James send a Scolipede and Drapion after Ash, Goh and Kylie, the two Pokémon get distracted Kylie's Kricketina Treat, much to their dismay.
  • When, in response to their two Pokémon sent over being unable to act, Team Rocket capture Ash, Kylie, Pikachu, Raboot, and Sobble in a net, Sobble starts to cry, causing the usual Ocular Gushers from the other four.
    • When Goh saves the day by defeating Team Rocket, Ash, Kylie, Pikachu and Raboot are still bawling their eyes out while trapped in the net.
    • The aftermath when the four are free consists of Ash looking embarassed, Kylie cleaning her glasses and Pikachu and Raboot trying to comfort Sobble.
  • Pinsir getting a major crush on Kylie's Heracross is chuckle considering acts like a Smitten Teenage Girl complete with sparkly eyes, while still retaining its species menacing appearance.
  • Kylie trying to hug Goh's Pinsir that makes it so uncomfortable that it throws her off. She does it again once she has her own Pinsir only to be once again been thrown off by her former Heracross.
  • Goh asks Kylie if she's really okay with trading away her Heracross. She responds by showing off that she's got five more Heracross (who all pop out of their Pokéballs in a team pose).


  • The second Ash opens the door to the dojo, a Hitmonchan flies out and knocks him over.


  • The first thing Goh does after catching his own Pikachu is cuddling it, but ends up getting zapped like many others before him. However, unlike them, his Pikachu enjoyed it and seemed to zap him out of affection.
  • Ash's Pikachu physically leaps away in abject terror at the sight of Goh's Pikachu with a Thunderstone and spends several minutes running away from Goh's Pikachu as fast as he physically can. They then end up behind a rock where light shines with a Raichu jumping out, except that it turns out to be just a wild Raichu who just evolved and that Ash's Pikachu is still running away. Eventually, Ash's Pikachu picks the one safe place that Goh's Pikachu can't get him...his usual safe spot - Ash's head!
    • The look of abject fury on Pikachu's face at Goh's suggestion that he could evolve. Ash tells Goh why Pikachu doesn't want to evolve, while Pikachu sits on Ash's head, glaring daggers at Goh for the suggestion. If looks could kill...
  • The first thing Goh's Pikachu does upon seeing Team Rocket is giving them berries, causing Goh to quickly grab her back. For the record, during this scene, Team Rocket was on the top of a cliff which Goh ran up and down in a matter of seconds.
  • Team Rocket is excited that they captured Ash's Pikachu alongside the other wild Pikachu...before immediately realizing they can't tell which one is him, forcing them to use a claw machine to pick and choose. What's more, when Meowth asks for Ash's Pikachu to reveal himself, none of the Pikachu make it easy.
  • After the boys defeat Team Rocket, Goh's Raichu runs over to hug Ash's Pikachu but she accidentally knocks him over.
  • Pikachu declining a second berry from Raichu but she is very persient.
  • The end when Raichu is chasing Pikachu and Raboot is chuckle-worthy.
  • As adorable as the scene is - and, let's be clear, you will squee at the cuteness of the moment - Ash feeding Pikachu has the two of them making incredibly silly faces together.


  • Ash still suffering a Heroic BSoD after losing two Matches and going back to Normal Class so Goh has to drag him out of the institute.
  • The smug grins Ash, Goh, Pikachu, Riolu and Raboot all have when putting their goggles on.
  • Ash, Goh, Pikachu, Riolu and Raboot all freaking out after Sobble puts its goggles on while invisible (making it look like they are floating in the air).
  • Sobble is about to set off its Ocular Gushers after losing to Flygon so Goh has to quickly return it to its ball.


  • Lei smacking Ash on the face, causing Professor Burnet to tell him to stop and the fact that, seemingly, Ash doesn't care in the slightest because Lei is adorable.
  • Most of Ash's Alolan Pokémon running over to cuddle him to welcome him back. His Pokémon then run over and cuddle Goh, much to his surprise.
    • During the cuddle, Lycanroc is trying to bite Sobble's head as if it's a ball.
    • The fact that Goh, who wants to capture all Pokémon doesn't realize how Ash has a newly discovered Mystical Pokémon and Lycanroc with an evolution that's seemingly one-of-a-kind.
      • The fact that you can actually see Ash's Pokémon all simultaneously coming to the same conclusion and idea before glomping Goh. Even Rowlet, who is normally as dumb as a plank, comes to the same conclusion as quickly as the others do.
  • Raboot poking a Pyukumuku with its feet only to end up annoying it enough for it to shoot out its innards out to it. Raboot's expression during this is hilarious.
  • Goh getting distracted while chasing a Grubbin that he and Raboot fall off a cliff and into the ocean, only to get fished out by Lana.
  • Rotomdex getting very annoyed at Ash's Rotomphone.
  • Goh's nervousness and awkward encounters upon meeting Mallow, Lana and Sophocles are chuckle-worthy.
    • Kiawe's reaction upon learning that Goh is not Ash's rival.
  • The meek way that Goh says "Alola" is certainly worth a chuckle.
  • Raboot's reaction upon being picked up by Kiawe's Marowak is also hilarious.
  • Pikachu isn't paying any attention to Lillie's letter - he's trapped in Ash's arms and desperately reaching for the tasty food on the plate in front of him.
    • Speaking of which, when it cuts to the scene of all the Pokémon eating, Melmetal is devouring a steel pipe and Rowlet is uncontrollably stuffing his face.


  • Ash and Goh having to drag Chloe with them out of the Cerise Institute when going to collect fossils. Then they have to drag her along again to the entrance of the area.
    • While Ash and Goh are gushing over all the Fossil Pokémon, Chloe just stands in the middle of them awkwardly.
  • They don't even get to see the Shieldon that the advertisement showed — the line was stretching out to the entrance.
  • When Goh calls Golurk out to help with excavating the fossils, it chooses a tiny pebble to start with instead of the huge boulder that's half its size.
  • While the group is asleep, Pikachu is curled up on the pillow and Ash's head is dropping out of the bed as he's snoring.
  • James's Graveler is so focused on chasing Pikachu, it doesn't notice Pikachu's Electroweb — while not affected by any damage it would have caused, the force of running into it catapults back into Team Rocket, causing them to blast off.


  • About two seconds after Chuck says the sweets are probably not Bea's thing, she and her Pokémon are already digging into them.
    • Ash and Goh's reaction to Bea enjoying the sweets with them, in contrast to her stoic attitude in the fight.
    • Bea's respect for Ash has increased slightly...she now calls him "Riolu's Trainer".


  • Ash's attempt at fixing the snow cone machine only causes it to malfunction more and shoot ice all over himself, Goh, Pikachu and Raboot.
  • The second Goh leads Ash into the Power Plant, James crashes right into him.
  • When Team Rocket uses the Rocket Prize Master so they can join Ash and Goh in a raid battle, Jessie is lucky enough to receive a Rhydon while James is given a Stunfisk much to their disdain.
  • When Jessie and James call their Pokémon to attack, Rhydon starts attacking the walls while Stunfisk attacks the power generator, much to their confusion and annoyance.
    • On top of that, when Jessie scolds Rhydon for attacking the walls instead of Zapdos, it charges at her instead.
    • It's even funnier if you know why Rhydon is attacking everything but Zapdos. The move it' s using is Horn Drill, a One-Hit Kill move with infamously poor accuracy. Stunfisk dosen't exactly have any excuse other than "it's weak and pretty much useless".
  • When Goh tells his Pokémon to attack Zapdos before it can get away, they are both too tired, much to his dismay.

    JN041 to JN050 
  • Jessie and James trying to help a sick Meowth have so many chuckle-worthy moments.
  • Goh's attempt at catching the trapped Marshtomp in a Pokeball fails, causing a further freak out from him and Ash.
  • Pikachu almost falling over when carrying a huge leaf of water so Ash takes it off him, only for him to trip and spill it.
  • The end where after Ash and Goh free the trapped Marshtomp, they return to find it and all the other Marshtomp are now trapped in the dried up ground.


  • Ash and Goh's reaction to the wild Bunnelby sneaking up on the stalled train and snagging one of their snacks.
  • Goh and Sonia freaking out when they suddenly reunite on the road.
  • Goh's panicking towards Sonia's reckless driving, notably when Sonia's driving she has her tongue poking out.


  • After Goh and Raboot get out of Sonia's car, they're both suffering from motion sickness. Goh comments on Sonia’s reckless driving and Raboot managed to respond in human speech!
    Sonia: Are you all right?
    Goh: I guess.(To Raboot) Sonia's driving leaves a little bit to be desired.
    Raboot: Uh huh...
    • Later when back in the car and Sonia nearly crashes into one of Chairman Rose's minions you can see Raboot having a shocked look on its face. Considering how Raboot usually rarely shows its emotions, it’s hilarious.
  • Goh's surprised exclamation at hearing that Professor Magnolia is Sonia's grandmother.
  • Ash's stomach growling during his chat with Rose and Leon about the Dynamaxed Pokémon running rampant. They both simply laugh it off while Ash is slightly embarrassed.
  • The sudden Death Glare that Oleana gives to Ash is worth a laugh.


  • When Sonia steps on the gas to get herself and Goh away from Oleana's subordinates, the car does a burnout, much to their dismay.


  • Rose and Oleana's reactions upon being defeated.
    • Rose's expression when watching the Darkest Day is pretty funny in contrast to Oleana's stoic.
  • Ash and Goh's contrasting reactions to Cinderace (awe to the point you could tell the rabbit wanted some personal space) and Lucario (complete shock) when they meet back up.
  • The sudden pause Ash and Goh have when they realize they captured Eternatus.
  • Raihan's shocked reaction to Kommo-o reverting to its normal size.
    • Before that, he wanted to ask Sonia out on a date if the current situation wasn't going on.


  • Ash and Goh running from a swarm of Mankeys.
  • The look on Ash and Goh's faces before they are struck by Gyarados's Hydro Pump.


  • Chrysa being absolutely enthusiastic about the eating contest the entire episode, quite a stark contrast to just an aide who is only there in the background.
  • Despite being the one who brought up the competition in the first place, Professor Cerise acts as the Only Sane Man for the episode, contrasting Ash and Chloe's interest and being shocked by Chrysa's fanaticism.
  • Pikachu pretend eating while watching the competition.
  • Dragonite licking Ash's face like a big puppy.
  • Ash's Dragonite is revealed to have stopped eating, eliminating him from the competition. Turns out it's a light eater for its size.
  • Many of the other competitors have a few laughs of their own:
    • Bisharp slicing the berries into smaller pieces, but it gets a bit into it and slices the table and dishes.
    • A Hydreigon using its additional heads to eat...but it gets full quickly. As Meowth noted, it has three heads, yet one stomach.
    • The Rookies looking in horror at how Skwovet can keep eating since it knew Bullet Seed to empty its stomach.
  • Morpeko and Skwovet diving into Team Rocket's bloating cookies, much to their dismay. However, Morpeko is seemingly unaffected while Skwovet deflates and recovers really quickly (compared to the other four Pokémon).
  • Goh having a secret technique for Skwovet to keep on eating: squeeze Tamato berry juice onto a tart and reset its palette with a new taste so it could continue eating it.
  • Morpeko's opponent in the second round is a Glalie who uses its Freeze-Dry to completely freeze its dish. This means that it has to essentially eat a giant block of ice before it continues onto the next round.
  • In the final round, both Goh's Skwovet and Team Rocket's Morpeko are capable of eating the Torchic-based manju...the current champion (a Blaziken), however? Absolutely paralyzed at the idea of eating something so cute, never mind the fact that they're in the shape of its first form (punctuated by a Rebus Bubble as Pikachu remembers the Torchic line). So the Blaziken gathers the little Torchic desserts into its claws and walks off. Despite this, Chryssa is just eating it all up.
    • Earlier in the competition, this same Blaziken manages to out-eat a Snorlax...which would be more impressive if the food given to it wasn't something spicy that its taste buds could likely shake right off like curry.
  • Just when Team Rocket is about to win, Morpeko switches into its Full Belly mode (indicating it finally wants to stop eating) and causes them to blast off with an Aura Wheel. When do they land? Straight back into Hangry mode.
  • By the end of the contest, Chloe is just as enthusiastic as Chrysa.


  • Team Rocket's near-perfect robot double of Pikachu. The one flaw? It doesn't say "Pikachu", but "Hikachu". Meowth is pretty disappointed in not being able to get that right.
    • When the real Pikachu plays with it, he gives it half of the stick he ate with, and the decoy eats that. Pikachu tries to eat the other half and chokes on it, making a "Hika" sound...
  • Cinderace tries to share ice cream with Lucario and accidentally smooshes it into its face, leading to a very heated conflict between them.
  • The moments of Cinderace and Lucario being stuck together and being flung all over the place alongside Team Rocket.
    • Also seeing them battle against Sawk and Throh while stuck together has its funny moments.
    • Their strategy to take turns spinning each other around is especially funny. Especially Lucario's and Cincerace's reaction to being spun.
  • When blasting off, Team Rocket discovers they captured the decoy Pikachu instead of Ash's at the end.
  • Near the end, how bloated Ash has gotten in contrast to Goh after dining on all the desserts from Goh's prize.
  • Cinderace and Lucario run over to Ash and Go to tell them about Pikachu, only to find he was sitting with the group the whole time.


  • When Goh brings Sobble to the playground, it immediately starts bawling. Goh then calls out Cinderace to pacify it while he goes takes his test.
  • When Ash is calling for Pikachu to stop Team Rocket, all you see is his arms sticking out of the pit.


  • While Yamper is getting his belly rubbed by Chloe, Eevee also wishes to do so, so she stands on her hind legs...and promptly somersaults and lands on her stomach.
  • Eevee's reaction towards the large Boldore.
  • When Eevee helps Chloe to dust off the fossil, she gets too carried away and accidentally covers them both in dust.
  • While Chloe is making whipped cream, some of it splashes on Eevee's face when she goes to watch.
  • Ash, Goh, Chloe and Cara Liss's reactions towards the whipped cream curry when it's done.
    • This is taken up a notch when they reluctantly take a bite and end up really enjoying it.
    • Ash, Goh, Pikachu and Cinderace all have bulging bellies after finishing their curry.
  • Ash's excited face at seeing Arctozolt in contrast to Goh and Chloe looking unimpressed.
  • When Ash tries to introduce itself to Dracovish, it's response is to chase and try to eat him.
    • When chasing Ash and Pikachu, Dracovish uses Water Gun that hits Arctozolt, angering it and causing it to use Icy Wind and causing major chaos for everyone.
    • The drama with Dracovish ends with Ash and Pikachu riding it running right into Arctozolt, knocking them both out and Ash and Goh over.

    JN051 to JN060 


  • Ash getting hit by Farfetch'd twice in the episode. The first time at the Cerise Institute when training his Pokémon. The second time in Rock Tunnel where he tries to encourage Farfetch'd to work with him to become a Leek Master, only for him to be hit and thrown into a rock wall.
  • Goh running over to Ash after he's hit by Farfetch'd, but only to tell him of the Pokémon Geodude and him wanting to catch one.
  • The end of the episode has Ash and Pikachu wielding leeks to help with Farfetch'd wanting to be a "Leek Master".


  • Voltorb getting angry and shocking Eevee out of defense for it getting too close, much to everyone's surprise.
    • It then accidentally shocks Ash after getting too excited by his praise.
  • Ash and Goh stuffing themselves with tomatoes as Chloe is checking out the soil.
  • Chloe's reaction when she discovers the soil she touched is actually Golem Shells.
  • The "Super Sentai" Stance that Ash, Goh and Chloe put on before preparing to harvest the carrots.
  • Ash and Chloe starting to freak out when trying to point out where the Digletts are going.
    • Goh throwing a Pokeball to try to catch a Diglett or Dugtrio that hits Ash in the face.
    • Chloe jokingly imagining Ash being sucked into the Poke Ball when it hits him.
  • Jessie, James and Wobuffett are all dozing off, forcing Meowth to do all the hard work.


  • Just the idea that Goh can capture Suicune can give you a laugh considering how tough it is to normally capture a Legendary. Even the preview has Ash and Goh wondering what just happened.
  • The Rattata whose dreams Drowzee was feasting on was dreaming about itself with wings and flying.
  • The Pokémon hunters are all trapped in a block of ice when they're arrested by Officer Jenny.


  • When all the Pokémon are playing with toy balls in the Cerise Institute, Geodude and Mankey are fighting over one.
  • Kublock getting all ecstatic watching the battle between Ash, Goh and Team Rocket, treating it like part of his film.
    • The reactions to Kublock's crew seeing how much he's enjoying the battle.
    • Poochyena's Yawn hitting Kublock, knocking him out.
    • He is still asleep after the battle and they have to carry him away.
  • Sobble sneaking back to the set to see Inteleon but gets seen and picked up by one of the crewmen, much to its dismay.
  • The surprise water gun attack Darmanitan receives at the end, courtesy of Sobble.


  • Eevee not paying attention and walking right into a mushroom. Though this helps Ash, Goh and Chloe to discover that the mushrooms glow when touched.
  • Pikachu and Eevee playing on the mushrooms in the background while Chloe is explaining about the Glimwood Tangle from the story she read.
  • Ash and Goh's reactions when they encounter Opal have plenty of funny moments.
    • Pikachu and Cinderace are frozen in fear, even when Ash and Goh calm down.
    • Poor Ash and Goh getting Opal's questions wrong and are forced to wear pink clothing, along with Pikachu and Cinderace.
    • The look of embarrassment when they are shown their new pink outfits.
    • Cinderace seems to be the only one who admires its new pink outfit. Somewhat understandable, since the color pink is similar to the color red, which Cinderace is associated with.
  • Chloe and Eevee have their share of funny moments when dealing with the Impidimp.
    • When Chloe chases after the three Impidimp, she falls into a pit they set up for her.
    • The three Impidimp drinking the water from her canister and spraying it all over her, Eevee and Ponyta's faces.
    • The Impidimp start throwing berries at Chloe and Eevee, resulting in a massive food fight between the Impidimp and Chloe, Eevee and Ponyta.
    • Eevee's tactics of imitating everything the Impidimp do to fight back, which somehow manages to work.


  • The start of the episode has Ash and Goh fencing with leeks so Ash can help support Farfetch'd.
  • Wikstrom crying each time because of Ash and Goh's dedication, which confuses them. And each time Wikstrom bursts into tears, his Aegislash provides him with a handkerchief.
  • Poor Pikachu unable to get any involvement during the training and being stopped by Wikstrom each time, having to watch from the sidelines.
  • Ash getting distracted by a Dedenne that jumps on his shoulder and uses Nuzzle on him.


  • Gengar's attempt at scaring Chloe, Ren, Chrysa and Eevee backfires when Eevee starts to mimic its actions, causing him to leave in frustration.
  • Chloe's horror when she see's Chrysa's place for the first time, cue the theme song cutting out upon her reaction
  • Chryssa picking up and shoving a pile of clothes into her cupboard and struggling to close it while Chloe just stares.
  • Psyduck's headache kicking in and it uses Psychic on everything in the restaurant, including Ash, Goh and its trainer.
  • In the end when Chloe tries to reunite Chrysa and her friend, it ends with her running straight past him and hugging his Psyduck instead, much to Chloe's dismay.
  • Chloe still suffering a Heroic BSoD after Chrysa is so pleased and thanking her for her help.


  • James putting a sleeping Meowth onto the Rocket Prize Master before going back to sleep.
  • The look on Pelipper's face seeing all of the Gulpin going by after it turns on the machine.
  • Ash accidentally pushing Goh into a bush when he wants to talk to him.
    • Additional hilarity with Goh emerging with a Gulpin stuck to his head.
    • Another Gulpin manages to attach itself to Ash's butt.
  • As the duo is heading back to the lab, they are engulfed in a ball of Gulpin.
  • The giant ball of Gulpin picks up a Snorlax that's just sleeping on the road.
    • The same Snorlax is seen sleeping outside of the ball as it heads for Chloe and Professor Cerise.
  • The look on Chloe's face as she sees the giant ball of Gulpin as it's heading for them.
  • Due to the Gulpin on Goh's head, he mishears Professor Cerise's advice to tell Gulpin to use Gastro Acid as "Astro Glasses". He passes the misheard move to Ash. Luckily for them both it still works.
  • The final shot of the Cerise institute has Mimey sweeping outside from the aftermath.
  • Meowth waking up tired and with a headache after being stuck on the Prize Master as it sleeps.
  • All the Pokémon that join in Chewtle and Turtwig's race have their funny moments.
    • First, Torkoal is unable to keep up and starts bellowing out smoke, much to Meowth's surprise. It doesn't stop the determined Chewtle and Turtwig as they manage to get out.
    • The Tirtouga that joins in the sandpit goes so fast that it crashes into every wall.
  • Meowth and Wobuffett reactions when even more turtle Pokémon (Squirtle, Wartortle, Grottle, Dreadnaw, Torterra, Carracosta, and Turtonator, alongside the Torkoal from before) appear.
    • Wobuffett panics and runs away from the herd of turtle Pokémon racing towards him until he trips and falls. Luckily, the Turtle Master appears before he can be trampled and they all run off to him (causing Chewtle to officially win the race).
  • Meowth's frustration whenever any Pokemon says "Don't make me laugh".


  • Goh's nightmare of his parents being Rillaboom is worth a laugh.
    • Taken up to eleven when he wakes up and sees Grookey resting with him and his reaction.
  • Upon waking up, the first thing Grookey does is jump on Ash, Goh and Pikachu's heads and beat them like drums.
    • It then attempts to do this with Mimey, to no avail as he carefully dodges each time, then taunts it with a Bring It stance.
  • Grookey trying to steal Pikachu's food after it's done eating, only for Pikachu to slide his bowl away, causing it to get angry and whack it with its stick, sending poor Pikachu's food flying.
  • Grookey jumping into Chloe's hair and undoing her ponytail which catches her by surprise.
    • After jumping off, it lands on poor Eevee much to her surprise, then Pikachu and Yamper try to catch it but collide into each other.
  • Pikachu and Yamper attempt to attack Grookey with Thunderbolt and Spark, only for it to dodge the attack and letting it hit everyone else instead.
    • Bonus points for Chloe's hair becoming frizzly as a result similar to Dawn and Iris.
  • Gengar sneaking up on Ren from behind, giving him a fright.
  • When a Dodrio emerges from the bushes with Grookey on it, hitting its heads like drums again. Ash and Goh have to chase it down then apologise to its trainer.
    • Then it runs of into the park towards another trainer and her Marowak and starts a fight with Marowak. Ash and Goh have to apologize to her too.
  • When the Rocket Prize Master is used, a ball comes out for Jessie but nothing comes out for James.
    • Additionally, when Jessie throws the Pokeball, it turns out to be empty.
  • Back in Team Rocket's hideout, Grookey realizes its stick is missing and begins to search for another. As it rummages through a box it tosses out a Nanab Berry and a bar of chocolate. A worried Jessie and James catch the thrown food. Reason? Their Hangry Mode Morpeko mistakenly believes they're stealing its food. It then proceeds to chase Team Rocket with Aura Wheel.
  • The episode ends with Grookey jumping on poor Eevee's head again, wanting to ride her and Goh chasing after it.

    JN061 to JN070 


  • Divi tumbling down the stairs alongside Mulpli is funny until the outcome where he's bandaged in the hospital.
  • Grookey jumping on Tauros's head, causing it to get angry and charge at Ash, Goh and Mulpli.
  • Mulpli having a panic attack and hiding when seeing the broken water fountain. Ash and Goh have to snap her out of it so they can fix it.
  • Mulpli suddenly appearing in fromt of Team Rocket to give them her flyer which startles them.


  • Several of the mishaps that happen to poor Drizzile.
    • Poliwag and Goldeen teasing it and shooting water guns at it, but getting annoyed when it doesn't react and try again.
    • Drizzile's retaliation attack hits Chinchou and it uses Thunderbolt on it, knocking it unconscious into the water.
    • The giant Magikarp smacking it out of the water and back on the land.
    • All of its attempts at finding a burrow to live in end up unsuccessful, being chased out by Ekans, then the two Nidoran and then thrown by Heracross after it scares poor Pinsir.
  • Goh's reaction when Drizzile turns its' head away when he tries to talk to it.


  • After Ash sends out Dracovish, the first thing it does it chomp on his head again, much to Kiley's surprise.
  • When Goh throws a Pokeball at Gorebyss, the ball just floats to the surface instead, preventing him from catching it.
  • Ash having to push Dracovish during the swimming training until it sinks and starts running really fast on the sea floor.
  • Both during the practice and the real competition, Ash's Dracovish struggles to reach the bell while everyone else manages.
  • Pikachu, Eevee and Grookey landing on the water slide but end up falling backwards into the water. The rest of the Pokémon have to help them up.
    • Upon falling in the water, Grookey takes out its stick and starts angrily smacking the water with it until the Pokémon arrive.
  • While everyone else is pushing or carrying the balls, Grookey is just walking on top of its ball like a circus performance.
  • Goh's Dewgong falling in love with a Gorebyss, only to be rejected for a Huntail it has a rivalry with at the end. Its' reaction to what is going on is priceless.


  • Hodge falling off his Hariyama when reaching out to Grookey. Ash, Goh and Pikachu look in horror while Grookey is chucking about it.
  • Ash and Goh end up sliding down the hill again whilst trying to climb up.
  • When Goh sends out his Trapinch to dig a trench, it doesn't take long for it to emerge again, shivering from being too cold.
  • Hodge's uncle has several funny moments at the end.
    • After Ash and Goh save the Hot Springs, he decides to give his thanks and apologies by dropping several buckets of ice water on himself, causing him to start freezing and shivering. You can easily tell how much he regretted his decision.
    • Whilst in the hot springs with Ash, Goh and Hodge, he gets Force Palmed by Hariyama, much to their surprise and further embarrassment of Hodge.


  • Before Ash could open the letter from Iris, Sirfetch'd slices it...but only the very top part of the envelope so Ash doesn't have open it himself, which impresses everyone, especially Lucario who looks the most surprised.
  • Iris makes her return to the series by once again getting hit on the head by a thrown Poké Ball, this time by Goh.
  • Ash's Dragonite immediately cuddles Iris, and she returns the favor by squeeing over it.
  • Ash's Dragonite meeting Iris' Dragonite. The two could not be more different in terms of personality.
  • During the fight between the two Dragonite, Iris' uses Ice Beam with Ash's redirecting it upward with Hurricane, leaving a gaping hole in the Opelucid Gym's roof. Iris gets momentarily flustered by this before Drayden tells it's fine and she immediately goes right back to focusing on the battle.
  • Iris' Dragonite's expression when Dracovish is first sent out (and proceeds to chomp Ash's head) can be best described as "What the heck is that?"
    • Iris fawns over how cute Dracovish is, much to her Dragonite's discomfort.
    • Dracovish when it finally focuses on the battle tosses Ash aside like a ragdoll before charging right in.
    • How does Dracovish win? By catching Iris' Dragonite by the head in its jaws and freezing him completely with Ice Fang. Made even funnier considering that in the past, Dragonite was able to tank Ice-type moves like they were nothing.
  • Dragonite happily slams into Ash with its trademark glomping before he's even had a chance to celebrate their victory.


  • At the start, Pinsir starts blushing again after putting a flower necklace on Heracross.
  • Flabebe and Grookey constantly pulling Goh by the hair to try to direct him.
    • Even funnier when they start fighting over which way he should go, pulling his hair in different directions.
  • Grookey pouring honey onto Goh's hair and stylying it into different shapes.


  • While Ash, Goh and Officer Jenny are protesting Pikachu's innocence, Pikachu and Grookey are fighting over the handcuffs once he takes them off, causing Ren to take them off them.
  • A lot of the tasks Ash and Goh have to do as officers have their funny moments including:
    • Removing a Snorlax off the road
    • Helping a group of Psyduck cross the street
    • Untangling two tangled Tanglas.
    • Carrying an old lady and her Purugly across the street.
      • At the end, the duo and their Pokémon are too worn out to even continue.
  • The events that happen when Pikachu shocks the Cerise's house.
    • Yamper is getting out of control from all the electricity.
    • The television is on way too loud, causing Chloe to cover her ears.
    • The electricity getting into Chloe's hair, making it frizzly again.
  • Team Rocket learning the hard way that Morpeko requires energy from food and not electricity after stealing so much to feed it.
  • Pikachu's Thunderbolt is so powerful that it doesn't only send Team Rocket blasting off, but sends several police cars flying.
  • At the end when Detective Decker congratulates Pikachu for his bravery, he responds by shocking him.


  • Upon seeing Ash again, his horde of Tauros all charge up to greet him but send him flying into the air, much to Goh's surprise.
    • He is then caught by his Muk who immediately glomps him, worrying Goh more.
  • The running gag of the Pokémon Goh tries to catch breaking free and attacking them.
    • Pidgeotto breaks out and uses Whilwind on Ash and Goh, sending them flying into an Onix.
    • Then when Goh tries to catch the Onix, it also breaks out and prepares to use Rock Slide on them before being attacked by Gary.
  • Upon seeing Ash again, Infernape jumps off the tree he's on and lands on top of him to glomp him.
  • After Ash talks about how Gary can't be honest with his feelings (purposely acting arrogant towards Goh to goad him into joining Project Mew), Gary suddenly sneezes while he's walking away.


  • A majority of the episode is Grookey and Eevee playing together and causing problems for Goh and Chloe.
  • Goh and Chloe spend a good chunk of the episode bickering over whether their respective Pokémon are better than the other's.
  • Grookey trying to climb into Chansey's pouch, much to said Chansey's horror. Then Eevee joins in and they cause Chansey's egg to fall out, forcing Pikachu to do a slide dive to save it.
  • While walking back from the Pokémon Center, Goh and Chloe get into a disagreement about each other's Pokémon being troublemakers. As they bicker about if their Pokémon can behave, Grookey and Eevee start running down the street on their own, causing Goh and Chloe to panic and chase after them. The next shot shows them both exhausted after catching them. Ash comments one can't exactly call that behaving.
  • The looks on Goh and Chloe's faces when they see Grookey and Eevee walking off together.
  • James, Meowth and Wobuffett drooling over the sight of Appletun and Vanilite looking like an apple pie. Jessie manages to snap out of it and present a real apple pie to them later.
  • When everyone is passing the role on who to pick up the ice cream, they do it by touching the person beside them. It lands on Pelipper who has no one beside them which causes it to panic.
  • The whole scene of Gengar chasing Grookey, Eevee and another trainers Geodude that they were messing with is re hillarious.
    • At the end, Gengar heads for Ash, Goh and Chloe, almost blowing their cover.
  • When Chloe runs after Eevee and Grookey are hurt, she runs after them then realizes they are just watching a Diglett, causing her to fall flat on her face near them.
  • The second Team Rocket has their Apple Pie with Ice Cream ready, Morpeko jumps out of nowhere back in hangry mode and eats it, much to their dismay.


  • The episode consists of Team Rocket trying to lose Morpeko so they can get food again.
  • James's reaction when he finds Morpeko in the closet eating all his supplies.
    • Team Rocket then hide on their table to try to stay on its good side.
  • James panic buying everything at a nearby food cart when Morpeko goes back into Hangry Mode.
  • Just when Team Rocket thinks they've lost Morpeko, it returns in Hangry Mode and sends them blasting off, causing them to lose their groceries.
  • Jessie disguising herself as a fortune teller to trick Ash and Goh into catching Morpeko, but she accidentally points at a Pidgietto instead, causing them to chase after it.
  • Morpeko and Greedent fighting for the food supplies in the Cerise Institute.
    • Even funnier when it finds Greedent's stashed food and they fight over it inside the tree. The quarrel is resolved thanks to Raichu giving them piles of berries.
  • Goh's reaction when Morpeko instantly breaks free from his Pokeball.
    Goh: I lost to its appetite.
  • When Jessie calls for Zigzagoon to attack, it just ends up running all over the place instead, to their confusion and dismay.
  • Just when Team Rocket is about to defeat Ash and Goh, Morpeko jumps out of nowhere and hits them with Aura Wheel, sending them blasting off.
  • The Heartwarming moment of James catching Morpeko is suddenly cut short when it returns to hangry mode and sends them blasting off yet again.


    JN071 to JN080 
  • Goh's anger towards Gary is pretty funny in contrast to Ash's nonchalant attitude.
  • When the doors are opened, Ash and Goh are greeted by Professor Hodaka's Mime Jr. It is a funny and also cute moment.
  • During their expedition on Mt Coronet, all of Ash and Goh's Pokemon (except Pikachu, Grookey, and Scizor) all return and are shivering because of how cold they are. The duo reciprocates this by returning them to their Poké Balls.
  • Watching Cinderace sitting on the floor and stuffing its face with berries is pretty funny.
    • Also funny and cute seeing Pikachu and Grookey with their milk covered faces.


  • Ash and Goh become distraught at the fact the rumor of a new evolutionary form in the Klinklang-line was simply marketing for Klink-shaped cookies, the supposed name being ridiculous in itself.
    • Team Rocket also fell for the advertisement, with Jessie and Meowth aruging over the length of the name.
  • While Ash finds himself satisfied with the Klink cookies, Goh tries to convince himself they were the entire purpose of the trip to avoid disappointment.
  • Hilarity Ensues the moment Team Rocket sets off their smoke bomb, causing everyone to panic and become separated with wrong partners.
    • Beforehand, while Team Rocket try to stay hidden, Morpeko is accidentally released in its Hangry Mode, causing them to immediately be spotted.
  • Ash and Morpeko spend their whole time together fighting over the bag of cookies Ash is carrying.
    • In contrast to Team Rocket, who usually cower in fear of Morpeko, Ash undauntedly fights to the bitter end for the food, even trying to eat it faster than Morpeko can respond out of desperation.
    • Ash uses this to manipulate Morpeko to attack the waves of Durant via taunting.
  • Still bitter over the fight with Meowth, Jessie suggests they simply recruit Eevee, teaching her the Team Rocket Motto, which she performs beautifully.
  • While Goh prepares to catch Seismitoad, Pikachu suddenly attacks it one last time and causes it to run away.
  • After being accidentally captured in Wobbuffet's net, Grookey steals it in fascination, casuing the former to chase after him.
    • The hilarity is taken up to eleven when Grookey tries to use it and accidentally catches a Heatmor, causing it and three others to get mad and chase after the duo.
  • The scenes of everyone grabbing the Pokemon with them and fleeing from the rampaging Durants is worth a chuckle.
  • The Heatmor and Durants immediately lunge for each other due to their natural rivarly, providing a perfect distracting for both groups to escape.
  • Meowth's attempt at confessing his love and desire for Chloe to be his trainer backfires when he accidentally says it to Jessie instead. Although rekindling their friendship, he is overcome with shock and is simply supported by Chloe as a final sting.
  • When Hangry Mode Morpeko is ready to strike, Ash realizes he lost the cookies in the confusion, causing both parties to be blasted off via an Aura Wheel in separate directions.
  • Morpeko simply eats berries happily while the rest of Team Rocket dangles in a tree at the end.


  • Goh seemingly finds a Pokeball lying around...and nearly gets his hand snapped off by a Galarian Stunfisk.
  • The ice cream vendor grabbing Eiscue and gets a fright, throwing it far away while screaming.
  • Goh's Grookey decides to start hitting all the Falinks on their heads which enrages the Pokemon, much to Goh's horror.
  • With their brass leader gone, the trooper Falinks decide to follow Pikachu, to his displeasure. Meanwhile, some of Goh's other Pokemon try to teach the brass about being a leader, with some amusing failures. A Funny Background Event shows Raichu reminding the faster Cinderace to get on her level and hold her tail. When they meet back up, Pikachu finds himself the leader of Goh's line of Pokemon.
  • When Eiscue is reduced to Noice Face mode, Goh immediately takes pictures before it quickly waddles off in embarrassment.


  • Professor Cerise's Oh, Crap! moment after he watches Chloe walk off.
  • The Funny Background Event of two men fighting behind a tired officer Jenny when she is talking to Ash and Goh.
  • Ash and Goh's nightmare of the Cerise gang becoming "Team Cerise". They also scream in horror when they suddenly found themselves wearing their uniform without any explanation.
  • Piplup makes his return to the diving head first into the pot to eat the stew Chloe just prepared and getting scalded. Dawn soon follows and reveals the reason Piplup went for the pot was because she forgot to buy food before making the trip on foot to Eterna City and they're both starving.
  • Dawn constantly getting distracted by everything when walking with Chloe and saying her "No need to worry" catchphrase until Chloe has enough.


  • After Dawn tells Chloe about her some of her moments with Ash and calls him a Pokemon Freak, we then pan back to Ash who sneezes with a confused Goh looking at him.
  • Chloe's attempt at doing a contest performance with Eevee doesn't end well for her. After Eevee uses Whirlpool via Copycat, it ends with Chloe getting drenched and Eevee landing on top of her head.
  • Professor Cerise's freaking out when he calls Chloe to see if she's okay. Chloe manages to calm him down by saying she's fine.


  • The Zenryoku Brothers running up to Ash and fanboying over him to the point of grabbing him to get selfies with him, leaving him and Goh confused.
  • Goh's reaction learning Ash is the Alolan Champion. As well as the fact that it took 76 episodes for him to find out.
    • It's even funnier how Ash casually admits it during the above mentioned photoshoot and so matter of factly. It appears Ash forgot he never mentioned the fact to Goh prior.
  • Ash admits he left his Z Ring at home so he can't demonstrate Z-Moves, much to Goh's dismay.
  • The Zenryoku Brothers attempts at using Clangorous Soulblaze have their hilarious moments.
    • First when they used it on a boulder blocking the way that sends it rolling towards them. Goh's Boldure makes quick work in sending it flying away into Team Rocket.
    • Their second attempt when using it on Bruxish backfires when it misses the Pokemon completely, causing them to break down.
  • When Grookey is immune to Vileplume's sleep powder, Tropius manages to distract it with one of the bananas on its throat instead. The chimp Pokemon looks embarrassed when they are rescued.
  • Team Rocket's reaction when they are suddenly reunited and glomped by Bewear.


  • The end with Goh shouting down to Ash after his victory against Volkner is an amusing callback to when he was embarrassed after Ash did the same with Leon in JN027.


  • A few of the moments with the sleeping Pokemon.
    • A leaf falling on Darmanitan's face as his snoring lifts it several times.
    • Greedent falling out of a tree and frightening Drizzile until it's revealed he's just eating a lot of berries.
  • Pikachu and Grookey playing around and falling into the mud.
    • Then, while covered in mud, they jump on Ash and get him all covered too.
  • Kecleon suddenly getting a crush on Goh's newly-evolved Inteleon once defeated, much to Yabashi's dismay.
  • The moment Professor Cerise comes outside to confront Yabashi, the latter changes from the episode's Big Bad to Fan Boy which confuses everyone.


  • Eevee running ahead as per usual with Chloe chasing after her which almost causes her to jump off a cliff and be rescued by Espeon.
  • Ash, Goh and Himari's reactions upon seeing Chloe and Haruhi together.
  • Katsuki's reaction when Haruhi has him join the ceremony after she and Chloe defeat him.


  • The group leader's return has him greet Ash and Goh by performing a cute pose while saying his titular catchphrase.
  • As Ash and Goh confidently enter the mine shaft, they are instantly met by a swarm of Woobat that surprise them.
  • Nito's attempt at trying to escape the Larvesta attacks is worth a chuckle.
  • After saving the eggs, Ash and Goh's sudden realization they are still surrounded by fire caused by the Larvesta.

    JN081 to JN090 
  • The sudden surprise start of Ash and Goh chasing after a Shiny Voltorb that approaches Chloe before Goh catches it.
  • Abel running over and hugging Goh's newly caught Voltorb, causing it to explode, covering him and the others in soot.
  • Chloe's Oh, Crap! reaction after Ash, Goh, their Pokemon and Eevee excitedly decide to go to the Blue Pokemon fair.
  • The Funny Background Event of Pikachu, Grookey and Voltorb bouncing to look at a photo of a picture of a Shiny Voltorb.
  • Abel getting so hyped about talking about his story with Brionne that he grabs Eevee and starts dancing around with her until Chloe grabs her off him.
  • Wobbuffet getting so uncomfortable with the affection that he runs away.
  • Upon seeing Goh's Voltorb, Blutus also runs to hug it, causing it to explode yet again.
  • Throughout the whole episode, Chloe is keeping very close to Eevee to prevent Abel or Blutus from touching her.
  • When Jessie tries to reassure Wobbuffet not to be so scared, he quickly snatches her pokemon to send himself back in, much to their surprise.
  • Meowth's attempt at impersonating Wobbuffet doesn't convince Abel or Blutus at all and completely backfires when he falls over, causing the disguise to slide off and Jessie and James have to quickly pick him up and flee.
  • Once Pikachu, Grookey and Eevee are free, only Chloe has no problem catching Eevee as Grookey bounces off Goh's head and Ash has to slide in to catch Pikachu.
  • When Jessie and James call on their Rocket Prize machine, Abel and Blutus start fanboying over seeing Pelipper, causing it to get scared and fly away instead, leaving Team Rocket without the machine.

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