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Being Kinnikuman, the series is filled with these.

Original Series

  • In the very first chapter, the military prepares for the threat of an alien having wrestling matches.
    • When the leader of the Earth Defense Force decides to call in Kinnikuman, we're treated to a shot up Kin eating some Gyudon at his table...and the next panel is Kin entire dining set-up is in the Defense HQ, being presented to the leader. Kin is just looking around in confusion, implying that he was taken to the EDF without realizing it.
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    • The punchline; Because every other hero is busy or indisposed, Kinnikuman is selected to defend the Earth. After much hype, build-up, and generally being a blowhard, our hero stands ready to face the invaders...only to be told that the aliens cancelled their attack because they didn't want to waste their time fighting Kinnikuman
  • The fact that Kinnikuman and Meat would often fight amongst each other to impress Mari despite the latter being 12 years old is one in its own right.
  • In one chapter, Kinnikuman decides to leave Earth to visit Planet Kinniku. Surprisingly, the townspeople bid him a tearful farewell. As soon as he leaves, cue the townspeople celebrating Kinnikuman's departure. Then cue Kinnikuman returning angrily, saying that he knew they'd try something like that and that he saw the whole thing from above.
    • Later in the same chapter, after stubbornly refusing to fight Dai King, he finally agrees when Meat's hot sister, Medium Rare, asks him to (complete with Kinnikuman telling Meat to call him "Big Brother"). Then The Stinger comes after Kinnikuman defeats Dai King, as it turns out that Medium Rare is engaged. That doesn't stop Kinnikuman from asking Meat about his other sister, who is revealed to be...not so hot.
    Meat: How is she, Big Brother?
    Kinnkuman: Who's that?!
    Meat: Earlier, you told me to call you "Big Brother".
    Kinnkuman: SHUT UP!
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  • The ending of the Roots Island saga. Kin, Terry and Meat get paid in money, but it turns out to be money made out of giant stone wheels.
    Princess Kunta: Here is the Roots Island equivalent of one billion yen. Please accept it.
    Terryman: What the hell era are ya'll livin in?!
    Kinnikuman: We can't use this stone money! No matter how much it's worth!
  • Mari and Natsuko's first meeting in the anime manages to be a Dude, Not Funny! moment and a Funny Moment at the same time. Natsuko accuses Mari of being a seductress, with Kinnikuman agreeing on that fact and say that he's the 69th to be deceived, but he was joking. Then, when he tries to say that it was a joke to a now weeping Mari, Mari tells him that he's actually the 100th. Cue Ocular Gushers from Kinnikuman.
    Mari: See? Not a very funny joke, is it?
  • In "Flying Natsuko", Iwao tries to persuade Natsuko to take pictures of his fight against Kinnikuman...via haggling.
    Iwao: 10,000 yen!
    Natsuko: 5,000 yen!
    Iwao: 3,000 yen and I ain't going lower than that!
    Kinnikuman: 2,000 yen!
    Meat: 1,500 yen!
    Kinnikuman: 1,000 yen, 1000 yen!
    Iwao: Dammit! You're making me look desperate! 100 yen! 100 yen! 100 yen!
    • The fact that not only does he lose to Kinnikuman, but the fact that Kinnikuman doesn't so much as break a sweat against him. Pre-Cerebus Syndrome Kinnikuman, mind you.
    Iwao: Why was I even in this episode...?
    • It doesn't end all badly for Iwao because, the real hero of the day turns out to be Terryman, who only had a minute of screentime. Though that was only because Iwao stole the film containing the pictures from the fight...
  • In the 20th Choujin Olympics, Iwao shows that being Kinkotsuman's lackey doesn't stop him from taking swipes at his boss.
    Kinkotsuman: As they say, fools will dance.
    • And what happened to Kinkotsuman's secret weapon, Crab Base? After losing to Kinnikuman in the Rock-Paper-Scissors portion of the Olympics, he has a rather hilarious Villainous Breakdown.
    (Crab Base is dancing while yelling gibberish.)
    Kinkotsuman: He's gone crazy after being beaten by Kinnikuman. Poor thing.
  • The last prelim for the 20th Choujin Olympics ended in a ten-way tie with Kinnikuman and 9 other Choujin. So, a battle royal is held to decide the winner. The Choujin jump into the ring...and the floor gives away from the weight! After Kin wins through sheer luck of being the last one alive, all of his friends rush into the ring to congratulate Kin...and the floor gives away from their weight!
    Kinnikuman: From now on, all of you are named "fatman"!
  • The single elimination tournament in the 20th Choujin Olympics are decided as deathmatches. Kinnikuman faces against Curry Cook and they will be fighting at a separate boxing hall as part of B-Block along with Ramenman and Brockenman match... only broadcasted via radio while A-Block matches are viewed on Television much to Kinnikuman's dismay and that is treated as one of the reasons why only on radio. The second reason is that the three are Brutal Choujins who are too violent for even TV.
    Kinnikuman: Why only a radio broadcast?! Are you saying I'm not good enough to be television material?!
    Mayumi: Yes.
  • Kinnikuman's match against Ramenman will forever be remembered as his biggest Bring My Brown Pants moment.
    Ramenman: Oh dear God, what is that smell?! GO CHANGE YOUR PANTS!
    • And this leads to a second crowner when Meat asks for Baba's help...and washes Kin's soiled pants on his washboard abs!
  • Chapter 82, starts off with Kinnikuman's dad Mayumi waking up for the new year only to find out that Kin lost the championship belt due to not being there on time. It only gets funnier from there, when Kin visits him with the belt apparently still with him:
    Sayuri: Oh, that belt is?
    Kinnikuman: Fool, it's the world championship belt.
    Mayumi: Making one out of papier-mache...(rips up the belt) useless...
    Kinnikuman: you knew...and I stayed up all night making that...
    Meat: I helped with the glue...
    Mayumi: THE STUFF YOU GUYS DO IS... Hn?...well now that I look at it, it's done very well...
    Sayuri: Honey!!
  • Bibinba's first assassination attempt ended in failure because Kinnikuman saw a coin on the ground and bent over to pick it up, conveniently ducking under Bibinba's sword. He never realized she was trying to kill him.
  • The beginning of Chapter 83 where Bibinba becomes an over-the top parody of Chickification: acting like a Girly Girl, peeling potatoes and wearing kimono, much to the distress of her father.
    Lord Hormon: Bibinba, those clothes?!?
    Bibinba: Oh Dad, I am a girl, you know. Shall I peel you a potato?
  • Chapter 84 in the manga, especially the ending. After spending the whole chapter trying to earn Kinnikuman's approval and stay by his side, Bibinba announces that she's joining the Earth Defense Force, rivals of the Choujins. Of course, this means she won't be around as often. Kinnikuman's response to this is the icing on the cake.
    Kinnikuman: What ever happened to not ever wanting to be away from me?!? Come on, independent women are out of style!
  • When Beansman recruits Ramenman, the two are in a rowboat on a river. Ramenman dramatically punches the boat's floor in anticipation of the opponents he'll fight...causing the boat to sink.
  • One fight during the 21st Choujin Olympics features Cubeman, a man with a Rubick's cube for a head fighting Mindpuzzleman, a walking ring puzzle. Rather than wrestle, they take turns trying to solve each other. Eventually, Cubeman seperates Mindpuzzleman's rings, winning the match.
    Kinnikuman: What an unbelievably idiotic victory...
  • Stecase King gets Kinnikuman to pick him as an opponent simply by playing some classical music. Kin begins to dance, resulting in pointing at Stecase King without realizing it!
  • While the Scramble for the Throne arc probably contains the least jokes, there are some funny moments, particularly when Mayumi unabashedly cheers for Suguru...despite the fact that the rules say that he's supposed to be neutral because there is no proof that Suguru is his son. Further made hilarious when his guards have to remind him via aiming spears at his head.
    Mayumi: Yeesh, I'm being treated like this by the soldiers that obeyed me until yesterday...
  • Kinnikuman Mariposa's hilariously awkward reaction to Mixer Taitei's Kick the Dog moment shows that even a guy like Mariposa, who was a Street Urchin that's probably seen every sort of villainy can be rather confused by pointless cruelty.
  • There was a 3-month hiatus between chapters 315 and 316 due to the writer of Yudetamago being sick. any other series would start back up where they left off, but not Kinnikuman. The first thoughts he has in 316 is how painful it's been to hold the same pose for three months, especially since now he's stuck. he looks to Robin Mask for help, only to see that he's asleep!
    Robin: Oooh... Sorry, very sorry... Somehow I went to sleep since I've been standing in the corner for three months too.
  • Another crowner for the Throne Arc: Kinnikuman thinks up a surprisingly brilliant plan to escape the labyrinth that Super Phoenix had set up for his team. Robin Mask commends Kin, but then Kin mentions that he was burning to take a piss from earlier but he couldn't take off the suit that he wore in his match against Satan Cross. This wouldn't be so funny if it weren't for the fact that when he says this, Robin was carrying him on his back. Cue Ramenman having to stop Robin from beating the crap out of Kinnikuman.
  • In Stolen Championship Belt, a monster comes up and roars at Kinnikuman, who yells back. The monster roars louder... and Kinnikuman breathes fire on him. Then his jaw gets stuck open and he needs Terryman to close his mouth for him.
  • Kinnikuman trying to figure out Meat's spaceship calling song in the first episode of the anime, and thinks it's 'The Hare and the Tortoise':
    Kinnikuman: '''A-MOSHI MOSHI KAME YO KAME SAN YO!"'
  • In the beginning of the Dirty Baron arc, Meat and Princess Lilly decide to tell apart the Chojin from the impostors by having a Hollywood Squares-style game show.

Revival Series

  • The series' use of Mood Whiplash continues in the Perfect Large Numbers arc of the 2012 revival. After Terryman wins an absolutely brutal match against Max Radial, Kinnikuman abandons his post as king of Planet Kinniku and makes his triumphant return on Earth to sub in for Terryman in a truly touching moment. Then he meets the Perfect Large Numbers, declares that they've made a new enemy...but they can't take him seriously because as it turns out he wet himself.
    Meat: AAAAH! You haven't changed a bit since becoming king!
    • The whiplash continues as after Kin convinces Terry to stand down due to his injuries, Max Radial commits suicide due to the Perfect Choujin law. Kinnikuman shits his pants on the spot.
    Meat: Ewww! Come on, King!
  • In the Perfect Origin Arc, Kinnikuman, Akuma Shogun/Goldman, and Strong The Budo/The Man were given special seats to see their comrades fight against each other. While the latter two sat at their comfortable chairs for their build that also act as thrones, Kinnikuman and Warsman get a poorly made booth of rusty steel chairs as their special seats because the stadium was sold out to the audience watching the matches so only two throne-like seats can be made in time. Even after becoming King of Planet Kinniku, Kinnikuman still gets the second-class treatment.
  • In the True Devils Arc, Kinnikuman is missing while all three Choujin factions are sealed by Satan and the Six Spears fighting off the remaining Justice Choujin. He has been found shopping video games at Shinjuku in Tokyo.
  • Kinnikuman is in his usual coward self in his fight against Pirateman much to Meat's dismay. When he brought up how Kinnikuman was serious in his fight agsinst Nemesis, it was because Suguru was in the zone back then.


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