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     Season 1 
  • S1E14 is when Kai finally shows his softer side and that he's not just a Jerkass but a Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • First he gives Max a much-needed What the Hell, Hero? about the way he's trying to gain time for Rei and Takao (who are late due a chili pepper and an avalanche), as he's disrespecting his opponent in the semi-finals, an opponent who had to assemble a beyblade by scavenging parts from a beach (there were no beyblades in the Maldives).
    • when Max finally wins, Takao and Rei still aren't there... So Kai, who so far had not fought due a lack of capable opponents, finally competes. And saves Max from an embarrassing situation in the process;
    • Finally, refusing to disrespect his opponent by going easy on him, wins with his usual One-Hit KO... But, differently from usual, opts for a ring-out instead of the usual disintegration.
    • Also, after the match, Max gives his opponent his old beyblade, the Draciel Metal Ball Defenser. Sure, he has Draciel S now... But he did put the Metal Ball Defenser together on his own.
    • Outside of the ring, there's also Mao's reaction to hearing that Kiki helped cause the rock slide that impeded Rei and Takao's journey (and inadvertently caused Rei to sprain his ankle climbing up a hill to get to the stadium). Mao is horrified that Kiki would do something so drastic to Rei, and notes that she's ashamed to know him.
    • Mao also shows happiness at the BBA Team making it to the finals, wishing Rei well from afar as she prepares to face him in battle.
  • The entirety of S1E16, as it deals with Rei's and Mao's relationship. It's beyond this troper's ability to describe, except for the climax: their reciprocal Anguished Declaration of Love.
    • Also, Kai encouraging Rei to snap out of his funk and fight for his dreams. And when Rei does that, Kai smiles. Not his usual superior smirk, just a calm smile.
      • He continues giving advice and encouragement in episode 17 too, but this time is to Takao, his rival.
  • In episode 18, Takao, Max and Kyōju stopping whatever they were doing just to help a little kid to repair his beyblade. The fact they ended up creating 10Bistool (one of the best beyblades of the plastic era, in the metagame) makes this only more heartwarming.
  • The reunion between Max and his mother, Judy, in S1E19. Quickly turned in a Tear Jerker when she learns Max is there with the BBA Team and goes into cold scientist mode.
  • Episode 21 offers us Kai playing Trickster Mentor to Takao and helping a beginner at the same time.
  • Episode 23:
    • Judy finally showing some concern for her son after their first encounter.
    • Kai taking care of telling Max where his mother is in the audience.
  • Episode 25 has Kai helping Max in his own way, telling him to go meet his mother instead of staying and cheer on him while he plays.
  • Episode 26 has the Bladebreakers deciding that Max would play in the last set of the finals. Most notably, Kai effectively ordering the Chief to give Max that set.
  • Episode 28 has Takao's pep-talk to Max, copying Kai's abrasive style, and Max defending Takao when Michael calls him out for the apparent insults.
    • Also, Max finally being receiving his mother's full appreciation, and the All Stars, until now incredibly arrogant, accepting the Blade Breakers as Worthy Opponents.
  • The fact that just about the entire world is cheering for the Bladebreakers to take down the Demolition Boys in the final Tournament arc of the series.
  • Episode 48:
    • Kai deciding to forgo Black Dranzer in favor of the original flavor. He decides this even though, as his grandfather points out, he'd assuredly win with the former. It's just that he's finally come to realize the bond with his Bit-Beast that leads him to feel at ease for the first time. Unfortunately, he still ends up losing the match (and Dranzer) in the process, but Kai realizes that he actually doesn't feel bad as a result.
  • Episode 49 features Ray's match with Bryan, one of the most horrific in the series, and enough to get everyone on the show to appreciate Ray.
    • Ray's teammates let him know that the fate of everyone is in his hands. Kai joins in on the well-wishes before Ray heads out, making sure to call Ray his friend.
    • Lee thinks to himself how Ray has made his hometown proud, and the fact that people from all over the world (like the All-Stars and the Majestics) are supporting him proves how far Ray has come as a world-class blader.
    • The Bladebreakers and the White Tigers (particularly Mariah and Lee) grow increasingly concerned for Ray's life throughout the match, worried that his attempts to hold out against Bryan are foolhardy and will get him killed. They try to get him to stop the match several times, only to be vetoed by him at every opportunity.
    • Ray's injuries are severe enough to provoke the usually affable Mr. Dickenson to grow infuriated with the Demolition Boys' tactics.
      Mariah: This is so wrong! You can't attack the blader! Someone stop the match!
      Tatsuya: If you can't see the weapon, it's not against the rules.
      Ryu: Yeah, well it ought to be.
      Dickenson: (stands up) You got that right, Gramps!
    • Ray's endurance at the end of the second session surprises several in the stadium. His victory is enough to get Robert to proclaim him a "warrior".
      • Tyson's grandpa is notably the only person who realizes Ray's strategy at this point, thinking to himself that Ray's time spent dealing with Tyson's rambunctiousness was more than enough to deal with Bryan.
    • Driger briefly sacrificing himself to protect Ray from Bryan's onslaught in the third round, helping to seal the win and destroy Bryan's beyblade.
    • The worried expressions on everyone's faces when Ray collapses at the end of the match, with Mariah, Michael, Robert, and Tyson all invoking Say My Name out of worry for Ray's health.
    • Everyone congratulating Ray as he wakes up, with Mariah assuring that Driger will come back to him soon.
    • Tyson promising to win the final bout for Ray's sake.
  • In episode 50, Mariah making sure to stay by Ray's side in the hospital ward.
  • Episode 51:
    • Kai's speech, stating plainly that Beyblading is about teamwork, and that Tala is basically facing off against every Beyblader/Bit-Beast team, and not just Tyson and Dragoon.
    • Dragoon speaking to Tyson, letting him know of the bond they share because Tyson never stopped believing in him.
    • The crowd going WILD following the declaration of Tyson as the new World Champion.
    • After all that the Demolition Boys put them through, Tyson still follows the match by offering his hand to Tala. The latter, stunned, shakes it with a warm smile.
    • The Bladebreakers and all of their friends closing out the season in one big battle royal.

  • Any time that two opponents shake hands after a battle always made me smile. A show of sportsmanship as seen with Max/Gaoh, Rei/Rai, Takao/Yuriy

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