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Nightmare Fuel / Bakuten Shoot Beyblade

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Yes, this series has its own share of truly terrifying moments.

Season 1

  • The Europe arc in the first season is a long one. Before, bit-beasts were nothing more than something that could provide power to the beyblade of its wielder. Then, suddenly, an opposing bit-beast mauls Takao's dragon, and we're introduced to just how dangerous a bit-beast in the wrong hand can be. The reason the European legends derivated from the bit beasts treat them as monsters? They did fall in the wrong hands more than once.
    • This particular brand of nightmare fuel permeates the whole second season, culminating when it's revealed why the Saint Seals want to seal them all: once upon a time, evil people used bit-beasts for their own gain and in the process nearly destroyed the world.
  • Living at Volkov's monastery. You have to take part to painful exercises, you could be experimented upon, and if you lose a beyblade match, maybe one you had no chance in hell to win, Volkov will make you disappear.
    • It's even worse in the Japanese version as pupils at the abbey who lose a battle are perceived as weak and get locked up as if it were a prison cell. Alexander's cries are downright chilling. And we never even find out what happened to the boy...
  • The battle on the ice with Kai is chilling in S1E45, especially at the end when Max beats him and the ice starts to break. Kai initially just stands there in shock, considering letting himself sink...and then when he does decide to move discovers his feet have frozen to the ice and he can't.
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  • Boris is terrifying in S1E49. The guy uses a bit-beast that moves at high speeds and causes the air around their opponent to cut them, making it so the other gets harmed badly but not in a way that can be perceived. His strategy is to make the opponent quit by threatening their life, and he is clearly all too fine with killing Rei. Even though Rei beats him, he still nearly dies and is hospitalized until the final minutes of the season.

Season 2

Season 3

  • In episode 3 of the Japanese version, Takao has a nightmare of his former teammates Max and Rei leaving him whilst he gets pulled back by a monstrous hand.

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