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Many of Ash's new Pokémon that he catches will be from top of the 2020 Pokémon of the Year polls
  • His Gengar being #10 in general, Dragonite being #6 among the Kanto Pokémon, and his eventual Riolu who can evolve into Lucario being #2 in general.
    • Riolu is confirmed in JN021 when Ash catches a Riolu that hatched from an Egg. Evolution into a Lucario would be later on in the Sword and Shield Series.
      • Confirmed in previews with Riolu evolving during the Darkest Day arc.
      • Further confirmed with the capture of Gengar and Dragonite.
  • A Ralts or Gardevoir which was rated the 9th Pokémon on the overall list.
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  • Mimikyu, Umbreon, and Sylveon were rated 3rd, 5th, and 6th.
  • In the counting for other regions (not listed above, legendary, or already in Ash's team in some evolutionary state)
    • Kanto: Eevee and Arcanine
    • Johto: Scizor, Espeon, and Ampharos
    • Hoenn: Flygon, Metagross, Milotic, Absol
    • Sinnoh: Luxray, Piplup/Empoleon, Glaceon
    • Unova: Chandelure, Zoroark, Hydregion, Volcarona, Haxorus
    • Kalos: Aegislash, Dedenne, Tyrantrum
    • Alola: Golisopod, Primarina, Bewear
    • Galar: Dragapult, Toxitricity, Corviknight, Snom, Alcremie, Cinderace, Yamper, Wooloo, Inteleon
      • Granted Journeys has been all about bucking trends so far where it comes to caught Pokémon, especially since Goh is trying to catch as many as he can anyway, but typically during a season none of the current starters have ever been doubled up between main characters, so Inteleon can probably be crossed off since Goh has Sobble. Similarly, Ash catching a Yamper of his own would take focus away from Chloe's Yamper.

Many of Ash's Pokémon will return based on the 2020 Polls
  • Including Greninja, Charizard, Garchomp (evolved from Gible)
    • While the involvement of the polls seems to have been Jossed for now, many of Ash's Pokémon do make a return in an upcoming episode set at Oak's lab.

Ash's Gengar will fight another Gengar at some point
That is why Ash's has a different color than other Gengar. Sort of think of the Ash's Swellow vs Winona's fight where Winona's was shiny.

Ash's Dragonite will Gigantamax for the World Pokémon Championships
Hence the decision to give him one to also promote the new games, its never-seen-before giant form towers over the stadium complete with glowing eyes (a nod to the anime episode Mystery at the Lighthouse) and a crucial member of his party that enables him to compete in the Master Class of trainers.
  • Considering Pikachu has already been established Gigantamax, that seems unlikely...

Past traveling companions of Ash's will have guest reappearances
Since this season seems to be about traveling all over the Pokémon world, it only makes sense for Ash to run into old friends. Plus, it could make for development for Goh if he got jealous of all the different friends Ash has made over his journey.
  • JN025 has the return of Korrina from the Kalos saga.
  • JN037 features Ash and Goh visiting Alola and meeting all of his friends from that region, including a scene featuring Lillie and Gladion.
  • JN065 features Ash travelling to Unova to battle Iris, who's since become the region's champion.
  • JN068 features Gary, who then becomes a recurring character as part of Project Mew.
  • A promotional image for JN074 and JN075 reveals the return of Dawn.

At least one visit to the Alola Region will have Ash defend his title
He is the regional champion, after all.
  • At the very least it would probably come up at some point and Goh would be 'WHAT!?' about it.

Potential locations to visit include the following
  • One of the haunted locations, like the Eterna Forest Old Chateau or Unova's Strange House
  • A Safari Zone (at Fuchsia, outside Lilycove, the Great Marsh, or west of Cianwood)
  • The Regi caves of Gen 3 (Do they want to write Goh capturing Regis?)
    • Given that the Regi seem to be integral to the plot of the Crown Tundra DLC, if this does happen, it would likely be in Galar, not Hoenn.

Goh will create a team of Pokémon specifically made to capture Mew. Its lineup consists of:
  • Cinderace
  • Golurk or Misdreavus due to being Ghost-Types that are strong against Psychic-Types, the latter could also be a possibility if it learns Mean Look.
  • A Pokémon who can inflict status conditions.

Chloe will meet a classmate who, like her, is struggling to find out what she wants to do in life.
  • It would be a good way to develop Chloe's character more. The two will bond over their struggles and talk about their opinions on Pokemon. The classmate will reveal that they already know what they want in life, but are scared to tell their family/peers for fear of being judged or rejected. Chloe in turn will tell them that they shouldn't worry about what other people think and that they need to speak up...which will make her realize that she too has been hiding her feelings from her peers. Chloe will finally gain the courage to tell her schoolmates that she doesn't want to follow in her father's footsteps and is still trying to find her passion in life.
  • Looking jossed, as Chloe is becoming more and more involved with Pokemon. She does confide in Goh that that she wants to keep her options open, and he's understanding of this.

Ash's Galarian Farfetch'd will evolve into Sirfetch'd during an intense battle
It is likely that the critical hit requirement is hard to pull off in the anime, but the intense battle part should work. The main requirement is it would likely be very intense (for example an equivalent of Dragonite's battle with Korrina's mons).
  • Confirmed. It evolved during a rematch with Rinto's Gallade in JN060.

Ash will catch Grookey
Goh has Sobble and Cinderace, so the last starter would go to Ash. Though...
  • Jossed.

Goh will catch Grookey
...The alternative is also true.
  • Confirmed.

Possible Pokemon for Chloe
  • Now that Chloe is officially a Pokemon Trainer, besides Yamper,note  here are some potential mons for her:
    • Pidove: Based on an episode about the Cerise family taking care of the eponymous Pokemon after it had been injured.
      • Jossed. JN029 reveals that the Pidove already has a trainer.
    • Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash: The preview for an upcoming episode featured both Chloe and her Eevee riding a Galarian Rapidash and Ponyta, respectively. And a brief scene in the 3rd opening for Journeys showed Chloe with a Ponyta.
      • Jossed. Chloe befriends a G. Ponyta in JN055, but she doesn't capture it. However, the aforementioned scene in the 3rd opening still leaves things open for possibility.
    • Grookey: Goh already has Cinderace and Sobble, and unless Ash gets it, it would just make sense for Chloe to get the remaining starter.
      • Jossed, Goh catches it.
    • Chikorita and/or Comfey: Based on the Pokémon Shiritori (Mew to Zamazenta ver.) ending as both Pokémon were dancing alongside her Yamper, much like how Raboot is dancing next to Cubone and Metapod, two other Pokemon Goh currently owns.
    • Wooloo: The two strands of wool hanging from its head resemble Chloe's hair braid. Plus, Yamper are used to herd Wooloo, so it would be interesting to see Yamper interact with one.
    • Any Pokemon with a floral theme (Budew/Petilil/(etc.) and its evolutions). Fitting since Chloe usually tends to the flowers around her school.
    • Cherubi/Cherrim: Just to go along with the Cerise family theme.
    • Swablu: A nice callback to May and the Swablu she befriended in an earlier season. Also gives Chloe a potential Dragon-type with Altaria.
    • Eevee: Based on a couple of posters showcasing the new Japanese time-slot for the 2019 series, which have depicted Chloe with an Eevee.
      • Confirmed with Episode 49 being titled To Train, or Not to Train.
    • Rookidee: Unless Ash or Goh catches it, Chloe will have another option for a Flying-type along with Swablu.

Yamper's backstory will be revealed
  • It would be interesting to see how Yamper became part of the Cerise household. The most logical scenario is that Yamper was probably a wild Pokemon that was sick or injured. Chloe (before she developed her ambivalence) found Yamper and helped nurse him back to health. It would go a long way to explain why he's the most devoted to her. Additionally...
    • Jossed. It's revealed that Professor Cerise received Yamper as a gift from a friend living in the Galar region.

...We'll see what caused Chloe's indifference towards Pokemon
  • Goh has mentioned that Chloe wasn't so jaded towards Pokemon in the past, and the latter herself has stated that she neither likes nor dislikes them. So clearly, something must've happened to make her develop this mindset.
    • One of these things that could've happened was Goh's obsession with Mew. If Chloe finally calls Goh out on this, then it should give Goh a huge wake-up call as to how he ignored his close friend.
      • Jossed. Chloe happily tells her father that Mew is Goh's inspiration, showing no signs of negative feelings or resentment. However, JN029 reveals that she did use to be jealous of Yamper getting everyone's attention.

Ash and Iris will have a battle with their Dragonite
  • Should the creators decide to bring any one of Ash's previous travel companions back and it turns out to be Iris, it would only be fitting for them to pit their respective Dragonite against each other. Plus, it would make for some humorous moments with Ash's Gentle Giant Cuddle Bug trying to give Iris' raging Blood Knight a hug.
    • We may get a reference to the games - a revelation that Ash's next opponent in the Ultra/Master class is the Champion of the Unova region's Pokemon League. Ash is excited, then shocked to find he's facing Iris in the world championships.
    • The gender of Ash's Dragonite may be known at that point when they meet, as was the case with Clair's.
    • With Iris being teased in the latest opening for Journeys, this may be plausible.
    • Confirmed with Episode 65, although he doesn't find out Iris is champion until after accepting the battle invitation.

If Ash and Chloe get any interaction together...
  • An episode featured Pikachu running away after seemingly getting fed up with Ash obsessing over training Riolu. The episode preceding it revolved around Yamper becoming jealous of a Pidove that the Cerise family had been taking care of. Due to having just recently experienced similar issues with Yamper, Chloe might show some empathy for Ash and try to help him make things right with Pikachu.
    • Confirmed since Ash mentions that Chloe chewed him out for focusing more on Riolu than Pikachu, although the interaction happens offscreen.
  • Also confirmed in episode 38 where Ash and Chloe work together when they and Goh are digging for fossils. The first time we see them getting along.

Ash's Gengar will enter a losing-streak
  • It'll end up losing more and more battles, and while Ash would never abandon it as did its original abusive trainer, it'll go into a downward spiral, furious at itself. Only to finally break that streak when it Gigantamaxes.

Each of Ash's Pokemon will get a specific rival to them

Borrowing from Sun and Moon giving each mon a rival (Pikachu had Guzma, Rowlet Hau, Lycanroc Gladion, and Torracat Masked Royal) Ash's Pokemon will have a rival figure to bounce off of. For some specifics

  • Dragonite:
    • Flygon. The two are literal foils to each other in the Pokédex. One who ventures out to sea to save people, the other, the siren of the sands, luring people out into the desert.
    • Iris and her Dragonite when she makes her return and they have a battle together.
    • Raihan could be a potential rival to Dragonite if the two were to eventually meet and have a battle.

  • Gengar:
    • The original trainer, akin to the Paul and Chimchar conflict if in a different flavor.

  • Riolu:
    • Korrina, whose Lucario Riolu already admires and would likely want to fight.
    • Bea, given their first battle

  • Farfetch'd
    • Bea, should she have her own Farfetch'd/Sirfetch'd.
    • Rindo, given their first battle.
      • Farfetch'd does a rematch against Rinto's Gallade in JN060, evolving into Sirfetch'd in the process and defeating him this time.

Each of Ash's rivals will have a group of Pokemon set to specifically rival them

Taking the idea from the above and expanding it Ash will have rivals that, instead of getting a specific Pokemon, get species groups of Pokemon to get focus against them. As an example Bea will specifically get Lucario, an eventual Sirfetch'd, and a third Fighting-type (say Urshifu) while Iris may get Dragonite, Dracovish, and a third Dragon-type if she's a rival

Goh will catch a Pikachu...
  • And Team Rocket will mistake it for Ash's Pikachu and steal it.
    • Additionally, if/when Goh captures a Meowth and a Wobbuffet, one of them will accidentally get swapped with Team Rocket. Ash and Goh will later use Goh's Meowth and Wobbuffet to parody the motto.
    • For the former point, Jossed. Goh caught a Pikachu in JN035, but it was a female Pikachu. Confusion did happen but only between Ash's Pikachu and a bunch of wild Pikachu that appeared in the episode. The Pikachu evolved into Raichu before the end of the episode anyway, probably to preserve the One Steve Limit.
      • However, identical Pikachu confusion leading to a Team Rocket mixup does happen in JN048.

Korrina won't be the only Gym Leader Ash rematches.
He will battle the Gym Leaders that he didn't defeat in a Gym match.

Ash's Lucario will soon activate its ability - Battle Bond.
Just like with his Greninja, or with Gigantamax Pikachu, Ash does nothing conventionally when it comes to battling. Instead of Mega Evolution, it achieves through Bond Phenomenon a powerful form that mimics its trainer's appearance.

Incineroar will rejoin Ash's team.
It evolved near the end of Sun & Moon, well after Journeys was already planned out. Its late evolution was done with the knowledge that Ash would soon return to Alola in the following series.
  • Aside from generally appearing in JN037, there were no indications in the episode that it or any of Ash's Alolan Pokemon would be joining the current season's roster.

The entire Alola team will come along
On the above, the notable absence of Fire, Grass, Rock, and Steel types on Ash's team could be easily filled that way.
  • As noted above, they (including the Rotomdex) all appeared in JN037 but no mention of them returning with Ash was ever made.

Riolu will evolve into a Lucario during the rematch with Bea
Likely as a Heroic Second Wind after getting knocked down.
  • Jossed. It evolved in the battle against Chairman Rose six episodes later.

Ren is from Kalos
Because his Magnemite is named François which is a French name.

James will obtain a Galarian Weezing.
He may re-catch a Koffing, then evolve it soon after while in Galar.

The Mewtwo that appears in Darkest Day is the same one from Pokémon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened
Due to the well-known legal mess, the Pokemon Company doesn't own the rights to the Mewtwo from the first movie as Takeshi Shudō's estate does instead, they would have to use "her" character instead.
  • This Mewtwo maybe the mystery Pokemon the merchandise keeps teasing us with. "She" in her soul-searching may want to come along with Ash as their paths to push beyond their limits is one and the same. While "she's" ridiculously powerful, he's gonna need "her" help if he's to stand a chance against Elite Fours and Champions in the Master Class of the World Tournament.
  • It would set up a competitive spirit with Goh that culminates in a future and final episode of the series: Ash's Mewtwo vs. Goh's Mew.
  • Jossed. Based on the voice acting, it's the Mewtwo from the first movie.

Ash's Charizard will return
Because one Charizard isn't enough, we need more of them. Why not the one that people actually love? Also some recent toys have featured a Charizard and a Dragapult and some fans question a two toy Leon set (the third toy being a Flygon, likely being Goh's or even Raihan's).
  • Partially confirmed. Charizard returns along with a lot more of Ash's previous Pokémon in an upcoming episode set at Oak's lab. However, neither he nor any of the other Pokémon join the full-time Journeys cast.

The Mew that appears in the series is the same one from first movie
Both of the Mew usually play around but they also help people and Pokemon when they are in trouble. Mew will also be revealed to be the same one as the one in movie 8.

Chloe will be able to Gigantamax Eevee
Her Eevee is unable to evolve, like the Let's Go, Eevee! starter and said starter is capable of getting a Gigantamax form. Similarly, an Eevee (or Pikachu) with the factor cannot evolve in general. Additionally...

Chloe and Eevee will get an Eevium Z
If, at some point, Chloe and Eevee visit the Alola region and Eevee learns Last Resort, they'll be able to use the Z-Move, Extreme Evoboost.

Ash's Farfetch'd is going to evolve soon
JN051 is titled The Great Farfetch'd Trial! and Galarian Farfetch'd evolves after landing three critical hits in battle.
  • Jossed for this episode, but Farfetch'd does begin a Character Development arc of sorts, in which Ash will work hard with it to be more unified and refined in battle.
  • Finally confirmed to evolve in JN060 from landing three critical hits with Fury Cutter against Rinto's Gallade.

An Ash and Bea episode will involve Ash's sensitivity to Aura and Bea lacking any talent for it

Bea notably doesn't have any Pokemon that can use Aura Sphere in her anime or game teams and she was caught off guard by the use of Aura to free Riolu in the second battle. This could manifest in a number of ways from a Technician vs. Performer conflict with Bea as a technician losing to Ash's aura-enhanced performing at some task to Bea trying to learn it from Ash and Lucario in a funny scenario.

A second Ballonea/Glimwood Tangle episode will happen where Chloe reunites with and captures the G. Ponyta

It seems like the end of the episode was set up as if we haven't seen the last of it. Plus, it would finally break the long-standing trend of female companions being hyped up to catch a Pokemon they've befriended, only to end up not doing so (i.e May & Swablu, Iris & Deino, Lana & Dewpider).

The members of the Masters Eight

The top eight trainers in the World Coronation Series so far only have the first, second, and seventh-ranked trainers identified (as of 3/9/21): Leon, Lance, and Raihan. Possible identities for the others include the other Champions.

In fact, a somewhat 'cheap' listing could be listing them in generation order as the first and seventh gens have 'the player/rival' as the champion, thus making it

1: Leon2: Lance3: Steven4: Cynthia5: Alder6: Diantha7: Raihan8: ?

(Due to their statuses Gary and Iris probably do not fit in the list)

While fans will fiercely debate how right or wrong Steven ranking above Cynthia is it, of course, not the only way to list them. It's just the laziest way to make a theme out of it.

The position of eighth could easily be another Galarian character, possibly Piers given how close he was in skill to Raihan in-game and maximizing the current-gen advertisement. Wallace as a Contest-Champion who was implied to have lost the title to Steven could also be a candidate.

A Frontier Brain like Palmer, Brandon, or Anabel could also work.

The fact that Melony has never lost a battle against Raihan and he's in the Masters's Eight, she could be a candidate.

Lucas will appear in a future movie...

And be relevant to the plot. This will be to promote Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Steve will be Ash's first Hyper Class challenger

Makes sense seeing Visquez was his first challenger for Normal Class and her Assistant Tony was his first challenger for the Great Class. So he might be the first to continue said pattern..

Ash's Gengar will Mega Evolve at some point

Ash has never gotten to play with Mega Evolution before; it's two generations late, but having two team members with Mega Evolution potential makes it possible that it'll happen in Journeys. Since Ash has already faced a Mega Evolved Lucario this season, it's probably more likely that he'll get Mega Gengar.

Ash will battle a former companion each time he enters a new class

At the moment it looks like Iris is Ash's battle into the Hyper/Ultra class, same as Korrina was the one into the Super/Great class. With that pattern seemingly being in place he'll have to defeat someone he knows again to enter the Master class as opposed to a new character like Rinto, Bea, or Visquez.

Iris evolved her Axew.

  • Confirmed. Iris' Axew is now a Haxorus, which she uses to battle Ash in JN065.

All, if not most, of Ash's travelling companions will return, leading to a big team up arc

Bringing them back not just lets us catch up on how they are doing, but also introduces new viewers to them. This will lead into a series wide crisis crossover later on. This will extend to some other friends and rivals such as Korrina and Gary.

Ash's Dragonite will replace Hyper Beam with Draco Meteor
It seems to be a move that exists to be blocked while the other moves (Hurricane, Dragon Claw, and Dragon Dance) function perfectly well. Additionally...

There will be an episode featuring Ash helping Dragonite train to master Hyper Beam.
The main problem is the move getting intercepted before Dragonite can use it, so maybe Ash will do some special training with it help it charge up the move faster.

Bea will be Ash's final Hyper Rank opponent before the Master's Eight.
Seeing Bea serves as Ash's main rival in the series and the one trainer he still haven't managed to defeat her yet. It's most likely she will serve as his final opponent in place of a former travelling companion before facing off against the Master's Eight.

Hop will appear at some point
Hop is literally Leon's Brother, he will appear at some point. It's only inevitable.

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