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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages. Proceed at your own risk.

Heaven's Feel may be the adaptation of the darkest route of Fate/stay night, but it's not without some funny moments:

Heaven's Feel I. presage flower

  • The first time Taiga found Sakura at Shirou's place, the 14-year-old girl was wearing his sweatsuit and toweling her hair because she just walked there under a downpour. Taiga assumed the obvious had happened and immediately demanded an explanation by grabbing him by his shirt.
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  • Shirou meets Zouken for the first time. When Zouken finds out Shirou is an Emiya, he cheerfully asks how the Einzbern girl is. Shirou has no idea what he is talking about, and Zouken tells him to get lost.
  • Rin Tohsaka is angry that Shirou would be so foolish to go to school without his Servant and tries to threaten him for it in a scene that at first is almost a carbon-copy from a similar one from her route. The difference is that he's now on a warpath looking for Shinji because he just discovered that he beat Sakura and seeing Rin staring down on him only prompted Shirou to purposefully walk to her and grab her by the shoulders. Poor girl went from lethal magus to blushing maiden faster than you can say "tsundere" and then to utter confusion when the guy bows and begs her to give him some advice.
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  • Rider induces an Erotic Dream on Shirou in order to rob some of his magical energy, which ends with his hand on Sakura's breast. He wakes up with the same arm extended above him and his hand instinctively groping air.
  • The "fight" between Saber and Rider is good for a couple of laughs. Shinji starts smugly ranting on about his bloodline and how he'll easily defeat Shirou, while Rider snares Saber with her chain... only for Saber to casually use it to slam Rider into the ground, yank her forward before she can recover, and then take her down with one swing of her sword that sends her flying right past Shinji and into the opposite wall. What makes it truly priceless is Shinji's expression right after Rider is beaten. You can practically hear his brain explode.
    Shinji: [Beat] Huh...?
    Saber: [drops Rider's chain in the manner of a Mic Drop, then cocks her head as if to ask "Was that it?"]
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  • Shirou takes Mitsuzuri to Kirei for treatment after Rider sucked her life force right in front of him. Kirei clinically inspects the bite marks and tears open Ayako's shirt to ascertain the damage and Shirou embarrassedly looks elsewhere with a red face. Gilgamesh, at this point pretending to be an ordinary citizen, mocks him for his reaction.
  • Shirou and Sakura have a tender moment in his cold storeroom around a gas heater he repaired after a long while of tinkering. As soon as their conversation hits a lull, the heater turns off on its own and Shirou hits it a little to try to turn it on again.
  • In the original visual novel and its adaptations, we always saw Sakura as some sort of super housewife in training. Here we get to see her before Shirou teaches her how to do housework and she was painfully bad at it.
  • Neither Shirou nor Taiga really wanted Sakura to come over to help out with the chores at his place. She persisted at it, coming back every day until Taiga and later Shirou changed their minds. This is also a low-key Moment of Awesome for Sakura once you realize she outlasted Shirou at being stubborn.
  • Sandwiched between serious scenes, there's a moment where one of Illya's homunculus maids (Leysritt) makes a funny singsong noise and the other (Sella) elbows her to shut her up.
  • More of a meta-moment than anything, but the part where Saber Alter shows up and says who she is "should be obvious", tends to draw some chuckles from the audience, given the massive number of Saberfaces in the expanded universe.

Heaven's Feel II. lost butterfly

  • Shinji trying to get Shirou and Rin's attention back on him once its revealed that Sakura is the true Master of Rider. You can tell from the tone of his voice that he does not appreciate being ignored and finally screams for them to look at him. They do so, rather reluctantly, almost annoyed that the gnat is still bothering them with his presence. This is after Shinji kidnapped Sakura at knife point and tried to kill Shirou when Rider was under his control at the time, showing how much of a threat they consider him.
    • And before this, Rin and Archer burst through a window and take down Rider as Shinji is screaming at her to kill Shirou. It's remarkably similar to his reaction to the "fight" between Saber and Rider above. Poor guy must suffer from horrible brain lag.
  • Shirou and Sakura are having breakfast and encourage Rider to eat with them. Rider is at a loss, since she has never had the opportunity to behave like a "normal" person, and reacts awkwardly. She points out that Servants don't have to eat to survive, and after Shirou points out how much Saber loved to eat, awkwardly claims that their ways don't suit her. Getting the point, Shirou stands up and swaps her chopsticks for a knife and fork.
  • Archer saves both Shirou and Illya's lives from one of Saber Alter's blasts. The hilarity comes soon after when he lands a good distance away; he tosses Shirou to the ground like a used towel before gently putting Illya down on her own two feet. For those savvy about Archer's backstory, this hints at his identity as an alternate version of Shirou, one who hates his past self for his naivety but cherishes Illya's company since she's his adoptive sibling.
  • The noises that Shinji and True Assassin make when they are hurt or angry. It is supposed to be treated as serious and horrifying but the high pitch either character puts into their voices makes them approach Narm territory.
  • Shirou and Sakura are both blushing furiously when they look at each other, remembering that they both had sex with one another the other night.
  • Sakura addressing Rin as her big sister. The sudden honorific throws Rin off for a few seconds, before finally replying, in Tsundere fashion, that she doesn't mind. She even pinches her own cheeks several times to get herself to stop smiling, which is failing.
  • Sakura's cheerful little "nom" when she eats Gilgamesh, who for all his smug arrogance can only stare in horror at his impending doom.


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