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1...2...and...ta-da! Rowlet has forgotten Comatose, and it learned Camera Abuse instead!

Opening and ending credits

  • In the original opening, Ash and his friends ride the school slide right into an Alolan Exeggutor. The last one down the slide is Kiawe's Turtonator, who inevitably squashes the entire gang flat at the end. Directly afterward, Rowlet can be seen asleep on top of Exeggutor when it leans down into view.
  • In the second version of the original opening, Ash lifts up Nebby and everyone all observes how peaceful Nebby looks as it sleeps, only for it to wake up and cry, causing a loud screech that surprises everyone.
  • Look at the school march. Turtonator didn't bother to catch up and is instead riding on top of Officer Jenny's pickup truck. Samson tries to join the march, but Komala appears out of nowhere and knocks him out.
  • In the original ending, poor Rotom is subjected to various type attacks as Ash demonstrates the Z-Move dances.
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  • Toward the end of the 4th opening, Ash puts his backpack on and turns away from the camera. The backpack then unzips to reveal Rowlet inside, who gives a quick thumbs up to the camera in time with the music.


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     SM001 - SM010 
  • The Ketchum family winning their vacation in a lottery. It's a flashback sequence completely played in fastforward. Even funnier when Delia reminded her son of his mission to deliver Professor Oak's egg to Samson Oak, and the flashback replays in reverse, at the same speed.
  • Ash meets a Bewear. It just wants a hug. Hilarity Ensues when Ash realizes why this would be bad. Bonus points for Bewear's absurdly high pitched voice (in contrast to its noticeably low-pitched cry in the games) that only gets higher as it gets more excited.
    • For context, Ash realizes that there might be trouble when Bewear gets a bit too excited and accidentally backhands a tree in half. His and Pikachu's Oh, Crap! expressions are nothing short of hilarious.
      • As is the fact that Ash and Pikachu stare for a few seconds, then decide to get the heck out of there as fast as they can.
  • All the Amusing Injuries to Ash. Especially when the Litten whose tail he steps on immediately retaliates with an Ember attack. Even in Alola, he's not safe from the Ash Face; it's pretty much got his name in the title for crying out loud!
  • By itself, Samson Oak's Hurricane of Puns isn't that funny. What makes it funny is Ash, Pikachu, and Mallow's reactions to them. Ash, in particular, is thinking "You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!", Pikachu seems to have had a Heroic BSoD from them, and Mallow's just embarrassed.
  • Tapu Koko grabbing Ash's attention so he can get him and Pikachu alone and give him the Z-Ring. One YouTube comment describes it thus:
    "How do I get this kid's attention in a godly manner? I know! I'll sit on this tree and scREAM"


  • This episode continues the Amusing Injuries by having Ash touch Alolan Exeggutor's tail, to which it responds with a Megaton Punch. With the tail.
  • Ash is having lunch with the rest of the Pokémon School, when a sound startles them. He turns around, and suddenly he's face-to-face with Tapu Koko. A brief beat before he startles. Then the Guardian steals his hat.
  • Lillie's over-the-top reaction to Mallow's Bounsweet unexpectedly jumping up into Lillie's face. Bonus points for her holding her freaked-out expression for a moment afterward.


  • Amusing Injuries for Ash: Rotom decides to pull on Pikachu's tail, resulting in Pikachu zapping Rotom, Ash, and Kukui. From that day forward, Rotom discovered that biting is not Pikachu's modus operandi.
    • When Rotom pulls his tail, Pikachu's face jerks forward as if he is, indeed, going to bite Ash's shoulder...but he shocks instead, implying the shocking was a choice as he knows Ash can take it.
      • You can also see that Ash's face takes on a look of horror as he gasps when Rotom pulls Pikachu's tail because he knows exactly what is coming.
  • When the other kids at the Pokémon School meet Rotom, Sophocles goes up to it talking about wanting to examine its programming. But he's brandishing a screwdriver at it with a Slasher Smile. Rotom wants no part of his plans.
  • Most of the time, whatever Mimikyu is saying is so creepy, Meowth literally refuses to translate it.
    Meowth: This is a family show.
  • Meowth tries to take off Mimikyu's shroud, and gets hexed so badly he ends up having a Near-Death Experience.
  • Mimikyu knows the move Play Rough, which is literally a Big Ball of Violence. And Pikachu is on the receiving end twice.
  • Just when Pikachu and Mimikyu are about to battle, a Bewear comes out of nowhere and takes Jessie and James away. Meowth stops Mimikyu's battle to go rescue them. Ash and his classmates were left confused.
    Jessie: Wait, hey, hey, hey. Wha-What? What are you doing? Excuse me. Please let us go? Um...


  • Most of the hilarity can be summed up with one Pokémon: Rowlet the idiot owl.
    • Its very first appearance, where its "brethren" are flying in perfect formation, and then we see little Rowlet move into the shot, struggling to keep up.
    • As the townsfolk offer fruits and berries to the flock, a wind chime catches its interest. Rowlet later takes it as bounty on the return home.
      • Trumbeak scolding Rowlet for not bringing any food and yelling at it when it falls asleep in the middle of the lecture.
    • Rotom logs it in how Rowlet are stealthy predators...right after this Rowlet's not-so-subtle attempt to catch Mallow's Bounsweet.
  • Amusing Injuries for Ash once again: Rotom pulls on Pikachu's tail yet again, zapping both Rotom and poor Ash.
  • Jessie stealing James' Luxury Ball to catch Mimikyu.
  • When Jessie tries to pick up the newly-caught Mimikyu, she's cornered and grabbed by Bewear. Meowth says Bewear says it's dinner time, leading them all to fear they are on the menu. Jessie is begging Mimikyu to pop out and save them…until Bewear feeds her Combee honey. They realize Bewear is going to feed them.
  • When Bewear finally leaves its den, Meowth and Wobbuffet both have balloon bellies from being fed by it.
  • After No Selling Pikachu's Iron Tail, it looks like Mimikyu is going to defeat Pikachu before Rowlet swoops in to save him. Mimikyu is seen looking around for Pikachu before it looks up just in time to see a Thunderbolt bearing down on it!
  • Bewear extracts Team Rocket from a battle once again, to the further bewilderment of the twerps. It seems to be the alternative to blasting off.
    Team Rocket: What is this feeling?!
    • Especially funny is how Bewear also carries Wobbuffet and Mimikyu with it so effortlessly, given that both Pokemon should have a type advantage over it.
  • Lillie getting spooked by the wild Grubbin at the beginning of the episode is worth a laugh.


  • Amusing Injuries continue: Ash is zapped by Pikachu for the third episode in a row, slapped in the face by a Magikarp that Pikachu caught with his tail, nailed in the crotch by a Milotic while leaping over the water, and splashed by Popplio's bubbles (and caught in one then dropped from the air) multiple times.
  • Ash plays with Rockruff before heading to school. Rotom updates Rockruff's 'Dex entry about how the mutt enjoys being petted below the chin. And Kukui points out that while Rotom was busy Wiki Walking, Ash has already left him behind.
  • Once at school, Ash opens his bag and out falls Rowlet, rolling on the floor, still asleep, until it hits a pillar. It really loves the inside of Ash's backpack; Ash didn't even know it'd been sleeping there the whole time, and it was zipped shut.
  • Team Rocket Leaning on the Fourth Wall, namely, even they were wondering what is up with the premise of Ash going to school.
  • Lana has twin younger sisters. When they see Pikachu, they grab him and drag him into their house, and start playing with his face like it's made of clay. And you know what happens when Pikachu is faced with an And Call Him "George"! situation. Even Lana's Ride Lapras outside was stunned.
    • They weren't even aware of Ash's presence at first. When they do notice him, they thought Ash was Lana's boyfriend, leading to her flustered reaction.
    YouTube commenter: Somewhere in Hoenn, Serena is loading the world's largest long-distance sniper rifle.
    • The end result reaction: "Buzz buzz buzz…"
      • Pikachu's reaction is a nervous neck rub and a look that screams "Did I do that?"
  • Popplio decides to leap into Lillie's lap, causing full-blown Color Failure until Lana takes Popplio back.
  • When the class goes fishing, Lillie is in full-body underwater gear complete with bubble helmet. She looks more prepped for space travel than a day on the water.
  • Ash and Mallow do a Frame Break against Rotom when it criticizes their fishing skills, squeezing Rotom out of the screen from both sides.
  • Sophocles claims he could catch a Wailord with his high-tech fishing rod, yet he hasn't even thrown out the line. Later, Lana fantasizes about catching a Kyogre.
  • A random Slowpoke wanders over to hear Team Rocket while they were scheming, and it looks at the audience as if it was questioning their sanity.
    • The next day it dips its tail in the water, and a Sharpedo clamps on to it. At the end of the episode, Sharpedo has yet to let it go.
  • All the classmates have lures based on their favorite Pokémon: Ash has Pikachu, Lana has Popplio, Sophocles has Togedemaru, Mallow has Bounsweet, Kiawe has Charizard, and Professor Kukui has Rockruff. Lilie, who doesn't have her own Pokémon yet, has a Clefairy lure.note 
    • Might double as a Mythology Gag, considering what Pokémon her mother uses in the games…
  • Kiawe didn't use an aquatic Ride Pokémon of his own, and instead settled on being Sophocles' "passenger".
  • The Meowth Balloon returns and takes a reflected Shadow Ball and Leafage. Surely they're finally going to blast off, right? Nope. Team Rocket falls to the water, and are caught by Bewear, running across the water and carrying them off once more.
    • To be more specific, we see a twinkle in the distance before Bewear rockets into view with an explosion of displaced water from its sheer running speed, and it snatches Team Rocket out of the air without even slowing down.
    • And Rotom adds that to Bewear's 'Dex entry with a dumbfounded voice.
  • When Lana reveals the answer to the Poké Problem after the episode, she at first tries to trick the viewer into thinking that Popplio is a Fire-type.


  • Yet more Amusing Injuries to Ash: He jumps off a ledge to the first floor of Professor Kukui's house, and lands face-first against his fish tank. Then slips on soap in the laundry room. Not to mention getting shocked by Pikachu for the fourth episode in a row, and it's only the sixth episode. And that's just the first five minutes.
    • Upon meeting with Sophocles, his Togedemaru rolls into a ball and slams right into Ash's face, knocking him over. Then when Ash and Sophocles have ice cream at the Mall, he eats his too quick and gets brain freeze. And Sophocles is too busy talking to notice.
    • When the Mall locks down, Sophocles panics and starts to run around in circles, before crashing into Ash and crushing him under his weight. Poor Rowlet is also crushed, managing to wiggle out with a blue face. Later, Sophocles tries to get Ash to an open route to get back to Pikachu, Rotom, and Togedemaru. Ash ends up slamming into several doors in his haste.
  • Never leave Ash in charge of the house. Even the narrator believes no good can come of this.
  • Just to emphasize Kukui's Limited Wardrobe, Ash pours the contents of his dirty hamper in the washing machine one labcoat at a time until he decides to heck with it and dumps it all.
  • Rowlet posing for photos for Rotom. This coupled with Rowlet's "smarts" (or lack thereof for the time being) makes it look like we now have an actual Dartrix one evolutionary stage too early.
  • Rotom actually trying to get Ash to cook, since it watched a cooking show with Kukui. Unfortunately, Rotom forgets some small details like "amounts" and turns him into a Lethal Chef. Then Ash pukes sparkles all over Pikachu, who zaps the entire house with Thunderbolt in retaliation.
    • Pity the sparkle-puke was cut from the English dub. You still hear the vomiting though, so the joke turns into the image of regular barfing on Pikachu. Still funny.
    • To clarify: Ash takes vegetables, salt, and pepper (copious amounts of the latter two), and manages to cook up some sort of purple gunk, which nearly KOs Pikachu with the smell alone. Muk would be proud.
    • Maybe that's how you create Grimer?
  • Togedemaru really likes Pikachu. Then, at the end of the episode, Sophocles matter-of-factly states that Togedemaru is a girl
    • And Ash, being Ash, thinks it’s just a brother/sister relationship.
  • Meowth is now a pastry chef, with Jessie and James selling his wares. And his Malasada Donuts are so good, Jessie doesn't even care about stealing all the Pokémon in the Mall anymore.
  • Brandishing his screwdriver, Sophocles once again wants to take a "closer look" at Rotom. The latter goes into Heroic BSoD…literally!
  • When Team Rocket finally does get to examining the security system, Mimikyu pops out of its Poké Ball unawares and startles Meowth. He jumps into James and knocks him into a security system panel, locking down the Mall and locking them in the room with Mimikyu.
  • Jessie eventually gets fed up with being locked in a room and starts going Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs on the door when James calls her over. Cue her epic Jaw Drop when it turns out that there was an open door all along.
  • Bewear again shows its Mama Bear traits by hopping in, grabbing Team Rocket, and hopping across rooftops to get away. Especially funny is that the scene is dramatically set with Bewear in front of the setting sun and roaring in its adorable voice before grabbing them.


  • More Amusing Injuries to Ash: when Litten steals his sandwich, Ash grabs its tail, and it responds with Fury Swipes. Pikachu zaps Ash while trying to retaliate on Litten with Thunderbolt.
  • Team Rocket leisurely saying a variation on their motto while eating fruit. Then Litten steals their last piece of fruit and burns Meowth and Team Rocket with Ember.
  • Litten ends up in a Cone of Shame after its fight with the Alolan Persian. When escaping from Ash and Pikachu, Litten actually manages to get a headstart, only for the chase to be cut short when the cone catches on a fence grill.
  • Trying to open Kukui's door to escape awakens Ash, Pikachu, and Rotom...mostly. Ash opens the door for Litten, and then they properly wake up all with Oh, Crap! in their faces.
  • In a simultaneous Moment of Awesome, Litten finally giving the Jerkass Persian what's coming to it by blasting it with Ember, sending Persian running away with its tail on fire.


  • At the beginning of the episode, we see Togedemaru being extremely hyper and bouncing everywhere. She even hits Ash in the stomach and Kiawe in the head. Kiawe doesn't even react to being beaned by her.
  • Ash tries to help Lillie get over her Poképhobia. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Ash tells Pikachu to sit still so Lillie can pet him. He gets impatient and leans in to meet her, freaking her out.
    • For Ash's next pick, he holds up his backpack, not unlike the Item Get! scenes in early The Legend of Zelda series. It turns out that he was referring to Rowlet, who's roosting inside again. Lillie's mere inches from petting Rowlet until it chooses this moment to freak out over a dream and immediately goes back to sleep.
    • Finally, he tries the RotomDex, on the logic that it's a regular Pokédex. Rotom takes offense to being characterized as such and ruins it. ("I am not regular!")
  • Lillie's butler Hobbes going full ham during his battle with Ash, dancing along with his Pom-Pom-style Oricorio.
  • Rowlet loses the battle with Oricorio and is sent flying…landing right on top of Mallow's head.
  • Right after a heartwarming moment of Lillie cuddling the egg, Pikachu comes up and she freaks out again. It's progress, at least.
  • In the stinger, Hobbes figures that if Lillie is okay with holding her egg, she might be good with touching other eggs and rolls some out. They turn out to be Exeggcute. Cue freak-out.
  • Whenever emulating data, it turns out that Rotom has an attack simulator. The "punching bag" of sorts for the sim is Pikachu, who is on the receiving end of Pom-Pom Oricorio's Peck attack…close to where the sun doesn't shine.


  • Pikachu spent the entire opening scene asleep. Didn't even wake up from falling headfirst to the floor beforehand. He could give Rowlet a run for his money…
    • And then there's his Balloon Belly. Not only is it larger than any we've seen on him in the anime so far, he shines, too! The first time, Pikachu actually looks obese.
    • Then he and Rockruff eat their fill again, and both get balloon bellies.
  • When Ash asks Professor Kukui about the Island Challenges, Rotom butts in and explains it itself. Professor Kukui can be seen trying to peek from behind Rotom.
  • Team Rocket's flashback about Bewear feeding them: Bewear ground the berry in the honey with its hand, then thrust it into their mouth with a lot of force. After the flashback, a pack of Alolan Rattata and Raticate run toward them and send them flying, as it seems like they are about to have their first blast off in the Alola region, Bewear hops in and takes them home once again.
    • The fact that Team Rocket are actually overjoyed to be blasting off for once and almost happily declare that they're "blasting off again" before Bewear swoops in and kills their mood.
  • The Z-Ring that was given to Ash by Tapu Koko at the beginning of the series, complete with mystical glow when Ash put it on? Turns out that Tapu Koko stole it from Hala, and he says it's not the first time it stole a Z-Ring from him.


  • The Gumshoos that fought Ash in the Island Challenge is now Officer Jenny's Pokémon.
  • Tapu Koko does a Bait-and-Switch when Hala is about to award Ash with the Fightinium Z, swooping through and swapping it with the Electrium Z instead.
  • Rowlet falling asleep after winning its battle against Crabrawler. While still flying.

     SM011 - SM020 
  • Kiawe's comical overreactions to his sister Mimo carrying anything remotely heavy.
  • Continuing his horrible luck this series thus far, Ash suffers more Amusing Injuries:
  • Team Skull tells Ash and Kiawe; "If you want to get through, you'll have to leave all your stuff with us" - most (if not all) of what Ash and Kiawe are carrying that could be classified as "stuff" is the milk. Guess they really wanted that calcium.
  • Gigavolt Havoc sends the Team Skull grunts and their Pokémon rolling in a cloud of dust and flying back onto their motorcycles.
    • One grunt has a Garbodor on his back; talk about heavy!
  • Team Rocket's only appearances near the beginning and at the closing shot of the episode, where a sleeping Bewear hugs them close as if they were its teddy bears (oh, the irony).
  • In the stinger, Mimo is trying to cook a pizza in a brick oven, so Kiawe decides to help by having Turtonator heat the oven up with Flamethrower. Cue burnt pizza.


  • James ends up doing the Pokémon Problem. He even wonders why.
  • Jessie tries to eat a Malasada donut while fishing and her donut gets swiped by a Wingull, who immediately feeds it to its chicks.
  • Jessie's spoiled luck with Poké Balls continues as a Cloyster eats one she threw. It then splashes them, swims away, and spits it out on the way.
  • Ash and Kiawe are chased off a small outcropping by a herd of Mareanie.
  • Mimikyu floats while outside its costume. When Meowth makes eye contact with it, he's hexed again. Next time Jessie and James see him, Meowth is floating face-down in the water (naturally omitted from the English dub). They end up having to resuscitate him again, and we see his spirit floating back into his body.
    • Then when Meowth tells them what happened, Mimikyu has put its costume back on, and the ink of its face is running, freaking them out.
  • Wobbuffet fishing while surrounded by Corsola. All it manages to catch is a discarded sandal.
  • James goes out wearing a Corsola-shaped helmet. He gets attacked by a Mareanie, whose tentacles crack his helmet open, and Meowth has to save him from drowning. Jessie then pushes James at the Mareanie, and it grabs his head and poisons him.
    • After seeing James' head having turned purple from poisoning, combined with his blue hair, Mareanie thinks he's another Mareanie and falls in love with him. It ends up with a Crush Blush for most of the episode.
      Meowth: Mareanie says you're quite a catch!
      • James says what everyone is likely thinking at this point:
      James: That's so wrong!
    • And James weakly does the "Dare da?" lead-out, since he's poisoned.
  • Team Rocket, with Mareanie's help, finally defeat Ash in a straight battle. After almost 1000 episodes, they have defeated Ash's entire team and can catch Pikachu without any resistance on Ash's part. Triumphant music plays and heavenly rays penetrate the sky as Mimikyu is about to finish off Pikachu…and then Bewear shows up and kidnaps them again.
  • Rowlet gets trapped in a couple of Popplio's bubbles and panics before Togedemaru breaks it out.
  • Jessie is not happy about getting carried off again, but shuts up when Bewear feeds her more Combee Honey. She then hogs it all, leaving Wobbuffet sad.
  • Mareanie sees Bishie Sparkles around James when he asks it to join him.
  • While watching Ash and his classmates having a splash war, Rotom points out that splashing water with one's hands is highly inefficient since 50% of the water slips through your fingers.


  • The reactions of Pikachu and Rockruff to tasting the pancakes.
  • To stay in the race, a racer must balance a stack of pancakes without letting it fall. A few scenes stand out because of this rule.
    • One leg of the race involves crossing a narrow beam. Should the racer fall, Alolan Muk are there to eat the pancakes.
    • At one point, Professor Samson Oak's Komala is rolling like a ball, and its stack is disturbed yet none of them fall off.
    • Jessie's Mimikyu balances its pancake stack on its "tail".
    • Lana's Popplio encases her pancake stack in a bubble, which she bounces around on top of her nose.
  • Kiawe finds out the hard way that Turtonator is perhaps not the best pick for a partner when one leg of the race requires dragging the Pokémon uphill in a cart. By the end of the episode, Ash realizes that someone from his True Companions is missing from the celebration, and they show us that Kiawe's still at it. Made more hilarious when the panning shot of the participants showed the girl with the giant Pinsir is also at the celebration, when she was having almost as much trouble in the race as Kiawe was earlier.
  • Jessie's decision to use Mimikyu predictably backfires when it tries to attack Pikachu at every opportunity.
  • After the Disaster Dominoes that get them eliminated, Popplio and Bounsweet are seen on the monitor with crushed looks, while Mimikyu just glances around in an almost "What? What did I do?" sort of way.
  • Togedemaru doesn't take Sophocles losing the race well, and she takes it out on him.
  • James complains that his "Bewear" (actually Meowth and Wobbuffet) is too heavy; they chalk it up to be because of the machinery, but James blames (the real) Bewear for spoiling them and making them lazy and pudgy. And to prove James' valid point, it is revealed that Meowth and Wobbuffet actually have balloon bellies.
  • For the first time, Bewear actively thwarts one of Team Rocket's plans, destroying the Bewear-shaped rocket cart that Meowth and Wobbuffet were using to try to win the Great Alola Pancake Race.
  • Pikachu and Noa's Alolan Raichu raced so hard against each other. And in the end, thanks to getting momentarily distracted by a certain giant teddy bear (see above) they were edged out by Samson Oak's Komala. In a photo finish, they tied for second.
  • When Lillie calls everyone to the hatching egg, Rotom makes a siren sound.


  • All the other Pokémon reacting to Snowy and to Samson's Kanto Vulpix. Even Turtonator reacted to the Cuteness Proximity.
  • More Amusing Injuries: Ash tries to pet the regular Vulpix with no problem. When he reaches for Snowy, it freezes him and Rotom. It seems Snowy and Lillie share nerves.
    • Then the regular Vulpix tries to thaw them with Ember and burns both of them to a crisp.
    • When Lillie officially chooses Snowy as her Pokémon, Kukui gives her a Poké Ball to catch it with. She throws it over Snowy and smacks Ash in the head with it. Then Snowy walks up to the Poké Ball, hits the button with a paw, and catches itself.
  • Team Rocket walks out of a Malasada shop, and Jessie declares that Malasada donuts are superior to Alola pancakes. It's clear to James and Meowth that she's salty about losing the Great Alola Pancake Race—and the year's worth of free pancakes that were the prize.
  • When Team Rocket goes after Lillie and Snowy, Mimikyu actually starts disobeying Jessie, proving it really only wants to fight Pikachu.
  • Ash sends Rowlet out to scout for Lillie, like the other bird Pokémon he's used in the past, and Rowlet is later seen circling excitedly as if it's found her - but it's holding a watermelon. Great job, Rowlet, you found a melon.
  • Lillie is finally comfortable enough to hold Snowy. But when Togedemaru rolls up to her feet, she still freezes in fear. She relaxes when Snowy jumps in her arms, though.
  • Bewear takes Team Rocket all the way back to the forest, almost literally In a Single Bound.
  • At the end, Jessie offers her Malasada to Bewear. It responds by hugging her too tight. She drops the bag, and Mimikyu eats one.
  • The answer segment for the PokéProblem turns into End-of-Episode Silliness when Snowy freezes Lillie, then affectionately nuzzles against her.


  • The fact that a pair of Lycanroc—a Midday and a Midnight—run a Pokémon Fight Club.
  • Rowlet snoozes while Ash and Rockruff begin training. When Ash calls Rowlet to join them, he springs right up.
  • Rotom is totally confounded by Ash's sense of logic and training techniques.
  • During training, Ash explains to Rockruff that it shouldn't let itself be hit by Flamethrower attacks. Kiawe comments that that should be obvious.
  • At one point, Rockruff almost dodges Turtonator's Flamethrower, only to get its tail burnt. It jumps into the ocean with the most pathetic look.
  • That part where Ash and Pikachu show Rockruff how to wiggle its butt.
  • Continuing the string of Amusing Injuries for Ash: He takes on Rockruff's attacks head-on for their training while his classmates watch in confusion and awe. Not so much Played for Laughs as the prior examples, but his friends' reactions make it worth noting.
  • During the show's quiz segment, it gets meta when it asks which Pokemon Ash will catch at the end of the episode, showing Litten, Pikipek, and Grubbin, which have all been speculated to get caught by Ash.


  • The Disaster Dominoes that kickstarted the entire plot. Bounsweet accidentally releases a Sweet Scent while sneezing, waking up Rowlet, who immediately tries to go for Bounsweet, only to get swatted away...right into Popplio, causing the two to bounce into the latter's bubble, which is then blown by a sudden gust of wind into the water, and then sent flying inland by an equally sudden wave. It took a while for that sequence of events to register on Ash, Rotom, Mallow and Lana's faces, and when it did we see the most hilarious Mass "Oh, Crap!" ever.
  • Then, immediately after the titles, what does Lana do when Mallow asks what they should do about it? Grab Ash's arm and set off to follow them. Mallow runs after them with Ash's (Rowlet's?) backpack.
  • The wayward "Bubble Express" would have gone down a straight path, but no, it zigzags in various directions, making it harder to chase. Why? Rowlet, the same mon who wouldn't wake up even if it was splashed in the face with water, couldn't sit still in its panicked state.
  • Once Popplio has finally calmed him down (somewhat), Rowlet proposes that they return to their trainers ASAP. Rowlet has an Imagine Spot of the reunion, and the last "frame" has Lana getting angry with Popplio. And Popplio saw all of it. In the end, Rowlet panics again and jumps up and down until it lands on the bottom of the bubble beak-first, busting the bubble and sending them plummeting.
    • Rowlet tries in vain to fly with Popplio's weight, but they end up crashing right into Team Rocket's latest invention. Seeing the carnage, Popplio immediately starts groveling and bows repeatedly in apology before realizing who she was apologizing to. Even funnier is that Popplio is obviously forcing Rowlet to do the same.
  • Rowlet snuggles up with the Stoutland that the wild Litten lives with, and freaks out when Stoutland licks it in return. Stoutland tells Litten that he should help Popplio and Rowlet get back to their trainers. He took some convincing (including Puppy-Dog Eyes from Popplio), but even though Litten clearly remembers Ash, he doesn't exactly have a high opinion of him...
  • During the runaround montage through Hau'oli City...
    • Since Rowlet is bound by a ring from the invention they busted, Popplio puts Rowlet into a Balloon so they can bounce him along. At one point, they dump him into a river and Popplio laughs as Rowlet struggles bouncing across the water surface.
    • Some girls get attracted to Rowlet. Popplio gets annoyed, but Rowlet looks pleased, while Litten stares from a short distance.
    • Ash and his party watch the sunset, still worried since they haven't found their Pokémon. As they leave, their quarry were in an alleyway just behind them, going in the opposite direction.
  • Upon getting captured by Team Rocket, Litten puts up a brave front for his companions...only for the mood to shift drastically when Jessie points out that Rowlet has fallen asleep again. Popplio proceeds to Dope Slap Rowlet several times, like a basketball player dribbling a basketball.
    YouTube commenter: You can pinpoint the exact moment Popplio got fed up with Rowlet's shit.
  • When Team Rocket targets Litten to join them, Litten tells them a sob story about how he helps others. It definitely affects Meowth, Wobbuffet, and Mareanie. Then Litten feigns joining Team Rocket to get them all free.
  • After 14 episodes, Team Rocket finally blasts off...right back to Bewear. Upside-down.


  • Rotom spends the entire episode wearing a wig (and eyebrows!) to make himself look like that detective on TV he is watching. And Rotom LOVES the Hair Flip maneuver so, so much. Pikachu also "loves" Rotom's hair so much that he tries to touch/pull on it every chance he getsnote , resulting in Rotom eventually snapping at him.
    Rotom: "Stop it, electric mouse!"
    • Later, when Rotom goes to the Alola TV studio to pick up the Camcorder function, the walls are covered in photos of the detective's Smeargle sidekick. Makes you wonder if Smeargle's the real star of the show...
  • Rotom manages to sneak into Alola TV, but Pikachu gets trapped outside after the guard intimidates him into screeching to a halt. The guard looks at him menacingly, then goes into full Cuteness Proximity mode.
    • It also helps that the guard has the Face of a Thug.
    • Pikachu's reaction to being told that he can't go inside by himself (even though Rotom, who is much more likely to cause problems than Pikachu, did just that mere seconds before). He doesn't seem to have considered the fact that he's an unsupervised Pokemon at all.
  • The gang all try various, Epic Fail-laden attempts of keeping Kiawe Locked Out of the Loop about Ash losing his Electrium Z crystal. When Ash shoots his mouth off, Kiawe overhears him and is none too happy. He starts chasing Ash while Burning with Anger, and Turtonator is running behind, trying to keep up. Rotom halts the chase, and all three stop, causing Turtonator to trip and flatten Ash and Kiawe.
    • The way Turtonator waddles around with its belly protruding makes it look unusually fat.
    • The fact that Ash predicted, correctly, that Kiawe would try to use Inferno Overdrive on him if he found out about the lost Z-Crystal is hilarious in itself.
    • And the fact that Ash's Imagine Spot of an angry Kiawe is less intense than Kiawe's actual reaction. In his imagination, Kiawe just yells at him, grows a Demon Head and commands Turtonator to use Inferno Overdrive on him. When Kiawe actually finds out, he is literally burning with rage so intensely it looks like he's about to murder Ash.
  • Kiawe becomes Rotom's #1 suspect, and everyone immediately starts buying the accusations, to his hilarious chagrin. Small wonder that when Kiawe is vindicated and Rotom, technically speaking, is the true culprit, Kiawe takes out his anger on it.
  • When Kiawe is chasing Ash, Sophocles states, "After all, it was finished...Ash's life." And Lana, Lillie, and Mallow give sage nods and say, "Yes, yes."
    • Later when Kiawe chases Rotom, Sophocles says, "It ended...Rotom's life." And Lana, Lillie, and Mallow do the same thing they did before.
    • In the English dub, it's just as funny...
    Sophocles: "Ash/Rotom is on borrowed time."
    Girls: "Mm-hmm..."


  • The Amusing Injuries continue: when Mallow first attempts to cook her stew, she substitutes a key ingredient with Pikachu's Thunderbolt, resulting in a shock for Ash and his friends when they try it...
  • Because of the shock they incurred form the stew, the entire gang face-plants into the table after a single spoonful - except Sophocles, who happily cleans his bowl, to everyone's astonishment.
  • Rowlet still goes after Bounsweet when she uses Sweet Scent...but it's starting to look more like Rowlet is attracted to Bounsweet romantically as opposed to wanting to eat her. Complete with hearts!
  • In Ash and Mallow's outing, at one point the two of them head into a cave. Mallow gets startled by a Golbat, which is hilarious because the giant bat was just as frightened as she was. And since Golbat's wings are folded in front of its body, the scene looks like Mallow just ran into Golbat while it was up to...something.
  • When Bounsweet attracts a large number of Pokémon, a sleeping Rowlet winds up getting Swallowed Whole by a Pelipper. It looked like Rowlet was trying to fight its way back out, but when Pelipper opens its beak Rowlet is found to start enjoying sleeping inside.
  • Bounsweet uses Sweet Scent so often when trying to chase the wild Pom-Pom Oricorio, that she ends up desiccated.
  • The initial reaction for James to Bounsweet's transformation to Steenee is simultaneously Cuteness Proximity combined with one of the most horrified looks and tones of voice he has ever produced. Even though she's adorable, James knows what's coming next.
  • Steenee beating the crap out of Meowth, and the swollen cheeks he gets as a result. Then she paid the same unto Jessie, James, and Wobbuffet.
    • Immediately after the initial beating, Meowth weakly tries to assure Team Rocket that he's still got a handle on things. Then Rowlet uses Peck to blow up his nectar vacuum (and then flutters off with a hilariously smug look), after which comes the second beating by Steenee.
  • Bewear saves Team Rocket from being blasted off, carrying them off instead.
    • More specifically, Bewear isn't seen until after Pikachu shoots his Thunderbolt. Right before it strikes, Bewear's shadow pops up in front of Team Rocket.
    • Note that by the time Bewear stepped in, Ash and Mallow were commanding their Pokemon to brutalize the trio to the point they could only pathetically crawl away. And they weren't done yet. After getting bombarded by Team Rocket for the umpteenth time, they'd finally snapped.
  • When Mallow serves her dish, finished with the Yellow Nectar, to the others, there's a beat on the first bite, with a look of concern for Mallow and Steenee, before they all happily declare that it's delicious.
  • A moment between Mallow and Steenee is interrupted by Sophocles' Growling Gut.
  • Steenee's new form does not stop Rowlet's attraction to her. But this time, she bats him away obliviously while serving food to the group.


  • The Amusing Injuries continue with Ash being electrocuted by a Togedemaru helmet while messing with Sophocles' inventions, and it bounces off of his head onto Rotom's.
    • Also, Ash and Pikachu are caught in an explosion after the giant hamster wheel overloads, catching the attention of Tapu Koko from far away.
  • You know Rotom is a Camera Fiend when it takes a picture of the Malasada that Sophocles' mom made.
  • Ash and Pikachu both end up with a Balloon Belly after partaking of the Malasada. And then Rotom shames Ash for getting distracted from his goal of getting a strategy against Tapu Koko.
  • Sophocles warns Ash not to eat the hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven Malasadas too quickly, then immediately proceeds to stuff his face with three of them.
  • While Ash and Sophocles start working on a plan to use Rockruff against Tapu Koko, Pikachu and Togedemaru start swinging from the light fixtures.
  • In the extra clip, Sophocles and his family mind their own business while Togedemaru simply goes back and forth bouncing a balloon. And then Togedemaru extracts her spikes. Cue an Oh, Crap! from Sophocles and his family as they attempt to get the balloon away. They succeed in luring Togedemaru away by fanning the balloon away, and Sophocles and his family sigh in relief.


  • Alolan Exeggutor is one of the possible answers in the episode's Poké Problem. What is funny is that its head and most of its neck is outside the frame, leaving only its body and a minimal portion of its neck.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Ash and his classmates are out shopping. When Sophocles and Kiawe complain on how girls love shopping, Rotom brings up a survey where 87% of girls say they love shopping, much to their shock.
  • When the girls want to continue shopping, the boys make up excuses to leave. Kiawe makes a believable excuse that he needs to feed the Pokemon at his farm with the food he bought. Sophocles tells them he forgot to water his plants, making Ash wonder what plants. Rotom tells them he needs to watch his favorite show, but Ash tells him that he left the recorder programmed, to which Rotom responds by saying a real fan watches it live while recording the show. Just before Ash can come up with an excuse, the girls have already roped him in.
  • Ash and Pikachu encounter a Cutiefly, which proceeds to fly into Pikachu's face and make him sneeze. At the same time, Rotom sneezes, provoking a confused response from Kukui.
    Kukui: I didn't know you could sneeze?
    Rotom: Someone's talking about me?
  • Ash and Pikachu follow a herd of Alolan Exeggutor, mimicking their swaying walk. They stop and all look menacingly back at Ash and Pikachu. He breaks the tension by mimicking their Pokémon Speak, and they just walk off.
    • The entire following scene with Ash playing with the herd of Exeggutor is pretty funny.

     SM021 - SM030 
  • Litten sets Ash's face on fire multiple times throughout the episode as a gag.
  • Litten practicing Fire Fang on a coconut. Since Fire Fang isn't fully mastered yet, Litten ends up hurting itself.
  • There's not much to laugh about in this episode, given it revolves around the death of Litten's Stoutland mentor. But there is a silly sequence toward the end. After Litten is cheered up seeing Stoutland's figure in the clouds, Ash gets hungry, so Litten brings him one of the fruits from the night before. They repeatedly bat the fruit toward one another, Ash not understanding why Litten was giving him the fruit back, until Pikachu gets dizzy and falls over. Ash and Litten grin at each other when this happens.


  • Litten trying to use Fire Fang on Turtonator, and running out of power before reaching its tail. Turtonator effortlessly flings it off to the side.
    • At another point, Turtonator shows Litten how to charge up for fire attacks. Litten charges with Fire Fang, only to trip over a can on the beach.
  • When Rockruff blasts Sandygast's shovel out of its head and into the sea, Sandygast goes berserk. Ash's solution? Stick Rotom (upside-down) in as a substitute, to the latter's chagrin. This only makes Sandygast angrier to the point it evolves! Rotom stays that way for most of the episode.
    • When Snowy completely encases Palossand in ice, with help from Mallow and the others, Rotom ends up frozen as well.
  • Pikachu and Popplio searching for the lost shovel. When they finally find it, Popplio tries to encase it in a bubble, but other Pokémon keep getting in the way. A LOT of them.
  • Ash attempts to escape from Palossand's body by headbutting the frozen bars blocking the window. He fails miserably.
  • At the end of the episode, the now super-sized Palossand climbs up to where Professor Kukui's house is and eats it.


  • The premise of the episode revolves around an Alolan Dugtrio who happens to be a pop idol musician (or group). It only sings in off-key Dugtrio noises, which would make one wonder why and how it's even popular at all.
  • There's also the fact that each of the heads has its own name, which raises the question on whether Dugtrio is one Pokémon or several individuals.
  • Everyone wearing Dugtrio wigs to the concert at the beginning, even some of the Pokémon. And Kiawe initially refuses, only for his little sister to finally rope him into it with sparkly Puppy-Dog Eyes.
    • After the concert, Kiawe becomes a passionate fan and proclaims his love in perhaps the hammiest way possible.
  • Team Rocket's "wig stand" includes wigs shaped like the hairdos of several previous characters, including May, Aaron, Brock, Tobias...and a lion-like one that bears a striking resemblance to Lysandre.
  • When Team Rocket kidnaps the Alolan Dugtrio, they tie it to a post. What's stopping it from simply digging its way out?
    • The reaction when they find out that Dugtrio has escaped, which resembles an ukiyo-e painting.


  • Litten's reactions to Delia's affection towards it. It didn't want Rockruff and Rowlet to see it so off-guard, but it simply could not resist Delia scritching under its chin.
    • At the end, Delia jokes about wanting to take Litten home with her. In the End-of-Episode Silliness, she meets the old lady in the Hau'oli Marketplace and repeats the sentiment, followed by a Sneeze Cut back to Litten.
  • Lana's face when her sisters' hyperactive antics get going. It's clear that her annoyance with the two isn't limited to just them asking if Ash is her boyfriend.
  • When Team Skull interrupts the Open House and starts causing havoc, Delia starts scolding them like naughty children before sending Litten out to battle them. And she stubbornly refuses to back down even when Ash and the other Pokemon trainers get there and start battling. Like mother, like son.
  • Ash tries to fudge his oral report on Rotom's recommendation by having Rotom use his voice-imitation software to imitate Ash and give the report for him. But Rotom becomes so excited that he ends up going into overdrive and talking faster than Ash can fake it.


  • Meowth puts seasoning on the berries he put in a trap to get the Alolan Rattata and Raticate. They make the smell repulsive for Jessie and Meowth, but it cures James of the poisoning he got from Mareanie.
  • Meowth imagines himself shooting a beam from his forehead coin using the Z-Crystal. When Team Rocket manages to earn it, he makes a cheap Z-Ring out of cardboard and tapes the crystal to it, having no idea how it works. They think you just need to call attacks and make up cool poses.
    • Not to mention that, due to the B-plot of the Pokémon School students learning how Z-Crystals relate to moves, we know that Dark-type crystal's gonna be useless to them unless one of their Pokémon knows or learns a Dark-type move anyway...
  • Rapp is constantly lavishing Meowth with affection on the grounds that he's cute. The feelings are not mutual.
  • In the End-of-Episode Silliness, Totem Raticate tracks down Team Rocket at their lair, but is scared off when Bewear steps in front of them.
  • When Team Rocket and Team Skull first meet, Tupp wonders where they're from. When Jessie responds that they're from Kanto...
    Tupp: What's a Kanto?


  • Poor Ash: While trying to catch Charjabug for Sophocles, he yanks on it from its place in the ground and gets zapped.
    • When Togedemaru is excited about not moving away, she rolls right into Sophocles and zaps him, then rolls to Ash and zaps him, and then Kiawe. Rotom decides to do the right thing and take pictures to capture these moments forever.
  • Lana is not convinced whenever Sophocles tells his friends there's nothing for them to worry about.
  • When the students' Pokémon are preparing to do a baton race, right before the start, Togedemaru freaks out over the impending move and rolls over to Pikachu, cuddling him for comfort while sobbing.
  • Sophocles finds out that his Dad was being melodramatic about the move, which happened to be only a few houses down the same street, and only for a week. He initially keeps this from his classmates, fearing they won't be his friends anymore if they found out he was mistaken.
    • His reason why: he imagines that they'd react to it negatively. His Imagine Spot of such a scene has the funny image of Lillie giving him faces that would not look out of place on her game counterparts mother, and Ash just plain overreacting in anger complete with exaggerated stomping.
  • In the End-of-Episode Silliness, Sophocles puts Charjabug in the hamster wheel used by Togedemaru, Sophocles tells it to run, but realizes that Charjabug can't exactly "run", so he instead tells Charjabug to go full-speed and it finally moves.


  • Midnight Lycanroc making quick work of three Team Skull mooks with Stone Edge.
    • The mere fact that Gladion saying "Stone Edge" in the Japanese dub sounds more like "Stone Edgy" - hilarious considering his reputation as one of the edgiest characters in the series.
  • Pikachu's hilariously bug-eyed expression when he commends Rowlet for doing a good job during training, only to notice that Rowlet fell asleep right away.
  • The kids' Pokémon are in a conga line for no apparent reason, with Charjabug in the lead. Even Turtonator.
  • Rockruff is jazzed up at Professor Kukui's place after meeting Gladion's Midnight Lycanroc, pouncing everyone, including Rowlet and Litten.
  • Gladion's Umbreon comes late at night carrying a letter for Ash, requesting a battle. Pikachu is the only one awake, and tries to wake up Ash by jumping up and down on him, pulling on his shirt and finally resorting to (what else?) shocking him.
    • Ash's hilariously excited bug-eyed expression when he reads said letter.
    • By the time the scene ends, his yelling has woken up all the Pokémon in the house...except Rowlet, of course.
  • The giddy, tearful looks that Team Rocket get when they first witness an Alolan sunrise, complete with huge sparkly eyes and Blush Stickers.
  • Gladion and Midnight Lycanroc's Continental Crush blasts Team Rocket off, only for Bewear to catch them in mid-air and fly off with them instead.
    • Made even better by Bewear striking a Superman pose as it flies in for the rescue.
  • The End-of-Episode Silliness. Ash and Lillie are still on the beach, and Lillie realizes that they're going to be late for school. She offers Ash a ride, but he declines, deciding to do training by "running to School at full power", Rotom is aware that Ash won’t make it in time and instead decides to hitch a ride with Lillie.


  • Ash positively gushing over the baseball game that he and Kukui are watching.
  • Oluolu, the famous baseball player that visits the Pokémon school, makes Pokémon puns just like Principal Oak.
  • Whenever Kiawe is on the pitcher's mound, he throws the ball as if he was performing a Z-Move. Ash does the same when he's up to bat.
  • The fact that the umpire for the kids' game is a Scyther (known as "Strike" in Japan).
    • Later, when Kiawe throws a bad throw, Scyther still calls "Strike" on Ash. Being that it's a "Strike", that's the only thing it can say. Professor Kukui, Principal Oak, and Oluolu are the only ones who get this joke, while Rotom, the kids, and their Pokémon all Face Fault. note 
  • Lana's epic home run. She closes her eyes and imagines that the bat is a fishing rod, while a tidal wave crashes in the background, before moving into a ready pose and then swinging the bat in the most OTT way possible. The fact that it's the meekest and most soft-spoken character who ends up blowing everyone else out of the water makes it hilarious.
  • Ash's failure at baseball in general, was Played for Laughs.
  • Mimikyu gets a turn on the pitcher's mound, with Pikachu as the batter. The Ghost-type is Burning with Anger as it always does whenever it sees Pikachu. Even baseball is Serious Business to Mimikyu when its rival is involved!
    • It throws the ball so hard that the ball flies off-course and crashes into the School. This leads to Mimikyu being taken off the pitcher.
  • Mareanie going over and glomping James' face when she's supposed to be passing the ball to him.
  • Wobbuffet becoming the victim of Snorlax's Pulverizing Pancake Z-Move.
  • Bewear swooping in to steal Team Rocket just as Jessie is getting Oluolu's autograph.
  • As Kiawe catches the ball, he looks up to see Snorlax rolling on top of him.
    YouTube commenter: And then Kiawe's bones and organs were crushed into paste and he died instantly. The end.


  • Lillie is a comedy goldmine in this episode.
    • She's never been camping so she comes Crazy-Prepared with several backup pajamas, Repels, and Potions. Her lack of knowledge about cooking causes her and Mallow to prepare far more food than they'd planned.
    • At the beginning, Litten uses its Ember to light a fire for Lillie, which ends up getting frozen when Snowy imitates it. Lillie's reaction is to awkwardly thank Snowy for the thought.
    • Rotom accuses Lillie of putting everyone to sleep and draining their energy, based on the logic that she's the only one unaffected and she was carrying a parasol. It doesn't take long for Rotom to get called out on this.
  • Right when they're getting settled in for the first night of their camping trip, Lana starts telling a ghost story, complete with Scary Flashlight the middle of the day.
  • Sophocles uses Charjabug as a battery for his electric lantern.
    • His reaction to Lana pointing out that a flashlight could have done the exact same thing is also hilarious.
  • The Running Gag of Rockruff continually Jump Scaring people. Rotom lampshades this at one point.
  • When Morelull tries to put Ash and his classmates to sleep a third time, Rotom warns everyone not to look at the spores directly. Everyone covers their eyes and stays awake…except Rowlet, who promptly falls asleep.
  • Ash's solution to Morelull draining the energy of him and his friends? Keep eating until he and it are both full.
  • Next morning, after the gang wakes up, they realize they are no longer hungry due to Shiinotic giving them energy, then Lillie's stomach growls (due to her Max Repel keeping wild Pokémon away, she presumably did not get any energy from Shiinotic) and she blushes in embarrassment.
  • At the end of the PokéProblem segment, back at Professor Kukui's house, Rowlet is sleeping, but then it wakes up and feels hungry, Rowlet panics thinking that it's the work of Morelull, but Ash assures Rowlet that there are no Morelull around, much to its relief.


  • When Professor Kukui announces that the class will be swapping partners for the weekend, they take a moment to process what he said. Then they fall over in shock, complete with comical expressions. Meanwhile, their Pokemon just look confused (and in Togedemaru's case, she actually looks excited).
  • Steenee would rather admire Sophocles' flower garden than help with his research.
  • Lana's twin sisters playfully jumping on Turtonator's back (with predictable results) while Turtonator looks completely resigned.
  • Lillie stiffening like a board whenever Pikachu so much as moves slightly.
  • Togedemaru cleaning up the entirety of Mallow's restaurant after she gets a bunch of cleaning supplies stuck onto her spikes and starts rolling around.
  • At the end of the usual PokéProblem, Lillie finishes preparing Snowy’s snack, much to the Alolan Vulpix’s delight. However, due to being with Ash during the episode, when Lillie sets the snack down, Snowy proceeds to devour it very quickly, while Lillie comments that she had never seen Snowy eat like that before, and Snowy licks its lips.

     SM031 - SM040 


  • Ash is subjected to more humiliation and several Amusing Injuries:
    • His partner Ride Stoutland is super affectionate and manages to throw him off its back and tackle and lick him multiple times.
      • At one point, it even pulls his pants down. Mallow and Steenee both cover their eyes...though it looks like Mallow is peeking...
    • He throws a Poké Ball at an Alolan Geodude, who Thunder Punches it right back into Ash's face.
  • Rotom providing the exact same description for all the shards that Ash finds.



  • After being caught by Kiawe, Marowak starts headbutting Turtonator, eventually getting stuck in the hole in the front of his shell.
  • Olivia allows Pikachu and Litten to "wear" the Wela Crown, even though it's too big for both.
  • At the end of the episode, Rotom tries to take pictures of the group, and they get photobombed repeatedly by Hiker David.


  • Ash has a dream about battling Olivia in which none of his Pokéballs work. The second time this happens, the ball turns into a Voltorb and glares at him. Cue Oh, Crap! and Catapult Nightmare that results in an Amusing Injury that flings Sophocles out of bed.
  • Marowak starts headbutting Turtonator again. Or at least, it tries to - Marowak gets stuck from the get-go.
  • Ash and Mallow try to get Rowlet to bypass a group of sleeping Fomantis by flying to the top of the hill and retrieving a berry they need. Rowlet promptly falls asleep.
    • The Fomantis give epic Death Glares whenever they're woken up. Must be those red eyes.
    • Also, when a Parasect appears and releases Stun Spore, it nearly causes Ash and Pikachu to sneeze. Steenee and Mallow find the look on their faces when doing so hilarious, and cover their own mouths in an attempt to keep from laughing. Their expressions cause Ash and Pikachu to react the same way.
    • Then, when they approach the tree to get the berry, Ash somehow slips on the ground and falls flat on his face, looking as stiff as a stick. This then causes the whole group to laugh, which then angers the Fomantis.


  • Ash screws up the pose for Bloom Doom at the beginning of the episode.


  • In the Japanese dub, the call Tapu Lele/Kapu-Tetefu makes whenever it pops up ("Te-te-te-FU!") sounds a lot like the opening notes of Beethoven's fifth.
  • For those with a darker sense of humor, Tapu Lele's idea of "playing" with Rockruff involves thrashing it until it can barely move. The innocent expression it has throughout the beatdown is cute in a morbid kind of way.
  • Olivia's gushing over the green flash at the end of the episode.


  • Bewear doesn't save Team Rocket this time, despite what the audience is probably expecting, leading Team Rocket to speculate on its whereabouts in the middle of blasting off.
  • When Team Rocket get separated, James, Meowth and Wobuffet are trying to look for Jessie. Meowth recalls seeing a shopping mall before they crashed, speculating that she and Mimikyu landed there. Cue a hilarious Mass "Oh, Crap!" when he and James remember that Jessie still has their money and run off to try and stop her spending it all. By the time they find her, she's already spent everything and blew up a Pikachu bouncy castle by accident.
  • Creepy Awesome Mimikyu, appropriately, does not like shopping. After first trying to sneak away while Jessie is distracted with a new dress, it's forced to try on multiple accessories before it flips out and decides Screw This, I'm Out of Here!
  • Meowth dies again.


  • Team Rocket has a food truck that isn't getting much business until a TV crew appears and interviews them. Then they realize that they were supposed to be interviewing Mallow's restaurant, which is down the street. So they promptly leave Team Rocket high and dry.
  • The idea that there's a bar that's run by an Oranguru and humans and Pokémon can come and have a drink is a funny one, especially when it's skirting such tropes as I Need a Freaking Drink and Drowning My Sorrows.
  • Everyone arrives at Oranguru's bar by falling down the hill. Additionally, Lana managing to land on her feet despite this.
  • Mareanie is affected by Confusion and chases after Jessie while using Spike Cannon in midair, with James chasing after her in turn. They run offscreen, and we hear a loud explosion.
  • In the climax between Team Rocket and Oranguru, Bewear appears and the two have their Battle Auras flared. It seems like both of them are about to strike one another until they exchange food with each other instead. Bewear gives honey to Oranguru while Oranguru gives Bewear some Pinap Juice. Bewear then skips merrily away while carrying a very confused Team Rocket back to their base.


  • Bewear strikes again - Team Rocket are caught in a whirlpool inside their submarine when everything suddenly stops, and Bewear's adorable face is pressed up against the window staring at them. It then proceeds to pop the submarine open like a soda can and swim straight through the wall as it makes off with them.
  • At the end, Dhelmise happily tows away the remnants of Team Rocket's wrecked sub.

     SM041 - SM050 
  • The boys in class are getting all fired up for an upcoming Charjabug race. As the girls look on in bemusement, Snowy cools them off by freezing them solid.
  • Charjabug randomly spouts String Shot at its trainer, interrupting an encouraging speech. Ends up as a Chekhov's Gun when they use String Shot on Charjabug's wheels and Sophocles' sneakers to gain traction on the ice.
  • Kiawe turns out to be perfect for the job of mechanic - not because he's adept at fixing machinery as Sophocles suggested, but because his lifetime of experience bottling Moomoo Milk allows him to change tires at ridiculous speeds.
  • Bewear isn't even in the episode for ten seconds yet it still manages to steal the show. Team Rocket is complaining at how the staff of the contest are throwing them out, then suddenly a sound like an engine is heard. Cue Bewear pretending to be a motorcycle showing up, grabbing them and driving off as suddenly as it appeared.
  • Ash is subjected to more Amusing Injuries when a Charjabug crashes into his face and needs to be shaken awake by Kiawe as a result.
  • The face the director of the losing team makes resembles The Scream.


  • Ash being disappointed when he hears that the class's big field trip is to Kanto - that is, back home.
  • When Misty and Brock greet Ash and the other Pokémon School students at the airport in Kanto, Ash runs to greet Brock, who runs right by him to a beautiful woman. His courting is interrupted when Misty grabs his ear like the days of old.
  • Ash being engulfed with affection by his old Pokemon. Muk expectedly absorbs him when glomping onto him, while his herd of Tauros charge at him overjoyed, accidentally sending him blasting off instead.
  • The Kanto Exeggcutor's reaction to its much taller Alolan counterpart. It definitely looks envious.
  • Kiawe's reaction to Kanto Dugtrio, and using his wig to cover one of the Dugtrio's bald heads, much to the latter's confusion, with Ash explaining that Kanto Dugtrio don't have hair.
  • Sophocles and Togedemaru find a Kanto Raichu, and Togedemaru begins to run around it faster and faster, charing electricity in the proccess, you can imagine Kanto Raichu's aftershock reaction
  • Kiawe's Marowak meets a Kanto Marowak. And they immediately start butting heads.
    • Following that, Pikachu tries to break up the fight, resulting in both Marowak sending Pikachu up into the sky, causing Togedemaru to get angry and attack both of them in retaliation, which proceeds to get them chasing after her. After Pikachu falls back down on his feet, he gets really angry and uses Thunderbolt, zapping everyone except for the Kanto Marowak, who is immune thanks to its Ground-type.
      • The fact that Pikachu is so used to be thrown into the air by now (as it happens a lot when he and Ash are, as per usual, separated in some way, shape or form!) that he's perfected landing on his feet…
      • The Kanto Marowak's expression while everyone is being electrocuted. It is probably wondering why its Alolan counterpart is affected by Thunderbolt. (Unlike the Kanto version, Alola's version is Fire/Ghost, not Ground-type).
      • Fortunately, Ash, Misty and Brock, after being zapped by Pikachu, just seem to fall over (unlike everyone else who just seems to be unconscious), while Pikachu stands there with an "I am adorable and would never hurt a fly, see, so cute?!" expression.
    • Kiawe's Marowak one-ups that by tossing its bone at an Onix that the group was trying to keep calm. Cue chase, with everyone carrying their Pokemon. Including Kiawe with Turtonator. A huge improvement from what happened in the Pancake Race?
  • Looks like Misty's still scared of Bug-types.
  • When Team Rocket kidnaps the gang's Pokémon, Misty drops a major lampshade on how long they've been at it.
    (Japanese edit) Misty: You're still doing this?!
    (English edit) Misty: By now, you’d think you would hang it up!
  • Even though its charges are currently in a whole other different region, Bewear still shows up to rescue Team Rocket. It does this by hitching a ride on a plane, leaping from it, turning the remains of their mecha into a jet pack, and literally blasting off! The twerps just gawk bewildered.
    Misty: (in the Japanese) What is this feeling?
  • After Team Rocket blasts off, guess who else pops out of the remains of their mecha? Jigglypuff. While Lana, Lillie, and Mallow react with Cuteness Proximity, Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock notice its microphone — meaning it's that Jigglypuff. Having dealt with this Jigglypuff at least fifty bajillion times before, they regard it as The Dreaded as they know what's coming. Guess what? They're right.
    • When they wake up, they all start laughing at each other's faces.
      • Jigglypuff seems to have drawn a diaper on Togedemaru!
  • At one point, Rotom is complaining that it's missing one entry in its data on Pokémon from Kanto. The missing Pokémon is implied to be a Mew that's spying on the gang. But if there's only one missing entry, that means Rotom somehow found Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, AND Mewtwo to add to its database…within the span of a single day.
  • During the end of the episode, as Ash is asking Brock who the current Pewter City Gym Leader is now, you can see that out of everyone, only Sophocles is the one asleep during the trip to the Cerulean Gym.
    • Misty comments how her sisters left the Gym to go on a tour again, much to Brock's shock, making him depressed and causing the others to laugh.


  • When Ash's classmates are awed by the story of him winning all eight Kanto badges, Misty and Brock remind him that he only got theirs out of pity. When Kiawe questions him on this, Ash quickly changes the subject.
  • At the end of the double battle of Lana and Mallow vs. Misty, Psyduck notices the pain from landing on his head after one of Popplio's attacks. Lana remarks that he's cute, and then Misty hugs him roughly in an Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment.
  • In the battle of Brock's Geodude vs. Sophocles's Togedemaru and Lillie's Snowy, Sophocles tells Togedemaru to use Zing Zap. Togedemaru's attack hits Geodude straight on, but it has no effect. Sophocles is shocked because he thought it should have worked because Geodude is Rock and Electric-type. He is told that Kanto Geodude is Rock and Ground-type. Sophocles is shocked at his miscalculation.
    • What makes this even funnier is the fact that the Alolan students spent the majority of the previous episode learning the distinction.
  • When Kiawe asks Turtonator if it's alright after its loss to Brock's Mega Steelix, Marowak headbutts both of them for losing.
  • At the very end, we find Bewear now running across the ocean, carrying Team Rocket. And it had been running for three days. With no obvious end to its stamina.
  • Jigglypuff sleeping on the wing of the plane as it flies back to Alola. One thing's for certain: much hilarity will ensue.
  • Misty has managed to train Psyduck. How in the name of Ho-Oh did she manage that!?note 


  • The entire sequence where Rotom, Lycanroc and Litten attempt to wake up Ash, Pikachu and Rowlet. Especially the part where Litten grins evilly and proceeds to slap them silly with his tail.
    • The exchange between Ash and Rotom afterwards, where he and Pikachu are both seen with comically swollen cheeks.
  • During breakfast, a news segment about Professor Burnet is played on television. While Professor Kukui and Ash talk about it, Professor Burnet and a Munchlax can be seen shoving each other out of the camera view.
  • Unlike the games, Nebby seems to like to stay in a bag.
  • Some may find the expressions on the Alola Gang's faces when Nebby starts crying hysterical.
    • And their efforts to calm Nebby down as well as find out what Nebby likes to eat are worth a few laughs too. Especially Kiawe's reaction when Nebby rejects the Moomoo Milk produced by his family's farm.
  • Lusamine's boundless enthusiasm when interacting with Lillie is hilarious, especially when one considers how she treats her daughter in the games.
  • The bonus clip at the end of the episode in the Japan version involves Nebby getting out of the bag and crawling. Pikachu wakes up just in time to find that Nebby is about to head for the ladder. Horrified, Pikachu dives to grab Nebby, but he overshoots and, in a moment of Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress, crashes onto the floor, and Nebby laughs.
  • During the “Who’s That Pokemon” segment, everyone gets confused and has to pause before announcing that the answer is Nebby.


  • Confirming what was mentioned in the last episode, Nebby loves Ash's bag and hops in without any further prompting, in direct contrast to the games.
  • James hypothesizing that Nebby is actually a pre-evolution of Koffing.
  • When Ash's Pokemon are eating, Litten eyes Lycanroc and suddenly starts rapidly gobbling its feed, leading the two into an eating contest. When Ash is teleported back into the house later on, Litten is glaring irritably at a very smug looking Lycanroc, implying the latter won.
  • Nebby teleports all the students to locations they are currently thinking of. After Rowlet comes to blows with Steenee again, Nebby teleports a frustrated Mallow to Oranguru's bar. Think about it.
  • When Nebby grabs Lillie's legs, Lillie's reaction is pretty funny.
    • And after Nebby falls asleep before it can teleport Lillie away, Ash and the rest of his classmates do the 'Who's that Pokémon?' with whispered voices.
  • Lillie somehow manages to pull a face that goes unseen, but is apparently scary enough to cause Color Failure for the entire class. Nebby just giggles.
  • Nebby teleports Ash to increasingly crazy locations, including Oranguru's bar and the crater of the Wela Volcano.
    • One happens to be directly next to Jigglypuff. No points for guessing how that ends.
    • Funnier when one considers that Nebby seems to now be at least semi-aware of where it's teleporting.
  • Just when Team Rocket successfully swipes Nebby from Ash, it teleports them right back to Bewear's nest, and then back to Ash when the inevitable happens. How devious is this happy-go-lucky baby Pokémon, anyway?
  • Nebby's final teleport trick? The whole class find themselves clinging to their lives on the very tippy-top of the school roof.
  • In the End-of-Episode Silliness, Rotom comments on how amazing Turtonator's Flamethrower is while Nebby sneaks up behind it. Guess what happens?


  • Faba throwing Rowlet like a baseball after trying and failing to grab Nebby. Later, he gets decked in the face by a Ditto.
  • Lusamine getting rudely cut off by her phone.
    • If you pause at just the right moment before Lusamine picks up the first time around, you can see her strike a very girly pose.
    • In one particular moment, one of her phones rings…but poor Lusamine gets her cell and landline phones mixed up at her desk.
  • Team Rocket are revealed to be working at the Aether Foundation and are made to serve snacks and drinks for the twerps, Jessie mumbles about this and when Sophocles asks about what she said, Jessie makes a Last-Second Word Swap to prevent her, James, and Meowth's covers from being blown.
  • Lillie offers to take the class on a tour of Aether Paradise due to Lusamine being busy. When Sophocles complains that he hasn't finished his chocolate cake yet, Lillie turns and gives him a look, complete with a blizzard in the background. Sophocles immediately agrees to go on the tour.
  • As the kids are looking for the escaped Ditto, they come across a group of Quagsire, Ash believes that Ditto is among them and reminds everyone to look for the one with dot-like eyes, only to see that Quagsire all have dot-like eyes.
    • At the end of the PokéProblem segment, this becomes a Brick Joke when Professor Burnet confronts a Quagsire, believing it to be a Ditto. She drags "Ditto" away, only for the real Ditto to reveal itself after she leaves.


  • Dusk Lycanroc's Berserk Button of having its fur soiled results in Ash being double Tackled by it and Litten the first time it happens, and it barking Ash's head off when he tries to get it under control during its fight with Type: Null.
  • While Gladion is interrogating Ash, asking what makes him so special (his Rockruff evolving into a special form, Solgaleo and Lunala apparently entrusting Nebby to his care, etc.) Lycanroc suddenly stares at Ash with eyes wide open, looking like it's wondering the same thing.


  • While eating breakfast with Snowy, Lillie realizes that Hobbes is recording her, and when he asks her to give a smile, she blocks the camera with her hand.
    • Afterwards, Lillie confronts her mother for telling Hobbes to record her, and Lusamine replies that she just wanted to see how her baby was doing, and Lillie replies that she's not a baby.
    • Then, Lusamine gets cut off by a phone call, prompting Lillie to end the video call in frustration.
  • When deciding who gets to sleep in the loft, Ash decides that whoever finds Nebby in a game of hide-and-seek gets to sleep in the loft, leading to a few hilarious moments.
    • Lana believes that Nebby is inside Ash's backpack, and looks inside, but she only finds Rowlet sleeping and no Nebby.
    • Kiawe tries to use his experience of playing hide-and-seek with Mimo to find Nebby and looks in the cupboard, only to find Nebby isn't there and a cereal box falls on his head.
    • Mallow actually manges to find Nebby, but it teleports away, leading Ash to say that it doesn't count unless they catch Nebby, leading to Mallow saying that he should've said so earlier.
    • After several wrong guesses, Lillie asks Snowy if it knows where Nebby is, and Snowy points to Lillie's hat. Then, Nebby pops out, right into Lillie's hands, after a Delayed Reaction, Lillie's fear comes into effect, and she lets out a scream.
  • Later, Ash and his friends, Professor Kukui, and Professor Burnet play a game called "Fully Powered Pose, One, Two, Three," in which Rotom gives out a random combination of Fire, Water, or Grass symbols and the players must do the corresponding Z-Move pose, and in the event of a three in-a-row, the players say the name of the Z-Move.
    • Lana and Sophocles are out after they mess up a Grass, Water, Grass combo by doing Grass, Water, Water.
    • Ash is out after messing up a three in-a-row of Grass, in which he should have only done the pose once and shouted the name of the Z-Move.
    • Finally, Rotom starts going faster, and then it gets to a three in-a-row of Fire, and Kiawe and Turtonator gets a little too fired up, and while everyone else does the pose and says the name of the Z-Move, Kiawe and Turtonator actually use Inferno Overdrive for real, burning everyone else in the room. Ash says that Kiawe is too fired up, and Kiawe apologizes, followed by Nebby suddenly teleporting into the room, laughing.
      • Later, Kiawe is forced to hold towels for everyone as they clean themselves.
  • As Mallow, Ash, Professor Burnet, and Lillie are in the kitchen to prepare food, Sophocles decides to watch Professor Oak's haiku on TV, but then, Rotom switches it to Detective Laki, and then Lana switches it to a fishing show, and finally, Kiawe switches it to a baseball game.
    • It leads to a four-way argument between Sophocles, Rotom, Lana, and Kiawe over whose channel to watch, then Oluolu comes to bat, and then everyone else in the room comes to watch and Professor Burnet's Munchlax is excited at seeing its evolution, Snorlax.
    • After Oluolu hits the ball, he has Snorlax use Pulverizing Pancake to make it run past the bases.
    • After the baseball game, Mallow, Ash, Professor Burnet, and Lillie come with the finished food, and as everyone comment on it, Munchlax, faster than the eye, devours all the food without making a mess, and as everyone turns towards it, Munchlax licks off some food bits off its face as they shout "HUUHHHHHHH?!".


  • In the classroom, Lillie once again tries to make progress in being able to touch Pokémon again calls for Snowy to come to her. It seems like it's gonna work at first, but unfortunately, Lillie ends up freezing in fear.


  • With her phobia gone, Lillie immediately starts showing her affection to all of the students' Pokemon:
    • She hugs Lycanroc, earning its trademark painful nuzzle.
    • Lillie glomping an unsuspecting Litten.
    • She then hugs a confused Turtonator, before accidentally setting off its Shell Trap, blowing up the classroom.
  • When the students try jump rope with the Pokemon, all the Pokemon are called in to join Lillie. Kiawe sends in Turtonator, earning an Oh, Crap! reaction from the other students, only for it to nimbly skip in and join in perfect sync.
  • Faba opening his net in a Sailor Moon-esque style.
  • When Team Rocket spots Faba, James and Meowth are mad because he's targeting Nebby. However, Jessie is mad because Faba is using a disguise, which she considers their signature. What's more, she feels Faba's disguise is sloppy.

     SM051 - SM060 


  • Jessie keeps calling the deities "cups" instead of "kapu". In English, she instead calls them "tattooed" instead of "Tapu".
  • Steenee, Popplio, Togedemaru, and Snowy stare in awe of Nebby, who has evolved into Solgaleo, until they realize it's gonna land on top of them, and they quickly move out of the way.
  • Team Rocket's shocked reaction at Nebby evolving into Solgaleo and not into Koffing as they were expecting. Jessie and Meowth were not amused and neither was Bewear.
  • Nebby, now a Solgaleo, licks Ash's face when he offers it candy.
  • After Ash gets a Solganium Z, he tries to fit it in his Z-Ring, which doesn't fit, then Tapu Koko takes Ash's Z-Ring and closes its shield around it, much to the surprise of Ash, his classmates, and Gladion, doing…something to it. It passes the Z-Ring around to the other Tapus, who all do the same. Once Tapu Fini spits it out, it's turned into a Z-Power Ring, which is returned to Ash.
  • At the end of the PokéProblem segment, Team Rocket stare in awe at the Ultra Wormhole, fantasizing about what might be at the other end, and ask Bewear to jump up to it. Bewear responds by tightening its grip around them, almost as if it's telling them to give it up.


  • Everyone dancing along to Lusamine's Lilligant's Teeter Dance, and Lusamine's Mismagius laughing at them.
    • Mismagius' Oh, Crap! look when Litten promptly chomps down with a Fire Fang.
  • Rowlet falling in love with Lusamine's Lilligant's Sweet Scent, much to everyone else's dismay.
  • Salazzle panicking when it's about to get hit by Turtonator's Inferno Overdrive.


  • After Steenee manages to literally slap Rowlet out of its Sweet Scent trance, she comes up with a Fastball Special combo attack using the Reflexive Response on the spot. They show it to Ash in the End-of-Episode Silliness, with Rowlet being sent into the depths of Vast Poni Canyon.
    • Lana is the one that names it: "Hissatsu no Mokushoot" in the Japanese, "Rowlaunch" (a missed opportunity lies in that name, as it could have easily been called "Catastrowlet") in the English. In the Japanese, it gets an on-screen name that parodies the one for Pikachu's Z-move.
  • Similarly to the previous episode, Salazzle has an epic freak-out when it wakes up and sees Marowak and Turtonator about to attack.


  • Right after the proposal, we get a Smash Cut that makes it look like Kukui's two Luvdisc are about to kiss. Then Rowlet falls off their tank right in front of them.
  • When Kukui and Burnet announce they are getting married, Rotom is so startled, its reaction ejects Rowlet out a window, and he ends up literally Breaking the Fourth Wall.
  • Ash hugs Kukui and Burnet when they announce the engagement. Naturally all the Pokémon want in: Pikachu, then Litten, then Lycanroc, then Munchlax, who flattens the entire group, causing Rowlet to miss when trying to fly in and crash into the Luvdisc tank. At least he didn’t break that like he did the fourth wall.
  • Shortly after the students come up with the idea to throw Kukui and Burnet a wedding, Rotom alerts them he's coming, and they all jump back to their seats with hilarious poker faces. Kukui is genuinely dumbfounded. It even extends to the Dare da?
  • "ROWLET?! Rowlet, you're NEVER awake! What's going on here?"
    • Rowlet looks so proud of himself after waking Professor Kukui up, too.
  • After Team Rocket briefly spies on the wedding only to shortly leave out of boredom, Mareanie lingers, imagining herself marrying James.
  • Samson manages to cause a Lame Pun Reaction in the middle of the wedding as Ash stiffly presents the rings with the same look he and Sophocles had when Samson agreed to be the minister.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Ash finds Prof. Burnet recording a Pyukumuku underwater with Rotom. Unlike the first episode (where it happily gave Ash a peace sign), it's annoyed at being bothered when Ash tries to say hi and 'punches' him in the face.
  • A Call-Back to "The Ultimate Test" occurs for the Who's That Pokemon — but this time, it's Jigglypuff seen from below!
  • After 20 years, Jigglypuff finally gets a taste of its own medicine when Komala doodles on it after coming out the victor in a Sing battle. To the surprise of everyone, even Jigglypuff thinks it's Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Jigglypuff's doodling is much more detailed on Bewear, essentially turning it into the Pokemon version of All Might.
  • The End-of-Episode Silliness confirms that even recorded, the Sing attack can still put (almost) anyone to sleep.


  • Pretty much the entire episode.
  • Lycanroc apparently owns the couch when he sleeps. Compared to the rest of the team, who are on the floor or on the windowsill.
  • Once again, the plot is caused by Disaster Dominoes. Lycanroc playing with Litten and annoying the latter until Litten retaliates with an Ember…which misses and hits a sleeping Rowlet instead. Rowlet angrily counters with a Diving Kick, only for his own attack to miss and hit Pikachu. Of course, waking up with a start causes Pikachu to let out a powerful electric charge, seemingly settling the squabble by silencing the other three…and for Rotom to switch places with the other Rotom hiding in the washing machine.
  • It takes a long, LOOONG time for Ash to figure out that his 'dex is currently occupied by a different Rotom.
  • Despite missing most of the hijinks for the episode, when Ash does re-enter the picture, he spends his limited screentime getting beat up yet again, electrocuted twice in the span of a few minutes, Funny Afro and all.


  • In the first preview for this episode, at the end of the previous episode, Meowth translates a love poem being recited by Mareanie.
  • James tries to catch himself a female Frillish. Mareanie mistakes her as a romantic rival, and makes her flee with Spike Cannon.
  • Meowth uses a puppet show to explain the issue between Mareanie and "Senpai", the uniquely-colored Mareanie that James reminds her of.
  • James ends up battling the Toxapex that was Mareanie's former love (that James reminds her of), and it devolves into a Slap Fight (with a cherry on top being Jessie and Meowth's unimpressed facial expressions).
  • The Tentacruel tries to attack Mareanie and Toxapex one last time, and James grabs it by the tentacles and throws it away, blasting it off!!!
    • After that, Toxapex is smitten by James, and offers him a Corsola horn. This upsets Mareanie, who chases both of them.


  • While eating, Marowak is glaring at Turtonator, having a one-sided eating competition against the latter, only to choke on its own food.
  • Mallow recognizes the berries Rotom researched for her and Lana (after the latter found her twin sisters with them) and lets out a scream that startles her male companions: Ash and Sophocles fall backwards off their seats, and Kiawe takes to clinging to a post.
  • While the group are chatting Rowlet is snuggling on top of a small pile of pellets. Later, Charjabug is slowly pushing a still asleep Rowlet off the table.
  • As Team Rocket declares their plan to follow Ash, Lana, and Mallow to find the Pokémon they were talking about, they stand up too fast and hit their heads on the staircase, getting comically large bumps in the process.
  • Team Rocket tries to appeal to Drampa by dressing up and acting like children. Ash, Lana, and Mallow are literally frozen in shock and cannot even respond.
    • As for Drampa, after a brief pause, it tries to fly away, only for Jessie and James to drag it back down to the ground.


     SM061 - SM070 
  • The kids get called to their first job as the Ultra Guardians when Komala starts banging the school bell frantically.
  • The reason for the overdone Sentai-esque stuff? Lusamine thought it'd be cool. She even came up with a catchphrase for them. Lillie, as usual, finds this embarrassing, lampshading it the entire way, but Ash thinks it's cool.
    Lillie: Mother would like this kind of contraption.
    Mallow and Lana: Really?
    Lillie: It's quite childish.
  • When Lusamine shows the Ultra Guardians the footage Alola TV captured of the Ultra Wormhole and Buzzwole's arrival, Rotom couldn't resist Fanboying at Laki.
  • Lana getting excited by Buzzwole's muscles, much to Mallow and Lillie's surprise.
  • Buzzwole finds Bewear, and the two are locked in a clash. When Team Rocket finds them, Bewear immediately breaks it off, grabs them, and runs off.
  • Kiawe distracts Buzzwole by flexing with him. Ash and Pikachu join in on the fun. Everyone else is embarrassed. But Poipole is amused.
  • At the end of the PokéProblem segment, Pikachu spots something rustling in the bushes, and its silhouette resembles Poipole. Pikachu tries to play with "Poipole," but instead it's an Ariados, who gets mad and starts chasing Pikachu in a circle, while Poipole watches from behind a tree, laughing.


  • Meowth Drowning My Sorrows on Pinap Juice at Oranguru's bar. It even has an I'll Tell You When I've Had Enough! moment.
  • Alolan Meowth tips Mimikyu back slightly so its real form was exposed to Meowth, inducing yet another Near-Death Experience. Four lives down, five to go. Worse, the way that Alolan Meowth does this is with a gesture that basically meant he killed Meowth by flipping poor Mimikyu's skirt and flashing Meowth to kill him with an upskirt flash.
  • With Alolan Meowth supposedly on their side, Jessie and James call Mimikyu and Mareanie against the twerps. Mareanie jumps on James, while Mimikyu attacks and inadvertently frees Pikachu. After Jessie yells at Mimikyu for ruining everything, it turns away from her and sulks.
  • While trying to escape a pitfall trap, Ash detonates Turtonator's shell, sending his friends and himself out of the pit. While it got them out, each of them received a Funny Afro as a result of the explosion.
  • After being beaten as usual by Ash, Alolan Meowth disappears. Next thing they know, Giovanni calls Team Rocket to thank them for sending Alolan Meowth to Kanto. It's now Matori's assistant. Immediately after Giovanni's call, Alolan Meowth calls them personally and says, to Meowth's consternation, that it will take Persian's place on Giovanni's lap someday.
    • So how did Alolan Meowth get to Team Rocket HQ so fast? According to the End-of-Episode Silliness, it stole Meowth's money to buy a plane ticket to Kanto.


  • Amusing Injuries continue for Ash: his butt gets set on fire by Litten during the ridiculous butt-shaking training montage.
  • Litten…err, Torracat…seems to pick up from the start that the Masked Royal is really Professor Kukui. At the end of the episode, when Ash is still marking out at their battles, Torracat has a clear You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! look at Professor Kukui.
  • The Masked Royal is curb-stomping the boys, which has worried looks on Lillie and Mallow's faces. Lana, however, is too busy appreciating the Incineroar and the Masked Royal's muscles to notice.


  • Ash gets the "What even is this feeling?" this time.


  • Tupp has a grudge against Ilima because he stole something irreplaceable from him. Said irreplaceable thing turns out to be Tupp's luck with the ladies.
    • Ilima only further infuriates him by treating him like a clear-cut Unknown Rival, not recognizing Tupp at first glance and then apologizing if he inconvenienced him. When Tupp throws a happy fit about getting one hit against Eevee, Ilima has to politely point out he hasn't won yet.
  • Ash and Lillie's synchronized reactions when their classmates are telling them about Ilima.


  • The fact that the focus of the episode is Ping Pong (not even fantasy Ping Ping. The rules are literally the exact same as real life Ping Ping except you play with your Pokémon) and everybody takes it just as seriously as regular Pokemon battles.
  • While practicing Pokemon Ping Pong, Pikachu doesn't do so well.
  • Everything about Ikari the Dragon.



  • The first preview for this episode has Nurse Joy's narration make her sound like a Drill Sergeant Nasty.
  • Initially, the guys can only find female nurse outfits. Ash tries one on, is found by the girls, and they proceed to give him a makeover. They even swipe Rotom's wig, and the latter even started taking photos.
  • Ash and Kiawe still can't identify James at Team Rocket's Bewear Malasada food truck. Even when Mareanie pops out and affectionately poisons him again, it's only enough to give them mild Deja vu.
  • For lunch, Mallow made a bento box with the contents shaped to look like Steenee. Lillie, on the other hand, had Hobbes send her mansion's other servants to bring her lunch. And Lana has a single rice ball the size of her head.
  • When Ash finishes cleaning Zipp's Garbodor, he gets squirted with sludge. He's a hair's breadth away from a Vomit Indiscretion Shot before Popplio uses Bubble Beam on him and cleans him off.
  • The End-of-Episode Silliness in the Japanese Stinger has the Nurse Joy that came to cover for the sick Nurse Joy return back to her Pokemon Center using multiple Comfey as the Ride Pokemon lifting her by the arms. The Melemele Nurse Joy is just as flabbergasted at the sight.



  • Marowak picks a fight with the Tauros herd, only to get sent flying into the air by them.
  • As Viren turns to leave after Kiawe's parents refuse to sell their ranch to him, it's revealed that the Mudbray dirtied his car by spraying mud all over it.
  • Pikachu, Togedemaru, and Poipole play by rolling across the floor, and Ash says that they'll get dizzy. Sure enough, in the next scene, they get dizzy, except for Poipole, who continues to roll around.
  • As Sophocles and Ash are moving carts of hay, Togedemaru is riding on top of a hay pile and then, a piece of hay gets into her nose and she sneezes, covering Sophocles and Ash with hay.
  • Later that night, as the Pokémon eat Berries, Togedemaru eats a Wiki Berry and her face becomes lavender, causing Poipole to mimic her, making its face lavender as well, and then Pikachu joins them as well.
  • When Kiawe's dad vows to protect the ranch, reminding everyone that he's the ranch's president, his wife and daughter get all affectionate towards him.
  • When Marowak uses Iron Head on Electivire's leg, it winces in pain with tears in its eyes.

     SM071 - SM080 
  • The Humiliation Conga at the beginning for poor Dewpider:
    • First it gets left behind by its brethren; it loses track of where they went and goes a whole different direction.
    • Then it's attacked by a mischievous Pikipek.
    • Then it's launched into a tree by a Dugtrio.
    • Then it has a run-in with a Salandit, which it stymies by webbing its mouth shut, making its Ember backfire.
    • Then it's attacked by another Dewpider.
    • It eventually wanders to the ocean, and while it's first happy, it's eventually chased back to shore by a hungry Sharpedo.
  • Seeing Lana wearing one of Popplio's balloons on her head, Dewpider thinks she's another Dewpider and falls for her. This leads to plenty of Crush Blush, Blush Sticker, and Wingding Eyes moments.
  • When Dewpider is introduced to the other kids, Popplio is clearly annoyed by its continuing crush on Lana.
  • Dewpider ends up in a fight with a Surskit. At one point, it suddenly evolves into a Masquerain. It's overjoyed by its new form and flies away happily.
  • In the end, Dewpider has made its home in one of the pools at the Pokémon School, weaving a giant web within.


  • Ulu has a crush on Nina, the Alolan Pancake master. This makes him a bit of a Casanova Wannabe.
  • At one point, during one of his crush episodes, Ulu accidentally knocks over his berry crop, and it's eaten by a nearby Snorlax. He ends up sulking in total Color Failure.
  • At the end, while on a boat to continue his adventure, Ulu shows the audience he's just another version of Brock as he gets a crush on another girl.
  • Later, during the PokéProblem segment, Mallow has Steenee try to pick out a sweet one from several Grepa Berries. Steenee picks one and bites into it...but the Berry is sour, and the end result is this.


  • Team Rocket actually take precautions against Bewear interfering with the mission, leaving automated decoys of themselves inside their base. Bewear doesn't seem to notice the difference. They regret it at the PokéProblem when their balloon can't take off due to the strong wind and Bewear isn't around to collect them.
    • The only thing the automated versions of Jessie and James say are praise for Meowth.
  • Team Rocket learns that Acerola's Mimikyu is an actual ghost. James looks absolutely terrified in the background while Jessie takes it in stride…at first.
    • But then Mimi-tan slips her the Mimikium-Z crystal.


  • When the group has to climb a cliff to get to where Tapu Bulu is, Ash gets left behind by Acerola, Mimi-tan, Pikachu, Rotom, and Poipole. Then, Ash gets all fired up and summons the strength to get past most of them.
  • Poipole's method of waking up Tapu Bulu: spraying ooze on it. The way Tapu Bulu reacts and shakes the ooze off is hilarious.
  • Mimikyu shows Team Rocket its Z-move pose—and scares them.
  • Later, during the PokéProblem segment, Rowlet gets out of Ash's backpack to sleep on Tapu Bulu again.


  • Poipole unknowingly scaring Team Rocket by playing with some carts.
  • Both Ash and Team Rocket's exasperation when they realize that Nanu has pitted them against each other for Ash's "trial".
  • When Bewear finds that Team Rocket has absconded, and put dummies in their hideout to fool it, it launches itself out to find them, leaving an Impact Silhouette in the tree.
    • As Bewear discovers the dummies, they begin to malfunction and their voices become all distorted.
  • Meanwhile, back at the Pokémon School, Ash's class is coincidentally having a lesson about Mimikyu.
  • Team Rocket doing the Mimikium Z pose. It was destiny these guys did Z-Moves.
  • As Mimikyu unleashes Let’s Snuggle Forever on Pikachu, Team Rocket is shocked by what the Z-Move does and Meowth nearly faints, only for James to tell him to get it together.
  • Bewear catches up with Team Rocket and prods Meowth from behind, leading to a massive Oh, Crap! chain reaction from all four members. Even Wobbuffet's tail changes into a nervous sweating disposition.
  • Later, after Mimikyu is beaten by Pikachu's 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt, Bewear grabs Team Rocket and puts them all in a shopping cart, then drives the cart into some nearby debris and use it as a ramp to jump into the air. James even asks if Bewear is "buying" them.
  • Later, during the PokéProblem segment, Team Rocket decides to do more practice with the Z-Move, but then, Bewear comes by with honey and they decide to put it off for later.


  • Nanu pulls a Bait-and-Switch on Ash after the Grand Trial, acting like he's gonna give Ash a Darkinium Z, but then stating that Ash doesn’t really fit the "dark" character and instead gives him a Lycanium Z.
  • In the middle of and after the Grand Trial, Tapu Bulu airlifts Lycanroc a Sitrus Berry.


  • Pikachu mimicking Blacephalon by making its face look like a Blacephalon's and even imitating the head explosion.
  • In the Ultra Guardians base, after getting information on Blacephalon, the power goes out and Sophocles freaks out until Togedemaru lights herself up.
  • As Ash, Sophocles, and their Pokémon are luring Xurkitree away from the power lines, the rest of the Ultra Guardians move in to capture it, only to run into a surprise encounter with Blacephalon.
  • While Blacephalon and Xurkitree are having their performance battle, the Ultra Guardians see it as a chance to catch them, and they all throw Beast Balls, only for the Balls to bounce back due to the collision of the two Ultra Beasts' attacks. Ash and Kiawe's faces say it all.
  • As Blacephalon and Xurkitree's battle becomes more intense, it creates a firework in the appearance of a galaxy, which the Ultra Guardians pause to look at, then Mallow reminds everyone that this is not the time for such things.
  • After Blacephalon and Xurkitree are weakened by Lycanroc's Splintered Stormshards, Lana and Lillie throw the Beast Balls, but Lillie's aim is off, so Mallow has Steenee redirect the Beast Ball towards its target.
    • Later, during the PokéProblem segment, Lillie is seen practicing to improve her aim, and Snowy helps her hit the center.
  • After the Ultra Beasts are sent back, Professor Kukui reveals that event venues are asking the kids to do the Pokémon fireworks that they came up with. While Kiawe, Mallow, Sophocles, Ash, and Lillie are unsure about it, Lana is all up for it, seeing it as a business chance, much to the others' shock.


  • At the beginning, when a shooting star flies by, Ash and Kiawe come up with long lists of wishes that the shooting star disappears from view before they can finish.
  • As Kiawe is shouting about all the fascinating things of outer space, Ash wants a turn, but then he's notified that he has to wait for Lana, Mallow, and Lillie before he can look.
  • As Ash, Sophocles, and Kiawe look at an empty Minior shell, Ash sees something inside, which turns out to be Poipole, who shoots paint at Ash after revealing itself.
  • Afterwards, Poipole flies backwards while making a face at Ash and bumps into Pikachu, causing him to start emitting electricity, causing almost everyone to fear for the worst, only for Togedemaru to absorb the electricity with her Lightning Rod ability, followed by Molayne's Magneton suddenly apearing out of nowhere, which causes her to shock everyone unlucky enough to be near her and Magneton, but the girls and Rotom are spared because they were on a higher elevation from the ground.
  • When Rotom attempts to take a picture of the Minior that has burst out of its shell, Poipole photobombs the picture.
  • A Call-Back to SM028, Kiawe once again serves his "Inferno Overdrive Ball" and Ash uses his "Gigavolt Havoc Swing", only this time, Ash manages to hit the ball. While everyone is cheering Ash for his hit, Kiawe sulks in defeat.
  • Later, when everyone is playing a tag-like game, Ash heads for Kiawe, only for the latter to move out of the way, and Ash lands face-first onto Turtonator's shell. Cue explosion.


  • The Disaster Dominoes that starts off the episode's plot: Marowak gets some luminous moss on its bone and twirls the bone around to watch it glow, then it chases the other Pokémon around, leading to Turtonator intervening. Marowak headbutts into Turtonator, causing it to fall on its back, triggering the explosive spikes, causing an explosion that sends everyone flying.
    • Rotom ends up getting stuck in Marowak's mouth.
    • Pikachu, Poipole, Torracat, and Lycanroc end up getting squished by Turtonator.
  • While searching for the others, Ash accidentally steps on a Boldore, angering it. Ash tries to send Rowlet to battle it, but Rowlet is asleep and won’t wake up, forcing Ash and Kiawe to flee.
    • Later, Kiawe comments on how Ash stepped on a Diglett and a Gumshoos offscreen.
  • Lillie, Mallow, and Sophocles try to find the way out by feeling which direction the wind is coming from and feels a breeze, only for it to actually be an Alolan Raticate, who is charging towards the trio for some reason, forcing them to flee.
  • When Lana’s group comes to a fork in the path, Rotom tries to calculate which path to take, only for Lana to just pick a path at random.
  • Ash and Kiawe spot an exit and run towards it, only for it to lead out to Mount Lanakila, complete with an ongoing blizzard, forcing the two to hug each other for warmth.
  • Sophocles and Mallow attempt to help their Pokémon break through some large ice to get to Lillie and Snowy. Mallow uses a technique she dubs "Mallow Kick" to repeatedly kick the ice while Sophocles tries to bite through it.
    • And by the time they get through the ice, Lillie, Snowy, and the leader Alolan Sandshrew already drove off the Tyranitar.
  • When Tyranitar is defeated, it still attempts to fight, but gets scared away when Sandshrew roars at it.
  • After Charjabug digs up an Ice Stone, Sophocles holds it up for Lillie and Mallow to see, then the leader Sandshrew walks up right behind him and uses the Ice Stone to evolve into an Alolan Sandslash.
  • Later, during the PokéProblem segment, when everyone arrives at the harbor, Kiawe heads for Akala on Charizard. Sophocles comments that he could've just done that, preventing the episode's plot from happening.

     SM081 - SM090 
  • When it's time for the Masked Royal and Mad Magma's match to begin, Ash finds Professor Kukui sneaking away (to change into his Masked Royal costume) and asks him where he's going, to which Professor Kukui claims he has some shopping to do and runs off.
  • Professor Kukui hears that the match is already starting and desperately tries to change quickly. Then, once he’s done, he and Incineroar rush to the arena and barely manages to make it in time.
    • As the audience cheers him and Incineroar on, the Masked Royal silently catches his breath.
  • Once again, Torracat intrudes the match, just like it did back when it was a Litten.
  • It seems wherever Viren goes, his car will also be there, even if it’s indoors, as Viren makes his entrance by riding his car into the stadium. Ash, Masked Royal, Lillie, Lana, Mallow, Professor Burnet, Kiawe, and Sophocles's reactions say it all.
  • After Viren reveals himself to be the boss of the Revengers, James refers to him as the "greedy monster from hell", a remark which Viren resents.
  • Masked Royal gives Ash his own mask and names him "Ash Royal".
    • And then his classmates' reactions: Sophocles is jealous of Ash, and Lana declares that she'll become Lana Royal.
  • Magmortar's Feint Attack: Magmortar walks on tippy-toes and pretends to look at something else while blushing.
  • Lana geeking out over Incineroar's muscles after it uses Bulk Up.
  • The irony of the fact that the Revengers' Magmortar and Electivre were defeated by a move called "Revenge".
  • The Revengers attempt to gang up on Torracat, only to suffer a humiliating loss from Incineroar's Malicious Moonsault.
    • Then, Viren sends his Pangoro into the fight, only for it to be defeated in one shot by Incineroar and Torracat, sending Pangoro flying towards its Trainer, knocking them both out.
  • After the match ends, Mallow asks Lillie what she thought of the match. Lillie responds by declaring that she will participate in a Battle Royal next time, complete with fiery eyes.
  • Later, during the PokéProblem segment, Professor Kukui nearly gives away his identity as Masked Royal, but he quickly makes up an excuse to cover up.


  • After Team Rocket spies on Mallow, Steenee, Anela (the recurring old lady), and her Pa'u Style Oricorio, Jessie asks James and Meowth if they heard what they said. Meowth says that he finally knows the old lady's name, and Jessie tells him that's not what she was talking about.
  • Kiawe decides to a dance with Marowak, and gets fired up about it, only for Marowak to accidentally light Kiawe on fire, needing Popplio to put out the fire with Bubble Beam.
    • Later, during the actual dance event, the same thing above happens again.
  • Ash's idea for his dance is having his Pokémon stacked on top of each other like a totem pole. The order from top to bottom is Poipole, Rowlet, Pikachu, Lycanroc, and finally, Torracat — Torracat can't support the weight of the four Pokémon on top of it and the totem collapses.
  • Sophocles brings in his Charjabug in its racecar, then transforms the car into a robot, with Togedemaru joining in the formation. When Professor Kukui asks what dance it will do, Sophocles reveals that he didn't program such function (the important part).
  • Lana brought along Harper and Sarah for the dance event. When Ash notices them, he asks Lana if they will be dancing too which Lana says is a secret. Then the twins say that it's a secret from Lana's "boyfriend" (Ash) with Lana saying that Ash isn't her boyfriend.
  • Team Rocket makes their entrance into the stage by crossdressing (with Jessie as a gentleman and James as a lady), only to quickly ditch the disguise.
  • After restraining Steenee with a net, Team Rocket states that the bars are too tough to break through, only for Meowth to declare that he'll never tell them that the cages have a weak point at the top, and when Meowth asks how they figured it out, glares from Jessie and James let him know how.
  • When Meowth tries to go after Steenee, Lillie has Snowy use Powder Snow on the floor, causing Meowth to slip and crash into a wall.
  • After Steenee evolves into Tsareena, she tramples Meowth underneath her foot before sending him into another net with a Trop Kick.
    • Even better is that, because Steenee evolve from learning Stomp, it looks all the world like she evolved from sheer temper tantrum.
  • As the heroes are about to send Team Rocket packing, Bewear once again makes its appearance, as another "special guest".
  • As Tsareena uses Sweet Scent, it's the same routine with Rowlet, with Tsareena sending it flying, then she leaps into the air and kicks it, sending Rowlet flying towards Ash. Lana dubs this as the new version of the original Rowlaunch, calling it Neo Rowlaunch.
  • Later, during the PokéProblem segment, Mallow asks Tsareena to help out at the restaurant, but Tsareena's apron as a Steenee is too small for her now.


  • Faba returns as a guest instructor at the Pokémon School, where he makes a hammy introduction of himself.
  • When Ash, Lillie, and Sophocles ends up getting shrunk, Faba believe that he can return them to normal by placing them inside the shrinking machine's Poké Ball-like capsules and releasing them. Lillie comments that it feels weird when she gets put into a capsule.
    • When that attempt fails, Faba panics and believes that Lusamine will get mad at him, and Lana calls him "Fail Branch Chief"note , to which Faba states he doesn't need that title.
  • Ash and Lillie ride on top of Pikachu, with Ash calling the experience as "Ride Pikachu".
    • Togedemaru attempts to do the same with Sophocles and rolls around while he's on top of her…it eventually leads to Togedemaru bouncing around the classroom, destroying the shrinking machine, crashing into Pikachu, and being sent flying out of the classroom.
  • Kiawe sends Rowlet to search for Ash, Lillie, Sophocles, and Togedemaru, but Rowlet is asleep and continues to stay asleep even while flying, much to Kiawe's chagrin.
    Kiawe: ''Stop flying in your sleep!
  • Rotom attempts to join Kiawe, Lana, and Mallow in going to look for their shrunken friends, but Faba makes it stay behind to help him fix the machine.
  • While floating on Togedemaru, the shrunken kids pass by a Mudsdale, whose giant footsteps cause a splash of water that's like a tsunami to them.
  • When the three encounter a group of Dedenne, Lillie can't help but blush at their cuteness while Sophocles is worried about being electrocuted by them.
  • Lillie imagines what life being tiny would be like, where even simple things such as taking notes or doing jump ropes become difficult.
  • While Sophocles is panicking over the idea of being tiny forever, Ash and Lillie have caught a ride on a Comfey.
  • Ash and Lillie end up at Anela's stand, where Sophocles is already there. Anela offers the two oranges, but Lillie points out that she and Ash can't peel the oranges at their current size.
  • When Pershie (the Alolan Persian from SM007) refuses to admit defeat even after being beaten up and pinned down, Tsareena uses Magical Leaf to shave off the fur on Pershie's back, making it flee in tears.
    • Later, Pershie's owner is horrified to see what happened to her pet.
  • Togedemaru runs up to her Trainer to hug him, only to crush him because Sophocles is still smaller than her.
  • Apparently what returned the shrunken kids back to their normal sizes was Pikachu's sneeze.
  • Later, back at the classroom, the shrinking machine is rebuilt and Faba attempts another demonstration on a chair, but the machine malfunctions again and hits Togedemaru, who ends up becoming a giant rather than shrinking.
    • At the end of the PokéProblem segment, giant Togedemaru is scaring some kids and their Pokémon, but then, she returns to her normal size. Faba says that it's fortunate that it happened so quickly, to which the kids and Professor Kukui retort there's nothing fortunate about the disasters that he caused, causing Faba to comically shrink.


  • While Ash's other Pokémon are training, Poipole gets into it and joins in by unexpectedly using Fury Attack on Lycanroc. Ash and Rotom comment on this before Ash realizes that he has to stop Poipole.
  • When Ash compliments Poipole's Fury Attack, it gets excited and sprays paint everywhere.
    • Poipole does this again after checking out Mina's latest painting of Ash with the Professors.
  • Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet call Ash to tell him they’re going shopping, then, Professor Kukui tells him to "Quick Attack" back home. Then, Ash and his Pokémon all run for the house, even Rotom, who gets left behind due to its very short legs.
  • When Kiawe sees Mina's painting of Wela Volcano, he bursts into tears, declaring that he can feel the Wela soul in the painting.
  • That evening, Ash, Professor Kukui, and Professor Burnet report Poipole's habit of putting its feelings into its drawings. Wicke thinks it's romantic, but Faba is disappointed because it's not "scientific".
  • When Lusamine asks Ash to keep her updated on Poipole, he responds with "Ult-roger!" but then realizes that he's not in the Ultra Guardians base.
    • Then, Professor Burnet states that it doesn't matter and admits that she wanted to say it too. Lusamine then calls to Ash, Professor Burnet, Professor Kukui, Pikachu, and Rotom like the way she does to the Ultra Guardians and they all shout "Ult-roger!"
  • Later, Ash stumbles upon Poipole's drawing of him, his Pokémon, Professor Burnet, her Munchlax, and Professor Kukui.
  • As the Team Skull trio walk through the shopping district, Rapp gets distracted by all the cute Pokémon, such as: Morelull, Alolan Raichu, Comfey, and Mina's Ribombee.
  • Team Skull attempts to intimidate Mina into giving them her Ribombee, but she isn't fazed and instead challenges them to an art battle.
  • Team Skull's drawings of their Pokémon: Zipp's drawing of Garbodor is a bit too round; Rapp's drawing of Zubat is a bit disproportionately shaped, with hearts in the background to make it look cute; and Tupp's drawing of Salandit…is more like a drawing of something else entirely.
    • When Salandit sees the drawing, it becomes Blue with Shock.
    • When Mina saw Zipp and Rapp's drawings, she complimented their work, stating that she could see their feelings for their Pokémon, but for Tupp's drawing, she says that he should look at Salandit more carefully.
  • When Team Skull are beaten, they flee while telling Ash that he better remember this. Then, Ash's friends appear and Kiawe says that Ash won't remember it, which the others agree with.
  • At the end of the PokéProblem segment, Poipole draws the Electric symbol on the back of Ash's shirt, and Professor Burnet states that Poipole "Like…Like…Loves" Ash.


  • Lillie tries to jump over the vaulting box, but she only ends up sitting on it.
  • Sophocles doubts that he can jump over and hardly tries, but then Togedemaru gives him a boost, and he ends up successfully making the jump.
  • When Ash tries to jump, he misses a step and ends up crashing into the vaulting box.
    • The next day, when Ash tries to jump over Stakataka, an Alolan Diglett pops out in his way, making him miss the jump and crash into Stakataka.
  • Kiawe attempts to jump over 10 steps and succeeds, only for Lana to beat his record by jumping over 12.
    • This leads to Ash and Kiawe trying to jump even higher, asking for 30 steps, which Rotom reminds that they don’t have enough for that.
      • Later, while out shopping, Rotom calculates the chance of Ash actually jumping over 30 steps, which is 0.001%.
  • Poipole decides to doodle on a wall, which happens to be on a construction site run by Viren, angering him.
  • Ash sees Viren and seemingly recognizes him, only to reveal that he doesn't. Then, Viren recognizes Ash as Ash Royal, and Ash calls Viren "Mister Greedy Creep", causing Viren to ask who that's supposed to be and reminds Ash who he actually is.
  • As Viren reveals his plans for the construction site, Ash stops listening to watch Poipole drawing another doodle. When Viren is done explaining, the doodle is revealed to be of Viren drawn like an ogre. Ash thinks the drawing looks exactly like Viren, to which the latter shouts that it doesn't.
    • As Ash leaves, Viren tells him not to come back, and Poipole waves goodbye.
  • When Viren returns to the site, his underlings are slacking off, causing him to shout at them to get back to work.
  • When Kiawe tries to jump over Stakataka, he successfully gets to the top, but Stakataka rearranges itself, making Kiawe fall into it and come out through the side. Kiawe apparently saw something terrifying inside Stakataka, mentioning so many eyes were looking at him.
    • Mallow tries to get him to calm down by having Tsareena do something about it, who stomps her foot down on him. Mallow says that's a bit much.
  • The Ultra Guardians' attempts to catch Stakataka.
    • Kiawe throws the Beast Ball with his "Inferno Overdrive Ball" serve, only for Stakataka to rearrange itself, making the Ball hit a tree and bounce right back into Kiawe's face.
      • And then there comes a Scyther, who calls "Strike" on Kiawe.
    • Lillie suggests a plan in which Mallow, Ash, Lana, and Kiawe all throw Beast Balls same time. Unfortunately, Stakataka rearranges itself again, and the throwers are the one who get hit by the Balls.
    • Ash and Kiawe are unwilling to admit defeat and continues to throw Beast Balls, which goes on until evening.
  • The location where the Ultra Aura was coming from is the construction site of Viren's resort, and Poipole's graffitis are still there, even the one of Viren.
    • Kiawe burns up with rage at the mere mention of Viren.
  • The reveal of Viren's gold statue and the Ultra Guardians' reactions: Sophocles questions what he's looking at, Kiawe says it's tacky, Lana says the statue looks nothing like Viren, and Mallow notes how he's slimmed down too much.
  • As Stakataka gets annoyed by the Viren statue and tries to shake it off, Viren is too busy trying to get Stakataka to stop that Kiawe has to kick him out of the way so he doesn't get crushed by Stakataka's leg.
    • Afterward, it's seen that Viren was kicked into a metal pipe, and Kiawe mockingly asks Viren if he's alright. Viren sarcastically replies that he's glad that Kiawe is worried about him.
  • When Kiawe figures that they have to knock the Viren statue off, he's all too happy to oblige and has Marowak use Bonemerang on the statue.
    • The attack gets intercepted by Viren, but Kiawe is still satisfied with the outcome and sarcastically laments on the attack missing.
  • When Ash and Pikachu are about to be crushed by Stakataka's leg, Sophocles sends out Togedemaru, who tackles Ash and Pikachu out of the way.
  • Kiawe makes a makeshift springboard by having Turtonator act as support for a ramp. Ash then runs up the ramp, only to step on Turtonator's spikes, triggering a Shell Trap that miraculously launches him and Pikachu right on top of Stakataka.
    • Kiawe comments on the success as the girls look on awkwardly, and Sophocles comments that the result is all that matters.
  • When the statue is knocked off Stakataka and hits the ground, rather than breaking into pieces, it ends up getting squished.
    • When Viren later recovers to see the ruined statue, his underlings say that it looks just like him, to which Viren shouts that it doesn't.
  • Back at the Pokémon School, Ash declares that he'll jump 50 steps next and calls for Turtonator. He accidentally sets his hand down on Turtonator's spikes, triggering another Shell Trap that leaves the Ultra Guardians burnt. Then it becomes an Everybody Laughs Ending.
  • Later, during the PokéProblem segment, Ash and Lana are walking while Lana talks about Popplio, and then Ash spots a stone structure that resembles Stakataka and believes that Stakataka returned, only for Lana to tell him that it's just a stone wall that's been there for ages.


  • As the kids board the ferry to Pokémon Paradise Resort, Mallow is surprised to see Oranguru onboard, and a worker explains that Oranguru is a regular.
    • After the opening, Mallow sees that Oranguru really is a regular when it checks in.
  • Mareanie once again tries to glomp James, but Jessie manages to stop her before their covers are blown, leaving a passing attendant with a floating question mark.
  • Most of the kids' Pokémon decide to go on the waterslides, but Torracat and Turtonator are unsure. Then, they see Tsareena relaxing on a chair like an elegant beach babe and decide to join her.
  • When the kids and their Ride Pokémon arrive at the hot springs, Ash jumps in first and tells his friends to jump in.
    • Mallow isn't sure about that idea, but Flygon is enthusiastic and jumps in, causing a giant splash that gets everyone soaked, and Mallow gets annoyed at Ash's antic because it made Flygon copy him.
    • Then it's followed by Garchomp doing the same.
    • Lillie sighs and suggests to Altaria that they enter slowly, but it has other plans in mind and jumps in while dragging Lillie along. Lillie emerges from the water with a pouty face and tells the viewers to not try it at home. In the English dub, she tells the "good kids" to not imitate the "bad kids".
      • The splash caused by Altaria is the one that makes Mallow's hair wet enough to fall down.
  • Later, after everyone gets out of the hot spring, it's seen that Altaria's wings have shriveled up.
  • At the moisturizing area, Lillie gives Altaria a mud rub, then it decides give some to Lillie as well, getting mud on her.
  • Dragonair is against the mud rub, causing Jessie to throw mud all over it, to Lana's surprise. But Dragonair ends up liking the mud.
  • At their station, Sophocles and Metang both get flower crowns.
  • As Sophocles rubs oil on Metang, Wobbuffet does the same to Mareanie, who is clearly pleased with it.
  • When Garchomp sees Flygon's swimming speed, he decides to race it. Then, Meowth shows up convinces Ash and Mallow to cheer for them, with Meowth himself taking part in the cheer.
  • James's Bishonen-like introduction as he comes to help Kiawe massage his Charizard.
  • After capturing the twerps, Team Rocket tries to capture their Ride Pokémon, believing that all the activities wore them out, but are quickly proven wrong when Garchomp swiftly knocks the net gun out of James's hand.
  • When James has Mareanie use Sludge Bomb on the Ride Pokémon, Metang moves in to block it and due to the polish it received earlier, the Sludge Bomb just slips off its body rather than Metang's Steel type blocking the Poison-type attack.
  • After the Ride Pokémon's combined attack blows up Team Rocket's balloon, Team Rocket is sent flying, expecting to blast off, only for Bewear to pick them up.
    • Later, it's revealed that Bewear dragged Team Rocket into a hot spring, but the water is too hot and Jessie attempts to leave, but Bewear says that they have to count to 100 first.
    • At the end of the PokéProblem segment, Team Rocket finally get to 100 and exit the hot spring, with their bodies red all over. Meanwhile, Bewear continues to enjoy the hot spring, with Oranguru joining it.


  • Professor Kukui has his lab coat all buttoned up, and even wears a shirt underneath, to Ash and Rotom's surprise.
  • At the Pokémon School, Professor Kukui just says "'sup" to the class and just leaves the class to discuss the day's topic while he goes off to take a nap in Samson Oak's office.
  • Ash's classmates' reactions to all the adults losing energy.
    • The look on Sophocles's face in his flashback when he sees that his mom overslept.
    • Mallow is clearly annoyed at her father, who is casually taking a nap on table in the restaurant.
    • Kiawe and Mimo had to do extra work to make up for their parents slacking off.
    • As Hobbes was seeing Lillie off, he randomly fell asleep, much to Lillie’s surprise.
  • Then, Professor Kukui comes in and says "'sup" to the class before leaving them to discuss the day's topic on their own while he goes off to take a nap in Samson Oak's office.
    • Samson Oak, who's lacking energy just like Professor Kukui, is dozing off and even his Pokémon puns are affected.
  • During lunchtime, Sophocles reveals that he doesn't have lunch either and believes his life is over, but Ash pitches in stating that they should help each other and copies Samson Oak's Pokémon puns.
    • Sophocles says that just makes him feel hungrier and Mallow asks Ash if he's lost it.
  • Meowth is excited for the upcoming eclipse, but Jessie and James think it's lame. Meowth says everyone else is looking forward to it and looks out, only to see several tired people, including Officer Jenny who's napping on her motorcycle while Nurse Joy is in the sidecar, eating a cookie.
  • When Mallow returns to the restaurant, she finds that her dad is gone, and the next scene reveals that he's at Oranguru's place, with several other adults present.
  • At Aether Paradise, the Aether Foundation staff are also affected: Faba is distracted by a video game, Wicke is all moody, Professor Burnet is tired and in her pajamas, and Lusamine has her hair messed up.
    • When they realize that there's an Ultra Wormhole that's draining Ultra Aura, Lusamine says they'll have to investigate, but everyone considers it to be a bother.
  • When the Ultra Guardians arrive in their base, they're greeted by Lusamine, who is barely awake with her hair still messed up, embarrassing Lillie.
    • After briefing the Ultra Guardians, Lusamine finishes it off by flatly saying that she'll see them at the Altar of the Sunne, much to the Ultra Guardians' surprise that she didn’t end it with a finishing line. So instead, Ash says the line, and his friends respond accordingly.
  • When Gladion sees Poipole, he asks if it's an Ultra Beast. Ash confirms it and asks Gladion if he thinks it's cute, to the latter's confusion.
  • The Aether Foundation staff inform the Ultra Guardians about the Ultra Wormhole, and Wicke calls for Faba, but he's still distracted by the game, forcing Wicke to shout to get his attention.
  • At the end of the PokéProblem segment, all the adults at Oranguru's place march back home in a zombie-like fashion while stating how going home is such a pain. As everyone leaves, Oranguru sighs and shakes its head.


  • The Aether Foundation staff try to follow after the Ultra Guardians, but they're still tired.
  • On the beach, Jessie and James are just lazing around while Meowth tries to get them motivated to go after rare Pokémon.
  • Likewise, the Matori Matrix are affected as well, yet they still carry out their mission, albeit lazily.
  • Just in general when the adults regain their energy after Necrozma flees Alola.
    • Professor Kukui "uses" Bulk Up, and Samson Oak does a proper Pokémon pun.
    • Team Rocket immediately gear up to chase Lunala and the other Legendary Pokémon.


  • Ash repeats his puns from two episodes earlier to explain what they should do about the situation with Necrozma, however, since Gladion wasn't there the first time, the others have to explain Ash's point to him .
  • James's Super Saiyan mode.


  • When Professor Kukui asks Faba if he has any more Pokémon left after their current ones are defeated by Gozu's Mega Aggron, Faba bluntly replies he doesn't have anymore.
  • After the Ultra Guardians' plan to use their Z-Moves to restore Necrozma fails, Ash starts off like he's going to say something, only to reveal that he actually doesn't, much to his friends' dismay.
    • Later, Ash declares he knows what to do, and when Sophocles asks what, he replies he doesn't know. Sophocles calls Ash out for his contradictory statement, to which Ash reveals that he meant that while he doesn't know what to do, he knows that they'll never give up.
  • After Faba figures out that Professor Kukui is the Masked Royal, he goes into fanboy mode and opens up his coat to reveal a Masked Royal shirt.
  • When the Ultra Guardians, Solgaleo, and Lunala return to Alola, Team Rocket sees it as their chance to capture the latter two, but Bewear once again carries them away.
  • At the end, Professor Kukui once again lazily greets the class with his coat buttoned up and a depressing aura. The class is worried that the Ultra Aura drain happened again, but Professor Kukui reveals that it's just a cold, much to their shock.
    • On another note, Ash surprisingly didn't know about the Professor's cold, considering the fact that Ash lives with him.
  • At the end of the PokéProblem segment, the Kahunas give thanks to the Blinding One. Olivia, in particular, is bawling her eyes out and her eyes are all red from crying.

     SM091 - SM100 
  • Ash, Kiawe and Mimo being made to wear Pikachu ears and tails during their visit.
  • The infinite Pikachu coming out of the trailer gag from the games appears, but this time the Pikachu all stampede out at once and flatten Kiawe.
  • Ash's Pikachu mistaking the greeting from the female Pikachu for thinking he was a ladies' 'Chu.


  • Faba and James not realizing at first they were sitting next to each other. Their animosity is quelled by their shared love for the Masked Royal.
  • When Faba (disguised as the Masked Royal) calls Incineroar out for a battle, it immediately sees Kukui in the crowd and is extremely confused.


  • After getting pestered by her sisters' on bringing them to a haunted house, nearly cost their lives due to their encounter with real ghost Pokemon (due to Acerola's Mimi-tan presences), Lana finally snapped when her sisters' show no remorse on their actions. Her sisters were scared so bad that they even comment that she's much scarier than a haunted house when she's angry.
  • The End-of-Episode Silliness shows Popplio's reaction when Lana stops her sister from trying to fight over the Magikarp doll.


  • When everyone corners Team Rocket who have been trying to escape, they insist they weren't stealing Stufful. Faba lampshades if they weren't thieves then why would they be so hell bent on leaving. An exasperated Team Rocket lampshade between themselves that just handing over Stufful would have been much easier, their reflexive villainy having blown their cover.
  • What happens when Bewear recovers her Stufful child? She grabs Team Rocket, jumps out the hole she made coming in, and jumps on a waiting helicopter. She plucks the propeller off and gives it to Stufful, who spins it so fast that they all fly off.


  • Popplio riding atop her Surf with Nagisa has practically become a Memetic Mutation.


  • Ash wants to test if he's dreaming or not when he and Pikachu enter the Ultra he decides to yank Pikachu's cheeks. He gets zapped and once it's over, he has enough proof to see that this is not a dream at all.
  • Having not learned his lesson on touching yellow creatures with sparking appendages, Ash decides to rub his face on Zeraora's tail, resulting in another zap.

     SM101 - SM110 
  • When Team Rocket butt in with another Humongous Mecha, Misty moans that they just beat them yesterday.
  • Brock contributes to Olivia's Continental Crush, his flirting "corrupts" it somehow and summons an enormous heart-shaped rock at Team Rocket.
  • Meowth actually manages to hold off the romantic themed Continental Crush for a while, looking like Team Rocket might be able to counter. Then Stufful abruptly appears from an Exeggutor-themed entrance in the mech. Team Rocket soon catch on to what this means, with Bewear tearing through the mech and evacuating them before it explodes.
  • Ash and Kiawe trying to race each other to battle against Tapu Fini and they end up tying. It's a Call-Back to when Pikachu and Raichu raced each other in "Pikachu’s Vacation."
  • While they're walking to Hapu's house, Pikachu is using Ash's head as a sea-saw, tilting it backwards and forwards and making silly faces as he swings.

     SM111 - SM120 
  • Rowlet's attempt to find a new head for Meltan includes three Pokemon — a Comfey, a Klefki, and a Sandygast. None of the Pokemon are too pleased at this.
  • James apparently channeling his inner Mimikyu when spotting Meltan, swearing vengeance for a recent incident involving the Meltan Horde and his bottle-cap collection. Complete with a Battle Aura of menacing purple miasma and glowing golden eyes from him.
  • When Ash throws a Poké Ball to catch wedges itself into Meltan's nut head. Cue the Face Fault from EVERYONE.


  • How does Karpy signal to his boss that he's now grown up? His giant Gyarados body happily flails in an unmistakable Splash.
  • Later, when the gang meets up st Professor Kukui's house to watch the girls' performance in "The Refreshing Trio: Alola Idols" show, Lillie and Snowy have the biggest nervous looks on their faces.
  • In the end, Jessie got to act on TV as she wanted, except for the part that the role she is given is a victim running away from a rampaging three-headed Gyarados monster, and for some reason, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet are there too. Bet they were hoping for Bewear come anytime soon to save them.
    • In The Stinger, they get a call-back for being good at getting beaten up, but they immediately refuse.


  • Meowth gets smitten by Pheromosa to the point where he starts copying her stance and mannerisms, trying to make himself as tall and elegant as possible. James and Wobbuffet can barely contain themselves from bursting out in manic laughter while Jessie openly gets more and more pissed off about Meowth's ridiculous idiocy. Even the twerps don't quite know what to make of all of it.
  • Farba demonstrates the oversized fly-trap he developed in order to catch Pheromosa. He ends up stuck in it for the rest of the day, fruitlessly trying to free himself, until he gets the advice of taking off his clothes. He gets out in a matter of seconds after some dumbfounded silence.
  • Stufful cheering its mom on as Bewear lays the smackdown on Pheromosa.
  • After Bewear neutralizes Pheromosa for them, the Ultra Guardians just gape dumbfounded (Ash especially), before they are reminded by Rotom to catch it. They celebrate...then Kiawe reminds everyone that Bewear did most of the work. This causes Ash to lament mournfully and state that just ruined the moment.
  • When Pheromosa is sent out after being caught, she sticks her tongue out at the heroes and stomps off towards the Ultra Wormhole.


  • Kukui, after the announcement of the Alola Pokemon League is finished, almost busts his cover as Royal Mask as he automatically starts off his wrestler-catchphrase, catches himself in the act, and rapidly corrects the sentence to something more proper of him.
    Kukui: En-...(Catch himself)...-ter, please! We're waiting for you!

     SM121 - SM130 



  • Matori and Alola Meowth first enter Team Rocket's lair in a dramatic stoic manner, then notice James poisoned by Mareanie and are left freaked out.
  • The Team Rocket trio's "The Scream"-esque Wild Take to discovering Mallow, Lillie and Sophocles also have Z-Moves.





  • The whole episode.




  • During the Battle Royale, a Trainer and his Mudbray declares he'll take on all the other participants at once and beat them all. Cue a barrage of attacks that knock him and his Pokémon out making them the first team eliminated.
  • A Trainer's Pokémon of choice is Magikarp of all things, and since its taking place on a field with no water, it can only flop and splash on the ground pitifully.
    • Its opponent Pyukumuku can only sit there and watch on as due to not having any physical attacks of its own, the fight between them is a standstill with neither able to attack.


  • The reaction that Faba's Hypno has when Meltan eats its pendulum during his fight against Ash. Note that he took notes on Ash's team and still has a case of Underestimating Badassery by choosing the Pokemon shown eating metal.
    Faba: (Original) :I beg your pardon?!
    Faba: (Dub) : How could you do that?!

     SM131 - SM140 


  • Jessie has had Wobbuffet for a grand total of 924 episodes, far longer than any other Pokemon in her possession, and she still has not bothered to properly learn how Wobbuffet's species-specific moveset works and continues to merely shout at it to "do something" in battle, ostensibly making it fend for itself.




  • When Golispod is repeatedly using Poison Jab on Primarina, Pikachu has to hold back a pissed-off Sandy.
  • The preview for the next episode, have Mimo informing Kiawe that she has falling in love, when Kiawe ask her with who, she answer very happy "GLADION-SAN!"



  • Following the preview from episode 134, it turns out that Mimo really did get a Precocious Crush on Gladion!



  • Lana's reaction to Melmetal!
    • And sometime later after she makes a word pun, both Mallow and Kiawe stare at her with confusion.


  • Bewear running over the water!


  • Team Rocket debut with their new mech from beneath the league stadium, unknowingly right in front of the first rampaging Guzzlord. They are immediately swatted away like an annoying fly, much to the bewilderment of the twerps.
  • When the last Guzzlord comes through Ultra Space, it doesn't hit the ground. Instead, it drops straight into the ocean. Its Japanese cry is rather fitting in this case.
  • When Naganadel returns, it still seems to be a Keet, even trying awkwardly to spin around like it did as a Poipole.
  • "Oh, Crap!" doesn't begin to describe Kukui's reactions when he realizes the jig is up with the Masked Royal's identity.

    SM141 - SM146 



  • Rowlet ends up essentially playing Seed Bomb tennis with Braviary.
  • Empoleon tries to trap Melmetal in Whirlpool like it did to Pikachu not too long ago, only for Melmetal to turn out to be too big and heavy to be affected by Whirlpool. The looks Empoleon gives dealing with the newly discovered Pokemon are priceless.


  • Incineroar manages to get Torracat in a position almost like scruffing a cat. Torracat can only paw helplessly as Incineroar gives it a followup Throat Chop.

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