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  • Hibiki's sucktastic acting skills.
  • Episode 15, when the Precure and Hummy discover Ouji passed out...on top of Siren, followed by Kanade's reaction and Ellen's attempt to explain herself.
  • Episode 28: Ellen's introduction to her new class. To wit:
    • It starts off with us seeing Ellen writing the katakana of "N" on the blackboard like normal... Until the screen pans out and reveals this.
    • Then there's her introduction to the class. She initially speaks (read: screamed) so loud that everyone ends up covering their ears because of how loud it is.
      Kanade: "Her voice is too loud!"
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    • The rest of her introduction didn't got better, as she blatantly copied Hummy's introduction for her own class introduction.
    • Finally, she then tries to sing together with the rest of the class as part of her introduction. Hibiki and Kanade promptly makes an "X" mark with their arms telling Ellen not to do it, only for Ellen to think that the "X" marks as a sign of them supporting her. Fortunately, the teacher stops her before she's able to sign.
  • Episode 30 is a long string of these; everything regarding Hibiki's post-traumatic test syndrome, Ellen's reaction to the self-playing organ, Ako being the butt of a joke for the first time in the series, and the entire sequence with the game show Negatone (the last one which may look familiar to some) all make for an unnaturally hysterical episode.
  • Hummy and the fairy-tones noisily eating while Otokichi talks about Noise in episode 37. The scene's a slightly Big-Lipped Alligator Moment and that makes it even funnier.
  • The intro of the movie, which basically has Mephisto got arrested by huge horde of police for suspicious behavior in Kanade's house. The bailing out scene is right behind it, with Ako being her usual no nonsense self and basically translating his rambling in a way non-Majorland people understand.
    • After that, Otokichi comes crashing in, on a bike! One would wonder what the police thinks of Ako's family at that point.
  • Hibiki and Kanade speaking English in clown outfits.

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