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  • Drunk Penguin in episode 2.
  • In the third episode, Shirokuma and Penguin try to sneak into the zoo's polar bear hall (forbids polar bears because they confuse the others) by trying to be oblivious as possible, though the patrons clearly notice them. And when they get caught, Penguin tries to pass Shirokuma off as a stuffed animal, but to no avail.
    • And later they try to sneak into the seal hall (also forbids polar bears because they are the seals' predators) with the very same tactics. They get caught again, and this time Penguin tries to pass Shirokuma off as a rug.
  • Panda's rather...unique attempt to emulate Grizzly's Badass Biker image, from episode 6.
  • Panda, Polar Bear, and Grizzly at the batting cages in episode 11.
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  • Polar Bear's sand sculptures, culminating in The Birth of Venus, with Panda and Penguin incorporated into it.
  • Polar Bear dressed as Audrey Hepburn (Little Black Dress and all) in episode 16.
    • When wondering about Grizzly's disappearance, Polar Bear begins telling a detailed story saying Grizzly biked up north and found home at a seafood restaurant, befriending the local villagers. Sasako tells Panda he shouldn't believe a story with no basis in reality. It turns out Polar Bear was completely right.
    • Grizzly imagining Polar Bear's alleged death.
      • Polar Bear's monotonous scream during said imagination.
    • When Grizzly finds out Polar Bear was alive.
    Grizzly: Why the hell are you alive?!
    Polar Bear: Because my mom gave birth to me.
    • When Grizzly finds Sasako weeping in the cafe, he assumes she's grieving for Polar Bear and becomes convinced he's truly dead. In truth, she was just tearing up from eating a habanero. Also Polar Bear was with her, but hidden from Grizzly's view.
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  • The unlucky high school girl's "date" with Rin-Rin in episode 17.
  • The ghost stories in episode 18.
  • In episode 19, Panda tries to comfort King Penguin by offering her "helpful advice" (involving bamboo, of course). This only ticks King Penguin off, and she starts hitting and pecking poor Panda.
  • Penguin getting chased by the Miss Penkos.
  • Polar Bear's reaction when Masaki (and Panda, briefly) volunteers to be Tree Kangaroo's apprentice.
  • Panda kicks Penguin out of the penguin cards shenanigans by making him stand in a corner under a counter for the entire episode. Penguin, having enough of the shenanigans by the end of the episode, joins his nephew and King Penguin's son in playing train. He then asks for another mocha without skipping a beat.
  • While searching for someone to apprentice under (don't ask why), Panda declares he will apprentice under the next person to walk into the cafe...and who should walk in but Handa. Panda actually shoves him back out the door.
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  • Mei-Mei having a fangasm over Handa at the Sports Day.
  • Mr. Full Time Panda coming in fourth in a vote for cutest Panda at the zoo. Doubly funny cause third place was won by Handa.
  • Cub!Polar Bear trolling Cub!Grizzly, like passing a dog off as his older brother.
    • That fact that Polar Bear had been doing puns as a cub.
  • The secong opening credits and theme is fairly run of the mill...then Llama appears on screen, framed by roses, and winks with a rose between his teeth.
  • The cafe is enjoying drinks after a baseball game...and then Sloth and Tortoise show up to play. Everyone is at a loss for words.
  • When Panda comes in with his usual "Work is hard" and "Would you go for me?" speech in episode 28, Penguin wonders out loud if anyone would actually agree to it. Not 2 seconds later, "Panda"kuma(Shirokuma disguised as a Panda) is on his way to the zoo.
  • The various hare-brained attempts to help Penguin fly in episode 29.
  • Penguin's rare moment of Genre Savvy common sense in episode 32, when Shirokuma tried to tell him about the shadowy side of the Cafe yard.
  • Polar Bear's fish-shaped sweets in episode 34.
    • In a previous episode, he made a crab cake. In the literal shape of a king crab.
  • Sasako imitating Penguin's flapping. Very adorable.
  • Polar Bear's childlike complaining when he and Grizzly go pillow-shopping.
    • Polar Bear telling Grizzly about ridiculous hypothetical scenarios that could happen while he's hibernating including a mouse biting at Grizzly's ear, causing his fur to turn completely white (a Call-Back to Polar Bear's scary story).
  • Penguin cutting Shirokuma off before he makes a pun related to a copyrighted movie. Shirokuma using Sasako in said pun.
  • Grizzly was so intent on winning the New Year's talent show against Shirokuma that he built a rod-puppet chorus line of back-up grizzlies to help him dance. Complete with a Broadway-style kick routine.
  • Shirokuma attempts to revel in the cold weather...unfortunately he's too big for his tub to take an ice bath and compensates by sleeping in a hammock outside the cafe. Sasako arrives the next day to find him happily covered in snow.
  • Grizzly's rather effective Ogre act at the cafe. He's so convincing, he scares the wits out of the Penguin kids, and causes Llama to pass out from fear.
  • Shirokuma is having problems sleeping. The solution? have Penguin reciting his tips for self-improvement. Or rather, he fell asleep after Penguin recited the title of the list.
  • Drunk Llama.
    • Llama's scream when he wakes up to see Tiger's gaping mouth.
    • The first half of the same episode, consisting of a Hurricane of Puns.
  • Grizzly bursting into the cafe during episode 46, because he knew Shirokuma was gonna wake him up over something anyway.
  • Shirokuma's doctor is a tarsier, which makes the sight gags of him climbing Shirokuma in order to examine him all the more hilarious.
  • Llama's attempt to copy the Penguinger act. Which consists of him and two cardboard cutouts.
  • Shirokuma's candy sculptures of Turkey's Göreme National Park and Spain's Sagrada Família church. Penguin and Sasako are utterly baffled.
  • The contents of Llama's time capsule in Episode 49.

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