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Tear Jerker / Bakuten Shoot Beyblade

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  • In S1E44, Kai abandoned the BBA as Kai hands over Dranzer to Takao. Even worse is that Takao was in tears while he was showing Dranzer to his teammates and he told them that Kai is over for them.
  • Rei's battle against Boris in S1E49, with Boris's bit-beast attacking both Rei's beyblade and Rei himself. Even though the fate of the world is at stake, and the only way the BBA Team can get to the finals and stop Borg's evil plans is if Rei wins his battle, his friends are more concerned about Rei's well-being and try telling him to withdraw from the battle. However, Rei keeps refusing to listen to them, and continues to fight even though he's barely able to endure the pain as Falborg's attacks just keep getting worse as the battle goes on. Near the end, Driger ends up sacrificing itself to save Rei's life by shielding him from further attacks, before destroying Boris's beyblade with a powerful Tiger Claw attack. Right afterwards, everyone is excited when the light from that final Tiger Claw attack has cleared up and they realize that Rei has won the battle, but their excitement quickly fades when they notice Rei's unconscious body on the stadium floor.
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  • In S2E41, Zagāto grabs Zeo and telling him that he must steal his friends' bit-beasts. Zeo asks him why, and Zagāto explains that he is an artificial lifeform and needs the bit-beasts to become human, leaving poor Zeo shocked. The following day, the BBA become worried about Zeo when they are informed that he's quit. They eventually find him and try to confront him but he ends his friendship with them and leaves, crying. Poor kid...
    Zeo (dub): Everyone, just leave me alone! just leave me alone! From now on, we're enemies, you got that? Forget that you even met me!

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