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Funny / Berserk: The Golden Age Arc

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  • In The Egg of the King, when Guts examines Griffith's Crimson Behelit and sees its eyes open, he gets so scared that he almost falls backwards off the balustrade he was sitting on. Griffith manages to catch him and starts completely cracking up, and even Guts has to admit it was pretty funny.
  • In The Battle for Doldrey when Adon and his men find Guts and Casca, Adon threatens Guts with torture while he plans to sic his men on Casca. Guts dispenses some sage advice to them: "I'm gonna have to seriously advise you against that plan. She'll bite something off!" The silly smile on his face, and Casca's annoyed conk upon his head, sell the scene.
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  • Also during 'The Battle for Doldrey', we're treated to dramatic music and cuts between the three main characters, Guts, Casca and Griffith. Guts is going up against Boscone, at that time a serious opponent. Casca is going up against Adon, and all the history that entailed. And Griffith is the target of Boscone's second. We keep cutting between the three fights, watching Guts get knocked off his horse and Casca's sword get broken. Then we cut back to Griffth and we're expecting to see a dramatic fight....only for the would-be killer's head to be cut off before he gets within five feet of Griffith. In any other situation, it wouldn't be funny, but here, when it's juxtaposed with two serious and dramatic fights, this guy's Epic Fail is just plain hilarious.
  • When the Hawks' victory at Doldrey becomes clear, Corkus raises his voice as the first to cry victory but is immediately drowned out by Pippin's roar and looks really upset that he was upstaged.
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  • During the victory parade Corkus hoists one of his female admirers onto his horse and kisses her, telling the other clamoring ladies to wait their turn, but an Abhorrent Admirer appears among them and gives Corkus the shudders.
  • The victory ball has some funny (and at time, heartwarming) moments, such as Rickert being overwhelmed by older women who think he's the cutest merc who ever lived, Pippin dancing with two maidens at once (one for each hand), and Guts and Casca dancing, smiling, and laughing. Enjoy the humor while you can, because after the ball, things are going to start getting really dark...
  • In his Big Damn Heroes moment during the escape from Midland, Corkus says "I've always wanted to do this" and tells the reinforcements to charge on his mark, but everybody leaves him behind before he can give the order. "Wait, I didn't say 'go' yet!"
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  • One may find it hard to laugh right on the heels of Griffith's rape of Casca, but as Skull Knight rides in to save the day, Griffith uses his newfound powers to try to kill Skull Knight with a gravity well that crushes a group of unfortunate Apostles into nothingness. Immediately after doing so, he stares at his hand with an expression that can only be described as a combination of "Holy crap." and "Oh, hell yeah.".

English Dub Outtakes:

  • We don't get any of Griffith singing this time, but we do get Guts' child voice actor narrating a whole scene by singing, including describing all the gory details.
  • Charlotte and Casca are incredibly thirsty for Griffith, with Charlotte even declaring her desire to motorboat his pecs.
    • Later on, we get Guts making horse whinny noises when he buries his head between Casca's breasts and legs.
  • Casca's voice actress has some questions about how the size difference between Guts and Casca is supposed to work:
    Casca: "Oh god, oh god, they're really going for the— wow. Didn't he look like he was coming up for the— what do you even grab onto? It's like having sex with a tree."
  • When Guts touches his brand at the end, he blames it on fuckin' Slytherins.

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