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    Season 1 
  • Episode 13:
    • Quarter finals of the Chinese Tournament, first set of the first match, Gaoh of the Bái Hǔ Zú against a member of the Mongolian team. Everyone is being rightly hyped... And then Gaoh's stomach loudly grumbles. Everyone but Kai and Rei... And then there's a mass Face Fault when Gaoh declares: "What?! I'm hungry!". Mao has to bribe him with food to be consumed after he wins to get him to fight...
    • Seeing that he's doing well, Mao declares that Gaoh has already won... And makes a comparison with food. Cue Oh, Crap! as soon as Gaoh gets distracted by thinking about food, followed by an epic one by Gaoh himself when he realizes he lost while he was distracted.
  • Episode 14
    • At the start of the episode, president Daitenji is enjoying the early morning when he hears Takao's pained scream. He asks the BBA Team what happened... And they explain: Takao was oversleeping, so Rei fed him a whole chili pepper. Cue the scream.
      • Also, it backfired: Takao did wake up, but then fainted in pain.
    • During the semi-final match (to which Takao and Rei were late due the chili pepper debacle and an avalanche blocking the road), Max's Oh, Crap! when he realizes he's winning too fast (as they risk being disqualified if they don't have at least three contestants) and him cheering when his opponent recovers.
    • One Lost in Translation: at the end, faced with Kai's efforts to keep a jerkish image, Takao insults him... And in the original he uses the word "kawaikunē" (a slurred version of "kawaikunai"), which means "uncute". Gets funnier when you realize it's the same word Ranma Saotome uses in his fights with Akane.
  • Episode 15:
  • Episode 16:
  • In episode 18, Takao getting told by a little girl that the real Takao is way cuter.
  • Episode 19:
    • Takao is bored out of his mind while on the plane for America, so Kyōju suggests him to play something, or read something, or eat some fruit. Takao's reply? He points at the corner with the evidence that he already did it until he grew bored.
    • Ryūnosuke Kinomiya. Especially when showing off his kendo skills.
    • The ultimate example of Serious Business in this series: PPB, the organization training the American beyblade team, is literally Backed by the Pentagon. And NASA. It gets to such an absurd level that Max and Kai, the latter of which would later proudly declare that Beyblade is Serious Business to him, looked like they found it ridiculous, and Rei and Takao voiced this feeling.
    • Kyōju begging the PPB scientists to hire him as a janitor, and his Imagine Spot.
    • Every single known PPB beyblader of season one is a Bunny-Ears Lawyer, but reservists Tony and Andy take the cake:
  • Episode 20:
  • Episode 21:
    • In the Japanese version of the episode, the BBA are near a mountain lake for training. Expecting something like the PPB, Takao starts complaining, but Ryūnosuke declares it's a good place for training... And, for food, they can eat robins and other birds. It's Max's Big "OMG!" and the reaction faces of the team that sell it. Especially Rei's, as he's not shocked by the suggestion but happy(though it could also be an embarassed grin), and Kai's, that keeps the frown he already had.
    • During the special training, the BBA are to train near a waterfall, and Antonio, their temporary training partner, explains Takao that it's to develop control and balance when launching, and that you should train in similar dangerous area for that. Takao, of course, asks who says so... And Antonio points to the nearby sign.
  • Episode 22:
    • Rei's crush on the actress of the celebrity team.
    • Rei and Takao want to take part in the charity match, even if for different reasons, but only one member of their team can go. So they challenge each other to Rock–Paper–Scissors. Who wins? Max, of course.
    • About the celebrity team in the charity match... Here's another example of this series' Mundane Made Awesome and extreme importance of beyblade: in the original the guy who in the American dub is a random billionaire named McSneeze is actually the President of the United States.
      • Still not laughing? Well, the name is left out, but by the looks and the era it's intended to be George W. Bush. Now imagine that guy playing beyblade with a blonde Hollywood star and a wrestler against three children...
  • Episode 24:
    • Emily's smug face as she brags about the PPB equipment to Takao and she announces to him that, according to the PPB's expectation, the BBA are going to lose their match against the Equador team.
    • Takao's grandfather showing off his Kendo skills to the public at the match, getting another Instant Fanclub.
    • The origins of the Equador team's beyblades: Sancho received his from an iguana he used to play hide and seek with, Fernando had a sea lion give it back to him after he had accidentally dropped it in the sea, and Bartolomeo had his hatch from an egg a giant tortoise dropped before him to thank him for driving away some bullies.
      • And the BBA's skeptic faces as they're told these stories. Especially with the last one, on which Takao openly calls bullshit.
    • Fernando is winning his set against Max. But Fernando's gimmick is based on a sea lion... And, suddenly, his beyblade loses interest in playing with Draciel and leaves the field. And the BBA make the same incredulous face you are doing reading this.
      • What sells it is that Fernando treats it as perfectly normal.
    • After the match the Equador team goes to the BBA... And ask for their autographs and a picture.
  • Episode 25:
    • Takao's going at a buffet. Kyōju is worried that Takao may eat too much, Max tells him that their teammate knows not to exaggerate... Cue ridiculous faces as they notice Takao pigging out, even jumping on the table to eat more. And Kai still keeps his frown during the whole shenaningan.
    • The dubbed version of that scene's pretty funny as well - Takao claims that it's Dragoon that's sick.
      Takao (dub): I know you think I got sick from eating too much yesterday, but it's Dragoon who's feeling under the weather. He'll be fine soon. *Kai just silently glares at him* He just needs to settle his stomach, that's all.
      Kyōju (dub): He does? Or do you?
      • Followed up a few moments later with Takao freaking out when he's told to sit out of the match:
        Tyson: But Chief, it's the semi-final match of the American tournament!
        Kyōju (dub): I know that!
        Takao (dub): I'm part of this team! I can't just sit on the sidelines!
        Kyōju (dub): Tyson, you look like a zombie!
        Takao (dub): That'll scare our opponents!!
        Kai (dub): The only thing scary is your desperation! You can barely stand, let alone fight, Tyson!
        Takao (dub): Uh... I may be a bit wobbly, but I'm fine!
        Kai (dub): Are you kidding me? A light breeze can blow you over!
        Takao (dub): Says you, Kai! *Kenny then blows him away with a soft exhale.*
    • As said above, Kyōju blowing Takao away with a soft exhale when Takao insists he can still play.
    • The first Brazilian blader has a samba gimmick, complete with soundtrack. Cue Daitenji and Ryūnosuke starting a dance-off to show each other just how youthful they still are.
    • The face of Paula, the second Brazilian blader, when Rei tells her her Doppelgänger Spin is useless on him.
    • Sick!Takao cheering on Rei.
    • After his teammates lost, Mario, the Brazilian captain, declares he will at least win a point for honour's sake. Then we're reminded his opponent is Kai.
  • Episode 26:
  • Episode 28:
    • The beyblade stadium is modeled on a baseball field, and placed in such way Michael's in the pitcher position. So, what does Max do? Make Draciel conquer all the bases.
    • Before the final game of the match, the DJ reminds them they're not playing baseball.
  • Episode 29 may be a Recap Episode... But still manages to give us an incredibly funny moment thanks to Kyōju walking in a pub wearing a Badass Longcoat and a Fedora of Asskicking and then ordering milk on the rocks. Cue Face Fault from two patrons and a ceiling fan.
  • Episode 30:
    • The attempts at dealing with Kyōju's sea sickness:
      • Takao brings him to the ship's pool so he could swim and relax, but Kyōju refuses claiming that the team must concentrate only on beyblading, not playing balls with the girls in the pool. Then he sees Max is doing just that, making faces almost as funny as Takao's at the sight.
      • Max's idea is a good and large meal, so he brings Kyōju and Takao at the ship's restaurant. Max and Takao want to eat, but Kyōju calls them out on neglecting training to eat... Cue Rei who has just finished his own lunch.
      • Rei suggests to play beyblade against the children on the ship, with Kyōju getting over the sickness by taking data on it. Kyōju refuses, because they're just amateurs, too weak to be a decent training. This becomes funny when you realize that Ralf was already there looking for a decent challenge.
  • Episode 33:
    • The BBA is trying to find Kai who has gone off somewhere on his own, and Takao suggests they go up to the Eiffel Tower to get a better view. As Takao is making his way to the tower, Kyōju points out a slight flaw in Takao's idea.
      Kyōju (dub): "I guess he never factored in that Kai might be inside a building."
    • Also, Takao's "facts" about Paris' history in the dub. Like saying the Arc de Triomphe was Napoleon's house...
    • The out-of-nowhere two-minutes-long educational build-up towards another encounter with Team WHO starts with Takao and Kyōju alone on the highest level of the Eiffel Tower..
      Kyōju (sub): "The Eiffel Tower was built for Paris' very own Exposition Universelle in 1889. It was designed by Gustave Eiffel."
      Takao (sub): "Oh? The designer has the same name as the tower! What a coincidence."
      Kyōju (sub): *pointedly ignores Takao* "It's 300 meters tall, only slightly shorter than the Tokyo Tower."
      Takao (sub): "You can see everything from here! We're going to find Kai in a jiffy! Kyōju, what's that building?"
      Kyōju (sub): "The Tour Montparnasse, a 209-meter-tall skyscraper."
      Takao (sub): "Oh! That's the gate we saw before! What is that?"
      Kyōju (sub): "That's La Madeleine. Like the Arc de Triomphe, its construction was ordered by Napoleon."
      Takao (sub): "Oh... And over here?"
      Kyōju (sub): "Les Invalides. A domed chapel built under Louis XIV's reign."
      Takao (sub): "Then what about that?"
      Kyōju (sub): "Musée d'Orsay. Right beyond that is the Louvre! A countless number of invaluable paintings and other works of art are stored inside. Actually, if we have some time later, I'd love to go."
      Takao (sub): "A city filled with history and art..."
      Kyōju (sub): "It's not called the "City of Flowers" for nothing! But that's not all! There are also many facilities fit for beyblade..."
      Takao (sub): *while staring at Gye menacingly looking at them through the window* "Kyōju... what's that?"
      Kyōju (sub): "Oh! That's Gye. Member of Team WHO and apostle of the undead, cursing fate itself." *realizes what he just said*
      Takao (sub): "Yeah, thought so..."
      Gye (sub): "Found you!"
      Takao & Kyōju (sub): "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
  • Episode 37:
    • When the BBA Team arrives at Ralf's mansion, Takao heads off on his own to find him and eventually reaches a room filled with death traps which he dodges by a really close shot until he slides down a dustshoot that ends in the fireplace where everyone else, Ralf included, is. Ralf's response to Takao calling him out on the traps?
      Ralf (dub): I gotta get someone to check those traps. It usually works. You're lucky.
  • Episode 45:
    • The last line of the dub, after Kai realizes his mistakes and returns to the BBA, he first leaves to confront Boris, taking the helicopter his teammates had used to get there.
      Rei (dub): (as they're watching the helicopter flying away) "Guys? How are we gonna get out of here?"
    • Funny for completely different and unintentional reasons, the original version plays the ending straight, with the BBA silently watching Kai off. But it's still so he takes their one mode of transportation, just no one comments on it. Then the credits roll and you're left with a big case of "Wait a minute!". It makes the dub's joke all the better.

    Season 2 
  • Episode 4:
    • When Kyōju and Hiromi are trapped behind a reinforced glass cell and Takao tries to set them free by punching it, only to end up hurting his hand.
    Hiromi (dub): "Smooth move, braniac! If that's all it took we'd be out already..."
  • Episode 15:
    • Hiromi's obsession with seeing the bit-beasts, and her parodistic Heroic BSoD when Takao tells her she can't because the bit-beasts just don't like her.
    Hiromi (sub): Why do they have to hate me? What's wrong with me? I do my homework. I work hard as class president. I'm cute and considerate, too! NO WAY! There's now way the bit-beasts hate me!"
    • Later, the prank Takao plays on Hiromi (funny enough to get Kai to chuckle): a ridiculous fake ritual to enable her to see bit-beasts.
      Hiromi (dub): "Oh, bit-beast, oh, bit-beast, oh, bit-beast, oh, bit-beast, oh bit-beast..."
  • Episode 28:
    • In the original version, when Alan gets knocked away by the bit-beast, Takao asks if he's okay. He doesn't answer, just stretches out his arm to give a thumbs-up. (The humorous effect is nonexistent in the dub because there Alan speaks.)
    • Hiromi showing off some nifty basketball moves, finally shining in her own right, only to be one-upped by Rei. She takes it pretty well.
    • Kyoujyu wanting to be "street" for a change and placing some graffiti. Then Hiromi points out this can get him into trouble with the police. After a moment of letting that sink in, they panic-strickenly clean it.
    • Hiromi gets all fired up to play ref for Rei's and Kai's test match. Takao gets all fired up to play along and rudely shoves her aside. All in all, it wasn't Hiromi's day.
  • Episode 41: Okay, fess up: Who decided the dub name of this episode should be "Who's Your Daddy?"?

    Season 3 
  • Episode 4:
    • Takao needs the registration time to be extended in hopes that Kai will show up after all...
      Takao (dub): "No, my partner isn't here yet. You gotta stay open just a little bit longer!"
      Licensed Beyblade Official (dub): "Well, I might have considered extending the time limit if you'd just been a little bit nicer to me."
      Takao (dub): *makes rapid begging movements* "Please, don't go! I'm begging you!"
      Licensed Beyblade Official (dub): "Bang your head all you like, kid, I only accept bribes."
  • Kyōju showing his crush over Ming-Ming.
    Kyōju: "Is this the hand... The hand that that touched Ming-Ming's hand!"
    *Daichi tries to run away after committing the error of shaking hands with Ming Ming*"

  • During the Japanese Tournament in the manga, Rei had been hyped as a powerful opponent. Comes his semi-final match against Takao, Blader DJ calls him in... And then cries in shock when he notices he's sleeping, as he was sure to win and lacked sleep. It got a Mythology Gag in the anime, where Rei, in the same situation, comes immediately after being called, but yawns and hints he just woke up because he was sure to win.

  • A lot of changes made by the dub are comedy gold either on their own or from context:
    • "Bladebreakers" makes use of the "BB" part of "BBA" and seems like a clever dub name that way, but consider just how close it is to the Obviously Evil name "Shell Killers", the Japanese name of the "Blade Sharks". Then again, Kai is the team captain in the dub...
    • In S3E35, Volkov makes a deal with Borg where if they lose to Garland, they will have to join BEGA. In the original Japanese version, Yuriy says that he'd rather die than work for him again prompting a genuinely horrified look from Garland. In the dub version, Yuriy says he'd rather quit beyblading than work for him again... with the same horrified look from Garland.
  • In S2E15, the BBA spends a good amount of time training to their limits; sweat, tired eyes, and hanging mouths included. This includes Kai, but Kai is supposed to be The Stoic and therefore unaffected. How does the animation solve it? By putting him a little in the back, dramatically hiding his eyes in shadow, or hiding his face behind his hair. The visual contrast with the others is stellar.
  • The Barthez Soldat's emblem in the third season is a shield proudly displaying the team's initials: BS.
  • In S3E43, Daichi helps Ming-Ming up with his right hand, but it's his left hand Kyōju ends up obsessing over. Animation error to be ignored or insult-to-injury for the gag — You decide!

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